The Length of This Event Depends on Humanity

April 7, 2020

Blessed Mother:

My beloved children,

Today the world is covered with a grief-stricken color, a color without light.

The world also suffers with a terrible death toll.

You suffer, you are sad, you cry, and you are afraid.

I grieve a hundred times more, because I did not want this to happen from the beginning.

I prepare for the world, I prepare for you, I prepare for My clergy from the beginning.

This is something that must happen, for you to turn to focus on the most important things as God wants to save and free you from the pandemic of the soul.

For so long – the Holy Spirit has always been ready to guide all classes, all roles out of the plague that mankind still carries, over generations, over centuries.

Today this is only a physical plague and mankind has panicked, but mankind never paid attention to the pandemic of the soul.

Speaking of faith, the Holy Spirit has enlightened, by the most ordinary, simplest words, for all classes, all roles to understand, listen to, and meditate.

If mankind did not face a fierce battle, they would still nourish sin, foster sin, and continue to be mistaken in sin, but they remain indifferent in their ignorance.

My beloved children,

Do you know how much God suffers when He looks at the world today? He still sheds torrents of tears.

2,000 years ago He shared an inner life with the holy apostles.

His Heart was in agony before the Passion.

You are about to enter Holy Week in the coming days.

This has returned with the liveliness that I faced over the Body of the Second Person of God, My Lord and your Lord, and also My only beloved Son.

Today, the event happens to this extent because the Lord still wants to hold onto you, still wants to find ways to save you, still wants to give you the opportunity to choose.

All battles must have sacrifices, all battles have a start that is not what one wishes.

All starts have a decision, for your life to be more mature when you witness the horrible truth of the present age.

My beloved children,

Standing in front of this threshold, you see how this is just the beginning that already frightened you.

There are people who see and appreciate what they have lost.

But today there are also people who take advantage of this situation to continue to do evil, to use this situation to be able to manipulate and find all kinds of ways that you will see in the future days.

God is looking at the righteous, the repentant, the matured children, for them to understand when they have behaved ungratefully in the past days.

Today they have prostrated in repentance and have truly returned.

Today the Holy Spirit is also teaching you and the world to beseech each Person (1).

Continue – God will use all means to defend those who belong to Him.

God will wait for faith from mankind.

Even with the challenging events, God desires for all of you to remain calm, to always be at peace, and to not be afraid.

If you have faith, then do not be afraid, because there is only one thing: believe then you will receive, seek then you will find, knock then it will be opened, as Jesus said.

This is the time when you must live with faith to overcome what is surrounding, by its own reasoning, by its own rationality, by all the conditions the world requires.

But today, human demands will take away what is inherent in the pandemic.

However, in the spiritual life you are more mature, you have decisions that are more proper, you have a steadfast decision with the life of faith depending on each class, each role, especially those chosen to witness to this truth.

My beloved children,

I have heard everything with your cooperation, though by law people today cannot come to the churches or gather at certain places.

This is a quarantine with some free time for you to remember and record what is when you still have the opportunity.

This event will not have a time limit, because it depends on the return of mankind, it depends on those who awaken.

Then God will have another way, and if mankind continues, then there will be ways that will be slower.

My beloved children,

The prayers have been accepted, but I want you to be more patient, because there is a need for unity, and for many people to know, to hear, to believe, so that through their prayers and their beginning God will begin to act.

This is something to be reminded not only in this pandemic but is a reminder for the beginning of the purification.

In this moment, mankind must pay attention because there will be the next times.

Even when things are back to normal, there will be events that continue with the purification, for those who are completely and truly righteous to return in an absolute way.

There will be no more filth and cannot nourish the evil that exists in the world.

It takes determination when people come to a deadlock, to circumstances in which you no longer have a choice – then you will realize what belongs to God, what only comes from God, what is the only thing to rely on, the unique love God has had for you through generations.

  1. Through The Six Kowtows

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.

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