The Sixth Kowtow

February 14, 2018

(This is a message inspired by God the Holy Spirit through Lucia Phan when offering the Sixth Kowtow).

Lucia: We respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow to God the Father (1).

Heavenly Father, we adore You, thank You for the myriad of favors You have given us and especially for giving us a mother.

Today Mother is the quiet, gentle, and very meek Being – completely humble – who teaches us to return to You, to come to You, to prostrate to You, with a repentant and contrite heart.

Heavenly Father, please have mercy on us, have mercy for us to continue to hear Mother’s teaching, for us to properly follow the path that Mother took.

Mother helps us become mature adults when we follow Your doctrine, when we practice a life of prayer, and when we repent and return to Your love and Divine Mercy.

O Heavenly Father, in this world, Mother is the Person who represents the whole of humanity, pleasing, before Your Face.

Thanks to Mother’s prayers, we still exist today, to return to You with a contrite and repentant heart in reformation, which we respectfully offer to You.

O Heavenly Father, we have nothing with which to repay and nothing worthy to offer You.

Please allow us to offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow.

O Mother Mary, please accept from us veneration, thankfulness, and gratitude.

Please accept the kowtow that we respectfully offer to Your Immaculate Heart, to the Mother of Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Incarnate Word, the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of every sinner, the Mother of every victim, the Mother of every penitent, the Mother of every criminal, and the Mother of every soul.

Today our first word is to praise and glorify our God who has given us a truly wonderful Mother. Mother is the shining example, the guiding star, the way that leads us back to God.

O Mother Mary, thank You for having granted to us, saved us, helped us, especially during this time.

Wretched people like us do not know anything and cannot see anything from the life of faith, even though we are the children whose ancestors, whose families, were Christians, were God’s children, were authentic Catholics.

There are countless families like us – descendants of the latter generation – so lukewarm, totally ignorant, and most of the time, we follow habit and rule in life so our hearts are still hardened, still stubborn, and still so many things.

If we are not kindled and experience from within our hearts, then today, we are also like countless others – indifferent, stubborn, hardened, obstinate, with many theories in a superficial life while the inside is empty, unfeeling, just like any other ordinary and mediocre days in life.

O Mother Mary, Your title, Your honorable name – we have seen the great glory that God has placed over You.

God gives You those great favors that You give and grant to us in this world.

Today You continue to let us experience Your close presence. Today we can still receive Your teaching. Today You continue to visit us, and we continue to receive the lofty spirituality through Your teaching with every kowtow that we respectfully offer to each Person.

As we conclude The Six Kowtows today, the Holy Spirit teaches us the Sixth Kowtow, which is a kowtow of the end of history, and is also a kowtow that brings about a glorious history, acknowledging the ending number of our contemporary era.

Mother is officially the Queen of heaven, the being from heaven, who comes to represent, to grant, and to give us the messages, the teachings, through the support and the healing that were and are present in the human life, through all generations, till this day.

O Mother Mary, we truly are imperfect people, unworthy, and greatly lacking in knowledge, but thanks to Your tenderness, Your patience, and Your love for sinners like us today, the heart is moved, the soul is kindled, and we are touched.

Let us consider the moments of detachment from human normalcy, from what is public opinion, with the stare of human eyes, with utter rejection, or with the application of ordinary and common human law.

Let us overcome this aspect for us to be bold, to simply know that You teach us to come to God, to submit to everything that He grants and bestows, to listen and unite with all the works that the Church gives us as well as reminds us.

However, in the heart of every human being, there must be a separation to set aside some distinct moments personally for God, the Supreme Being in whom we believe, the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Supreme Being to whom we come to prostrate, spiritually and physically, with our whole heart, in contrition and repentance, to pray for Him to have mercy and hear us, to pray for Him to have mercy and accept our prayers, our sentiments, in our human weakness, with the offenses, the wretchedness, the lowliness, that were and are in life.

What we have presently, what we have are the sins that remain with the days of weakness in the flesh, to respectfully offer to God, with a profound sentiment, by the prostration and submission, to pray for God to forgive, to pray for Mother to accept and lift us to God.

May we start to learn humility, learn to repent, learn to become little in life, learn a humble and simple life, learn a life like Mother.

Though Mother is the Queen of heaven, She does not use the power of a queen, but always supports us, even though we are unworthy, even though we are sinners.

Even if we are virtuous and holy people, Mother still loves and supports. For those who are holy, Mother has a holy way.

For those who live in iniquity, Mother has a way to lead us back.

For those who still do not believe, still do not know, Mother also lets us recognize the gentle Heart of a Mother for the children all over the world.

A mother who is the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Savior, and the Mother of humanity – there is only one Mother who has love for Her children and looks for them when we totally live in error, live in iniquity, in days that offend, but Mother never changes, seeking us, looking for ways, creating opportunity, pleading for God to grant us more time for us to exist till this day.

O Mother of Divine Mercy – indeed, we have so many things that grieve Her Heart, cause Her Heart to shed tears, because of our stubbornness, hardness, rejection.

Woe to those who do not know, who do not believe and refuse Mother. Apart from the Holy Trinity, Mother is the Person who loves mankind.

She has represented the whole world, She has represented the love of God to come to us in a close way, as in an encounter, so that today we have the chance to go everywhere in a life of witness.

We simply know this: Mother wants to help us, save us, free us.

What Mother is teaching is for us to come to God, to spend the time that we need for our souls, and to let our soul, our body, our mind, our whole heart turn to God.

With repentance, with contrition, with the prostration, with all things achieved physically and inside the soul, inside the heart, to be touched and moved – then we will see the help, the support.

The divine grace from God helps us mature, helps us recognize the truth, because in the soul, in the heart, there is always the support, there is always the great favor that the Holy Spirit never refuses, when we truly recognize Him, know Him, return to Him, and beseech Him.

Today we are mature, we understand what we are doing that is wrong, what we are doing that offends, what the errors are that we are living in, what today’s world has led us into – a clever, ingenious and civilized movement.

This is an era that has relied upon all things from science, technology, progressive things, but we do not rely on the doctrine, rely on the truth, rely on what comes from the truth.

The world has become a crazy world, a world in disastrous days, a world too liberal, which is heading toward death – each day and each hour in our life.

So today the time has come.

Mother does not teach us to act contrary to what has been and is in life, She does not teach us to separate ourselves from what is a unified community life.

She teaches us to come to God inwardly, with each person looking back at ourselves, with the shortcomings, with things we need, with the good deeds that we never practice, and look back at the love from God, who has redeemed us by His Blood.

Today He continues to wait.

He patiently waits for our maturity, to return with Him eternally.

Let us not allow this temporal life, these fleeting days, the world to lure us into sin and death.

The enjoyment of this world, the greed, the selfishness, the carnal desire, the ambition, the lust will make us die slowly, to become human beings without the doctrine, without the truth, while we are people for whom God died, that we have the doctrine.

The doctrine helps us practice prudence for us to return to heaven.

The doctrine protects us with life, the happiness of this life, peace, and the meaning in life that we ​​need for us to know, to preserve.

It is by deed, by faith, by a heart truly repentant that we understand the goodness that God has granted us over the ages.

We, the children of God, are the children of Mother – we cannot lose this opportunity.

His Blood was shed to cleanse us. We cannot remain indifferent and completely lose the opportunity.

We cannot let God return empty-handed when He came into this world determined to save us, determined to free us, determined to help us have a life with justice and truth, with peace and joy, with an everlasting meaning, with Him and in Him.

Today, this is one of the reasons why Mother wants us to know what has gone through the course of history and granted in every era, by the very words of God, in the Gospel, in the Good News.

By the life of the holy apostles whom the Lord Jesus chose in the first days, we rely upon what is kindled with that teaching to awaken the soul, awaken the heart, bring mankind back to the truth, justice, righteousness.

For mankind to return to holiness is not too difficult when we open the heart to recognize, because love alone can save us.

Who truly has love to help mankind come back?

Who is a person, truly in the sincerity and in the truth that we always need?

Those are meaningful, joyful days, days when we face difficulties yet still in hope, still in joy, still are the joyful days that no one can give us besides God.

So, let us not lose this opportunity, let us never refuse to do what we must do in life so that we can live with an optimistic view, live to easily accept, live with the ways of the cross yet with meaning.

Each person must experience suffering and the cross on their path.  but the cross is meaningful when we carry it, when we accept it as in the old days, when Blessed Mother, along with the Lord Jesus, carried the cross.

Blessed Mother has witnessed the path that Her Son, the Lord Jesus, endured for humanity. Today, if we want to step into heaven’s door, if we want to live in truth and righteousness, if we want to practice justice in our life, then let us remove the limited viewpoint, the demanding viewpoint, with what belongs to mankind in real life and live an inner life as taught by Mother.

O Mother, the Mother of the Second Person of God – Mother lived in this world for almost a long time, for almost 70 years, but She did not have any stains in a life of iniquity, because of Her perfect life, a life of prayer, a life belonging to God, a life with the teaching.

Indeed, every day, Mother practiced.

Every morning, Mother woke up early and came to God with prayer – Mother prostrated, thanked, praised, honored.

Daily Mother worked as many others – She too labored, She also did things needed as a woman in the family, which was also a life of service when Jesus was still on earth.

With the Holy Family, in all things, Mother acted, until the time the Lord Jesus returned to heaven and Mother remained with the apostles.

Her son was Saint John, representing us; we have been close to Mother after Jesus returned to heaven. All that Mother taught and guided the holy apostles – today they have become the persons sitting on the chair at the divine banquet table in the heavenly kingdom.

That is the history that initially is and was – that has taken place in the first era and remains today.

What belongs to mankind is not too hard when we are determined to practice; we still have every saint in every era.

t is not too difficult when we have a deep spirituality, when we have good deeds to help us on the path that we must take and must practice.

We must come to Mother to learn more humility, virtuousness.

Our life, when we belong to God, is always protected by the angels, by the saints, guarded by His grace, for us to live with meaningful days, with days not dedicated to us, but to our brothers and sisters.

How do we act, for others to look at us and recognize God is with us, that Mother is with us?

That teaching is to bring them to God, be close to God, to be touched, to experience.

With the condition of a human being, indeed, there are so many sorrowful things in life.

There are many challenges in life and there are many crosses in each of our lives, because we live amid a situation whereas we are also tempted by the devil with all kinds of plans to lure us, to overwhelm us, to govern us, and to use every way to lead us into temptation.

But we, as God’s children, are aware, when we have faith, we have God, we have Mother, we have grace, and today we have the Eucharistic Jesus.

We have had a heaven close to us in all ages, but we do not rejuvenate the soul, reactivate the mind, reactivate the good deeds we have.

We let our weak flesh control our minds, we satisfy our flesh, and we are satisfied with all our ambitions, satisfied with everything that we have.

Looking back at the past, then indeed, we see that we lived with foolish days, blind days, days with a shortsighted, stubborn, hardened, and obstinate viewpoint.

Today we understand that when we truly open our hearts, then Mother has helped us become mature adults, though we still are nothing much, though we are not that worthy yet.

We do not have anything worthwhile to offer, but we know that what belongs to the present is sinful, things we usually practiced in our daily life in the past.

However, today we know what God calls, what is not in His doctrine, and what leads us into days of trouble, worry, sorrow, anxiety, and jealousy.

Today there are many changes in life – we truly are the witnesses to Mother’s teaching.

The gift Mother teaches is for us to recognize each day the shortcomings for us to change, and for us to find the Supreme God whom we believe in, the Supreme Being whose presence we see.

He has seen us, He has seen our contrite and repentant heart, we have lived in the truth with Him.

With our prayers, with the intentions we lift, with all things we offer to Him, despite our shortcomings or weaknesses, we have bravely apologized, we have boldly and bravely prostrated.

Each day in life we have boldly offered the good deeds, the stumbles, the shortcomings, the weaknesses, which are the reminders to help us belong to God, to help us live our life by practicing virtue, by improving ourselves daily through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

We thank Mother, we thank Mother.

In the past days, Mother has granted for us to know our wretched condition in this moment.

We cannot rise each day on our own – we need the grace of God each day, the spiritual teaching each day, to be close each day, for us to repent, to remind ourselves not to fall and not to offend.

If we continue, then it will easily become a habit.

These are the most normal aspects, which people need to know to understand how to come close to God, how to return to God, how to kindle a spiritual life with faith, with action, with determination to return voluntarily.

Particularly, today is the first day of Lent – we pray for Mother to help us.

In the past months, we were able to learn from the words received when we respectfully offered The Six Kowtows.

There are so many lofty and wonderful things granted and revealed to the human world, great mysteries received through The Six Kowtows.

There are still days of affliction and many more struggles amid life and many needs, but The Six Kowtows have brought peace and calmness to our hearts, helped us to be less worried and to trust.

Today we continue to walk on the path of witness and to let the brothers and sisters know that this is a gift God has given to us through Mother’s loving hands – a gentle Mother, a meek and humble Mother who has led and helped the world.

This is a great opportunity for us – all classes, all roles, to have the opportunity, privately, individually, or at any moment, in silence, to come to the Eucharistic Jesus, which is a place where He is present, a place where He listens to us closely, a place where He grants us graces so that we may have peace of the soul, to walk with the days of exile in the world and to strengthen us, for us to overcome trials and persevere till the last minute.

Mother, please help us, especially in the early days of Lent this year.

Let us start from our works so that we may help the brothers and sisters know what God has granted and bestowed through Mother’s teaching with The Six Kowtows.

It also helps us learn more about what God has granted and bestowed, for us to become humbler, become more trustworthy, so that we may become people who are nobler, who are more patient, and who sacrifice more.

Let us continue to help our brothers and sisters, those who meet us, to evoke reverence in everyone, for everyone to respectfully offer to God, to express gratitude, appreciation, and also enter Lent truly contrite, to meditate and experience the paths that the Lord Jesus has taken.

Today we are happy – despite sorrows, despite challenges – because we have God.

We firmly trust in God.

We firmly believe, with our entire life entrusted, each day, in our work, whether insignificant or significant.

In a life with challenges, we entrust in Him, and we respectfully offer Him a small, simple gift, but meaningful.

Please embrace and accept, for our souls to entrust, for all difficulties and afflictions and all things in the human condition to also be lifted respectfully to our God.

There is much more to lead us, one by one, to eliminate the ordinary view, to remove the rule, to remove all the present restrictions of the law (2), for us to present and to offer a reverent heart, by the depth in the repentance that we respectfully offer to God.

So, if we do and practice this, we truly cannot be without Mother, because Mother is the author of The Six Kowtows.

Mother is the author who teaches us to pray, teaches us to be silent, to respectfully offer to God, beseeching and praying with trust, with a contrite, repentant heart.

Mother is the Person who teaches us in an inner life, who teaches us for our soul to be kindled.

Mother is the Person that the world cannot reject, cannot be without, and cannot refuse to follow with the works that Mother has taught us, which Mother Herself practiced.

Mother’s life was consecration and obedience. Mother’s life was entrustment in God.

In every gesture and in every deed, Mother acts in the Spirit, in love.

Mother is the mother who has brought us the light, the light on the way back to heaven; the light to guide the dreadful days in the world; the light to guide us through the miseries, the sorrows, the trials; and the light to support us when we are the sick and diseased, both spiritually and physically – the source of comfort for every sinner.

Those who seek and come to Mother: no one returns empty-handed.

O Mother Mary, we honor You, thank You, and praise You.

Please continue to lead us back to the salvation of the Lord Jesus, back to the Incarnate Word, back to the Supreme Being who is still in the Blessed Sacrament, so that we may daily in life belong to God and belong to You, so that we are worthy of forgiveness, to receive the Divine Mercy and deserve to practice the Divine Mercy, deserve to be immersed in the water of rebirth, to be cleansed, to be purified, and to be worthy, with the prostration before the Face of God the Father, the Supreme Being full of mercy, the Supreme Being who loves and forgives, the Supreme Being who leads us back on our way to heaven, by a life of action, practicing our faith.

May we welcome Mother.

The time has come for us to seek Her protection, Her intervention, Her help.

The time has come for Her virginal mantle to shelter and protect the children who come to Her – no one returns empty-handed.

May we know the end of today’s history – may we listen to Mother in order to practice.

We have Mother who guides us back to God, to meet God, to receive God’s grace and be prepared to overcome the trials and tribulations that happened and are about to happen in life.

The outcome of that victory: Mother’s Heart will win.

Mother will appear in history and be the last Person to conclude the Gospel, because we need to hear and understand the ending to complete with the perfect program that God has given us in a lively way, in the words of the Spirit, by the action of the Holy Spirit, with an actual reminder, with a mystery revealed.

It is Mother Herself who will guide us into the battle of the end.

Whoever hears, whoever practices, and whoever believes each day, with repentance – soul and body, mind and whole heart in surrender, in prostration – with a soul truly lifted toward God, with a contrite and repentant heart, Mother will certainly help and save.

Mother will be the intercessor for us and She will lead the entire world to enter the ending with the days surrounded by good and evil.

Mother will be the woman crushing the head of the serpent.

Mother will be the woman to lead us back to a place, after all things concerning good and evil, to become the human beings who are the sheep of their own flock to follow the Shepherd who is present and is waiting.

Those who do not belong to the flock, who belong to what is in the human world: they also follow what belongs to them.

You are our Mother, the Mother of humanity and the Mother of the Second Person of God.

Mother is full of power, Mother will let the world know.

At the end of history, Mother will be the winner.

Mother’s whole Heart, pure Heart, Immaculate Heart will triumph over the contemporary world, amid evil that is covering and controlling everything.

Mankind is falling into traps and snares.

Mother will be the Person waiting for the collaboration, the listening, and the submission of mankind, to become the children who are saved by Mother so that we may return to holiness, so that we may return to goodness.

Let us return and prepare for Mother to bring us to the new world, bring us to the Garden of Eden, bring us to a place where we completely belong to God.

Let us become the people who completely surrender and prostrate, become repentant people, become people forgiven by love and Divine Mercy, then we will certainly see that that glorious day is very near.

Today, in a situation between good and evil, amid deceit, between cleverness and subtleness, between things under the guise of civilization, mankind lives as if blind, as is deaf, with an unfeeling heart.

We are living in a world ensnared by the devil.

So today, with a spirit to enable each one of us to deeply see and escape those traps and snares, let us beseech God, pray in the way Mother teaches.

Let us prostrate to belong to God, to remove everything in this world, for the light of the Gospel, for things to be realized over us in life, when we are saved, when we receive the intervention and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

This is an opportunity for us to find the truth and return to God, because we were saved by God, because each of our souls was cleansed with the price of God’s Blood.

Because of us, Mother continues to come to the world with tears, with tears of blood, to remind us of repentance, to remind us of reformation, of volunteering in life.

When we practice The Six Kowtows, when we practice things that we can experience at this moment, there are more wonders, greater and more wonderful things, which, each day, we can hear through the mystery.

We take notes, spiritually, physically, by things from the Spirit of God, as we receive and agree to become the witnesses, to become the brothers and sisters everywhere who can experience, each person, in their sentiment.

So let us not differentiate anyone.

Let us embrace and find out what happened and is happening.

That never happened before, but today let us give ourselves the chance to find out, the goodwill to see ourselves be determined toward God.

The moments we need each day are to separate ourselves from the ordinary human life and spend time with God.

In the deep moments, from the soul, we must ask for repentance, for reformation, because in life, none of us is perfect.

If we do not have Mother’s teaching, we do not know how to practice, even if we want to.

This is the most authentic, most intimate gift, so brothers and sisters, open your hearts to receive this special gift, especially in this year’s Lent.

Throughout countless Lents, are we confident we have truly experienced Lent?

Have we truly understood how to pray yet?

We may have done much, served much, but in the rule with the habit, let us ask our soul whether we have ever prayed to God to meet Him and truly repent. Have we truly acted with our hearts yet?

Let us not let the moment be gone when we are people who have feelings, whose souls are sometimes touched, because we easily forget.

This gift will remind us constantly. This gift will help us each day.

This gift leads us in an absolute humble life, because Mother teaches us humility so that we can learn a lot, because God is the Lord who wants to see His children live humbly.

Whoever humbles himself God will raise up, so let us return to God, see our own condition and recognize all the shortcomings.

God certainly looks at us – He loves us and has mercy on us and the hearts that repent. He will forgive, He will support, He will care, and He will intervene for us to escape from the traps and snares.

Today no one can dare say that we are perfect, cannot say that we are sinless, cannot say that we are too knowledgeable, and thus have not any fault.

Do not allow yourselves to be in control, do not let yourselves to live with contempt, because that will cause us to become arrogant without us being aware.

Remember that what has happened and is happening is an event to guide people, to awaken people, and to motivate people – by deed, by action, by determination – through The Six Kowtows.

Whoever listens, then give yourselves a chance to come to the Eucharistic Jesus and seek to understand by yourselves what is in the spirituality that Mother grants and gives, for us to understand the meaning of life, to understand the Mother who continues to seek us, to teach us, to lead us, to remind us, and to bring us back.

On our way back to heaven, we cannot be without Mother, we cannot lack Mother, and we must rely upon the light of the star to lead the way.

This is an opportunity for us to learn more and give ourselves the opportunity to learn what a life of prayer is – a humble life, a modest life, and a life to learn to pray for God’s forgiveness.

In our life there will be moments of separation in our meditation – we will feel the Holy Spirit guiding, urging, and enlightening us to become more perfect and improved. Mother is waiting for each one of us to mature.

We thank God for the myriad of graces poured out and bestowed through things we respectfully offer to Mother.

There still are countless words for us to offer, but they might not be worthy of the love, because to this day, we do not know how to pay back, do not know how to show our gratitude, besides what we pray for.

Please give us enough courage – help us believe in a profound way, in an absolute way.

Let us practice each day, whether in the family or at any revered places that we have visited, particularly reminding ourselves to represent the world, to represent the brothers and sisters, to represent all classes and roles.

Let us represent St. Theresa Parish, which is a place where we first received, and in the churches where we have been, with the brothers and sisters who unite with us, in the prostration, in the worship, to receive the teachings through the Holy Spirit.

Please help us hold onto what we have in the divine realm that is present today.

Besides books, besides the Gospel, we receive even more riches for us to continue to join and unite with our Church, for us to practice with the teachings from God – to understand more about the doctrine and the truth that were given, besides the divine grace God grants and bestows, which is a gift to help us.

Help us be absolutely humble, help us be absolute in the return, help us be absolute with a life of charity and sacrifice, help us live a noble life, help us live a life that belongs to God, through support and help.

The Immaculate Heart of Mother will lead us back, in the triumph regarding good and evil.

We have waited, and today we are waiting for the final battle.

We pray to belong to God.

We pray for God to allow us to return with Him, forever and ever, or let us return to a new world, according to His holy will over each soul, over each person, each role, each class.

We believe – we worship, praise, glorify, and honor the Lord our God, now and forever.

We offer countless thanks to Mother.

Mother, please accept the Sixth Kowtow, offered in gratitude, in thanksgiving.

Please accept our penitent heart with its weakness, unworthiness.

Today we pray for Mother to continue to hear us, accept us, and help us become more perfect, more improved, to be worthy of the love that She has granted, leading us to God’s love and Divine Mercy. Amen.

Through The Six Kowtows, we thank Mother for helping us be rekindled, for our life to still receive the support of the saints.

St. Joseph was Mother’s friend on earth and was part of a program in which God chose him to be Jesus’ foster father.

Today we thank the intercession of St. Joseph, who intercedes for us in the family life, in the life of the world, in the days of trials, in the days our life lacks courage, lacks integrity, lacks righteousness.

Thanks to his example, his intercession helps the elders, helps the children in the world understand justice and a life of integrity, to help us return to God’s law, return to the Supreme God who has given us rewards.

Those of us who listen, who practice, who believe – even though encountering sorrows, challenges, we know the chair and the door of heaven is wide open to welcome us.

Please help us clearly understand in life, because we have the support from the saints.

Today we pray to them, pray for their help to support those in the Church, especially our Pope, Francis.

From the intercession of the saints, the Pope will certainly be the person who is complete with a mission and a great function, to lead the flock in a time of chaos.

There are many problems, but he is still firm in faith, through the intercession and the shining example of St. Joseph.

Please help the entire world – all classes, all roles – return in submission, return to the only love and the law that God has granted and bestowed, for us to be protected by the commandments, belong to God, be sheltered, and receive God’s acceptance and intervention.

We also have the chance to know the three archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, who have always protected, shielded, and supported us.

They continue to do so many great things to save the world of humanity, but in the life of faith, we are still limited, we still do not understand.

If without The Six Kowtows, we still do not know and barely know.

Today it is like a door partially opened, like the key we are holding, to enter with great graces.

We thank heaven’s help; we thank the three archangels’ intercession, intervention, sheltering, rescue, and help, for us not to fall into the devil’s traps and snares.

Thus, day by day, we are not be harmed by him, with a life in the world of crime, of deceit, of deception, with days of sorrows that are sown by him and inflicted upon us.

As for the spiritual and physical illnesses, we ask the archangels to help us, to disperse all plans from the devil, to save us when we are in jeopardy.

Today we implore the archangels to accept our prayers, to protect our Church, to protect the righteous, to protect the Christians, to protect those who pray.

Please protect and shield us, for us not to fall into a world of freedom, for us not to fall into traps and snares.

Mankind is in pursuit of desires according to the way of the world, losing what is in the heart, in the truth, losing the true direction, losing everything according to our choice.

Let us choose the path of justice, of truth, of fairness, and the doctrine that we cannot refuse through the commandments and statutes.

We pray for the archangels to continue to care for us, to protect us on the path of witnessing, the days in which we have the opportunity to continue to come to the world, to help our families, help our brothers and sisters, help our parish, and help many people open their eyes of faith, open their ears, open their hearts, to recognize the reverence due to God, and return to God with a contrite and repentant heart, to be protected, shielded, and sheltered by the archangels.

We thank the guardian angels in our life.

In the common and ordinary days, we rarely remember, we seem to have forgotten, and many people never know.

We live as Christians, but we do not truly live in the doctrine and we do not know much about God, yet God has granted and given to us in a thorough way.

Every human being, since we were baptized, already has a guardian angel; they have always protected, they have always granted, though there are people who still do not know, but they still have the angels, in the divine realm, from the program that God the Father has set up, planned and arranged for mankind.

Unfortunately, we do not know and we do not understand what the angels do, but the angels have always guarded us in times of peril, in times of disaster, and the angels have greatly supported us in life as they pray for us.

Today we know them through The Six Kowtows.

We believe that the strength of heaven is a place we take refuge in, a place of protection for us in the divine realm, a place of truth that we still do not know, still do not understand, and still do not trust enough.

Today we know about their help – please continue to support us, help us, protect us, shelter us, keep us in perseverance.

Please protect us so that we remain faithful till the last moment and belong to God, for us to receive mercy, to be forgiven.

Please protect us, so that we will forever belong to God, and accept our thanksgiving, our appreciation, and our gratitude for the guardian angels.

We also pray to the saints.

All the saints who have been canonized in our time – we see their life in history, in their days still on earth.

Their life of sacrifice and dedication, their consecrated life, their charity and sacrifice, their integrity and righteousness, have indeed led them to the eternal place with God, and to be officially recognized by the Church.

So today there are shining examples in the life of the past generation and the present generation.

We believe in the presence of the saints and we believe in the intercession of the saints.

We ask the saints to remember us and pray for us, because we are in the flesh, with the days in exile – still weak, still lacking faith, still not complete in our mission, still having imperfections, still having stumbles.

Please help us and pray for us to keep our life in complete virtue and in a truly improved life.

In a life in which we have received God’s grace, we must have the duty and the responsibility to proclaim and witness, for us to become the witnesses who truly follow the saints’ shining example.

In their life, there were times of persecution, there were times when they were killed, there were also times of misery and difficulty, but they conquered everything, because they had God, they were with God and in God.

Please teach us and intercede to God for us.

May we learn from their example in each of our daily lives so that we may become the witnesses of what we have learned and heard – especially regarding the gift of The Six Kowtows because today we, together in unity, travel all over the world to witness, for everyone to know, to be reminded of the reverence, the return by repentance and contrition, in prostration, in surrender, both soul and body.

Today we conquer the first step, which is public opinion, with the prohibitions of things considered as different.

People have not welcomed, accepted, yet at the places that we visit, we see that most of our brothers and sisters long to return to God, long to meet God, long to recognize what enables us today to be close, to meet God through the teaching of The Six Kowtows of Mother Mary.

We offer countless thanks for Your intercession. Please continue to intercede to God for us.

We pray to the angels and the saints to continue to protect us on the path of exile in the world, for us to be perfectly faithful to the end.

May we, after we leave this world, belong to God.

In the life of witness, in the life of becoming perfect, in a truly reformed life, may we be worthy of the love and the Divine Mercy God has granted us, choosing us and giving us the opportunity to know, to hear, and to proclaim the truth that was bestowed to the world of mankind, through the practice, through the witnessing, and through the mysteries.

At this moment, we do not know what more to say except the words together in unity, to praise, to glorify, to honor our heavenly family – a sublime greatness, a thorough, transcendent Supreme Being, an omnipotent Supreme Being has granted us great favors, suitable and appropriate for every era, suitable and appropriate for each individual, suitable and appropriate for our life and mission – to have Mother, to be with Mother.

May everyone accept, for us to unite to return, to pray for God to intervene and protect.

May we live together in a world in which we long for peace, happiness, harmony, for everyone to love each other.

Indeed, this is something very difficult in this age, and is not easy to realize if without God.

However, we still pray; because we are living in today’s situation, we yearn for the world to have peace, we yearn for everyone to love each other, we yearn to understand each other and support each other, we yearn for unity.

We only know to pray to God, for God to act, for God to intervene.

When God grants, then all things are possible, because to the Supreme God, full of power, things that are impossible in the world are possible to God.

So in a spirit of prostration, a spirit of beseeching and of prayer, in a spirit of repentance and contrition, may we represent all places, represent all classes and all roles, represent each person – those who still do not know, still do not believe, still have not returned; those who are living in error, who still have not returned to the Father, the Father who is waiting.

Today The Six Kowtows will lead us back.

The Six Kowtows will help us recognize and be aware of what we do.

The Six Kowtows will help us mature.

The Six Kowtows will help us distinguish between good and evil, between right and wrong.

The Six Kowtows help us be close to the heavenly world.

Mother Mary leads us back to God, Mother Mary leads us to meet God, Mother Mary leads us to receive what we need to be prepared before we return to our Father in heaven.

Through the Divine Mercy, today we are immersed in the Divine Mercy of the water of rebirth that cleanses each soul so that we can become reformed, improved.

Today we are worthy to receive The Six Kowtows.

May everyone open their eyes, open their souls, open their hearts, to receive what is coming and has been granted to the world, and to seek to understand more in life with the richness in the divine grace God has granted to the present age, to help everyone mature, to help everyone be steadfast and firm in faith, to help everyone by the method that we must beseech God.

Let us offer to our God the prostration, the repentance, the contrition, and the return, both soul and body, to pray for God to have mercy, to pray for God to deign to look at us, to pray for God to hear us, and to pray for God to accept.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Lucia, together with all the sisters, respectfully offers The Six Kowtows on Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of Lent.

May we live in an inner spirit, in a spirit of fervent practice, in a determined spirit to put God above all things, to return and truly repent so that we may understand the meaning of Lent.

Let us lift all that we can still do, lift all our sacrifices to pray for God to help our brothers and sisters to return.

God, please save the entire world, please change the face of the world, for everyone to recognize God, to know God, because God alone is the source of comfort, God alone is the source of joy, and God alone is the genuine peace that human beings greatly need, spiritually to physically, in the days of exile, still in the world.

We thank God, praise God, and glorify God.

Lucia concludes at 2:07 p.m., on Wednesday, February 14, 2018, at St. Theresa’s Church.

We are lifted up toward the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

We respectfully offer The Six Kowtows – especially today, Ash Wednesday, we offer to God, like a gift, and may we open ourselves to accept this, hear this, and practice what is taught from the Holy Spirit who urges, inspires, and enlightens.

We thank God, praise God, and glorify God, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, I thank Mother, and I thank the entire heavenly court. Please support us and help us. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  1. Sometimes the Sixth Kowtow will be worded initially in this way, although this kowtow is formally lifted up “to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.”
  2. Rules and laws are good and important, but if one uses them to circumscribe one’s relationship with God, that is narrow and sterile. We must love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of

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