Voice Messages

The multiple shape of Hosts represent all the angels and saints, as explained by the Holy Spirit.
Data: 07-09-2012 – Awake from Your Lethargy and Repent

Data: 04-27-2012 – Come back, Era of Divine Mercy Almost Over

Date: 10-05-2012 – Blessed Mother’s Message: Abortion

Date: 10-16-2012 – Love, Message from Father

Date: 08-21-2012 – My Beloved Children, What More Could I Do for You!

Date: 07-12-2012 – Not Much Time Left
Date: 07-20-2012 – The History of Mankind
Date: 06-12-2012 – Corpus Christi
Date: 06-20-2011 – When Will Mankind Wake up
Date: 04-09-2012 – I Have Even Given My Life for You
Date: 12-14-2011 – The Great Program of Love for Mankind
Date: 03-26-2012 – Solemnity of the Annunciation of Our Lord
Date: 10-14-2011 – Jesus’ Eucharistic Heart and Divine Mercy
Date: 10-10-2011 – On Faith with Moral
Date: 09-03-2011 – Who Can Ever Understand My Heart
Date: 08-15-2011 – The Feast of the Assumption
Date: 05-31-2011 – Hurry and Return to God, My Children
Date: 06-02-2011 – Prepare Your Soul, the Day of My Coming Is Near
Date: 06-02-2011 – Prepare Your Soul
Date: 05-31-2011 – Hurry and Return to God

Lent Meditation in Vietnamese Language

Ngày 22-02-2021: Năm Chặng Đàng Thánh Giá

Ngày 14-01-2021: Dâng Sáu Lạy tại St. Theresa Church

Ngày 18-01-2021: Suy niệm Năm Sự Vui

Ngày 23-01-2021: Suy niệm Lòng Chúa Thương Xót

Ngày 21-01-2021: Suy niệm Năm Sự Sáng

Ngày 19-01-2021: Suy niệm Năm Sự Thương và Sáu Lạy
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