There will be Terrible Pandemics Created by Man

May 18, 2020

This is a message inspired by God the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when offering The Six Kowtows.

Lucia: O God, it is 9:41 a.m., on Monday, May 18, 2020, at St. Theresa Church. We are kneeling in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. First of all, I thank God for giving us this Monday to have all of our brothers and sisters united to reverently offer The Six Kowtows after attending Mass. It has been more than two months since the pandemic, it seems everything became a habit, but there are certain matters that are still unfamiliar to us. We still cannot receive the Body of Christ on the tongue. We must receive on the hand, according to the procedure of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is a law to protect everyone’s well-being in the community.

O God, this is a law that people consider necessary and reasonable, but as for the spiritual life, there seems to be something reminding us of the plague of the soul. If we truly are mature, life with the plague of the soul is cured, then there will never be a plague of the body. Unfortunately, the plague of the soul was never discovered and totally cured, in the truth. Today, through the First Reading, the Lord granted to the Apostles to record that their lives were spent preaching the Gospel from place to place, they accepted everything to bring the Gospel to wherever they visited. Those were the seeds that were sown from the beginning, so that all generations may have faith and faith that still exists till this day.

In particular, through the Gospel, Jesus said that in everything, if mankind believes in Jesus then it believes in the presence of the Father in Him [see John 12:44-45]. Everything God recommended and told the Apostles – when He left, then the Spirit of Truth would come. We are preparing to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit next week – especially today, the Fifth Week of the Easter Season, we still enjoy Easter days. God was still with the Apostles in the world, in preparation for the day He returned to heaven. When Jesus returned to heaven, the Holy Spirit would come. Before God returned to heaven, He left instructions to the Apostles. The Holy Spirit will teach everything. He will be with us every day. He will be with us forever, to teach us truth, goodness, righteousness, holy deeds, and help us eliminate wickedness for us not to stumble on the path.

Back to the first moment, if we understand the plague of the soul from the past until now, if it was treated, then today we would never have the plague of the body as well as war and suffering and many things in the worldly life. Certainly, we were wrong and acted wrongfully. The betrayal continues with the present days. Today the Gospel clearly reminded: those who persecute us do not recognize God nor do they recognize Jesus. It is the same right now. Those who hold that position of power are looking for all means to annihilate and destroy the children of God.

O God, today people rely on the clever subtlety to control all aspects, but they forget that the Gospel recorded what Jesus recommended right from the beginning. People do not have faith, disbelieve, and, at the same time, rely on life with the power of the world, knowledge, current science and technology. So science and technology do not stop at one point of the pandemic, but still have upcoming programs in the manner of a rational, civilized age that are contrary to God’s teaching, to the doctrine and the truth that the Lord Jesus gave to the holy Apostles. His teaching through generations today remains a key point for us to rely on so that we continue moving forward.

O God, nowadays there seems to be something not as normal as usual. There is a spiritual dryness and also a lack of peace in the way of receiving God in communion. There are many more things through the ministry in the ranks of the Church – everything is logical. To us, those who belong to God, with faith, then we always belong to God with all respectful things. For generations, there are many compliances, such as the citizens who obey the authorities, but in a way that belongs to God – then we truly live holy, happy, peaceful lives. And if there are deviant people, when we follow them, then surely we will take the wrong path.

Today there are many stories going on in the world that I want to lift up and present to God. That is the truth. People are looking for the medication to cure the pandemic. They call that a vaccine. It is also a development that provides the means needed to control people during a pandemic, a practical explanation. However, all the plans of God have wonders that mankind, from the beginning till now, does not need to be observed mechanically. But today people come up with a method in which they can use a “chip” or certain medicines and consider those to be the cure, but certainly there are many problems.

Today may we lift up to God. O God, where is the truth and where is the falsehood? God, please give us instructions or directions since You have the ways to help the world know. Especially when so many innocent people and victims died, because they lived under godless authorities who persecuted religion, who did not believe in God. This is a free world – there are many people who live in a life that rejects God, do not follow God’s ways, live far from God’s teachings, yet they are still the rulers in this generation. Today we truly feel lost in the midst of life, dealing with all the difficulties around us, the science and technology, according to the way of those in power, with fame and fortune – something seemed to be warning us. The plague seems to be reminding us: if people truly walk in righteousness, the world will not fall into a situation of deadlock and suffering. Through the pandemic, families are separated, and continue to face severe exacerbations, in a state of dying days. At this moment we do not know what the coming days will be like, what the future is, but we see the change very clearly. We entrust and lift up to God. God, please teach us, help us, lead us to live in peace, entrustment, and trust. God does not teach us to oppose the present adversity. God teaches us to endure with faith.

Certainly, God does not let those who believe in Him, earnestly plead with Him, profess Him, and live in repentance, to stray. So daily, may we reverently offer the simplest, most ordinary prayer from the heart and soul, to lift up to God on behalf of all classes, all roles, our parish, the clergy, and all those without a voice. There are families and those who yearn to come to pray and know how to pray to be close to God, but unfortunately they are facing the pandemic, in the last hours of their lives, and there are all the restrictions, unlike the free days in the past.

So these are the happiest moments. We have the opportunity to lift up to God the most ordinary yet most realistic words for things we ask for. We believe God hears, sees, and knows. God is waiting for each child in this world to lift up to Him concerns, difficulties, troubles, and sufferings. We lift up what we cannot understand as well. May God have mercy and look at us, deliver us, intervene for us according to His holy will, because everything according to His holy will is wonderful. Please help us endure, persevere, make sacrifices, and entrust, so that all deeds from God become a reminder for each person’s life, for each sinner to become a penitent and witness as God desires and yearns. At this moment we reverently offer the First Kowtow.

We reverently offer the First Kowtow to God the Father.

O God the Father, we adore, praise, glorify, and honor You. Everything You grant us, through the earnest prayers we reverently offer to You, through the Holy Spirit’s guidance – we only know that much. Daily, we know that we need peace, peace that does not come from mankind but peace from the soul, the heart, as well as joy and hope in our daily life. However, life today no longer has peace. If we do not seek God and profess Him, then we will always live in misery and despair.

Countless adversities surround us that cannot be reasonably explained, but in the divine realm, O God, may we believe in You and accept everything that comes to us as the plan and arrangement by God for the world, as well as for each one of us, with a sinful, weak, and wretched condition in daily life. God, please forgive our sins – all classes, all roles. May we be sanctified in God’s grace to reflect on what is righteous, just, and the truth, for us to return to God.

O God, all the moments of this day are the answer. The disobedience, arrogance, and lack of unity in many things in life lead to the issue in which evil prevails over us. Today, evil minds use all sorts of scientific and technical methods, and follow their ambition to cause our country and the whole world to end up in a state of plague. Nonetheless, we are not disappointed. We know that life must have hardships for us to fully understand the treasure of the breath, of the air, which God grants. Today even the air is something we hardly think we need.

The pandemic already claimed so many lives in the world. From many countries around the world the number of deaths is truly high. Most recently, for nearly three months, many souls passed away, many priests, all classes, all roles. Many families are separated and suffer the unexpected death of a father, a child, a mother. At this moment we are not aware of what we need to know in the past days, because our sins hid the eyes of faith. We lack solidarity, unity, faith, and we allow the freedom of life control us, so today it is that desire that kills us in the present life, and is also a reminder for the life with the plague of the soul.

God, please heal us. At this moment, we understand that the plague of the soul will become the plague of the body. Today, may all classes and roles work together to find truth and justice. God alone granted us love, the source of comfort that we neglected and forgot from the beginning, and we lack respect and reverence. Today, please give us the opportunity to apologize to God, to lift up to God the treasures we need in our daily life – Mass, the nourishment of the soul, the days to quiet our souls to meditate on the word of God. The word of God is the living word that guides us in the midst of adversity, difficult days, challenging days, to help us move forward on the path.

O God, please help us recognize our love for each other, our solidarity with each other, and a humble life, for us to learn more and feel closer to You as we live in simplicity and humility. Unfortunately, for many years and generations, we still cannot achieve this, because we cannot completely remove our ego, personality, pride, arrogance, selfishness, in a petty, narrow-minded, calculating, life, among many things. God, please forgive us. May the world realize what is most needed: that in life we cannot do anything, no matter how talented or powerful. When we face death, the pandemic, we are defeated. We need air and breath to live.

With our frail, weak, and sinful flesh, we cannot do anything when we face adversity – we only rely on God’s Divine Mercy, only believe in God, pray to God, obey, and listen. What belongs to us was lost, because we were indifferent, rejected God, and had many actions that prevent us from knowing that God waited for us and granted to us. At this moment, may we lift up our apology, to pray for God to forgive us. May the pandemic awaken our soul.

Help us recognize and be aware of the righteousness, truth, and love that God teaches in solidarity, for us to unite and pray – pray deeply, with our hearts, with hidden sacrifices in our life, relying on the word of God as the basis for us to see that we are still happy in this world. Despite all the difficulties, our situation is still better than that of the holy Apostles back then. They could have walked barefoot, traveled everywhere to preach the Gospel in a blazing summer. All the hardships they endured so we may have faith today – and through them, we receive the Lord Jesus Christ – the authentic Supreme Being who is present and still with us when we profess and recognize Him. Anyone who sees Him sees God the Father in Him.

Jesus said that if we believe then we see the presence of Jesus as God the Father Himself (1) who bestows love to humanity, for us to continue with the days of support that God granted in a special way to us. Today, with our weak strength and our exhausted body in the plague of both soul and body, we have nothing more to say to God. We simply lift up to God the moments we feel the worst, everything we encounter with the most pessimistic situations, when we are most wretched and weak.

May God have mercy, hear us, sanctify us, transform us, because we believe that God waits for our return, for Him to sanctify and transform, for the world to have days of compassion, with the truth. We wait for real peace from each person, family, society, group, as well as the whole world. These are the humblest wishes we lift up to God. May God plan and arrange, for us to overcome this trial, for His holy will to realize the best with those who hope, entrust, and trust in Him.

We adore, praise, glorify, honor, and thank God. Please accept our gratitude, thankfulness, apology, on behalf of all classes and roles, in particular, the souls in purgatory. People died unexpectedly through the pandemic, we pray for God to be merciful and give them rest and peace in His Divine Mercy. May everyone in the world awaken and return to God at this moment, which is the most urgent moment, the most critical moment. We pray to return to God by a daily life of prayer, the amendment of our life, for us to become a new person, worthy in life. In spite of the illness and the pandemic, God still preserves and protects us, for us to continue to exist, to glorify His Name, to honor Him, and to testify to the truth that God granted to all classes and roles. May everyone accept, for them to find something that God granted in a special way to save us in the urgency. In the Name of the Lord, our God, now and for ever and ever. Amen.

We reverently offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus.

O Jesus Christ, I thank You. Thank You for always being with us. With the eyes of faith we see and feel You always defending, protecting, guarding us. Thank You, because the price of Your Blood still exists, because You came to save each one of us, each sinner. For generations, that lofty spirituality still covers the world – an immeasurable love, an infinite love, transcending space and time – still waiting for each child to return, but the indifference of the world is the same throughout generations. Today, as the Lord taught in the Gospel: the self-righteous, those who persecute you, are those with position of power. They claim to be worshipers of God, but they did not recognize that Jesus is the presence of God the Father. It is the same today, you can see this truth in certain matters.

O God, the little people like us – people who know what is possible with their own strength – we can only call on Your Name, run to You, thank You, on behalf of our brothers who never thank You. They followed idols so they did not fully understand the truth that there is only one God who came down from heaven to this world to save us, to lead us into a new doctrine for our life to have peace and full of hope that God granted to the world and to sinners like us, for us to proclaim today.

We reverently offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus, with appreciation, gratefulness, adoration, and worship. Thank You for giving us Your love, the scourges, the nails, the crown of thorns, the Cross. Our sins deserve to bear all these, but You came to take care of us all, deliver us, save us. You are the Savior who leads us out of the darkness of sin. May all of us rise up, believe in God, the Savior, the Redeemer, who sets us free. What is left is for us to repent and return. May we be determined to amend our life, for us to live in a way worthy of the blessings and graces God bestowed on us. He died so that the Blood cleanses us daily in life, for sinners to become penitents, for penitents to become witnesses, for witnesses to become saints, present in heaven. Over the generations, He remains the Supreme Lord of love, giving us many opportunities.

Let us open our hearts and eyes to faith. Trust in God so that our life will always be in hope, with a peaceful and happy smile, to move forward in a faithful life, to follow the Lord who taught us the doctrine of love, forgiveness, patience – a teaching for us to live in charity and deny ourselves. As the Lord once told the Apostles: if you want to follow Me, Your Master, then deny yourself, carry the cross every day to follow Me. We certainly want to follow You, but we have not yet carried the cross, we still have many hesitations. God, please help us through this pandemic that we are facing, for us to see that the Cross will help us enjoy the blessed glory with God. God, please help us have wisdom and enlightenment, to choose You in life, for everyone to look at faith with depth, with happiness and hope in You. May we continue to live meaningfully, peacefully, and happily, only in God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Being whom we believe in, worship, honor, and thank. Amen.

We reverently offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit.

We reverently offer to the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth and Justice. Today in the Gospel, Jesus prepared the Apostles and also prepares the whole world. The presence of the Holy Spirit will never be lost in the life of the earthly world, but we lost as we rejected Him, refused Him, did not cooperate with Him. We let Him be alone and waiting. The Holy Spirit always respects and always loves. He is the Supreme Being who loves, gives us hope and compassion, for us to move forward in life.

O Lord, today we see – if we accept and follow what the Holy Spirit teaches, then the world will not go into war, despair, will not face a terrifying pandemic like today, because we always opposed, followed our own will, lived in the weak flesh – greedy, selfish, ambitious, full of evildoing in our humanity, and rejected God. The Holy Spirit never rejects and abandons us. We just need to stand up, recognize that our choice is wrong and causes disasters. We accidentally walked the path of evil so we killed our brother, our fellow beings, yet remained indifferent, our soul unfeeling. Only the evil spirit acts this way, lives in this way.

God is love, God is truth, justice, righteousness. He will never mistreat fellow beings. Look at other people who are dying, sick, shivering, and still remain indifferent to seek all kinds of plots in order to win through the position. This is a world where, if we fall into that state and face those people who act with that wicked mind, then this is an evil world. Mankind’s own misery is to reject God, to act against His doctrine, to always oppose His laws. How pitiful for those who do not know and do not believe that the Savior brought them life, the Supreme Being who delivers and helps them to have love and move forward in the midst of life, full of meaning – who grants us peace and joy. No matter which situation, the Holy Spirit gives us life, hope, but we reject Him – then how can we have everlasting life, joy, and hope, when life has so many miseries caused by sin?

O Holy Spirit, no matter what situation the world is in, there are still righteous people, people who yearn to live in the truth, people who practiced the truth that You taught, and there is still our Church. Although we are the little people, we are of this world, the knowledge of the clergy of the Church is from the Holy Spirit. We always hope that everything is in the Holy Spirit. Even if the situation is bad because of the unrighteous people, as long as there are still righteous people, then the Holy Spirit will never leave and abandon our Church.

Today, the Church, and the laity – we pray to the Holy Spirit; especially this year with the outbreak of COVID-19. It is also the time as when Jesus gave us the teaching He gave to the Apostles. He is teaching the Church today and also teaching all classes, roles, and the faithful, including us – sinners. God is teaching us to prepare to celebrate Pentecost this year. We are not the people who can get sick or can avoid it, but thanks to the protection, with the fervent prayers that Mother Mary taught us to overcome the plague, to pray on behalf of the world, all classes, all roles, to recognize the prompting, the healing of the Holy Spirit, the enlightenment to help all classes, all roles, to recognize the light of truth.

We invite the Holy Spirit and lift up to Him. May He cover us, sanctify us, and transform us. May He help us to have faith for us to continue to live faithfully and persistently, to follow the footsteps we need, so that we may return to the righteousness that we have long lost. Through God’s doctrine, may the Holy Spirit prompt and enlighten us to distinguish between good and evil, true and false, right and wrong, which is the most essential basis that, if we do not recognize it, then we cannot be on the right path.

If we want to be on the right path and live in the truth, then we must have the Holy Spirit, believe in the Holy Spirit, and practice God’s teachings: charity, sacrifice, patience, prayer. The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who enlightens, we will not be wrong. May He grant, cover, enlighten, guide us, to discern what is needed, what is right, what is wrong, for us to eliminate the wrong in our weakness and wretchedness, to choose the right thing, even if it is a challenge. God always teaches us to conquer ourselves to receive wonderful things, and we must have the acknowledgement, by mind, by heart, for us to find the truth.

The truth is not according to our will, but the truth in accordance with the will of God. Let us not have a shortsighted and weak viewpoint, for only in entrustment can we see the presence of the Holy Spirit vividly in our life. May we become those who are kindled by the Holy Spirit, for us to become brave and boldly live in the truth as God grants us the opportunity to better understand. When we truly live in that aspect, then we already have a strong faith, and when we have faith, then we will not live in corruption, we will become righteous. But many people, all classes, all roles – we seldom allow our brains to be brainstormed with determination, for us to understand and receive through prayer.

There must be prayer. We must be aware of the life we need. That is the Supreme Being we worship. We need to spend time with Him and pray for His words, for His will to be fulfilled in our daily lives. May we realize and understand that the meaning we live in this life is granted by Him, that our life and everything belongs to Him. He always guides us so when we walk in holiness, then we never fail. Despite difficulties and challenges, in the end the righteous person still wins. Those are the aspects God granted to us in a special way, for our Church, for the deceased, the elders in life.

Therefore, the truth is at a point where the Holy Spirit grants in a special way to each one of us. He also grants to us, each person, a grace according to our way of life. According to the way God granted, no one is the same. But we are just ordinary and weak people who tend to be jealous, envious. When we see that others have, but we do not, then in our heart, we feel jealous. That is what the world is facing for generations, so there is no solidarity. There is division and from that division, there is discord and failure, till this day.

God, please help us through the plague of the body to arise; with the plague of the soul, to ask to be healed by the Holy Spirit. All classes, all roles, need the Holy Spirit. Especially in this year, the Holy Spirit abundantly pours out God’s graces for the eyes of faith to shine in His love, to lead us out of the darkness, to remove the beams in our eyes. May He open our eyes so that we live in unity, love, humility, to recognize the special teachings that the Holy Spirit grants to each one of us, to live in our mission, in the role that God specially grants to us, in all classes, all roles.

We earnestly plead for God to help us move forward with a life of faith, in deed, and the determination to eliminate our ego and personality in wretchedness, pettiness, weakness, for us to live in the truth, with the love and the Divine Mercy God granted. May we be charitable to each other, so that from those steps of love we will see the presence and the doctrine of the Lord alive in our life, each day, each person. O Holy Spirit, please hear our prayers. Please bestow upon our Church, Pope Francis, all cardinals, bishops, and clergy, may they receive abundant graces from the Holy Spirit. Especially in this generation, in this year, during the season of the pandemic, for us to be enlightened with the eyes of faith and love God, submit to God, listen to God, walk in His way.

Let us not end at that point but have the courage to testify to the truth. It is God, the Supreme Being, who directs the world. He is the Supreme Being whom we must believe, worship, receive guidance from – for us to live in the peace and happiness we long for in this world. We pray for the country we live in. Each day, we see truth and falsehood displayed in the light of dawn as God silently granted to us in the past days. Today we see how position and money blurred people’s conscience and everything that should not be carried out to falsely accuse others by bribe, and by the cruelest way, which is to kill others and use all tricks to reach the goal. Indeed, it is such a wicked and horrible act when people are wrong and go against God’s doctrine.

We also pray for our Church. From top to bottom, may everyone believe in God to practice like those whom people need to learn from. Only righteousness may triumph, only professing God, thanking God, living a life returning to the truth, then God will not abandon those people, those who call on Him. God will use those people to bring those who are lost back to Him. So at this very moment I pray, because only the Holy Spirit can do this, only the Holy Spirit listen, to teach us, all classes, all roles.

Holy Spirit, please have mercy on our world. May every nation, every leader, recognize that honesty and justice are needed, for them to rule with love, with a kind and righteous heart, for them to last. The recent pandemic is like a reminder to those who are bloodthirsty, who act against the law. It is a reminder for the ambitious that are succumbing to the pandemic, but are still aggressive, still challenging. May God manifest His power so that the offenders who live in aggression and arrogance will be defeated with the righteous victory that God grants to the righteous leaders.

O God, nowadays, with the clever ingenuity, people no longer believe in faith, but faith remains forever and ever the main point, enabling us to live and step into higher realms, with depth and width. Because we have God, we succeed. Only with God are we able to overcome trials and challenges, and ultimately triumph, protected by God. Because He always supports the humble, those who lower themselves, and He always knocks down the arrogant. It is time. We must believe in these aspects for the Holy Spirit to cover the world with His Spirit, over those who believe in Him, pray, choose righteousness and truth, give up sin, return in repentance, including ourselves. We are united to thank the Holy Spirit. We believe there must be prayers. His teachings are like groans to pray to God the Father. May we believe in Jesus, for us to understand what we have.

O Holy Spirit, please help us to continue to live in our roles. God gave us the opportunity, with a frail body, in a spirit of repentance. He gives us the opportunity to speak on behalf of the world, with strong, fervent petitions. We proclaim and prostrate with soul and body. Please accept our heart with the apology. Please have mercy so that many people be united with us to continue with the pleas, like a weapon to defeat the battle of pride and arrogance, because they only focus on the life of reality. But remember the mighty hand of the Lord. When we have God, so He will be our victor.

May we recall the story of Moses. God fought and led the Israelites with Moses. He sent Moses to lead the people out of Egypt. It is the same today, the Lord waits for a new Moses, for the faith of mankind to return, to continue to lead His people out of the bondage of sin. May we have the eyes of faith, to unite with our Church, to row this boat upstream to return to the shore that God granted us in calmness, happiness, and peace. God waits for us through the storm of the battle between good and evil. May everyone find and return to holiness to belong to the Supreme Being whom we worship and honor. Only God can bring us victory, heal us, help us to return to justice, truth, and righteousness, which He grants in a special way to the entire world. May we worship, praise, glorify, trust, entrust in God, so that we may win the battle of the plague of both soul and body today. We worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We reverently offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Christ.

O Lord, God of love, You established the Eucharist to remain with us and exist until the present day through a pure white Host. Your presence and Your covenant remain with mankind in spirit and being. A holy sacrament, a sacred sacrament, a sacrament that we worship, glorify. We thank the presence of the Eucharist with power in the midst of the world.

O God, You grant us the mind, the thinking, to clearly understand that You are a victorious God, who resurrected from the dead. You sacrificed Your life and came to the world in the body of a human being to love and give all that is best to mankind. You instituted and gave us Your Eucharist. Your Eucharist is the Victor. Today, with the pandemic, there was an interruption of nearly three months and the restrictions continue, so we, whose faces were created by God, cannot receive God in a reverent way in Communion.

We should return. As we see the complete failure of the world, we must return to God with reverence, because the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus remains in the midst of the world. However, today we hear that it is a health issue requiring compliance to the law, for fear of death. This is something we feel contradictory, not at peace, to see the simple explanation of mankind today. We lift up to the Eucharistic Jesus. We cannot argue or explain everything, but we know that it is the Eucharistic Jesus who manifests to the world His presence, His glory. That is the depth, the height, and the miracle that we feel from the Supreme Lord who grants so that we meet Him.

Victory, help, and intervention – not as people are looking at today with the points that have become habitual in the rule – are things for the Church. Jesus is alive and in the midst of the world. What do we need to do? Because the only thing is to worship God above all, honor and give thanks. We are not afraid of anything, because God can heal even the dead, for them to resurrect. We believe in God – as God said: Believe and you will see, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you. But in this case, it is from human reasoning in the pandemic regarding the large number of deaths in recent days. Reasoning because of what? When we look back, we learned that this disease was not a natural disaster, but was man-made, a biological weapon created to kill us.

God is the Physician who remains to heal. He hid in the Eucharist and gave us the opportunity to see the glory manifested in the healing for the whole world. Certainly, we cannot cross the bridge where God waits for us on the other side. If we can cross the bridge, overcome the trials and challenges, God will spread His arms to save each soul. But because we are weak, we do not believe that God is waiting across the bridge. We feared things of the world, allowed the world to control, acted in disrespectful ways to depose God, committed grave sacrileges with the abuse of the technological ways of science. Today through the hands of those with the intention to betray God, reject God, they maneuver for the world to be controlled by science and technology.

O Eucharistic Jesus, if we do not experience praying to You, then we will become human beings who must be subjected to and follow the path of a free society, in the way that people are using all means to get us, control us, and use us like a computer. But God gives us the opportunity to be free. No one can control our body. No one can control in our soul, from the blood flow with the precise and ingenious parts that God granted in a special and wonderful way in His supremacy.

God grants the life of every human being to have immunity, life, breath, air, and all things in the mind that cannot be predicted and mechanical in the mind. Today everything is logical, like the vaccination, the introduction of “the chip,” (2) using science and technology to control our body. O God, this is a plausible explanation for people in the world with the civilized age, but to God, everything belongs to Him. God alone controls our brain, controls everything that belongs to us when God created us. No one else can control us.

We must understand the reason that God allows, for us to make decisions, to understand the reason for mankind to oppose the Supreme Being who is waiting to help us win, who gloriously triumphed to bring victory to each one of us, when we understand, believe, and belong to Him. But today the number of people who believe in Him is decreasing. The world is in a state of collapse, with weakened faith, loss of faith, a life that people choose with needs, requirements, positions – faithless, corrupted, slowly becoming hopeless. Because of these aspects, today there are many things God wants to say to mankind. God wants to send messages to mankind. God sent prophets and messengers, who were prevented, denied, according to the law that people kept up from the beginning to this day – those who do not believe in God, those who act against God, and do not recognize who God is.

Today, there still are scribes and Pharisees who continue to destroy what is the best. Jesus loves His people. The Eucharistic Jesus wants to give to His people, to be the nourishment of the soul, to console, love, and lead them. They are weak, little people, so because of this God protects them. Today is the time. God, please grant us the eyes to clearly see those who belong to God, live in the truth, walk in God’s way. Those who act against the doctrine use power and position of authority according to the life of the earthly world – they are the scribes and Pharisees that God rebuked in the past. They continue to offend God according to their way.

God, may we lift up prayers, for we cannot do anything. If we speak up, they will use all means to boycott us, or rebuke us via the media. There are many more horrible things, but we know there are righteous people. They are the bishops, priests, the Pope. Certainly they already know the truth, but with limited power. Nowadays it seems evil is winning, it surrounds with everything rational, logical. The citizens must have an explanation in all classes, all roles. Not everyone can fully understand this. There is only one Supreme Being whom we believe – the Lord Jesus Christ through the Blessed Sacrament – because His presence is a testimony of the truth. He is present for us to lift up earnest words, to believe and persevere till this day.

Because of His presence, we know for sure of His true presence. We firmly believe that His words given to us especially in this world are for our mission to pray, to represent the voice of the world, all classes, all roles. Because mankind today relies on science, on knowledge, they become arrogant people who do not believe in the truth. Nonetheless, God is seeking. God wants mankind to return to the simplicity of the past, so that there could be extraordinary and wonderful deeds, as God works through the deeds that we face today.

O Eucharistic Jesus, we believe in You, glorify You, thank You. Today, I borrow the word of a person in Fatima to say this: though our hearts want and it is reasonable, but the law does not allow. God, please help us continue to do what You want us to do. These are simply humble words in silence, but in this world we believe there are certainly people who totally belong to You, those who want to follow You, those who want to live righteously, and those who want to speak the truth. God, please defend the truth, expose everything in the light of dawn: the lies, the wickedness, the terrible cover-ups. In today’s life, materials, wealth, and necessity obscured the life of morality and virtue that is needed, with a faith that must be realized in a determined way.

O God, please forgive us. Today we are obliged to receive You in our hand. There must be many people who are upset over this, but we do not argue and cannot oppose. God, please help our soul – no matter what the circumstances, no matter what happens against our wishes, our soul is the main point. May God reign, be present. May God accept like a gift, though not complete with respect and with all that is needed to be done, but with a longing heart, a desiring soul.

God, may we return to the days we revered You in a natural way – free in our hearts, without being controlled or obliged by any law or circumstance. May the priests be free to recognize in their experience, for the Spirit of God to work over them, to not be forbidden by the authorities. There were many aspects because of the collective life, so there were certain matters that needed to be complied with, in a suitable way, but in the spiritual life, what is suitable? Suitability is the peace of the soul, the utmost reverence due to God. Suitability is to place God’s teaching above all else and to practice the teaching He gave us.

O Eucharistic Jesus, You are the Supreme Being we whom worship and trust. Your presence exists for generations. Today, You are the Supreme Being whom we cannot refuse because Your light shone on all people. Your light is helping our faith shine again. Your light helped us see the loving, close presence that You granted to us in the divine realm yet present. May we in unity apologize to God. May we come to lift up all the difficulties, illnesses, everything we are facing in the pandemic. We lift them up to God and beseech God, the Supreme Being whom we trust, because He is the Supreme Being who loves and grants to us. God alone understands us, helps us to be peaceful and calm, overcome the afflictions and the plagues of soul and body. He is the last source of comfort and hope for each one of us, each Christian, each soul longing to know and return.

O Eucharistic Jesus, please manifest Your power for everyone to be aware and the eyes of faith will open wide. It is time for people to surrender, to submit to God, to no longer offend, be disrespectful and irreverent. We greatly grieve and suffer, but there is nothing we can do, except for the pleadings with earnest prayers to make up for our shortcomings, for all classes, for our fellow human beings, especially those who belong to You – Christians and those in our Church. May God love them to open their eyes and hearts to recognize what is from the truth, defend the truth, and belong to God in the proclamation and reverence needed. May we unite, recognize the presence that Jesus wants us to know and be aware of, for His light to envelop us, drive away thoughts of darkness, wretchedness, iniquity, weakness, of the stumbles and the traps ensnaring us in the human world.

O Eucharistic Jesus, we simply know to lift up to You, for it is the Blessed Sacrament of love that granted to us a gentle and tender love. The Blessed Sacrament and the presence that comes into our hearts and souls, dwells, remains with us, accompanies us, lives with us, and gives us everything. Even in sickness, He is by our side, not abandoning us, but we abandoned Him, rejected Him, disrespected Him, which is most heartbreaking. Today we ask Him to forgive us, help us to be aware, and choose the reverence that is most necessary, with what we can offer to Him when we receive Him, to be worthy of His presence in our life. We worship, praise, and glorify God. Amen.

We reverently offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Signs.

O Jesus, we thank You. You accepted death to raise high the Five Holy Signs, full of meaning and to seal the faith for our souls, to help us understand that You came to save us and forgive us. When we believe and come back to You to do what You taught, the Five Holy Signs are a strong affirmation to help us clearly understand the meaning as we contemplate the Cross. The Cross is the symbol of death and victory in triumphal glory that the Supreme Being alone brings from heaven, helping us and delivering us. The human condition is defeated right from the beginning, constrained by sin. Because of weakness, we fell into a situation with a life losing freedom, the right to be God’s children, the right that God gave for us to control the earth. That is why the Father brought Jesus into the world, to conquer sin, conquer death, bring us back, in order to unite and reconcile with God the Father.

Thanks to Him, there are certain deeds that are justifying – through extreme suffering, through the price of the Lord Jesus’ Blood, through the ignominious death in sin caused by mankind – and also the last instructions at the last moment on the Cross prove a history that was and is accomplished in the Second Person of God through the Five Holy Signs. The Five Holy Signs came to be, not by words spoken, but by the deeds God worked, which are the excruciatingly painful evidence, the exchange at the price of Blood, the spirituality that exists through the presence of His Eucharist, the seal on the life of the soul through forgiveness, through the interminable Divine Mercy throughout generations. The deeds we need to recognize and consciously believe through faith for us to belong to God when we truly repent, are for us to return by our daily life, to understand and know through prayer. Everything is in the Five Holy Signs.

The First Holy Sign is God the Father, the merciful Supreme Being who loves mankind so much that He sacrificed His only Son, so that His only begotten Son to die for us, so that whoever believes in His only begotten Son will live.

The Second Person of God, the Second Holy Sign, we cannot disbelieve. We believe in God, so we became righteous, we see everything that God gives to us is the best. So what He asks for and desires is for us to do what He teaches, for us to stay away and reject sin that is in our fallen human condition from the very beginning. If we know that the great mystery still exists in faith and want to continue to live in justice and righteousness, we must have the Holy Spirit, and it is not that easy to have the Holy Spirit. It is God the Father’s love for Jesus that became the Holy Spirit, living and dwelling in us.

As Jesus said to the Apostles: when I leave, the Spirit of Truth will come and teach you what you need to know and teach you to understand what I proclaimed to you. Only from the Holy Spirit can we understand the holy will of God, can we pray earnestly as on this day, can we ask what we need to ask, can we know whether we live in the truth or in mistake. The civilized world is controlled by scientific techniques, leading us subtly and cleverly into traps and snares. We must know that it is the Holy Spirit who delivers us and helps us understand what God allows. It is also the Holy Spirit who gives us love and helps us learn justice and righteousness. Only the Holy Spirit is the truth, for us to continue to exist.

The Fourth Holy Sign is the presence that exists with the words proclaimed. Jesus is still in this world: I remain with you every day until the end of the age. God never leaves us, He is with us, and that sacred and divine Blessed Sacrament is still present and still gives us the opportunity. Today we need to have reverence, respect, love, a heart with faith and truth, for us to see the presence of the Supreme Being whom we revere and who still exists. That divine sacredness is still present with this world. There is no need for an explanation from mankind, but with faith, our heart has peace and overcomes painful trials.

Those are the deeds the Eucharistic Jesus is manifesting to the world of mankind, every class, every role, when we believe, for us to come to see the King, the victorious King who brings to the world the glorious resurrection for us to have days of hope till the last moment. Let us return to God. Let us believe in God for us to see the closeness that God still grants, especially today – the Savior, the Healer, the Consoler, the Supreme Being whom we rely on, and whose doctrine we practice. That is a divine sacredness, which does not appear as a person, but in the spirit, still visits the world, remains with mankind, still feeds mankind by His Body and Blood – an affirmation we need to have to clearly understand the meaning of the Five Holy Signs.

The Fifth Holy Sign – we need to know who is chosen first and deserves to understand this mystery and this sublime Sacrament and what still exists through generations. The divine sacredness in heaven continues to give us the opportunity to meet, to be reminded, to receive the graces we have in our lives, and to remind us that we still have one last, important value when we still have our breath. That is the return. God will forgive. God granted us the seal imprinted on our souls with the price of His Blood for us to live. When we return and repent, God will have mercy and forgive.

When we are still living and understand what remains, let us practice right now and step away from our iniquity and weakness. Let us return and profess God. Let us listen to the guidance of the exemplary person whom we know – Mother Mary. She is the chosen person to replace God to guide us and help us on our way back to God by righteousness. Mother teaches us to pray, to be determined, to live in the truth. All this by practice, by a prayer life, by a humble life, by a heart that knows how to love in order to recognize the doctrine and to practice.

Everything is appropriate and suitable, but today we contemplate the Cross in an indifferent way. We have no feeling. The Cross that Jesus carried, the Five Holy Signs, as Jesus stretched out His hands seemed to have a history sealed on our souls. Each person has the right and the faith God gave to each sinner like us. No one can be lost and no one can go wrong. God is waiting for the return of each person. When we return, then we become righteous, and that unity will never be lost and go wrong, and will not allow our aggressive and arrogant enemy to harm and defeat us. In today’s situation, people are living with the brothers and sisters, but betray their own brothers and sisters, their own country, for profits of money and fame, using all tricks to achieve their goals. This cannot be in God’s doctrine, but is being practiced by the greedy and ambitious people to bring suffering and death to the world today.

These are the points we profess. Thank God, the Five Holy Signs are the strength to guide us. And it is the Cross with the Five Holy Signs that will help us overcome difficulties to triumph in the present age when we profess God, for us to rely on that love, to not waver and be shaken in any situation. The places where people lower the Crosses do not believe in the Savior, those very places will fail, will become places of mourning and suffering, of wickedness and cruelty, the den of the devil who is raging, opposing, and letting the greedy and ambitious people completely surrender to him and follow him.

In the end, those people are also the people whom God loves, because of their confusion, blindness, foolishness, naivete. In the end God is still the victor. Before He decides to do anything, He always gives the opportunity to mankind. If mankind repents, then Jesus, through the Five Holy Signs, will save all of us in the world when we submit and return in repentance. How pitiful for the arrogant, unruly, haughty people, who continue to live in wickedness. They will receive defeat and will face mourning and death.

The Lord’s powerful hand will destroy the brutal, unruly people, who caused countless to  stumble because of them. Those who follow them, those who oppose God, those who continue to sell out their brothers for profit, must bear the responsibility before justice. This is the time for us to see what we need to know, must know, for us to belong to God. Let us look at the Cross, the Five Holy Signs that brought us the great treasure for us to rely on what God granted, which is the unique love and Divine Mercy that stretch for generations, to love and forgive. God created us to love and forgive. He leads us into His teachings to deliver us from sin. He did not create us to destroy ourselves, but we are destroying each other, rejecting God. It is wickedness, which is the devil who is taking over, with the greed, selfishness, wretchedness, and weakness of the human body.

Today, if mankind awakens, then victory is ours. But if we continue to be greedy and defend evil, then the pandemic itself is a reminder. The Lord Jesus Christ, the victor, brings life. However, mankind does not choose victory but chooses things with the wretched and weak flesh in very shortsighted years so that is a defeat, a failure, and since those are the choices, then accept the consequences of the first plague. If anyone hears and understands and believes, then stand up right now. The Lord Jesus brings victory, peace, happiness, and healing. As for things of the world, they are being controlled by chemical weapons, by human strength in subtlety and ingenuity, which is considered as rational, so those who believe in that will fail.

God grants us the infinite Divine Mercy, but there is also justice. Let us stand up to see the victory of the Lord Jesus. If anyone sees the Cross, then understand that the Cross must go through narrow paths with trials. Through that challenging path, we meet Jesus and Mother Mary at the end of the path, because Mother is the person who is still waiting to lead us through these difficult twists. If we believe then we will see, as Jesus said: if we seek then we will meet Him, if we knock, He will never close the door, but He always opens it for us to enter to receive the light of the unconditional, infinite, endless love of the Divine Mercy that He granted to mankind.

Let us believe these aspects, practice and execute in our condition, which is to return in repentance, in obedience, with a humble heart. Return to the Lord Almighty who waits and grants us life. We worship and praise God. May the ears hear, may the hearts that are still stubborn and hardened according to the law, return, to enter into the most urgent practical life. God wants us to prostrate, worship, profess, pray for the Holy Spirit to work on all of us, all classes, all roles, to wisely know what needs to be done, what must be done, to resolve in this urgency. Do not hesitate so that you keep heading for the trap and snare of the devil. We worship, praise, glorify, and honor God, our Lord, now and forever. May God help the people who are affected by the pandemic, not just the plague, but also the bottlenecks of all problems, for them to see what they are doing in a program that is arranged according to the lowly human way of life, because those things will face even more miserable defeat. As for things from above, then there is only one, definitive thing, which is to choose God and walk in righteousness and unity, then God will give us the path of light, full of hope. God even grants us more than the calculations of the human world. May God help us to listen to the teaching from Mother and return by a life of repentance and prayer, pray the Rosary, continue to come to the Divine Mercy with the longing to recognize our sins and truly repent, to be forgiven, to receive the blessings.

That is the seal of forgiveness through the Five Holy Signs that we profess today and we ask to return in a vivid way in our lives, every class, every role, to keep our position in unity with the Church, for us to advance with what God granted to us through the way of the Cross, which will be a prelude to the glorious happiness that Jesus won in the triumphal, glorious resurrection. So in order to reach the triumphal, glorious resurrection, mankind must endure bitterness, suffering, illness, but ultimately, victory belongs to us as the Lord Jesus triumphed in glorious resurrection. Let us believe in Him and trust in Him for our life to be forever in the Lord’s protection, shield, and intervention. Amen.

We reverently offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph

O God the Father, I worship, honor, and thank You. You saw the world of mankind, for generations still without anyone worthy, apart from the being whom You chose for us, who represents the entire human world to receive the salvation that You granted through Jesus, for the presence to be worthy, to have Jesus dwell in the womb, born into the world, and become our Savior and Redeemer. Today is a story of history, only Mother Mary, whom God chose, with Her obedience, humility, exemplary life – a life complete with God’s holy will, to become the Mother of the Second Person of God, Mother of the Savior, Mother of mankind, Mother of every sinner, Mother of every saint, Mother of every victim, Mother of every penitent, Mother of every witness, Mother of every soul in purgatory, Mother of every apostle around the world, Mother of every patient with COVID-19 in the present age, Mother of every patient afflicted by the plague of the soul.

We need Mother – Mother of the Church, Mother of religious priests, Mother of the Redeemer, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of Love, and Mother of the Eucharist. Today we can no longer deny the beloved Mother whom God chose. Today, Mother teaches us what we need to do. May we listen to Mother’s teaching. Her teaching, Her message, through generations, is still the words as Mother reminded. Mother sees our weaknesses and sins. Due to a weak faith, a life of freedom, a life without following the doctrine, all classes and roles have stumbled and fell into the snares with the cleverness, logic, and rationality of the age. What is given by Mother is not too difficult yet not so easy. Mother simply desires for us to recognize, repent, amend our life, pray the Rosary, and come to Her Heart.

Today Mother teaches us to pray with soul and body, mind, and heart, to surrender to God everything in the world that leads mankind into sin. There is only one thing to help us stay away, which is to prostrate before God and pray each day with a contrite spirit, to preserve our soul, especially through the isolation, with all the needs and necessities in life. This is not so easy yet not too difficult. For the hearts that believe and belong to God then this is a must, because our human condition has nothing worthy before God. We have nothing to deserve anything, for us to demand or ask according to our own way.

We simply know that this is an age in which God granted for generations, but there still are obstinate and hardheaded people. Men are living in foolishness and blindness, so they continue to be wrong and make mistakes on their successful paths. A civilized, free world, relying on a civilization that is rational and conforming to the regulations of the age, which are the corruptions for the whole world. Daily, abortion and denial of responsibility with all the relations that require righteousness between men and women – this led to the disaster that is the mass murder of human beings.

Fetuses are pulled out from the womb of a mother to continue to satisfy the lust of the world. In there, there is ambition, selfishness, money, fame, and a modification to God’s law. Homosexuality is something contrary to God’s law, yet it is rational according to the way it was explained by people who say that that is their nature. Man becomes woman, woman becomes man. Moreover, there are certain matters that people in freedom and civilization require to be satisfied, so they continue to offend with words, besides the challenges to God. This is a choice in which mankind never understood what belongs to the human condition. Through today’s pandemic, who still stands up to protest, to defend their gender, abortion, or to continue to challenge God and act contrary to the doctrine? So those countries, those peoples, and those choices, will soon have the answer in the coming days.

The time has come for mankind to never forget that it is God who grants us life in this world. Everything belongs to God. God gives us time. Because He loves us immensely, God sacrificed His only Son, the Lord Jesus, with the price of His Blood. The Lord Jesus saw the weaknesses, and Satan always stalks us in the mortal life. Because of that, He understands and stays with us by His Body and Blood. He stays with us through His Church for us to continue to hear and meet Him. He stays with us through His word, through the Bible. He remains with us through His Mother, continues to speak to us in all nations. In each century, He wants us to believe and clearly understand the spiritual matters that can only be explained today by faith. Today, who in the world can live this, can understand everything that God grants, besides Mother Mary?

O Mother Mary, we thank You profusely. You bear the responsibility to help us in a world in which most of us live in blindness, accustomed to sin, with sin, with the weakness of the flesh. Without Your intercession, without You seeing the wretchedness and the weakness to pray for us, then the world would no longer have days of hope. But today is the time. It is time for the world. Mother asked God to hold back and give mankind more time, a waiting period. It was over 20 years that Mother waited. Mother cried tears of blood. Mother’s tears welled up when looking at the state of mankind, still unimproved, even with Her messages. Nonetheless, there was a number of people, though not that many, who listened and practiced. Because of those aspects, Mother always grants in a special way to us and to the world. Her reminder helps us on our way back to God and to know how to deal with the events that will come unexpectedly, events that mankind chose.

Especially at this time. Mother reminded about everything – those things came true. This is a pressing urgency with the coronavirus pandemic, a reminder to the whole world, with a total stalemate. These are the days when mankind still cannot do what it wants in freedom. These are events that claimed so many human lives, a plan from the devil, a plan with ambition rather than a natural disaster. It is time for God to chastise the disobedient. God’s immeasurable mercy still gives us the opportunity and time, but mankind does not give each other time. Mankind looks for all kinds of ways to kill their own brothers, which is evil, and the evil spirit knows that the time will come when it will be defeated by the Woman, as proclaimed in the Bible – defeated, because of a Mother whose Heart belongs to God, who leads Her children, Her army, to victory in the ending.

The devil uses all kinds of ways that are most wicked, cruelest, logical, with the way of life of a rational world, which people followed. We let science and technology take control of the brain we were born with and in the end, it was science and technology that controlled us. That is foolishness and stupidity, and that is also a stubbornness and hardheartedness, because we have let the machine controls us. But God gives us a teaching, and a Mother practices, by deed, by affection, by love, by the messages that were sent directly and indirectly throughout generations. These words are repeated over and over: Children, amend your life. Repent. Return to God and stop offending God. The world is seriously offending God and we continue to act against God’s creation. That is the path that we chose and that path directly and indirectly caused us to oppose the creations God grants to us.

Because of those aspects, today we end up with the wounds of both soul and body through the pandemic, and there will be more events going on, which will happen in the days to come. But Mother Mary taught – to those who believe, listen, and practice – to remain calm and not be afraid. Keep our duty and responsibility. Keep our position and our mission, which is to pray. Trust in God. Carry out the ministry in the worship of God above all else. Live by a strong faith. Have the courage to convey and bear witness to what is in the strength urged by the Holy Spirit. We already have the Lord whom we believe in, who is powerful, and that power will help us be wise and knowledgeable, to walk on the paths that belong to God. But if we do not have solidarity, unity, collaboration between brothers, then we are always scattered between a life of needs, necessities, money, fame, positions, and personal enmity.

For that reason, we left an opening for the devil to defeat us; centuries still fail. But Mother Mary triumphs. Mother triumphs, because Mother is by God’s side – Mother walks the way of the Cross that Jesus walked. Mother was by His side to represent the entire human world. Thanks to Mother, we still exist and continue to have God’s intervention and acceptance to deliver us. If we cooperate with Mother, practice as Mother teaches, then surely the world will be saved. Unfortunately today, with the pandemic, have we truly awakened? Have we truly returned? Or do we still quarrel and fight, still let evil rule, still let science, technology, and arguments being explained in a way that contradicts morality and ethics, contrary to the truth and justice, which need to be exposed to the light of dawn?

Today, in all aspects, we have the right to see how the Lord granted to us the teaching of Mother, the care from Mother. Today, let us learn from Mother. Mother does not teach us to take up arms to fight and to go against those who try to kill us. Mother does not use the ways that the human world teaches: blood for blood, ears for ears, or eyes for eyes. That is human law. But Mother Mary, a gentle and humble being who always triumphs, in spirit, in truth, in righteousness and justice, wants mankind to follow the law of God. In our weak condition, we are unable to resist and face the enemy, because we do not have enough faith, we still do not fully understand what God granted in a special way, we still do not live in a righteous way, so we will be defeated in the cunning and sophisticated snare of the devil.

The only thing Mother teaches: we cannot do it by ourselves – but we can when we belong to God. Let us prostrate to God, let us give up all things of the world, and belong to God so that God can use us, work in us, direct us. We ask to belong to the Lord and we lift up our sinful and wretched condition. We lift up body, soul, mind to God, asking God to help us to fully repent, to become a person who belongs to God, for us to avoid sin, lessen sin, stay away from sin, and be determined to leave sin, for us to not cultivate all the wretchedness and weakness that we have and stumble on daily. We need daily prayer to remind ourselves.

That prayer will be supported by the Holy Spirit, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and with the gift of the Holy Spirit, for us to distinguish between right and wrong, false and true, good and evil. Amid the adversities we are facing, we do not understand whether things are true or false – who is true, who is false – with the clever and subtle rationality. However, we are perplexed and grieved because we see the rationality of the world, which is not appropriate with the service and the adoration of the Lord in that way. Today there are many aspects about which we must pray by relying on the prayer Mother taught us, because from the beginning, when we truly pray, spiritually and physically, then the Holy Spirit will enlighten us, with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, by the words we yearn to reverently offer, as we need to know the truth and need to know what God wants over us.

So prayer and prostration is a very special thing that we still do not understand or know yet, but this was realized in Mother’s life when still in the world. The angels and the saints in heaven practice these ways toward God because they are submissive to God. Wholehearted, and in the lofty spirituality, by will and mind, in their thoughts, they already know what they need to do. As for human beings, we end up in dialogue and quarrel with our viewpoint. The angels and the saints are united by the Spirit, by thought, and they understand the commands that God gives and they perform. Mother teaches us in this way so that we may be quiet and silent. With the Supreme Being we pray to, the calmness and composure is in our thoughts – we are clear to receive God’s grace in a sharp way, for us to clearly identify.

When we persevere to pray in this way, we do not let our body easily go to sleep. Our body is easily distracted, our body has thoughts of our daily life, worry, anxiety. It is not easy to control our thoughts if we do not have the concentration given to us by the Spirit of God. To the world it is a technique, a way of thinking, but spiritually, it is the Holy Spirit working in the soul, the thought, the action. It is the Holy Spirit who teaches and helps us understand that when we pray, we will be strengthened, blessed, and receive more riches in God’s grace, for us to carry out, execute, and practice. Everything is God’s grace. How else can mankind have the strength to understand the depth, the length? Without belonging to the Holy Spirit, how can mankind have the patience to receive things fluently?

These are the basic works that Mother teaches us. Moreover, we must need to know that Mother helps us understand humility. Mother helps us profess and repent urgently. Mother teaches us with earnest words to lift up to God with soul, body, mind, and heart. When God looks at this, God will never refuse. No matter how sinful we are, may we have the spirit to return, with the heart to ask to return, like an offering in our human condition. We have nothing to offer, we simply offer things God created. From the beginning to present, in treachery, today we return and reverently lift up to God our sins. We no longer have a place of support, and we return in a pathetic way, but we believe that God loves and forgives us. The seal that the Five Holy Signs exchanged is from Mother Mary teaching us in this time. Mother Mary lets us know about that unique seal, which we have yet to discover, and few people understand this. So the time is critical to help all classes to be saved, liberated, and receive the intervention through the prostration and return, in repentance, both soul and body.

O Mother Mary, how wonderful! There is no one who can teach us and this is not found in books, but it is the lofty spirituality of the Holy Spirit that motivates and urges us to keep what we have, to learn more from heaven, which granted in a special way and gave us the opportunity to receive what belongs to us, to rise up in life. With the recent pandemic, the plague of the soul is also healed by the Holy Spirit who enlightens and guides us to return to goodness, removing all that is old that we are carrying and becoming entangled with laws that do not bring us closer to God. In the urgency, these are the moments we see things that Mother planned and arranged. May mankind seek to understand thoroughly, to not refuse what ought to be accepted, for us to end up with a suitable life when there are urgencies that occur.

With the last coronavirus pandemic, countless lives, innocent souls, victims, died without a chance to receive the wonderful gift that Mother gave to the world. Because mankind’s heart is so hardened, because the responsibility of those in charge does not completely delve deep to understand, but still rejects up to this day, still strict, for us to face adversity. As a matter of habit we go on, but the answer as to whether it is a success or failure, then we are still in days of failure. Let us practice the new methods that Blessed Mother teaches, for us to become more dynamic, more spirited, and firmly receive the Holy Spirit’s guidance to belong to God, to surrender our life to God, to ask Him to decide for the spiritual life, the life of the soul and body, in the control of the Holy Spirit.

Now we thank Mother. Mother, please continue to forgive us. There are certain works we have not yet completed and we still have many shortcomings in life. Mother, please help and lead us out of the snare of the world that our brothers and sisters and fellow human beings are stumbling upon. They still do not know, do not believe, and do not practice. Today, Mother, please let us know what we need to do to have more people lending a hand, to continue in prayer. This is also a prayer program around the world by means of which the soul is in repentance, to represent places, countries, and all classes, all roles. May God have mercy. May God look at us, for everyone to be aware, amend their life, repent, and return. Only by returning can they be saved, live in hope, worthy for God to forgive. Though Divine Mercy is infinite and boundless, mankind must respond, must return, and must be determined, to deserve what God gives and grants.

O Lord Jesus, I thank You. You died so that we may go on. You gave us a wonderful Mother, a marvelous Mother, a loving Mother. Mother grants and helps us in a special way, saves us in the most dangerous times, in the most critical times, when the soul and body are in a serious plague. May all of us, together in union, thank and honor Mother Mary – Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, and the Author of The Six Kowtows – to guide and help us enter a history that needs everyone to turn back to God, with unity and trust; recognize the weak and wretched condition, helpless with all the surrounding circumstances in today’s situation. May mind and heart belong to God, in His control, to help us overcome all the snares and traps that we stumbled upon today, with our fellow brothers and sisters succumbing in this world.

Only the Savior, only a loving Mother, lead us out of the deadlocked days. Only Mother helps us be liberated from our immediate troubles and leads us to live in hope. May we agree to walk through the days facing the epidemic, hope, entrust, pray patiently, and continue to endure, then all matters will end in glory. The Lord Jesus always saves and leads us in the ending. This is the unfinished struggle between good and evil, and it is a battle to choose with those who belong to God, who listen to Mother, and who do what needs to be done so that we belong to Mother. May everyone repent, awaken and return. May everyone believe and practice, to be united with the angels, the saints, to pray for forgiveness for the world of mankind, to return in a state of urgency and days of events like today. We lift up a myriad of thanks to Mother, we honor Mother, and ask for Mother to continue to teach us, for us to be faithful and persevere until the last moment, to belong to God and Mother.

We thank Mother. Thanks to Mother, we know to pray, to come close to St. Joseph – an exemplary saint for the whole world, for our Church – righteous, upright, responsible, and having a chaste life. Even with the life that God the Father chose in the Holy Family, the complete life of St. Joseph speaks of things that belong to God and is a wonder that no one can do, but St. Joseph could. Before Mother’s return to start the Holy Family, Mother Mary became pregnant by the Holy Spirit, so we must believe that St. Joseph was chosen to become the head of the Holy Family. While living in a family with Jesus while on earth, Mother and St. Joseph remained virgins for the entire lifetimes. These are things we need to ask for, the purity needed, with the priests and religious who consecrate to God in this age.

May our Church live and learn to understand the aspects from the saints, especially St. Joseph, to also be realized over those consecrated who belong to God, so that the works of God will be realized over those who believe and pray through the intercession of St. Joseph. St. Joseph is also the exemplar of all families in the world – responsible, righteous, upright, loving, and supportive, for the Holy Family to live in harmony and happiness. The world is in a state of turmoil and we are completely victims in the situation of the society. The broken family, the separated life of the children, the life with a dysfunctional family without love, with betrayal and unfaithfulness in this society.

We are one of those families, too; it is regarding these aspects that we pray to St. Joseph. May the people of this world be aware of and learn from St. Joseph and the patriarchs, for our life to not deviate, not be attacked and lured by an age of civilization. We are free but we lose everything: family life, life with unity, and life with a faithful and loving union as God’s law teaches. O St. Joseph, I lift up everything to You. Please protect the abandoned, those abandoned by husbands, abandoned by wives, broken families. May St. Joseph give us the opportunity to recognize his help and the life of return to God, for us to have hope, faith, peace, to move forward amid a life of trials and challenges.

We thank Mother for giving us the help of the three archangels. Thanks to Mother’s teaching, we have the courage to go to the three archangels, ask them to bless and protect our Church, all classes, all roles in the world. For they are the beings who protect, who cause the traps to disappear, and are the force to lead us out of the snares – because our ordinary eyes cannot see and we consider the snares as the logic of the world, but to heaven they are not logical and are not suitable with justice and righteousness. So we continue to deceive, to live a life in which people are choosing the most terrible evil in the world.

Today we ask for righteousness back, we ask for the help of the archangels as well as the guardian angels, and the heavenly court that is seated at the holy banquet table in heaven. Please intercede to God for us. We long for this world to learn from your example, but it is truly a very modest number. Anyway, thanks to the Divine Mercy, Mother Mary’s prayer for us, Her teachings, the prayers of the saints, the protection and intercession of the guardian angels, and The Six Kowtows, we see that all of heaven belongs to us, when we are the children of God, when we practice and listen. Even though sinful, if we amend our life, return to righteousness, then we are allowed to enter heaven.

We ask the saints and the angels to pray to God for us. May we learn from their example to help us walk through the challenging paths. As they have been through and overcame those challenging paths, they obtain the seat of heaven at the banquet table. Today they are in heaven. We also ask for the same, but there will certainly be many trials and challenges on this path. Please help us and pray to God for us, support us, allow us to daily unite through The Six Kowtows, with the heavenly court, to honor and adore. May God look at us and intervene for us, for us to be faithful on the path, overcome the adversity of life, through the plague of soul and body, through the corrupted days and the terrifying days of a civilized world that is using all means to control us.

Though we believe this world has the right to be civilized and ingenious, it does not have the right to dominate our soul, no right to prevent, and no right to dominate what belongs to God who grants to us. May we believe in God and be strong and brave, to profess through our daily prayer life, to wisely discern and be sharp in the Holy Spirit’s teaching and the protection of the saints and angels. With the protection and guard by the archangels, then we will never lose the battle or be defeated in a civilized, sophisticated world that uses all kinds of ways to control us and all kinds of ways to kill us, in one way and another.

O God, You created us, so please be our Master. May the angels and saints help us. Though the human world has plots, we believe that God will win, will save the righteous, those who call on His Name. We also have Mother Mary who will not let the people of this world control or bully Her children, bully and control Her Church. Certainly, Mother will be the being who protects and guards the clergy, so that the righteous and those who belong to God in the Church will prevail in this final battle. Despite the difficulties with the people united with all the people, together in prayer they will receive the help and support of heaven. We believe in these things to respectfully lift up, adore, and honor.

Mother, I pray for You to continue teaching and leading us in the midst of this world, although these are the latest things – perhaps difficult, but we must go through those difficulties. There will be people who will accept. For the initial answer in reality is the plague, then war, and there will be terrible pandemics created by man, through the ingenuity and cleverness, scientific machinery, which is controlling. But everything is in God’s decision. God, please save us, deliver us, and sanctify us. Bring us out of the attachment to the snares in which people are mistaken and wrong, to walk on the paths where they completely sold out their citizens, their fellowmen, and acted against the doctrine of God.

God is the Almighty. We believe that God can do everything. God knows. By our side, through Mother’s intercession, we pray for Mother to support and protect us, for us to belong to God, in faithfulness, in perseverance, and in prayer, forever in depth, to receive the sharp teaching of the Holy Spirit, for us to avoid everything that belongs to the civilized and rational world. May we belong to God and may everything be in the plan of the Lord, our God, the Supreme Being whom we adore, honor, thank, praise, glorify, and apologize to. God, please forgive us, that we may be renewed in a life in which we received His intervention for us, through Mother Mary’s teaching, in prayer, with the life returning, with determination of soul and body, mind and heart. May we accomplish what God grants us, to continue to witness and testify to the world, for everyone to mature, rise, and return to God with a strong faith, by a life of mature faith, to belong to God in a wise and enlightened way.

We have Mother, so definitely Mother will not let us fall into the snares – no matter how clever and sophisticated, Mother Mary still seeks ways to save us, to save everyone in humanity, and to bring us back to God. Mother Mary still finds every way to bring us back, to submit and adore and meet God when we repent. We lift up a myriad of thanks and praise to the Lord, our God, now and forever. Lucia, Maria Nhung, and Anna, conclude at 11:26 a.m., on Monday, May 18, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the sanctuary, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Lucia, Mary Nhung, and Anna represent the group and all the brothers and sisters during the pandemic to reverently lift up to God The Six Kowtows after attending Mass. We adore, praise, glorify, and thank God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  • They are two distinct Persons; this is a Trinitarian mystery.
  • “The chip” is a microchip implant that we cannot take under any circumstances; it is the “Mark of the Beast” written about in the Book of Revelation. The coronavirus vaccine will also contain this mark in the form of a nanochip.