Sin Clouds Eyes to the Truth

September 13, 2020 – 10:44 p.m.


My beloved children,

My peace be with all of you.

Today I desire to speak to you about many things, so I allow the Holy Spirit to urge you to listen and to understand what is happening today. Do not be afraid; boldly testify to the truth. You always receive wisdom from the Holy Spirit, so do not be afraid to say something by mistake.

Remember, what it takes to come together to decide what is really going on, and your voice in the Holy Spirit serves as a reminder to them, noble as it is.  No matter how high their functions are, no matter how much that this world is under the power of the darkness, but the light of righteous illumination must be heard by man and it will be a victory in today’s turmoil.

My beloved children,

Everything that you do together is in unity, and with one voice, with everyone in agreement and with the practiced posture.  You know everything is from the truth and from heaven. People cannot fail to recognize this.

This world is familiar with the laws of the old ways. There are laws that are truly beneficial for mankind to keep and continue. But there were also laws that were modified because of man’s ambition. Today I know that faith is being shaken. You are also the people who are at a loss, who must have been afraid; not knowing what the truth is and what is falsehood.

That is correct. This is a world in which I allowed freedom from the very beginning, but because man is so free he looks for what is inherent in himself and nurtures sins, and it is because of those sins that his eyes are clouded to the truth.

So those who are living in a state in which they are unable to open their eyes to see what are their responsibilities continue to be wrong and erroneous, and through those errors, they leave an opening for the frenzy of money and power in a world that prefers appearances. Mankind has never been as bad as today because of all their choices. They lack the courage to adopt a unique sense of purpose, so they are being attacked and they are also being harmed by foreigners and those who live contrary to the doctrine I grant.

My beloved children,

In terms of the people with functions as well as the laypeople, this is the time I grieve most. This is the time I shed tears the most. This is the time when I want to instantaneously hug all the children, even if they are children who are unfamiliar with Me, who follow what the world prefers, who for the sake of the political world surrender what belongs to them. Because today are the days I want the world to recognize that I grant everything to you. I died for you, and what remains, I continue to grant to you.

You must clearly know the laws of justice and the love of the Divine Mercy. God the Father already granted in a special way for eternity, but He also grants you a place. This place is eternal and is absolutely granted to those who repent, those who learn to become the people who enter the place that I prepared for you. Through the banquet table, all those things belong to you. But today the world is lured by sin and is dazzles by lights which fascinate people and seemingly forget their needs, thus creating wars and suffering. They subject each other to so much hatred, and allow the circumstances of the world to cause you to suffer, because of the food, clothing, dispute, money, lust, and greed.

So, this is the time when people are being controlled by all the evil that they have become accustomed to in life. They forget what they need is a peaceful world, a harmonious world, a family home with peaceful, secure and happy days. So, because of the ambition of a civilized world, it has led you into days of crisis and death. Today I wish that what you have chosen would be enough. What you consider to be the civilization and sophistication of an era and radicalism has blinded you, it has rendered you unable to be conscientious of the true love needed in the life of each individual, each family, each deed, and each meaning, in each role, each situation.

You have seen for so many years, so many brothers and sisters living in poverty and lack of food, and so many people living a normal life, but becoming insane because of an unjust world. There is no longer compassion to love each other, to use all that the strength in the most terrifying acts of terror toward each other.

So today the time has come. It is time to end everything that does not belong in heaven and does not belong to what I bring to you. What I bring to you is peace. I want you to look at the extreme sufferings on the paths of the Cross I endured on your behalf, to exchange for you: freedom, security, happiness, and the best. If you truly want to receive these, then step on the path.

Nonetheless, the path you take is the one I took first, for you to see those paths, but without hatred, without jealousy, without rejection, then life will have a renewal, a force in the grace I bestow. That is faith. The life in which people continue, in wars and sufferings, then they are experiencing those themselves, because they do not believe in My Presence, that I came to save them, that I atoned for their sins and for the whole world. Today the love of the Divine Mercy still waits, but the time has come. It is time for all things to be completed. The time has come, there must be an ending. So there will be days for you the see the choice of the world, choosing wealth, money, fame, greed, lust, and radical, to cause injuries and diseases. Mankind no longer has love, conscience, righteousness, and no longer has the truth of truth.

Thus you see the horrific days, because those are the incidents mankind causes to each other. Though matters are done to each other, but I am still the Lord who supports and grants to you. This is a time extended for you to see things that must be formulated, must be testified, and must stand up for the voice of truth, like a reminder. Because today’s world is in a state of frenzy, relying on all matters from human’s anticipation, but people do not think about the spiritual life and the soul. So this is a pandemic, a plague just starting, but these are still days in which mankind still cannot be fully awakened, though there were some people, more or less. I also looked to those who opened their hearts to return to Me.

Today work in the mission assigned to you. Work in the Holy Spirit’s teaching. Live with the works in the context of each person, so that together in unity you walk on one path to help the brothers in need. They are in need, and they will definitely recognize from you. This path is not an easy path to walk. Things that belong to heaven and to spirituality are not easy to be accepted in this world, because of the habit through countless laws and matters. Still, there are people who do recognize.

Do not be afraid. The time has come; mankind cannot continue to be stubborn. The time has come, mankind must decide for himself. The time has come; mankind must realize what belongs to Me, what belongs to the peace of the soul, what comes from the truth, and what comes from the miraculous power. This is a time in which I grant abundantly to kindle the heart of each person. But I desire for them to take in the real-life for them to be aware each day and grow under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. At the right time, you will see many wonders appear, but this is the time I want you to be strengthened first. That is the pioneering you did over the past years.

Continue. Continue to be strengthened in this way. Remember though, what you do will encounter difficulties. Surely, there must be many things the world does not accept easily. However, remember, forgive; let all of that be like an acceptance on your path of bearing witness. Be generous and help the people so that one day they will understand and recognize what you do, because this is the most urgent need when all problems happen, such as the recent events. Today the pandemic is gone, but it will come back again, if people are in a state of tension and malice. In this time, I look for all kinds of ways for mankind to turn back today. Only with their turning back, with people in courage and determination to testify, and with the voice of the truth, then definitely, this will have an impact.

However today, there is still fear, continuing to be a problem from the authorities, in all aspects. Pray, pray that all resolutions will come one day soon. Nonetheless, these are the moments in which you recognize what I want you to say, things that I want you to practice on behalf of others, all classes, all roles. Especially the prayer for the Church to have a truly important reminder, and particularly this gift (1), recently given, is for the life of prayer to be renewed, and many more things that must be conquered.

Today do not be afraid of the difficult first steps, it will be even more difficult. The more people know, the more difficulties you encounter. Nevertheless, remember, because of that difficulty, you can prove the truth. Because that difficulty will help many people turn back. Because of that difficulty then you will make more sacrifices to help people soon awaken, return, and receive the intervention. I grant in a special way to those who are mature and bravely proclaim with the gift, to help all classes, all roles. Especially these are the works that are in collaboration with the angels and the saints. Their support will help the world.

My beloved children,

Everything I want to say, I repeatedly said to you. Today regarding the duty of each person, remember to focus on your work while time still permits. Things are set for the planning of a program, so each person needs to continue diligently in your work. Do not neglect, because there will be certain matters you must know. When there are opportunities to learn, be together in unity. What you do not know, together, help your brothers and sisters learn. Support each other, help each other. Walk together on the path, for everyone to understand in your own mission. Do it in love, in diligence, in zeal, with a willing spirit. Only in that way can questions in your thinking be cleared up, and be exchanged with the knowledge taught by the Holy Spirit.

This is a time in which I grant abundantly. That is My love through the Holy Spirit, lifting, helping, and guiding you. Learn while you still have the opportunity to collaborate with each other, for only you can understand what I grant in a special way through the ordinariness and normalcy that Mother Mary teaches, but will help many people in their life of faith with understanding in prayer. For only with prayer can there be an intimate relation, and that prayer will become a victory in the days of disaster and the upcoming events. Today I do not want to say this again, but there will be events happening to restructure those who live in indifference, to revive faith in all classes, and restore what belongs to them but is lost in the hands of the enemy.

Thus today are still days in which I wait for the return of mankind, the defense for the truth with the voice of truth, with a conscience, with the essential righteousness. Today you see the majority, subject to the dependencies of a free world, of movies, wants, and needs of enjoyment, of all unrighteousness, but were exposed before justice and truth. So do not be afraid, keep doing what you need to do. The more you know, the more you will be afraid. Instead of fear, let it be natural in simplicity, continue to live in the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Every action has meaning, and it is also a historical record to be left in future days.

Tomorrow is a day I look forward to and wait for all of you to attend Mass (2). Especially in Houston, together in unity, brothers and sisters, attend Mass. I want tomorrow to be a day I truly desire to meet you. Every year I look forward to this day for you to understand the meaning of this day. I completely grant to all of you that veneration with what I fully accomplished on the Cross. I died on Calvary, and I want you to understand that for what I fully accomplished, that glorious victory belongs to you. I am the Lord, but I still yearn and wait for love – the love of mankind, your love, the love of the whole of humanity.

My purpose for coming was to save you. My purpose was to wholly suffer extreme bitterness to save you. I want you to understand this so that one day, I do not want to see anyone wind up in the place that they themselves choose, to lose what I grant to you through the Way of the Cross. Today, I say this, hope you will understand. Unite and listen to Mother’s teaching. I bless you in a special way.

A sister came to visit you today (3). Indeed, if you met this morning then there would be no ongoing story. Continue to listen, and meet with the brothers and sisters who come seeking you,  and help them and share with them. Because those are ways I want to unite all of you, from all over, everywhere, all people, and all countries. Starting from the works, in the beginning, then all will also expand everywhere.

Therefore, if you are unknown in your area but known outside of your region, do not be sad because it is I who desire this. If you are known in your locality, you will not have any free time because the program will grow and will become a great document for future days. So accept those ordinary matters, for there is nothing crucial from human life but the most important is that you must continue in your mission. You must continue for you to be more mature to understand greater things, and that is a time to belong to spirituality more. […] Meet the brother and sister, chat with each other, and share the joys. You need to meet, those are the motives for which they come to visit, but they also want to know about this place where things occurred.

Thus Lucia, do not hesitate whatsoever. Nothing is coincidental, but I also want you to learn to step out, start to learn to be braver, bolder, to meet. There will be more things, different and greater. I want you to start now. So along with the brothers and sisters, continue with what is needed in your mission, and collaborate. Those are things I desire for bearing witness and for the formation and spreading of groups.

My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Good bye children.


(1) Father reminds us of the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary gave since 2014 to prepare mankind for the plagues, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, famines, and imminent war in the world.

(2) The Mass that Father reminded is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross on September 14, as noted in the Liturgical calendar of the Church.

(3) Father refers to the Spanish-speaking sister who came from Oklahoma to meet the brothers and sisters in Houston, Texas today.

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.

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