Who is Lucia Phan?

Anonymous until now, the messenger Lucia Phan is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads a very intense prayer life that centers on adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and practicing The Six Kowtows – a prayer practice based on bodily prostration that has been revealed.

She receives the messages by way of interior locutions, and is able to capture images of Eucharistic miracles, both as photos and videos, on her cell phone. She has been receiving messages from God, Blessed Mother, angels and saints since 2011. The number of messages is over 10,000 and they continue daily. This seems to refer to this private revelation (the messages) centered on the Eucharist and The Six Kowtows. In any case, this “new Gospel” does not constitute a departure from orthodoxy or Mother Church, but will be at the very heart of the Church and wholly consistent with what has been up until now.

The messages focus primarily on humanity coming back to God through The Six Kowtows. He is ready to forgive the most hardened sinner in His infinite Divine Mercy – but this Era of Divine Mercy revealed to St. Faustina is about to end (revealed by the Holy Spirit in a message). The paramount importance of the Eucharist and the times in which we live also stand out in the messages.

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The messages are given in conversational Vietnamese, which accounts for some of their awkwardness of style when written. Then, too, Lucia only has three years of formal education, so heaven’s language, accordingly, is very simple. God often uses small things to accomplish greater things. The number of paragraphs was multiplied to simplify the messages and make them easier to meditate on.

To access the messages, which are so critical for humanity; there are more miraculous images there too. In God’s timing, the messages are now starting to spread. As revealed so many times in the messages, “the time has come”…

I have used a simple, humble person, who is also the person I have chosen, who is not brilliant like many others, who does not have anything in her possession that you could take ahold of for  you to be able to understand and trust. But I am saying this to you: that it is I who have truly chosen this person to bring these words to the world today, which are My living words, and I have this immense program for this century through the power of the Holy Eucharist.

Jesus Christ, September 24, 2012


Who am I to be chosen by the Lord?

I am just a grain of sand in the desert, a drop of water in the ocean, lesser than a worm, smaller than a speck of dust clinging to Jesus’ sandal. Actually, I am simply a short pencil, an outdated speaker, or a wretched instrument in the hands of the Lord. I am but an ordinary woman who only finished the third grade of elementary school. Then why did the Lord choose me?

The Lord wants me to be small, simple, meek, and humble. I wish to be like that.

From the first encounters with heaven nine years ago, I wrote down the messages with a pen and a notebook, but that took time due to my level of education.

Below are the poems and songs that the Lord Jesus read for me to write down and taught me to sing in adoration, especially late at night in the chapels in suburban Houston, Texas, USA.

Lucia prostrating in Emmaus Chapel, Sugar Land, TX

Lucia’s Prayer to the Eucharistic Jesus

O Most Holy One, the Almighty God, I offer to Father The Six Kowtows in this chapel, the first place You have chosen to manifest to me the Most Precious Sacrament.

However, in the light of faith, I see You in the tabernacle. I see You desiring and thirsting for mankind to come to You, even if only for a few minutes each day, to make reparation and repent, because of the countless mortal sins with which mankind has offended You.

Please grant your Blessing and peace to my family, relatives, friends, group members and enemies, all souls in purgatory, the universal Church, all humanity, and even those who hate me.

With this covenant, I will often visit You, worship and honor You, to show my love and gratitude for You. And this is also the opportunity to receive countless, great graces that You have promised to give to my country and homeland Church.

I beseech You that mankind recognize, adore, and love the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist in order to compensate for the ungrateful people and to compensate for the rebels against You.

Please appease the wrath of God the Father upon us. May He grant us a lenient and forgiving heart.

You are my destination and my salvation. Amen.