This Gift to Support Us When the Events Occur

February 29, 2020

 This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan. 

Lucia: O God, it is 1:35 p.m., Saturday, February 29, 2020.

We are at the Holy Rosary Church.

We are facing the Cross, the image of the Sacred Heart, the holy statue of Our Lady of Fatima, along with the saints in Holy Rosary’s chapel. We did not plan this morning, but God grants us to be present here to attend Mass, and after Mass we always stay to offer The Six Kowtows.

Today we hear the news in our home country, the United States, that one person has died of the coronavirus.

This is the event that is foreshadowing the upcoming events.

In the last few days after Mass, we respectfully offered The Six Kowtows, in the Spirit of the Lord, with faith, and He teaches us to prepare for our spiritual life, which certainly no one can spontaneously know.

One person has died. Among the other 60 people who were infected, there are people who have recovered, people who are being treated, and also people who are in a serious condition.

The epidemic, we have heard, has come to every country in this world. We may consider this epidemic as just another epidemic in our narrow viewpoint, but actually our faith life is experiencing a period of purification that has come to this world, particularly in the year 2020 of this century.

The officials are trying to reassure the citizens and also to help people to remain calm. Speaking of spirituality and faith, these are the first days of Lent, calling mankind to repentance. In the Gospel we read, Prepare the soul, for the kingdom of God is at hand.

Moreover, we know this is the time period.

Indeed let us look closely: from science and technology to economic and commercial life, everything is at a standstill. Whether talent or knowledge or education, everything has to stop, because the hour of God has come.

First we see certain people who are indifferent and uncaring, thinking that this epidemic is just like any other epidemics and they compare it to the past epidemics. But God once told us to focus on the present and to entrust what is and has been lived in goodness today.

Let us live truly righteously and trust in God if we have faith, because tomorrow has its own trouble.

Let us live today to the fullest, for each day has its own trouble. If we understand the Gospel, then today it is time for us to no longer deny.

Though from a country more than half a world away, the epidemic has come to us.

Today is the first announcement to the whole world of the first death in the United States.

In Washington State, about 60 people were infected – nine people have recovered.

There is confidence but also fear in a country with a modern life, with respect for the citizens’ rights, a human being’s rights.

But when we face the epidemic, certainly we all feel the same way, anxious, fearful, with many uncertainties before our eyes.

O God, please bless all the physicians and doctors in this country – the United States – along with the leaders, for them to remain calm and at peace, to be prepared to deal with what is happening, to act with righteousness and morality, and to believe in God.

The time has come.

Faith must rise. Faith cannot be asleep. Faith cannot be in a slumber.

Let us not allow our life to go with the wind – to indulge, to enjoy, to ignore what is happening today.

Only one coronavirus has frightened the entire world.

The epidemic has come to a powerful country that has all the conditions to control it, but no one dares to guarantee that this epidemic will be cured or will end in this country.

It is the start of Lent, let us unite in meditation.

We know what has been said through the Gospel.

Let us look back.

Only one virus has stagnated everything in the world, has affected the stock market, and all economical, political, and even military aspects are in a crisis.

Daily many people are watching the stock market and it has fallen sharply and is noticeably down.

May all of us not rely on our talents or guarantee what we can do.

There is one thing no one can refuse: look back at the plague of the soul all over the world.

Regardless, every class, every role, every position, every family, every group, every person has the plague.

This plague of the soul is terrible – if we do not discover and cure the virus right now, it will cause our soul to be lost and to perish.

It is extremely important.

That importance is the Lord Jesus Christ who had to die for us to live, who cured us of the virus we are afraid of, the virus that affects us – the virus of the plague of the soul.

Let us look back and clearly distinguish: we are in trouble and we feel that every country is in the same situation. We worry and use all means, all scientific technologies to manufacture, and control the spread of the virus around the world, to control this epidemic.

But the Lord Jesus alone is the physician who is treating the plague of the soul.

For many generations He has been waiting for us.

He is a humble and gentle physician, a physician who sacrifices His own life to help us in the plague of the soul, for us to be reborn and to rise again through His healing.

Today each one of us is worried, frightened, and focused on the problem of the epidemic.

Few people pay attention to the epidemic of all classes that have been infected long ago, but have not yet discovered a remedy to cure the plague of our soul.

It is time for us to make a clear distinction about the coronavirus that frightens the entire world, with daily news that makes us feel stressed and down.

Entering into Lent, especially for Christians and Catholicism, Lent reminds us of repentance.

However, repentance is not enough, we must affirm and distinguish the virus that so affects us that the world must speak up.

But regarding the virus that has caused both our body and soul to die, has anyone spoken up forcefully?


Sadly, we have ignored it, because it is a spiritual matter that requires faith to understand.

Nonetheless, it is a matter that has eternal value, a value through the Supreme Being who loves us and has redeemed our souls by the price of His Blood, for us to become the people who belong to Him today and in the future.

God has His way.

For generations He has been waiting. For generations He has desired that we understand certain matters when we are living in this world.

It is with God’s guidance and God’s permission for that doctrine to be the fundamental source for us to live and not be afraid of the plague.

Today the time has come.

Indeed, we fear most for our life, which is most valuable.

And what is more fearful is the epidemic spreading everywhere, in every country.

O God, this is a question for us, especially during Lent.

In the last days we have prayed to follow the holy will of the Holy Spirit, for us to do what He wants, and to report what we hear through each prostration we offer to each Person.

Moreover, He also lets us go deep into the Gospel to meditate, to have the words of truth that are vivid and appropriate in today’s situation, which are also the reminders that are emphasized when we truly enter Lent to understand the meaning as we start the year 2020.

O God, the fact is that even if there is fear, the epidemic has come to the door.

This epidemic does not discriminate against anyone, regardless of role or position.

Let us pray together.

The only thing needed is for us to lift up our soul, lift up everything we have to the Almighty God.

As for the other religions and beliefs, let them lift up to Mr. Creator (1), because only Mr. Creator can see the circumstances of every nation, every people, every group, every family, and every person.

Mr. Creator, please look at us who are wretched and sinful people. Mr. Creator, please forgive us, especially the Christians.

O God, the Almighty, You came into the world to die for us.

You wait for us to become worthy children through Your doctrine.

Today, through the epidemic, we are truly scared, not knowing when the it will come to us.

We wonder whether people around us will still be with us today or not.

No one knows.

Today people do not know how to solve their fear – even with knowledge and education, we do not have a resolute answer and only have hope.

Today we are in a common situation.

Let us turn to God, in particular reminding ourselves of the most recent days of Lent.

The Lord Jesus went into Lent to guide us.

He began to go up the mountain.

He separated Himself from the bustling world; He went into the desert alone – He was hungry and thirsty.

He endured the challenge.

This is the time when the devil does not spare anyone, like the coronavirus itself.

The devil came to tempt Jesus.

We hear the answers from Jesus – though very ordinary they were full of meaning.

When we have faith and we have God, it does not matter what the devil says or entices.

The devil said to Jesus: If you are the Son of God, then order these stones to become bread. The devil knew the days Jesus spent in the desert – He was in the flesh, so as a man He was also hungry and thirsty.

Certainly the devil did not know that Jesus did that to set an example for us.

Jesus did it for us.

Jesus did that to remind mankind to stop in the days when we start Lent, to prepare for the great accomplishment in which Jesus had to endure, by sweat, by tears, by His Heart, by His love.

He had to pay a tremendous price for the entire world to have peace, happiness, and forgiveness.

Truly a wondrous accomplishment.

Today we monitor daily the epidemic in each country – we see the worries right here in this powerful country, a country that respects the rights of its citizens, the rights of a human being.

In recent days, we have seen the scenes of the dead bodies, the people lamenting, the oppression by the leaders, and the tragic situation of doctors and dozens of people who worked in the medical field who have died.

It is a serious concern for that country.

Certainly in this epidemic, we do not know what tomorrow will bring, but we need to be aware of this negative situation.

Spiritually speaking, in general, if we keep on being afraid, sad, worried, we certainly cannot solve the problem.

Today let us rely on the day Jesus granted specifically to Christians, to Catholics, through all classes, all roles.

It is when we make sacrifices in these days of Lent in which temptations seem more alluring than usual.

In the normal days we can enjoy eating and drinking – sometimes we do not even feel thirsty or hungry.

We eat when we want or we wait for our work to be done.

But in Lent it seems as if hunger is driven by greed and ambition and we always want to eat.

We see that between good and evil, the devil always looks for all kinds of ways to creep into our weaknesses to attack and lure us.

Jesus, entering these early days, was also tempted by Satan, who knew Jesus was hungry.

This was a time we see Jesus hungry, like a human being.

So while Jesus was hungry, the devil immediately came and used reasonable words to tempt Jesus, but Jesus was never separated from the trust and love of God the Father – all the deeds Jesus did were in the Father’s way, and Jesus always had a Heart that belonged to the Father.

Certain people might have thought that Jesus would be weak and the devil would win, but Jesus has answered: Mankind shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. This was the first time Jesus defeated the devil, who was humiliated and retreated.

That was the first session.

This is the beginning – the corona epidemic has triumphed.

What we see, think, and worry about does not compare to what the President and the leaders face in a country whose voice affects the entire world.

Let us be together, not be worried about what is not possible, and start Lent.

Let us rely on the word of God for us to firmly believe, to accept what will come even if we do not want it, but must face.

What we need most is to unite to pray for ourselves as we start Lent – particularly for the Christians and for those who have functions.

Let us concentrate, because there has never been a year in which we are called to enter Lent while dealing with an epidemic.

This Lent will be a historic Lent, a meaningful Lent for each one of us, in a spirit of repentance, because we do not know when the virus will come to us.

No one can predict.

Let us focus on one thing only – whether the virus comes to us or not, there is a special place, a support for us to cling to in the spiritual life: the Supreme Being whom no one can deny.

Everyone acknowledges Mr. Creator.

All Christians acknowledge the Lord. In particular for those of us who are Catholics, let us unite to enter the Lenten season of 2020 meaningfully, like a seal, with the word of God ringing in our ears: Be awake and pray because the thief will come at any moment.

The times when we are most frightened and do not have a place to cling to, when we can no longer see anything for us to hope for, let us always remember God, especially Christians.

We often have a habit: when we encounter difficulties and hardships, we zealously and diligently seek God, but after receiving His blessing then we forget. We often hear about all the people who, when in misery and starvation, seek God, but once they have everything they need, then they start to enjoy – they forget God and never seem to remember who God is.

Today God has many ways to bring us back. He has come to guide us so He allows us to be free with what we choose, whether good or bad.

It is clearly written in the doctrine that whoever walks in righteousness receives protection and lives with happy and abundant days filled with God’s blessing.

If we go against the doctrine and live in wickedness, then wickedness will be the answer, and we bear the consequences when we decide to follow wickedness.

God knows. God has known for ages, but God wants us to be willing. That is what He requires of the world.

When we come to God let us not pray with beautiful words, but let us pray for us to have an answer that fills our hearts with peace, joy, and overflowing faith.

That is to pray from the heart, to lift up by the heart, with true repentance from the heart – then we will see the beauty that was in the life of faith, and God wants to listen.

For generations we follow the habits in our life to worship God, which is still the best way. We come to God through Mass, we earnestly receive Communion, we cherish, and we pray zealously, in unity.

For generations this way still belong to us, but as to what is new and lively, then we seem very reluctant to accept, because that makes us different from others.

However we are not like others, because God gives us the right to choose to live in a way for our souls to belong to God, for us to do what God wants.

There are times we must know that God is the Lord, that He greatly needs and He wants to listen to us, in unity, for Him to give us the privilege of having the seal of forgiveness imprinted in our souls.

That is mentioned, but we still do not know what that seal is.

It is a word we hear, but we do not understand where that seal is imprinted, when it is going to be imprinted, and where is the seal? Today God gives us the opportunity.

That seal has existed from the beginning and is recorded in the Gospel, but when, at what time it was sealed, and how that seal is, we still do not know.

This is a very unusual question, for us to understand what we still have, for us to receive that seal from God.

Thank God that we have a reasonable and appropriate witnessing for the people when they have questions regarding what they want to hear.

With everything that is happening, certainly, no one can be sure how to deal with it.

The scientific warfare is used by countries that threaten to invade other countries.

Countries are using all kinds of ways, all their talented and intellects to create or invent more evil ways to defend themselves against dominations from others or to dominate others.

Mankind continues to compete and seek ways with the most evil, most destructive, most advanced scientific techniques to dominate and show off those weapons.

But people cannot fully measure the impact of those biological weapons, since it cannot be said that today mankind will be able to control the science of biology.

Though the human mind is wise, knowledgeable, creative, let us remember that we still are within limitation, under God’s control.

Because we lack depth, we do not believe in the work of the Holy Spirit, but He is the Supreme Being who teaches and enlightens us.

He always gives us what is holy, what is true, and best for the entire world, for every country, for every ministry, but if we do wrong and we stray then today we bear the consequences together.

Today is like the answer, and the deadline has come.

As God said, The time has come, all things will enter the purification period (2). Let us see what is of this day: warships, airplanes, roads, waterways – everything must fear the coronavirus.

It is an epidemic in the air, through the breath, which has frightened us and halted all activities.

This is the beginning of the years in which we see the spiritual battle.

The battle of the human life is in the first stage through the acts we have done to challenge God.

There are nations with foolish and arrogant leaders who challenged God, who ignored God, who used all sorts of the cruelest tricks.

God will abase the arrogant people.

Today we see that God is also reminding all classes, all roles to be aware of the plague of the soul.

Especially in this century, how can we prepare ourselves to be cured of the plague that each of us is suffering from, which is pride, arrogance, jealousy, hatred, envy, sensuality, greed, the freedom to enjoy and indulge against the doctrine and morality?

People dare to challenge God, to debase what should be respected and revered, for them to seize the power, to support mediocre people with evil intentions, to promote people to control others.

Truly a foolish and arrogant act.

Let the nations in their triumphant state find top-level scientific weapons to eliminate each other.

Listen and look at the situation through today’s epidemic.

May all of us stop and think.

This is the moment for us to understand what God is saying to every country, to every nation, to every leader in each nation – to every class, every role, every position.

God is speaking to all the communities. God is speaking to every family, to each one of us.

We are frightened and the world is in fear due to this virus, which is a virus created from mankind’s ambition, but the virus that plagues our souls is a hundred times more deadly.

Since God is gentle and kind, He will use a medicine to cure the virus of our souls.

Because our souls have fallen into the plagues, only God is the Supreme Healer.

Only God heals in love. Only God heals with a doctrine of harmony and unity so that we may recognize Him – the Supreme Being who rules over the entire world, and the Supreme Being who has sovereignty over all, in the heavens, under the earth, and in the world.

God alone is the One whom we worship, love, fear, obey, and we perform according to His holy will.

It is time for all of us to open our eyes of faith.

Let us not consider this to be the time for people to judge and doubt by using the methods of the media or use abstract methods to criticize.

No, this is the time for us to recognize, because everything has come true, stemming from the works in silence, which people find surprising and hard to believe, but do not think that what is coming to us in this moment is too trivial.

Where does it come from?

The deeds that God has done from the beginning, starting from His presence or apparition, all have a history that was left throughout generations.

Today, He still appears to us, for us to see the lofty spirituality as He is intervening, to protect us, and to remind us to be prepared for the battle between good and evil in the coming days.

The days that we face in the present are the beginning of the purification period.

Beside us is a gentle Mother who understands and knows the children who live in error, who refuse God, who challenge God.

Those who live in wickedness will inevitably enter the path of destruction that they themselves cause.

But Mother is a mother who loves her children, with the heart of a mother.

Mother has shed tears, has taught and sent countless messages, but mankind remains indifferent and uncaring.

Mother is the Mother of God, the Queen standing by the King’s side, dressed in splendid and resplendent attire, the Queen by the side of the only King.

Certainly Mother understood the will of the King. Certainly Mother knows when the King is offended.

Mother knows what the Prince, Her Son, is enduring by the price of Blood, to lead each  soul back to the source of grace, through the price of that Blood.

Today we disregard and despise – we do not meditate to understand that the Gospel is still the treasure for us to go deeply into and look deeply into – to recognize the existence in the midst of this world by the truth.

Those arrogant, hegemonic leaders who desire to dominate the world have been reminded many times – they have had many opportunities to realize that they cannot continue and need to stop, because God dwells in the poor people, God dwells in the nations whose citizens are living in primitive days.

God is granting and is with the people who seek and return to Him. God is in each one of us. God created us and our hearts are His temple when we are pure.

But we have caused that temple to be stained, to become the work of politics, to be corrupted by the darkness.

Since mankind has been controlled by that darkness, mankind was unable to recognize God – the Supreme Being whom they must fear, the Supreme Being whom they must revere.

His Word, through the Gospel, will become the truth for generations.

Today, the incident has been foretold from the beginning.

Mother Mary has asked the King to let Her do one thing: for the world today to be united when the events happen.

Whether we know God or not, believe in God or not, this is a unique opportunity for our souls.

So when we receive this gift, even if it is not yet popular, let us practice by our heart, by learning to pray, by the surrender that we need, body and soul, mind and heart, to beseech and call on the Name of God with a heart imbued in repentance.

There is no other beauty and there is no other meaningful offering than when God sees our soul, when we connect with our soul in a spirit of repentance.

In repentance, our souls sob with tears. In repentance, our hearts have feelings that cannot be described in words.

It is the spirituality that He granted, because it is His love living in that heart.

The heart is truly active, giving us blood, giving us breath – all is His in what is most exquisite.

Unfortunately, with bad thoughts, with wrong decisions, with greed, with ambition, with the degrading ways of lust, with the evildoings we have committed in a sensual life, with evil intentions, jealousy, envy, our arrogant nature – they have caused us to disregard everything and to follow radical success in this world.

It is that success that will gradually kill us as we become those who betray God.

Today God allows us to be free, but that freedom had a price, which Mother Mary knew in advance.

Mother Mary sees the suffering of the citizens, Mother Mary understands the life of the citizens, particularly in China.

Over the centuries, it has been a most populous country, but the missionaries who arrived there were either harmed, banned, or imprisoned.

It has become a country like any other country, with priests, but their lives are truly miserable.

They are banned, mistreated, and the citizens who are Christians are either killed or arrested.

Not that many people are aware of the most horrendous acts in a country that persecutes Catholics.

God lets things be, and today that waiting time has been answered.

Once, Mother came to one of its neighboring countries, Korea, and Mother wept bloody tears. There were miracles with the statues of Mother with tears flowing from her eyes. (3)

Mother has rushed from one place to another, because Mother knew that the world will come to an end, and there will be a fierce battle between good and evil.

In goodness, God is the Guide, and the mighty Supreme Being who helps mankind in that goodness to recognize the truth, to see His kindness and love.

But if in wickedness, stubbornness, obstinacy, hardheartedness, arrogance, then one has to go down and be defeated.

Who is the Supreme Being to battle with that defeat? In the course of history, for generations, Jesus has accomplished His mission through the death that we begin to replay this year, a reminder in this epidemic, in the year 2020, a number full of meaning that God the Father has set in the year 2020 of a century, which must be engraved in our mind.

Before the days when the event happened, Mother Mary gave us an ordinary gift yet filled with plentiful meanings.

She taught us to come to each Person.

We must quiet our souls and concentrate on our prayers – then with that moment of focus, we have quiet moments, our hearts are repentant, and there is something in our souls that yearns to beseech.

That is the moment when the Holy Spirit works in us.

He will give us what we need to know – He will continue to teach us, guide us.

From there we learn to pray, and from those prayers there will be a lofty spirituality that God has granted to us.

We are able to do unexpected things, but we do not even know they come from God.

Only God is the Supreme Lord – He gives what is suitable to us, which will not be too surprising to everyone.

Let us remember, though, that God requires faith.

Only with faith can we be close, can we feel, can we see the great presence that God has granted in a special way to help us along the journey.

The time has come.

He must definitely act.

He cannot let us do whatever we want in a world He created.

In every matter we have offended God, challenged God.

We have started with our ambitious hegemony to usurp God’s right, to kill the brothers, to kill the righteous.

The souls of the righteous are wailing, demanding justice.

They are the people dressed in white as recorded in the Book of Revelation.

We ought to have paid for our wickedness from the beginning.

We still have Mother Mary.

Mother is the person who represent the human world.

Mother sees the needs. Mother sees the victims, the sinners who repent.

Mother uses all means to help sinners repent and return.

Mother also uses every possible way to help the innocents in every nation, in every stage when they no longer have the opportunity to know God.

Mother knew this event would happen and the country that must bear the consequence because it denied God, it sought every wicked way to destroy mankind, used all means according to its plans to control other countries.

But in the end, it has no right to control anyone, it has no right to reject the right of God, to do what it considers to be acting on behalf of heaven.

Those are the stories of kings, which cannot be used and applied in the life of faith and to the Supreme Being whom everyone must surrender to, submit to, and fear – the Lord God.

Mother has clearly known and Mother has granted to us, starting from the apparition of the Eucharistic Jesus.

Over thousands of years, who can see the lively face that He has allowed us to see? He walked back and forth in the Host.

His face was very sad and He was moving in the Eucharist, in that monstrance, in an extraordinary way, the Supreme Being whom we contemplate in the ordinary Host.

Only with faith could we see God moving.

God appeared from the holy Host. God radiated an extremely magnificent, sublime light.

God gave us the colors that conform to our eyes, for when we marveled at them, their radiance would not be too dazzling, for us not to be blinded by the great, wondrous miracle that appeared from the Eucharist.

For us to show respect and reverence when He appears, Mother Mary comes to us with Her voice.

Mother does not come to us in the flesh as in the story of St. Bernadette and the story of Sister Lucia of Fatima.

Mother does not come as in all the stories of the saints that have gone through history.

Today Mother comes by Her voice and in that voice there is the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus.

Through Her voice, Mother teaches us to come to be grateful for the blessings that Jesus still grants us today – to thank God for what He has done for us through the years of indifference as we ignored and rejected the liveliness that God always wants to grant for us to receive.

The set time has come.

Mother began to teach us to practice The Six Kowtows – to practice to pray and to understand every intention through each Person, which is a gift that may be very strange and surprising to this world.

In this age, this gift was revealed to a number of people, though not a large number, but still a group of people in contrast to all the revelations given in the past to the saints who were by themselves.

Since the revelation of this gift, the group has made progress in their daily prayers, has lifted thanks to God after each Mass, has spread the messages, has prayed through the Holy Spirit’s guidance regarding ordinary matters in all issues.

Mother has guided Her sinful children to repent and return, thanks to the Divine Mercy of God.

Mother has guided each person who was ignorant, stubborn, hardheaded, obstinate from all classes, from all roles, with all kinds of transgressions in a sinful life.

Mother has used what is granted to repentant sinners to teach them.

From then on, they have seen the great, glorious deeds – they have seen the blessings with which they themselves were cleansed from the love through the Divine Mercy.

From Mother’s help, from Mother’s gentle love, they became the witnesses in the midst of the world.

The witnessing did not stop there – it kept growing and continues daily.

Although there were challenges, oppositions, rejections, judgments, they persevered because they witnessed for the truth.

They have encountered the truth, so the more opposition, the more rejections, the more God’s graces will be poured down.

How can anyone understand that happiness? Only those who personally experience it and persevere till this day.

Today there is the answer.

Everything that was granted through the Eucharist was neither human in origin nor abstraction nor imagination nor delirium as with the present judgments from people.

O God, the word “kowtow” has been sealed.

The Six Kowtows have the number six and the word “kowtow,” a word that is not just pronounced but practiced – by the heart, by the brain, by the soul, by humility; by offering mind, heart, body to pray deeply, without fear and without embarrassment, through the gaze of so many people in today’s world.

Since the revelation of The Six Kowtows, there have been messages that human beings can neither write nor know by themselves.

Those messages have ended up in the books printed as the proof.

And not ending at that point, there have been so many more messages that we continue to receive daily when we respectfully offer The Six Kowtows.

So that is the story, as told and described.

Why did we receive the gift of The Six Kowtows? From what Mother said, this gift is to save a populous nation in which, for generations, the citizens did not have the opportunity to know and believe in God.

Because the government and the leaders have fiercely refused, the citizens have become the victims of the times, the victims of the battle.

They are the innocent people who do not have the opportunity to practice their faith, which God grants them personally – then, over the generations, there are stories we hear of the idols that are worshipped in this country.

Mother Mary is the Mother of the entire world, the Mother of every sinner, the Mother of every repentant sinner, of every witness, of every patient – the Mother of every soul, the Mother of every situation.

When we come to Mother, regardless of who we are, Mother grants, accepts, and saves.

We heard about the stories in the course of history.

Mother loved those children who did not have the opportunity. Mother knows this.

The time has come.

God will surely defend His children.

God will definitely restore their rights.

God will destroy all those who forbid them and destroy the leaders who live in unrighteous stratagems.

God will rule over the malevolent people, with their aspirations, their ambitions, who commit crimes deceitfully.

Today their deceitful stratagems have caused a terrible epidemic around the world.

We cannot cope.

The only thing is to be prepared spiritually, because this is a battle in which God must take action.

Mother Mary knew about this.

God wants mankind to recognize that it has no way to recover, no remedy to cure.

However, there is a remedy for the soul, for those who fall into the epidemic, both soul and body, for them to have hope.

That remedy came from Mother who has taught us how to use the gift, especially granted to a country.

Wuhan, China, was the place where the epidemic started, a country with a great number of people, a place where there is no freedom for the spiritual life, so what can help and save the citizens? This gift from Mother that we received and accepted.

Those who proclaim and believe in this gift can use it to pray for their loved ones who have died unexpectedly in the recent epidemic.

This gift does not stop here.

It is a reminder for the plague of the souls around the world.

These are certain aspects mankind requires in their reasoning ways, which will be answered from their first practice with this gift, and the Holy Spirit will continue to guide all those who seek to learn the truth.

God will give in every age a liveliness through the support that today Mother personally grants, for us to be humble, sincere, willing.

Mother helps us remove the existing laws that have become so inflexible that they prevent us from receiving the most recent graces that God grants impartially.

Today let us seek to learn and come to God by this practice.

If we believe and practice then this gift will help us and the others, and we will have peace even if the virus comes to us.

In the world, as with what has been foretold, with all things recorded, the people remaining are very few in number.

Certainly in this generation, we are in this situation.

There is only thing for us to do, which is to believe in God.

Whether we live or die we always have the Supreme Being who loves us – if we repent in time, if we are determined to repent and return, if we practice with the gift.

Mother Mary has granted this gift to help us be prepared to return to God, to belong to God – by the prostration, by a repentant heart, by our wholehearted unity.

Certainly God will have a way.

He will give us a medicine – the medicine we are waiting for to cure the plague of the soul.

When we accept the cure for the plague of the soul then the plague that the world is facing through the coronavirus will also be cured.

This must be something that sounds abstract and hard to understand.

There must be many questions from many people who hear about this, but these statements do not come from us, because we do not learn these things from books or from relying on any supports.

These statements come from the Holy Spirit who prompts me to speak, who wants me to narrate, whenever I pray with The Six Kowtows and lift up to Him, on behalf of everyone and regarding all situations in the world in these times.

As for the urgency with the epidemic that we fear, we have our moments of worry.

Everything is at a standstill in the world – from the economy, from society, from the military, from trade.

There are many aspects in every country, every nation, which need to have a certain value of goods and services exchanged, for the growth of a global economy in the world.

Let us remember, though, that everything of this day is not for any one nation to decide – nor can any one person do it.

We need to look at the situation, with the events that happened.

We need to stop and recognize what is important.

Jesus came over 2,000 years ago.

Today, in the year 2020, He invites us, grants to us, offers us His love.

It is thanks to His death, to the price of His Blood that we have life and become righteous.

If we want to live in that righteousness, we have had the doctrine brought by Jesus.

He personally descended from heaven to earth to accomplish a great plan.

He accepted death in excruciating pain to eliminate greed and ambition; to eliminate the wickedness and sin of mankind – jealousy, hatred, envy; to eliminate all adultery in life, all sensual desires, all vile desires that are committed in all classes and all roles.

From the most ordinary offenses, these will become more serious ones, and from jealousy, from global hegemony, from aspirations, from ambitions, we allow these sins to become a terrible problem such as today.

Evil begets evil, and from evil a virus was born, which will continue to be ingrained in our life, as we are reminded of the plague of the soul.

In the past few days, we have also heard priests preach about the seven deadly sins.

The seven deadly sins may start as the most ordinary sins, which then become serious problems, and in the end, because we do not take precautions, we inadvertently or intentionally offend God through our sins and separate ourselves from God.

The light and the darkness will never merge.

Why does Jesus not appear today as a person for us to see and fear? He does not use that method.

He comes to us, visits us. He comes to us by the light, because the time has come.

The light has many implications. The light is the glorious resurrection of the victorious Savior to bring us out of darkness and return to light.

And that light will help us on the path of goodness, while wickedness remains in the darkness and is controlled by the darkness.

The light is from the Spirit of God, by God Himself.

The lofty spirituality that God manifests is granted by the light, for through the light we can clearly see our path, with the determination to walk in holiness and in truth.

In the darkness, our eyes are blind, our consciences are blind, we become the blind people who make wrong decisions.

There is so much more in that darkness and blindness that leads us to sin and death, so Jesus came to save us and bring us out of death.

He has gone into the darkness of death to bring us out, and thanks to that light shining on us, we have become the people who step into the light.

Today God comes to us through His presence as with the promise of old: I remain with you every day until the end of the age.

He does not come to us as He used to with the saints, but He comes to us by a constant light, day and night.

When He wants to appear, we see the presence very clearly – the Host appears, to let us know that what we do and what we pray for are accepted by God.

Today let us boldly and courageously witness to the Supreme Lord who manifests by a lively voice through the Blessed Sacrament, by the method taught by Mother Mary, to prepare each one of us – every sinner – to be sanctified, to be submissive, to be forgiven, and to return, as we were foretold that we must endure circumstances as in these days.

Let us awaken and pray, be prepared for our spiritual life, be prepared for the plague of our soul that has not yet been cured.

Today we are so scared with the plague of the body, but the plague of the soul will be a hundred times more frightening if we cannot heal it.

Today Mother Mary helps us heal the soul.

The epidemic happened because it was our choice, so today we see the terrible plague that we are frightened of, and our choice goes hand in hand.

Let us see what God wants: God opens the door for us to enter Lent.

Lent allows us to meditate on things we need to meditate on, to be prepared to respond to when we are tempted.

We read that Jesus was also tempted three times in the days in the desert.

We are tempted daily in life.

Let us use the methods in a profound way, to understand what God wants to tell us today and what is a means to help us be steadfast in our hearts – with zeal, with a humble attitude, with a deep repentance, to pay homage to God.

Let us not forget, in the old days when the city of Nineveh was informed by the prophet Jonah – the king gathered the people and all the officials.

The king was the first to take off his cloak, to put on sackcloth, to sit on a pile of ash, and fast, so the city of Nineveh was spared by God’s mercy.

Today we see the tragic disaster and deaths in the entire world and especially in the country where the epidemic started.

Speaking of the number of deaths in the thousands, we can see how the events in today’s civilized age are similar to what was written in the Bible.

We have Mother Mary, who prayed for us, planned for us, helped us, with this gift to support us when the events occur.

In the last moments, if we do not survive the plague of the body, this gift will be the light that leads us to the Divine Mercy of God.

Mother Mary will protect us, will intercede with God to help us recognize this special gift that God wants to give to everyone in the world.

Let us unite in repentance.

We do not wear sackcloth and sit on a pile of ash as in the old days, but let us prostrate to God because this is something most essential.

Let us all focus in-depth and pray with the gift of The Six Kowtows, because this gift leads us to every glorious Person of the Lord.

When we pray, we can lift up to God our repentant hearts for what we have committed throughout our entire life.

We will meditate on the Lord Jesus’ work through His death.

Today, in faith, we see our past sins, confess our sins before God and ask Him to forgive.

We see the infinite love of our Lord Jesus who sacrificed and accepted everything for us to live and exist today.

We cannot walk alone if we do not have the knowledge and we do not have faith.

Let us awaken and pray for the Holy Spirit who is formed from God the Father’s love with Jesus, to be the Lord who dwells in us.

His presence will never end when we want to turn to goodness.

When we want to return, then the Holy Spirit immediately gives us the opportunity to know what we have in the spiritual life.

Let us remember one thing, as the Father said, I do not want the wicked people to die – I want them to repent and live.

This sentence is fitting and intended for those who are living in wrongdoing, through the immeasurable mercy of God.

I long for and I hope that the leader of this country, or the officials with functions or the countries that never believed in God, are rejecting God, prohibiting the citizens from following God, and those who are offending God in all the other countries, to hear today’s Readings.

May they look at the example of China, especially Wuhan today, to recognize the merciful God who offers them the opportunity.

Remove! The Lord is speaking to the nations, to the leaders.

The Lord says, If you remove from your midst oppression, false accusation, and malicious speech…

We know that more than evil itself is the malice of ambition.

So with heartfelt generosity, repentance, and return, God will surely give those people the opportunity to return to Him, if they truly listen and practice.

God is very merciful and generous – He grants to all classes, all roles.

So no matter how evil, yet with the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus, the Son of the Father, with Divine Mercy forever granted for generations to sinners, those people will also receive the grace to convert their souls.

O God, we rely on the Gospel to lift up everything that is of this day.

It is also a complement to help us with the teaching from God when entering Lent – for every role, every class, every position – for us to truly live Lent, as God taught us.

This Reading also reminds every class, the people with functions or the laypeople, because once we get over the epidemic then we still have time, we still have the mind – we have the right to decide.

No one can prevent us from thinking, deciding, and be determined regarding certain matters while we are still alive.

Even if we have no more physical strength, our heart, our mind, our determination cannot be prevented when we call on the Name of God when we repent, when we have a certain support to rely on.

Today Mother Mary gives us and the entire world, with the plague of both soul and body, a privilege through the gift of The Six Kowtows, for us to see God’s love and Mother Mary’s love for Her children.

Let us together, in meditation, pray for those who died from the plague, those who are infected by the plague, and those who will be infected.

Let us also pray for what is happening in a free country, a country that respects the rights of a human being, a civilized and advanced country, with the means to resolve or deal with events.

Human efforts remain within limitation, so when God allows, He grants the means to help our soul be prepared.

Today our soul is reminded as we enter Lent, for each one of us to truly live the meaning of Lent.

We start Lent with the plague of the soul.

Let us pray for God to heal us. Let us come to a physician who can cure the plague of our soul.

We must cooperate with Him for us to live a meaningful Lent.

Mother Mary prepares us with the most ordinary prayer through the gift for us to focus together.

We must continue with what has been given through the Gospel. We must cooperate with our Church.

Through the solemn Masses, we must strive to be more focused, more zealous, holier.

We must have a more determined life to make up for what we have not done, what we have not yet practiced, or no longer have the opportunity to do.

Those people who were unexpectedly infected by the virus probably wanted to do a lot more, but they no longer had the opportunity and their life ended.

This morning, a man in Washington State died of the coronavirus.

Today God allows me, with the brothers and sisters, to lift up to Him through The Six Kowtows.

The Six Kowtows originated from the liveliness to voice the truth as God has granted, to allow the spread of this gift all over the world.

This is the time when we can no longer hesitate.

Whether we believe or not, we no longer have the time to follow the rational methods.

This is most urgent – this is also the event for which Mother Mary prepares for every person around the world.

We only need a repentant heart, we only need to hold onto the beacon that Mother Mary has prepared for us, soul and body, mind and heart, to respectfully beseech God with repentance.

Even in the last moments of our life, with the last breath, our souls can lift up and beseech to return by surrendering to God, by prostrating to God.

Those of us who are still healthy and strong: let us help our brothers by our deeds, by our in-depth prayers, to pray for those who have died, to pray for God to have mercy on them by the way we practice today.

God has especially granted to those who listen during this crisis.

This does not stop with the coronavirus epidemic – we have seen the millions of grasshoppers that have appeared in India, and it might happen in all countries in turn.

We read of this phenomenon that God gave to the world, with the days when that appeared on earth, when Moses came to ask the Pharaoh to free the people and the Pharaoh refused, with the stubbornness, pride, and arrogance of a king.

God allowed the locusts to appear and this plague was recorded in the Bible.

Today, with the grasshoppers appearing in our times, it is as if we are returning to the first period in the Bible, to remind each one of us about the life of faith and of the soul.

It is because of the ambition, the wickedness, the desire to rule the entire world with authoritarian monopoly – the atheistic, communistic policy spreading its control over the world – that the coronavirus appeared, as a reminder that one cannot follow what one decides or plans according to the methods that one practices.

From the arrogance that offends God in their pursuit to dominate others by using ways that have usurped God’s right, they had to pay the price that affected not only their home country but also the entire world.

If grasshoppers are appearing, then God will take action.

God has a plan to help everyone.

Let us rise.

Because if people do not listen and continue with disobedience, rebellion, wickedness, then the grasshoppers will appear, will eat all the grains, all the crops, and we will face hunger and famine.

The events will not stop here.

There will be horrible earthquakes we will see the collapse of buildings, the rise of water, unexpected fires, and other terrible events if we do not repent, surrender, and prostrate before God.

If we do not plead in unity, if we do not wholeheartedly return to God, then this ending will be catastrophic to our entire world, and there will hardly be any survivors that remain in the world.

This is what we need to do in unity.

Surely, in the present situation, if anyone is aware of this message, he or she might think of us as violent people who cause more tension in this world, who add to more confusion.

No, we ourselves do not know and do not dare – we cannot decide on what to do.

It was six years ago when Pope Francis came to Philadelphia, one of the cities in his first visit to the United States.

It was the first time Mother Mary wanted us to spread the gift of The Six Kowtows.

We were asked to bring the CDs to Philadelphia.

We had the CDs and we also had the pictures of Jesus with His face in the Eucharist.

There were cardinals, bishops, and priests who have seen those pictures.

That was the beginning six years ago.

From then on, we traveled everywhere to give away the CDs.

There were people who told us that we did not have the bishop’s approval to give away the CDs, but the approval comes from where? We have presented the gift, but there were not that many warm welcomes and sweeping acceptances.

Nonetheless, Mother still wanted us to continue to spread the gift of The Six Kowtows, to continue to travel, to pray, and after the CDs, to print the books of The Six Kowtows.

The books are the concrete evidence.

Today, more or less, we have handed this gift to the priests, bishops, and cardinals, especially in the Philippines, the last country we visited.

We have traveled to Italy, France, Fatima, and many states in the United States.

We traveled from New York to Canada.

Everywhere we visited, we brought the gift of The Six Kowtows, first with the CDs, and most recently with the books.

The books of The Six Kowtows were completed by mid-2019, and were handed out by the end of 2019 and in the beginning of 2020.

We do not do anything spontaneously – the decision is not ours to say what needs to be said.

This was set in place by early 2020.

Ladies and gentlemen, whether you listen or not is up to you, and regarding the question of approval, then pray to God.

There is no need to know who we are and no need to understand how.

Please go to the websites to see what God grants daily after we attend Mass – each time God allows us to receive a message through the practice of The Six Kowtows.

We receive the words from the Holy Spirit who teaches us how to speak, how to present, how to narrate, by mind, by heart, spiritually, without any books, with nothing relying on ourselves, but it is only through the prayers that the words come forth, in a continuous and flowing way, according to the Holy Spirit’s teaching.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, what I have presented, what is needed for you to have and to understand – may we be in unity to listen to Mother Mary’s teaching, the counselor who helps us pray through The Six Kowtows.

Through each of the Persons, the Holy Spirit will teach you, and all the sheep of God.

If we practice with our soul, our body, our mind, then each one of us can feel the spirituality, which is the miracle that the Eucharistic Jesus wants everyone to receive today, the same miracle that the Eucharistic Jesus is manifesting to each one of us.

That is also His waiting.

He gives us a treasure, for us to receive from Him, to help us be bold and courageous in the life of faith.

He is granting in a special way so that we may overcome the days facing the events.

Mother Mary arranged for us, and also taught us, for the most urgent times, the times when we cannot do anything with science and technology, knowledge and education, but only rely on prayers.

If we believe, we will see.

As Jesus said, Believe then you will receive, seek then you will find, knock then it will be opened to you.

Let us knock at God’s door now, because the world is in a deadly situation.

We see the present deadlock, and we know it was an event that happened from mankind’s creation.

The grasshoppers that have appeared in all the countries will also affect us, because when the grasshoppers appear and eat all the crops, we will have a terrible famine.

No matter what, there is no time for preparation, because the day and the time of God will come, so let all of us prepare the soul first, rather than the food.

Remember thoroughly what is said and has been told.

These are the events that have appeared, and those are the words that are given to us in today’s world.

Let us unite to pray for God’s holy will to be merciful to the world, to pray for people to repent and return in time, to pray for sinners to repent, for all the proud to become submissive to God, for the righteous to continue to bear witness to the truth that God grants to those who receive and listen.

If we truly overcome this catastrophe, then the new world is bound to belong to us.

We will come to a peaceful place, with no more wars, with no more sufferings, with only those children who surrender and prostrate and adore God, with a happy life as taught by Mother Mary who prepares us for the second coming of Jesus in His glory.

Before Jesus’ second coming, Mother Mary will be the person who crushes the serpent’s head in preparation for a peaceful world, and everyone, all people, all nations, will surrender and submit, and every knee will bend, as written in the Bible. (4)

God will come in glory, and the brocade robe we see is the splendor that God has given to every person who belongs to Him.

We need to prepare, because this is the first stage that Mother Mary has planned to welcome the return of the Savior – the King whom God the Father has appointed to be the just Judge.

By our side, Mother Mary prepares us.

Mother Mary helps us on the way back while we are still breathing, while we still have the opportunity, while we still have days to pray for ourselves, to pray for our brothers, to pray for all the problems in the world, to pray for the deceased, for the innocent souls, for the victims, for the repentant sinners, for those foolish and arrogant people to repent, to surrender, and to submit to God.

All of this is given to us by Mother Mary, a Mother who understands Her prodigal children.

Mother Mary also knows the kind and loving heart and that seal is imprinted on our soul as we repent.

That seal is clearly related to the gift of The Six Kowtows.

So let us remember that when it comes to spirituality, let us not judge according to the human way, but let us practice, because we no longer have the concrete days of proof that we request to satisfy our reasoning.

We have wholeheartedly served God, but we are full of malice, full of wickedness, full of unrighteous stratagems in all classes, all roles.

This is a reminder for us to return to righteousness.

God sees and God knows.

Through this purification, through a life we ​​know, all evil will be eliminated.

God absolutely does not allow the devil to wreak havoc.

Thus, let us examine ourselves and repent before the Almighty God, present in the Blessed Sacrament, with the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary has prepared for us.

Let us not despise and disregard with judgment and lose the opportunity to hear the lively voice from God who grants us this gift through Mother Mary, for us to be prepared today and in the days ahead, with the start of the purification period.

Let us unite to thank, praise, and glorify God.

Lucia and all the brothers and sisters conclude at 3:01 p.m. on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

We will now offer the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy.

We conclude The Six Kowtows, on Saturday, the day of the Immaculate Heart of Mother, in the beginning of Lent, which started on Ash Wednesday.

We thank God, bless God, and praise God, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  1. This is, in a sense, a reference to the Chinese, who refer to the one who created everything as “Mr. Creator” – they are emblematic here of all other beliefs or religions.
  2. This was revealed by heaven through Lucia Phan in recent messages.
  3. Naju, South Korea
  4. Philippians 2:10

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.

Please share this message and the websites with all those you know via e-mail, printing the message, and word of mouth.