Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary Expressing Their Feelings through the Fourteen Stations of the Cross

Jesus carried the Cross to Calvary.

St. John the Apostle wrote in chapter 19:16-18: “Then he handed him over to them to be crucified. So they took Jesus, and he went out, bearing his own cross, to the place called the place of a skull, which is called in Hebrew Gol’gotha. There they crucified him, and with him two others, one on either side, and Jesus between them.”

The road from Pilate’s palace to Calvary is more than 600 meters long.

During the journey, He was hungry, thirsty, in pain, barely able to walk the 1,321 steps.

The Scriptures recorded that He fell three times, but in the revelations to St. Nhichlin and St. Brigitta, He fell 13 times while carrying the crossbar on His shoulder.

The wooden crossbar, weighing 79 to 110 pounds, was tied tightly on His shoulder during the agonizing journey.

The crown of thorns was thrown off His head, causing blood to splatter. God suffered excruciating pain when the soldiers picked it up and forced it deeper onto His head.

He had already lost a lot of blood and fluid from being brutally scourged, and because the previous night’s wounds still bled, they fear Jesus will die along the way and not reach the place of execution as planned, the soldiers forced Simon of Cyrene to help Jesus.

According to the revelations to St. Nhichlin and St. Brigitta, the Lord said that He endured the tortures and scourges “to the same degree as if I died 19 times.”

According to scientific discoveries from the Shroud of Turin and historical studies, the person sentenced to death must carry a horizontal crossbar. The upright post is built on the hill.

The face of Jesus Christ from the Shroud of Turin (left).
The face of Jesus in the drawing of
a messenger as well as a painter
who was revealed by Our Lord Jesus Christ (right).

The wound on the shoulder blade is as big as 3 fingers with 3 bones exposed.

This wound, not recorded by men, caused Jesus more anguish and pain than all the wounds in the execution.

The purpose of the horizontal crossbar tied tightly to both hands is for the condemned to have no hope of escape and for his friends to not be able to remove it.

At the same time it is a corporal punishment to severely punish the convict.

The Church describes the Way of Jesus’ Cross through 14 images called “The 14 Stations of the Cross.”

Pilate condemned Jesus to crucifixion

The following are the words of Jesus and Blessed Mother for the 14 Stations of the Cross, given to humanity on the 24th of October, 2018, at the Church of Our Lady of Lavang, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, along with the words inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger Lucia.

  1. Jesus is condemned to death


  • I suffered an unjust and humiliating sentence for humanity.
  • I always yearn for the children to come to Me.
  • I died for you to live.
  • Do not be disappointed because God is near.
  • I bled till the last drop of Blood to cleanse your souls.
  1. The Lord Jesus carries His Cross


  • I carried the Cross to support you.
  • I carried the Cross just like I carried you on My shoulder.
  • I carried the Cross for you not to suffer because of sin.
  • I wait for each one of you.
  • I carried each sinner to transform him into a penitent, then into a witness, then into a saint.
  1. The Lord Jesus falls the first time


  • I endured all agonies. I suffered from lack of food, lack of water, and from the crushing burden of the heavy cross.
  • I fell to the ground to hold you up.
  • I accepted death to save your souls.
  • Your souls are invaluable because that is God the Father’s work.
  • I am ready to come into the world to die one more time for you.
  1. The Lord Jesus meets His Mother

Blessed Mother:

  • When You were born, the angels were singing and praising. Now, Your body is broken, covered in blood.
  • You looked for your friends and disciples but they have abandoned You.
  • My Heart is pierced as I look at You.
  • Be firm in faith and live a life of witness to comfort God.
  • Meditate to recognize God’s love and return to Him.


  • Mother, where are You? Your eyes give me strength.
  • I came into the world to save humanity, but humanity has abandoned Me.
  • Mother, walk with Me to Calvary.
  • Your love alone gives me strength.
  1. Simon helps the Lord Jesus carry His Cross


  • Children, where are you? Every day I was in the synagogue healing and teaching you. Where are you now?
  • At this moment, My eyes are so swollen, I do not see the path ahead to walk.
  • My head is disfigured. My body is in pain.
  • Simon reluctantly supported Me and he received a myriad of graces.
  • I am in pain, lonely, and deeply grieved.
  • I yearn and desire that humanity not be indifferent toward each other.
  • The Gentiles who come to Me once will receive sanctifying grace.
  1. Veronica wipes the face of the Lord Jesus


  • Sharp thorns deeply wounded My head.
  • My face is covered with blood.
  • Blood flowed from the nose, ears, mouth.
  • Thanks to Veronica for handing Me the veil.
  • The holy sign is imprinted on the veil of love.
  1. The Lord Jesus falls for the second time


  • I was extremely exhausted, excessively weakened by the soldiers.
  • I am more hurt because many people are emotionless and reject Me.
  • I fell the second time to lead you and guide you to stand up.
  • Those who shed tears console My Heart.
  1. Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem


  • Back then, I comforted the women, but today I comfort the entire world.
  • I notice that in the world there are people who silently love Me.
  • I continue to look for people who have affection for Me in the world.
  • What I do is simply for your happiness.
  • I love everyone without distinction.
  • Tears give Me more strength.
  • What you pray for, I will grant today. That is a privilege given to those who are witnesses.
  1. The Lord Jesus falls for the third time


  • I do not come to destroy but to let you learn the example of virtue.
  • Be bold. Be brave. Do not be afraid.
  • I train you to be strong.
  • Give Me your hand.
  • I fell to accompany you on the earthly path.
  1. The Lord Jesus is stripped of His garment


  • The bloody wounds have dried up.
  • The pulled garment caused fresh blood to bleed from the wounds. I was in agony.  But your soul is worth a hundred thousand times more.
  • I screamed for human beings to recognize My love.
  • I still wait to put a new robe on you and cleanse you with My blood.
  • Come back to Me.
  1. The Lord Jesus is nailed to the Cross


  • The soldiers hammered the nail into My hand; into a love for humanity.
  • The iron nails caused my tendons to be paralyzed in pain. But your soul causes Me a hundred thousand times more pain.
  • Come back to Me to be forgiven.
  • I did everything to save you.
  • Your pain cannot compare to My pain.
  • If you are willing to be crucified, you will resurrect like Me.
  1. The Lord Jesus dies on the Cross

Blessed Mother:

  • What mother does not suffer when she sees her child die on the cross?
  • I stop crying to have enough courage to unite with God.
  • Why did God die for humanity?
  • Practice good deeds to accumulate accomplishment.
  • Use your time to meditate.
  • Pray to experience God’s love, to receive God’s grace.
  1. The Lord Jesus is taken down from the Cross

Blessed Mother:

  • Jesus laid motionless.
  • My Heart felt as if it stopped beating. I was in tears.
  • We had to flee to Egypt after He was born. At 10 years old, He was lost in the Jerusalem temple.
  • He is abandoned in the tabernacle and received unworthily.


  • Humanity’s betrayal causes God pain.
  • We crucify God daily.
  1. The burial of the Lord Jesus in the tomb

Blessed Mother:

  • My Son was motionless, not teaching, not healing.
  • I want you to start a new apostolic mission.
  • God still waits for you to return and be saved.
  • God the Father grants salvation to strengthen the world.
  • Place God above all things.
  • God is very patient and gives us many opportunities.