Mother Mary

The Host in blue color indicates the present of Bless Mother Mary; explained by the Holy Spirit.

The Length of This Event Depends on Humanity

April 7, 2020

Blessed Mother:

My beloved children,

Today the world is covered with a grief-stricken color, a color without light.

The world also suffers with a terrible death toll.

You suffer, you are sad, you cry, and you are afraid.

I grieve a hundred times more, because I did not want this to happen from the beginning.

I prepare for the world, I prepare for you, I prepare for My clergy from the beginning.

This is something that must happen, for you to turn to focus on the most important things as God wants to save and free you from the pandemic of the soul.

For so long – the Holy Spirit has always been ready to guide all classes, all roles out of the plague that mankind still carries, over generations, over centuries.

Today this is only a physical plague and mankind has panicked, but mankind never paid attention to the pandemic of the soul.

Speaking of faith, the Holy Spirit has enlightened, by the most ordinary, simplest words, for all classes, all roles to understand, listen to, and meditate.

If mankind did not face a fierce battle, they would still nourish sin, foster sin, and continue to be mistaken in sin, but they remain indifferent in their ignorance.

My beloved children,

Do you know how much God suffers when He looks at the world today? He still sheds torrents of tears.

2,000 years ago He shared an inner life with the holy apostles.

His Heart was in agony before the Passion.

You are about to enter Holy Week in the coming days.

This has returned with the liveliness that I faced over the Body of the Second Person of God, My Lord and your Lord, and also My only beloved Son.

Today, the event happens to this extent because the Lord still wants to hold onto you, still wants to find ways to save you, still wants to give you the opportunity to choose.

All battles must have sacrifices, all battles have a start that is not what one wishes.

All starts have a decision, for your life to be more mature when you witness the horrible truth of the present age.

My beloved children,

Standing in front of this threshold, you see how this is just the beginning that already frightened you.

There are people who see and appreciate what they have lost.

But today there are also people who take advantage of this situation to continue to do evil, to use this situation to be able to manipulate and find all kinds of ways that you will see in the future days.

God is looking at the righteous, the repentant, the matured children, for them to understand when they have behaved ungratefully in the past days.

Today they have prostrated in repentance and have truly returned.

Today the Holy Spirit is also teaching you and the world to beseech each Person (*).

Continue – God will use all means to defend those who belong to Him.

God will wait for faith from mankind.

Even with the challenging events, God desires for all of you to remain calm, to always be at peace, and to not be afraid.

If you have faith, then do not be afraid, because there is only one thing: believe then you will receive, seek then you will find, knock then it will be opened, as Jesus said.

This is the time when you must live with faith to overcome what is surrounding, by its own reasoning, by its own rationality, by all the conditions the world requires.

But today, human demands will take away what is inherent in the pandemic.

However, in the spiritual life you are more mature, you have decisions that are more proper, you have a steadfast decision with the life of faith depending on each class, each role, especially those chosen to witness to this truth.

My beloved children,

I have heard everything with your cooperation, though by law people today cannot come to the churches or gather at certain places.

This is a quarantine with some free time for you to remember and record what is when you still have the opportunity.

This event will not have a time limit, because it depends on the return of mankind, it depends on those who awaken.

Then God will have another way, and if mankind continues, then there will be ways that will be slower.

My beloved children,

The prayers have been accepted, but I want you to be more patient, because there is a need for unity, and for many people to know, to hear, to believe, so that through their prayers and their beginning God will begin to act.

This is something to be reminded not only in this pandemic but is a reminder for the beginning of the purification.

In this moment, mankind must pay attention because there will be the next times.

Even when things are back to normal, there will be events that continue with the purification, for those who are completely and truly righteous to return in an absolute way.

There will be no more filth and cannot nourish the evil that exists in the world.

It takes determination when people come to a deadlock, to circumstances in which you no longer have a choice – then you will realize what belongs to God, what only comes from God, what is the only thing to rely on, the unique love God has had for you through generations.


(*) Through The Six Kowtows

The messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone.

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Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen

Jesus’ image appears in the Host at Our Lady of Peace, Santa Clara, Calif. – 2018

Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy loving kindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. (Psalm 51:x)

Blessed Mother at the Establishment of the Eucharistic Sacrament

This miraculous photo shows the Host covers disciples of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ while performing The Six Kowtows in the Mother Lavang Chapel, Basilica St. Mary of God, Alexandria, Virginia. May, 2019.

April 9, 2020

The Catholic Faith focuses on Jesus, the Son of God made flesh. That is the most important thing. Mother Mary has a role in the plan of the salvation of humanity and the Church founded by the Lord, especially in the work of establishing the Blessed Sacrament. Let us listen to Mother’s words on Holy Thursday, April 9, 2020, the day commemorating Jesus’ establishment of this Most Holy Sacrament.

Mother said:

[…] I did not sit at the same table with the holy Apostles, with the Lord at the Last Supper, because there was an organized program  with signs left to the world, with the establishment of the Church in a spiritual way  which God accomplished through the holy Apostles as recorded. But I truly was always by Jesus‘ side. I acknowledged everything Jesus did, starting from the moment He washed the feet of the holy Apostles until the moment He sat at the table to establish the Blessed Sacrament.

Mother united to Jesus more deeply:

Inside the window, every second, every minute, I continued to observe and to note. With deep prayer, I lifted up to God the Father. I knew all the things that Jesus would do in the coming stages. This is an opportunity for Me to tell you so that you can better understand. Because an age will have many stories that are not yet recorded in history and there are also many stories that may not be official yet.

Her role is more important when She contemplates Her beloved Son every hour, every minute, everywhere:

“[…] Mother marked the Eucharist into Her Heart before the Lord entered the Garden of Gethsemane […]”

Mother continued:

Indeed, what is recorded does not have anything wrong, but there are only additional things. […] In that last Supper Jesus had certain emotions, which He said were matters that happened as the Holy Spirit enlightened.

That is not important  the importance was that God saw that all the Apostles were still very weak. The Apostles were timid and simple. They did not understand the world, because when people truly live in sincerity then they do not know the shrewdness, things that people cause  in thought, in action, through the deeds they have done […]

Message of October 20, 2019

Shrine of Our Lady of LaVang, Las Vegas

This message is inspired by God the Holy Spirit when Lucia Phan offering The Six Kowtows.


First of all, I ask to come back here with my brothers and sisters. After the festival, we should have entered the sanctuary to reverently offer the Six Kowtow just like after every Mass we attend. But there were many problems we could not solve on our own when we arrived here. Moreover, it was too crowded. Now is the most convenient moment, near the hour of the Divine Mercy, so we silently come back here to reverently offer the Six Kowtows, just like every year.

O Lord, Almighty God, the God of love, the God of Mercy, we come here to thank You for all the blessings poured upon us, especially to be called here in the past few days, with a mission to bring the books to the festival. May God open the hearts of the brothers and sisters as well as of the priests, for them to welcome God’s words – through the newly released books – to invite people to turn to God, to visit the Eucharistic Jesus, and also to reverently offer the Six Kowtows just like we did for the past few years. Now I lift up to God and thank God for everything God granted to us, especially for the nice festival. We completed our mission and everyone returns home with the joy and the happiness from Mother in the past few days.

Every year we rejoice when we come to this place. All of us, near and far, unite to go home to Mother. As the priest said this morning, very clearly:At every festival, what do we learn, what we do experience, what do we bring to Mother, and what do we bring home to our family that we receive from Mother? In our life of service, we also have a strong desire and yearning to go forward, to progress each year in maturity through the grace God bestows, through the teaching from Mother, and through the works that we perform in silence, each day, braver, bolder, to bring God’s messages to the world. We lift the brothers and sisters up to God, please grant us more health, more wisdom, to walk on the path that God called us. And now we reverently offer to God the First Kowtow.

A. The First Kowtow, we reverently offer to God the Father

O God the Father, I adore You, I praise You, I glorify You, I honor You. You chose a Mother for us. Every year we are very happy and rejoice to go home to our Mother – Our Lady of La Vang, our Vietnamese Mother. After each Mass we all have the opportunity to reverently offer the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary taught us. Today is the same, and for the rest of this life, each one of us continues to reverently offer. It was the beginning for us when we learned how to pray through the Six Kowtows for the past silent years. Today we feel very happy, because every time we reverently lift up prayers, our souls are focused, and we lift up soul and body, mind and heart. In the surrender and the prostration, we entrust in God, and each day we repent of our shortcoming, weakness, wretchedness, and sinfulness. We also represent all classes and roles to come to the Eucharistic Jesus. This is the happiest and most peaceful place we longed for, and it is only in the most recent years that we were able to experience to move forward with what we see and what we hear through Mother’s teaching.

O God the Father, the Supreme Being, You grant everything to us to bring us back to You. After years of iniquity, wretchedness and weakness, and even though we continue to sin, You do not look at our sins. You still give us the opportunity. Father, please look to this moment.  Please forgive us. May we begin to learn to lift up our soul and body, mind and heart and surrender, to ask to return to You. Father, please sanctify and transform us. Father, please sanctify the world, to be able to return to You, because only in returning to You can we feel happy and peaceful. Each one of us longs to return to You – the source of true happiness – but sometimes we do not know how. Life caused us to be too frantic, too busy, too governed, so we always worry and reckon everything in reality, but our souls are dry and thirsty.

Father, we do not know which way to begin. Though we know, though we want, but we do not know how to pray, where to start and how to do it. Indeed, it is something very ordinary, simple and humble. The supreme Lord we worship, the supreme Lord we believe in, the supreme Lord we seek, we have nothing to offer You besides our weak, sinful and wretched condition. Father, please have mercy on us. Father, in our condition, each one of us has many longings and weaknesses.  Please help us to have moments apart from this dominant busy life to come to You, to lift up all hardships, trials, sufferings, illnesses, to ask You to hear us and grant us to always live in hope. We are Your children, we call You Abba, because our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, led us to You. He died for our sins and gave us the opportunity today.

Father, we are happy to attend this year’s festival, and this is the fifth year. With our silent works, though still not approved, we continue to work with an eager spirit, because we know where the truth is and what comes from You. It is You who leads and guides us, to learn patience, fortitude and perseverance, and prayer. No matter what happens to us – success or failure – we lift up to You with our silent prayers regarding all problems, all matters in our daily life. Just like the priest said this morning: in life there must be prayer. We need to pray to be steadfast in the midst of this world, to be happy and peaceful, to be calm.

Because only with prayer can we feel in faith the lofty spirituality that God offers. Inexplicable, but our hearts and our souls, and the peaceful feeling over each one of us can explain. To You today we lift up all the successes of the past days, as well as the encounters. We must strive harder and be more mature. There are many opportunities for us to go out to see the need for prayers: for ourselves, for the family, for the community, for society, for the world, for the Church, and for everyone we meet, especially Christians like us.

O Father, it is indeed wonderful. Just humble and simple, with words silently in our hearts, with everything we pray for, we prostrate in front of the tabernacle – where You are present, where heaven is present. There is the love of God the Father, His infinite Mercy, the presence and the promise of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit teaching us to come here to lift up, to offer, and to present. In all of our prayer intentions, there is only one thing we ask for: May Your will be done in our lives. We ask for what You want. Grant us what You want and what is Your will. All that we ask is for us to understand You, believe in You, and love You each day. That is the most complete and necessary prayer for our lives.

O Father, I entrust everything to You. May everyone in this festival have the same feelings as we do. Everything that is needed is written in this little book with our confidences and prayers offered to the Eucharistic Jesus. Each Person is in there, that each day in unity we reverently lift up our prayers to. At this moment we thank You. Thank You for allowing us to come to the world. We see the clergy, each priest, and each of their preaching’s are truly concise, kindles our hearts, teaches us more, and strongly motivates us. We can see clearly that we have a stable, solid Church that leads us into a life of faith and elevates our hearts to God – the only God Almighty to whom all of us must submit to, must prostrate to, adore and honor, by our souls, by our hearts and by our prayers.

Prayer will help us overcome trials and gain a deeper understanding of life with the doctrine and the truth. We lift up to You our works of this day, not in our will but we ask to follow Your Will, to continue to give us the opportunity to become Your instruments. Father, please send us out to do what we can according to the calling to be the witnesses to the truth, to proclaim the Good News and what You grant us in our daily lives. You brought us back from the darkness. Today what we do is from You who grants us the opportunity to repent, to restore what was lost and what we never understood and knew our whole lives. These are the prayers we reverently lift up to You. Father, please hear us. May all of us unite, to discover the great treasure that is present in the midst of this world.

We lift up all our feelings and all that we need to learn in life as Your children, as Christians. May each one of us live in maturity, to respond to Your invitation, to compensate a little, to lift up to the Divine Mercy of the God Almighty – the Supreme Being in whom we believe, in whom we worship, in whom we prostrate to and profess. May everyone learn to pray deeply, with heart, soul and body, through the submission and the prostration. Father, please sanctify and transform us and the whole world. We ask this in the name of the Lord, our God, now and forever and ever.  Amen.

B. The Second Kowtow, we reverently offer to Jesus

O Jesus, I thank You. This year’s festival mentions many stories recorded by the Holy Apostles in Moses time, describing the phenomena that requires actions and gestures.  For example, when Moses held up his hands, then the Israelites were winning, but when Moses lowered his hands, then they were losing. So in everything, we must practice to turn to God. It is a symbol to show that when a person wants to beseech, to ask for confirmation then there must be something. Today in the first Reading, Fr. Joseph Nguyễn Trường Luân made it very clear; He preached clearly about life. He also mentions that when we come to the festival, what do we bring here to offer to Mother, and what do we take home from Mother.

Speaking of Mother, we never forget the “Fiat” from Mother Mary to the Angel Gabriel. The work does not end there. Jesus came to Mother through the “Fiat” and we have the Savior. Today our second Kowtow recalled the history that each one of us must know and comprehend because Jesus came to save us; Jesus came to save the whole of humanity – without distinction. We just need faith, and with our hearts and souls, to turn toward God, by prayer. We ask for God to sanctify and transform us, to help us understand, learn, and practice.

Today we repeat over and over again: O Lord, I thank You. Thank You for coming to us. Thank You for taking on human nature. You stay with us because You love us. You died for us. You sacrificed up to Your last moment on the Cross. You died so we could have life. That Price of Blood cleansed us and the entire world. Today, thanks to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the Lord Jesus Christ, all the deeds He performed help us have faith, to be a true witness to the love with which God saves us in sin and death. Today all the works that we achieve are not spontaneous but come from the prompting and the gentle and tender love that lead us to become the small and silent people who witness to the Supreme Lord whom we worship, whom we believe in. We have no other way to express our thankfulness and gratefulness besides the prostration and the submission.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we ask You to continue to grant our Church solidarity and unity, in a spirit of profound prayer; a life You granted so the clergy will continue to learn, and through them, bring Your Words, as the vessels to our world, to us who are the laypeople, to unite with our Church and continue to pray. When we pray, it is the lofty spirituality; God will never let His children return empty-handed. God does not let His children beseech and be disappointed. The reason why God allows many things to happen to His children is because He wants to train us. There remains much to learn and to practice, and much we must experience, to be steadfast in a life of faith.

God chose the Way of the Cross. The Way of the Cross is the way of sorrows, but it is the way of glory and resurrection with the Lord Jesus Christ. From that faith we continue to go out, to be the witnesses, to be the little messengers, albeit silent, but we ask to live according to His teaching. Through the daily little sacrifices and the moments we pray, we come to Him, and remain with Him when He is lonely and all alone, when everyone has forsaken and forgotten Him. In all the tabernacles all over the world, God is still alone and He is waiting and longing for each of His children to return to Him. God, please accept our visit today as we come to this place for the fifth festival.

May God bless the priests and the parish here to have a larger church, worthy of a place where God reigns, for people all over the world to come to the annual festival to visit the Eucharistic Jesus. Through the hours of Adoration may we lift up our hearts to God and lift up all our prayers. Let us not be inattentive or worry too much about problems of reality to forget that the most important thing is to pray and to beseech God. As God once said: “Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you”. We hear this often, but we lack courage and faith to act and practice. So today we ask God to follow His Will for everything to be good.

We wish to see a large church at this place for the worship of God. It is a place where people come for entertainment, to enjoy what comes from a civilized, sophisticated, and ingenious world. At this place is also a large church for the Vietnamese people, for Vietnam, Our Lady of La Vang. Our Vietnamese people are a small number of people, but the spirit, the soul and the faith of the Vietnamese people is truly strong. We trust in our prayers today for all the brothers and sisters of this parish and for the priests.  They are praying for a larger church. May God grant them, as well as ourselves, and allow us each year the opportunity to see the works that He does for us to continue in a mission of bringing to all the brothers and sisters the words that He teaches through Mother Mary, to come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

There is nothing impossible to God. God never refuses what is reasonable. This year I lift up all the brothers and sisters on the path of witnessing. They faced many challenges, but in the end we had joy, because each time we faced challenges, the closer we come to God, each time we faced challenges, the happier we felt, because only God understands us best. There is no one else, even if people see our efforts, they do not understand our feelings, the desire to do something to make up for the periods in our lives when we grieved God. So today with that spirit, let us continue to endure, to accept the judgments and rejections. We are still very happy, because we can walk and experience the Way of the Cross. Our Way of the Cross cannot be compared to the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, who walked the Way of the Cross with those sufferings for us to have this day.

Let us train to understand the cross that is at first very bitter, but as we overcome that bitterness with God, then it is very sweet, because it is through extreme suffering that the Lord Jesus has risen, glorious and triumphant. So we pray to overcome the ordeals and trials of our lives, to also be resurrected with Him. May our brothers and sisters continue zealously on the path that God calls us on, to bear witness to what is most important, most humble – prayer. Let us pray by the prostration, by the submission, by a repentant and contrite heart, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Let us lift up soul and body, asking God to hear us, to have mercy on our weakness, on behalf of many people – all classes, all roles – with our uplifted hearts, and with reverence. Through the second Kowtow this is what we lift up today. We pray to follow God’s holy will. May God plan and arrange for us today and the days to come, with our life of witnessing. Amen.

C. The Third Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit, You are the love, the light, the truth. O Holy Spirit, only You can give us courage and only You can teach us. You do not scorn us. We yearn to ask You for guidance, to help us know what we need to do, to offer, to ask, to pray, and also to report what we see and hear. It is a blessing to come here this year to see the Bishop, who despite his old age, does his best to deliver a very meaningful sermon for us Christians, through his lifelong priestly experience as a bishop. Despite his weak old age, he continues to offer Mass to bring all the essence and what is the best for the lay people to clearly understand: the Christians must go out to witness for God. The life of witness is wonderful and suitable for all of us and suitable for every Christian who needs to be responsible for unity.

Indeed as God said, if we truly bear witness, we would not see the events that are happening, that happened, and still happen to the Church as well as to the world. Today because of a lack of unity there are many problems. If truly each person understands duty and responsibility, then surely the life of evangelizing, the life of faith, will be very beautiful when we receive God and when we trust in God. Our prayer life greatly helps us understand what we need to do in life when we are the children of God, the Christians. Our Church is the voice, the daily nourishment, with a spiritual life, but within our hearts it seems we still have shortcomings, because we still do not feel, we still do not achieve, and we lack faith, so we are still affected, still attacked, still subject to many things. Each one of us still greatly yearns and truly wants to find something, but we still do not understand.

O Holy Spirit, You are the Supreme Being who understands our hearts. You are the Supreme Being who teaches us the truth. You also teach each person to have inner feelings, in conviction, to go forward daily in life within our roles. O Holy Spirit, I thank You for bringing us here for the fifth year. Thank you for giving us the courage to walk in the midst of the world. Thank You for helping us trust in God. Thank You that we are not reluctant and shy when we adore God, prostrate before God, and when we unite in prayer.

Though this is a surprise to the world, new to this century, to us it is a great joy, because this is a new practice that Mother Mary taught us and the whole world. She taught Her children to return to the Father’s house, to the Supreme Lord who is waiting for us through the Blessed Sacrament, returning to the source of life in which the Lord Jesus, Her Son, Her God, through the Cross, testified to the love of God’s Divine Mercy and that stretches throughout the generations, seeking and still awaiting the children everywhere, near and far. Let us look beyond our usual vision of the old, familiar days of the life of faith that is just a habit, because we still do not understand and we are still not profound in what is most necessary, which is prayer.

O Lord, we are Christians our whole lives yet we never tasted the love that God granted in our souls in a stirring, spiritual way, yet actual. Today indeed, people keep on searching and seeking. Finally, it is in the most defeated moments, the most painful moments, that we need God the most. God has mercy on us, does not despise us in our sinful condition. He comes to teach, to enlighten, to understand the suffering, to understand the state of each person in this world. Today He gives us the opportunity. Each time we reverently lift up to each Person, we feel we can lift up and share everything we discover, which is a great treasure in the manner of every Christian, of each person with position, for us to encounter God and to recognize God in the midst of this life.

The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who enlightens, who guides and who teaches.  There is nothing that cannot be solved, because there are matters that are impossible to the world, to mankind, but to God everything is possible. We ask the Holy Spirit to ignite the flame of faith in our world, for all classes, all roles, every ministry, every mission, every layperson, to recognize the flame that burns in our hearts, the flame of a brightly lit love, the flame with the words that we need to learn and practice, the flame for us to acknowledge and recognize God – the Supreme Being who loves, who forgives, who saves, who is rich in Divine Mercy. May we have enough courage to lift up everything, to entrust everything, to live a life as called to become the witnesses in our role, in our mission. Each Christian should assume his or her own responsibility.

Help us on the path we are walking on, will walk on, and still walk on. There are many challenges, many difficulties, many trials, but with God, failure will become success, from success we have joy, and from joy there is peace in the soul, finding ideas and ideals of life when we have God, with God, and with the presence of the Holy Spirit. May He reign over the world. May everyone taste His tender love. Please help us understand and distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, true and false, in this century, for us to offer to God what is humble and simple. We feel His presence and His compassion, for the world to return to Him, to be righteous, to live in the truth that we must have. Especially today, God grants us the gift of the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offers for us to draw close to God, through each Person. As we pray, God, please accept our prayer and heal us. Please help each one of us mature and live in a worthy way in Your grace. Thank You for the trip to this festival. We had many surprises, but in the end those little things became our successes, which were to bring the books received from the Holy Spirit to all classes and roles, to teach people to pray, to come to the Eucharistic Jesus, to teach the prostration and the surrender, in both soul and body. In the past silent years as God taught us, today He wants us to bring this gift to share with the world. We did everything that we could, as for the rest, we lift up to God. Certainly there are challenges, judgments, rejections, many things, but we know this is the truth, and this is what God wants for the whole world, and this is a gift offered to all classes, all roles, without any distinction.

It is the happiest thing when we complete the mission. Despite difficulties or challenges, we lift up to God and thank God for this trip. God, please continue to give us the opportunity to become the instruments, to continue with other trips, with what You want, with what You allow. Let it be done according to Your holy will as You did many times. We glorify You, honor You, adore You, and thank You. May God open the hearts of all the brothers and sisters who receive the book, from the clergy to the lay people. Those are Your words and we need to share, we need to testify; testify in Your Spirit, testify in Your love, testify in the truth and righteousness, testify in the Holy Spirit. We thank You, praise You, and glorify You. Amen.

D. The Fourth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Body and Blood of Christ

O Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. You gave us the opportunity to see very clearly to thoroughly report what is seen, heard, and felt. You gave us the opportunity to be the witnesses to the Eucharistic Jesus, because for a long time, You waited for each one of us. You waited for the children for whom You died to give life. You became the nourishment of our souls. You became the little host to enter our souls, to be with us, to nourish us in a spiritual life, but how many can experience that love and live with that love? The time has come, God manifested, affirmed and allowed us to admire His Eucharist by the light, and He came to visit us and the entire world. However, how many people have the eyes of faith for them to see, to prove this? How many people saw but neither understand nor know that what we learn and have today is from God who grants?

O Eucharistic Jesus, thank You. Thank You for loving us and for the love You granted to us. You knew everything in the weakness of the humble, sinful condition of mankind. In the Last Supper, You instituted the Eucharist, You stayed with us and gave us the Church, for us to encounter and receive the spiritual nourishment daily in our lives. You stayed with us through the Eucharist, and You are present with us today. We simply need to believe, to seek God, to strive to understand the meaning of prayer, to turn to God, in solitude, when there is no one in the chapel, anywhere and late at night, or wherever there is the Eucharistic Jesus. In fact, this is a place that each one of us must come to adore the Lord, must come to receive a great treasure, to help the life of faith and experience the love God granted and waited for mankind. Today we are too concerned with matters of an ordinary and banal world, which has its reasons. However, love and faith must surpass for us to encounter, for us to receive, and for us to hear the voice of God lively in our souls.

O Eucharistic Jesus, thank You for not despising the humble and little people like us. Thank You for hearing us with these humble, silent prostrations. Thank You for the opportunity. Thanks to Your presence for us to hear the voice of Mother today. Her voice teaches us to pray, to be brave and bold, to listen to the confidences of the Eucharistic Jesus, the teachings of the Eucharistic Jesus, the words of the Eucharistic Jesus that testify to His presence, even though over 2,000 years, but He is still in the midst of the world. He is very close to us. We have faith, but we think that God is too far away, and cannot talk to mankind, cannot let us meet Him. But no, He is letting us meet Him. He is waiting for each person. He is talking to each soul.

He is longing for the children to come to Him, for Him to bless. He pours abundant blessings and He lets us recognize His presence, for us to always live in hope, because we have Him, and we still have the Supreme Lord who keeps His promises. The Lord said to the Apostles: “Go proclaim the Good News, I stay with you every day until the end of the age”, “Come to Me all of you who are burdened, I will sustain you. Take My yoke and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble of heart, and your hearts will find peace. For My yoke is gentle and My burden is light.” Because of these points we have the opportunity to come to Him, because of these words today there are people like us. Truly, God supported us when there are burdens. God gave us the opportunity to be relieved of all the sufferings and illnesses, both spiritual and physical, in our lives.

O Eucharistic Jesus, it is a great love, a gentle and tender love, a love that waits, forgives, and saves us. Please help us. Each person, each brother and sister, do not hesitate to come to the Eucharistic Jesus. Please respect and revere His Body and Blood when we receive Him. Experience and meditate on His presence, because He is the Supreme Being who nourishes us, who saves us, who sets us free, who gives us hope in life. Please help us mature in a life of faith, mature in a spiritual life, to learn to speak, to feel and to pray. Today, it is these moments that the Reading as well as the homily of the priests speak of the life of witness to God, speak of the soul that knows to pray, because prayer is the basis for us to be happy, to be at peace, to conquer all aspects. It is from prayer.

O Eucharistic Jesus, please listen to our prayers, by our humble, ordinary, and simple hearts. Please help us learn humility, for us each day to place God above all else, to become the humble, silent disciples, to continue to proclaim with the mission. Each person must have the responsibility to reach out to the brothers and sisters everywhere. And we also learn with what is needed and we must pray to lift up to God all problems of the world, of the family, of society, of the community, of the parish, of the Church, and of each one of us.

O Eucharistic Jesus, the source of happiness and peace, the place we entrust, there is no place as happy as in the presence of God. Your promise continues for us to have the opportunity today. We thank, praise, and glorify You. All the works we do, all things we prove are the truths written on the pages of the books that we brought to all people near and far all over the world. May they open their hearts to accept and read the words that God gives to the world, as well as to us, for us to mature in faith. We receive this gift, though new, but teaches us how to pray, how to come to each Person, how to pray earnestly with our hearts, with simplicity and humility, to lift up in a spirit of repentance to ask God to have mercy with the Fourth Kowtow, as a gift. We are just little people.

Then one day, there will also be those who silently continue this method of prayer to lead us to God. We praise God and we glorify God. For centuries there have been moments when the Lord was abandoned and neglected everywhere, in all the tabernacles. Besides other places where we always come to pray, today at the church of Our Lady of La Vang, in Las Vegas, we come to pray to the Eucharistic Jesus, to praise and honor the Eucharistic Jesus, to prostrate and adore, on behalf of all people, all classes, all roles. God, please hear us. May everyone know You. With reverence we lift up, though there are many imperfections and weaknesses, but we only know to lift up what is of this day, in that weak condition, to ask for the strength of Your grace, for us to live in reformation and perfection.

May the whole world know God, return to God. Only returning to God can we be happy, can we find the truth and the source of comfort. In our entire life, each one of us always needs to have the truth, to have happiness and peace, to have meaning in life. We lift up everything to God, the Supreme Being we adore and honor, to whom we thank and are grateful to, the Supreme Being who granted us the opportunity to contemplate the light of the Eucharist that covers the whole world. When the light comes, then the darkness will disappear. Please help us dispel all the darkness in our souls, dispel everything that binds us in a life of iniquity, to become a new person in the love of the Eucharistic Jesus. Amen.

E. The Fifth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus

O Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for the abundant graces You poured over us on the Way of the Cross as You endured the extreme sufferings on behalf of the entire world, the heavy Cross, the Crowns of Thorns, the nail wounds, the brutal scourging, Your heart pierced by the lance, the blood and water gushing forth to wash away the sins of the world, and of sinners, including ourselves.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Signs, we read, we understand, but it is only a small portion, and it became routine ever since, so You want us to truly grasp the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds. You were determined to come to the world. You died for mankind. You brought a new doctrine to transform each one of us, to transform each sinner, and through Your love, that we become the people who belong to You, who are Your children, who become saints present in this world, besides the saints present in heaven.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Signs, we contemplated the Cross for many years, as if our entire life, but do we understand what is the Cross? The Cross that You carried over 2,000 years ago, today You are still carrying It with our sins. The Cross You were nailed to is the glorious Resurrection. You want us to understand that the purpose You came was to save us. Ultimately, we understand that You want us to live, You want us to recognize Your profound love, and You want us to know that the presence of the Five Holy Signs is a glorious victory that brings life to each one of us present in this world.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Signs, today You send us to go everywhere. You help us understand the way of the Cross that You suffered, because of our sins, caused Your heart to wither away, to suffer, and still grieve in this world. Today You want us to understand the Five Holy Signs, to understand that when we overcome the ways of the cross, then we gloriously triumph with You. Your purpose continues to patiently lead us to the Divine Mercy, to the meaning of the Five Holy Signs, to clearly understand the seal of forgiveness granted to each one of us and to each sinner. Today please help us experience the Five Holy Signs that we are gazing upon with veneration, adoring, and contemplating.

Every church, every altar, every place we visit has Your Cross. The Lord Jesus is a history book to help people enter the life of faith and understand the love that God offers to mankind. Only by love can mankind discover what belongs to self and what God grants and gives. He is the Supreme Being, rich in Divine Mercy, who loves mankind infinitely, unconditionally. Boundlessly, He is the benevolent Lord who grants sinners like us the opportunity to understand His doctrine, with a faith that is needed – a clear proof for us to profess and call on His name.

O Lord, we are the descendants of this time, with limited understanding, immature faith, with no fulcrum and nothing worthy. It is because of those weaknesses, we truly do not have a proper map, though we hear and know, we truly do not understand. Many times, if unintentionally and deliberately, we do not understand what salvation is, what the Five Holy Signs are, what the work of redemption is, then how can we meet the Supreme Lord who yearns for a life of faith in each one of us? The arrogance is still there, the dispute is still there, and we are no different than the Pharisees. In every era, there are people who absolutely have no faith, so we easily stumble, easily get shaken and easily fall into alluring situations.

The majority today in the world are falling into allurements. Today we see the bitterness of the society, of the family, of each person when we face reality. Truth and falsehood are mixed together, we accepted what is false and rejected what is true. How bitter. So today, O Lord, let us look at Your cross and that extreme suffering, to experience the profound love that You grant to each person, each sinner, to be transformed and sanctified, to live with an amended life. May we understand the Supreme Lord’s desire, which is for us to love Him above all things, to practice the doctrine He teaches, to love our brothers, to live in forgiveness and to live a life of generosity.

The doctrine that God granted us is to learn charity, sacrifice, a life of evangelization, how to evangelize, how to live a Christian life, what is the responsibility we bear in unity with our Church. When we look at the Cross, God, please help us understand and recognize Your longing and Your waiting. That is the seal granting us eternal forgiveness, but how can we be forgiven? Do we understand that Your waiting all this time is for us to understand the value that we have till our last breath?

O Lord, You are the unique Supreme Lord we worship, the only Supreme Being who loves us, loves mankind, who waits and perseveres until this century. This world has nothing worthwhile, especially in this present time, we live in turmoil, with many things governing us, slowly losing our faith – a century of living in selfishness, self-interest, material, money, and many wicked things. The Lord is still a silent, patient God through the Five Holy Signs. He is the Supreme Being who still waits for mankind through the Cross; the Supreme Being who still waits for mankind through the glorious Risen Cross. Let each one of us experience that for us to live worthy of the graces that are reminded and granted through the teachings of Mother Mary with the gift of the Six Kowtows.

The Fifth Kowtow, we reverently offer on behalf of those who do not know, who still do not know, on behalf of many who still do not believe, of the many who remain indifferent in this century. Even though advanced in age, even though we are Christians, living as God’s children, we still have not experienced His love, we still have not experienced faith, and we still have not experienced grace. It is the price of Blood that cleanses our sins and also gives us the eternal seal of forgiveness of the end. No matter how sinful we are, may we repent, amend our lives, recognize what we contemplate through the suffering of the Cross, for us to remove everything from sin, with sin, in sin, and committing sin. God, please help us understand Your waiting. May we mature when we reverently lift up with the Fifth Kowtow, especially to each Person, in these Six Kowtows.

We thank God for this day, to be here at this festival of Our Lady of La Vang, our Mother, the Mother of all the Vietnamese brothers and sisters, and of Vietnam. Near and far, in joy, let us delve deep into the soul, deep into the heart.  Let us come to Mother with our hearts. Thanks to Mother for teaching us, helping us return, to have a joyful and happy heart, and to mature. We live to come to God, to each Person. We come to God by a life of prayer, by our determination to amend, to deserve everything that is heard, known and nourished daily by the Word of God.

May we respect, honor, and revere as we gaze with veneration at the Cross, when we look at the Cross, when we contemplate and meditate, to experience that great love, to boldly come to God. May God forgive our weaknesses and imperfections. Many brothers and sisters around the world today truly long, but they still do not understand and know. May God allow them to experience, to have respect and a life with depth through the prayer with the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offers as the method to pray. We ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God whom we worship, honor, thank, and adore. Amen.

F. The Sixth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary

O God the Father, we thank You. You chose for us a mother so that this day we have Mother Mary, Mother of the Second Person of God, Mother of humanity, Mother of La Vang, Mother of Vietnam. Mother did so many wonders and many miracles to help and kindle the life of faith for humanity. Thank Mother for leading us to God, helping us through trials. It is through Mother that we can understand life when we are the children of God and the children of Mother.

O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Savior, Mother of all humanity, Mother of the Church, Mother of all clergy, Mother of every sinner, every saint, every prisoner, every victim, every penitent, every patient, every witness, every apostle everywhere in the world, and Mother of every soul in Purgatory. Mother’s title, Mother’s appellation, how can it be denied for generations? Today people continue to be surprised, but Mother is still a mother who looks for Her children, who grants Her children privileges to lead us to God. God alone is the Supreme Being who defends and intervenes, the only Supreme Being who grants us all His love. He died for us. He grants us the life and the truth that we need, which is the doctrine that lasts till this day, for meaningful days on earth and for the future life of the soul to be with Him forever.

Mother Mary, thank You for allowing us to receive this gift. In particular, we are the first Vietnamese people to represent Vietnam. Moreover, Mother of La Vang once came to Vietnam. Though it was many centuries ago, but that place was a historical site, and today Mother continues to pour out blessings for our Vietnamese people. Whoever comes to Mother, is there anyone who returns empty-handed? Our Vietnamese people continue to receive God’s blessings and there were saints who lived in faith to prove what is true. Today once again in this century, we receive a gift offered to the world through us, who are the Vietnamese people. These are still days of newness, days of silence, days that just start. There are many difficulties, many obstacles, also many misunderstandings, but we are very happy, because on the path to walk with God and the path to proclaim the Good News of the Holy Apostles of old, everyone encounters trials and the cross.

So the more difficulty we face, those are things of God, the more difficulty we encounter is proof of belonging to God. Everything we encounter, though are difficulties, we do not give up, because we have found the closeness as Mother Mary, Mother of La Vang, Mother of the whole world, Our Mother, leads us to a great treasure. It is the Eucharistic Jesus, for us to never stop coming to meet our Lord. He is always in our midst and still gives us the opportunity to meet Him, to experience His intervention, to lift up to Him when there are incidents, when events happen in many places, even in the places where we live and the country where we reside. We believe that God is the Just Supreme Being, He is All-Knowing. Thanks to Mother we know how to pray. Thanks to Mother who teaches us to be humble, to continue to be silent, but in happiness and in simplicity, to eliminate the viewpoint that people always prefer, with reputations, with the matters that in life cause people to always stumble and go wrong.

Today it is prayer that helps us become humble disciples. Prayer helps us become brave, to face the world. Prayer helps us have this gift, for us to bring to the countries, and a number of people in those countries have practiced. That is the truth. Each person can encounter God. People can encounter God, when they are sincere with their hearts in the prostration, coming to the Eucharistic Jesus. This is a method that Mother teaches us. It is a method that Mother grants us like a gift when our souls are insecure, when our lives face many sufferings, when we are being abandoned in the worldly life, in the married life, in the family life, or when many incidents in our lives always cause us to feel negative and lose hope. Mother is the person who always teaches us, for us to learn. Never be discouraged, never give up, and never be self-destructive, because God loves us. God died for us, for each soul, and this is extremely valuable and significant.

Today Mother does not want anyone to lose anything granted from the Lord, the Supreme Being who saved us, the Lord Jesus, Her Son, Her God. Mother’s presence continues, Mother represents the whole human world to remain with the Eucharistic Jesus. The time has come for everyone to know, for everyone to return, to prostrate and profess, to welcome the Lord who is present to rescue us. In a world of freedom, a world in which people are corrupted in the life of faith, people do not experience, still lack faith, and live in indifference, live for appearances. So we always pray to Mother to intercede to God for us, to teach us, to help us with what Mother allows, for us to continue in a mission. The day has come for the works we are doing in silence to be shared with the brothers and sisters we meet, for us to share with a spirit of joy.

Especially when events happen or there are many problems then we simply pray to ask God to intervene, we pray for God to decide, to see the close connection with heaven. This is such a great gift that each one of us needs, must desire, and always needs in life, for us to not be deceived by the devil, to not be deceived by an ingenious civilized world, by the passions that belong to a world that enslaved us for too long. Today there are many things we must clearly understand. God grants and gives, but we still have not been touched in our hearts. We still have not experienced much, because we retain within ourselves pride, arrogance, judgment, doubt, haughtiness, so we lost many opportunities.

O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, You are a Mother chosen by God to become the Queen of Heaven yet You live a secluded life in absolute humility. Today God the Father wants us to learn from You, to listen to You. Your life is complete perfection, for us to see what belongs to us when we receive Your teaching. Today it is very difficult to start, but let us pray for our hearts to be renewed, for us to recognize God’s love, for us to recognize a Mother who, for countless days, replaced all of us to stay with the Eucharistic Jesus. We are the people who must understand this.

God remains to intervene for the world. God remains with us, continues to pour His graces over us and over the whole world, but our response is so indifferent, so apathetic, with coldness, disrespect and infidelity. It is a life in which we ​​still do not understand and we are immature in faith, so today the world still experiences days of war, of chaos, of dispute, of wickedness, and many things happening in the world. Today, O Mother Mary, I thank You for giving us the opportunity to come to the fifth year of the festival of Our Lady of La Vang in Las Vegas, where the Shrine is named after You. May our Vietnamese people open their hearts to welcome everything that today God lovingly grants through Mother Mary, to lead us back to Him and to strengthen the life of faith.

May the Vietnamese people unite, love and unify, to trust the Supreme Lord we serve today. It is up to each person to fulfill the duty and responsibility towards God, with the blessings given, as God’s children, as Christians, to also bring God to everyone. Despite difficulties, God, please help us learn to live a life with the doctrine, with the Good News, with love, with truth and righteousness, to have peace and happiness. There are many things we must understand. When we are determined, then we already live days of peace and happiness that God offers to those who seek Him. God plans and arranges for those who prostrate as Mother taught us.

May we clearly understand the meaning of today’s homily preached by a priest in this festival: prayer. Prayer is strength, prayer is victory, prayer to keep a strong foundation, prayer for us to be close to a loving Mother who wants us to live an inner life with depth, with strength, to dispel all doubts and questions, to dispel all snares and traps. We need to pray because prayer will enable us to meet heaven, to be close to Mother Mary. Mother’s entire life was a life of constant prayer so those who persevere in a life of prayer never encounter difficulties or sufferings, but only know to accept, to experience joy and glory with the Lord Jesus Christ our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Person of God, Mother’s Son, and also Her God.

Mother leads us to the prostration, to adore, lifting up everything that we are experiencing in this life, especially in the events of today’s society and all matters in which we see evil spreading and controlling the world. Mother, please help us, because You are the Person who brings about a peaceful victory, love to mankind, the foundation of truth from God who offered to You. Those great gifts are offered to the world and today, through the Six Kowtows, Mother offers to each one of us who are Christians, to help us mature, to help us grow. It is learning from prayer that we clearly understand what needs to be done, what needs to be sacrificed, what requires courage, to move forward with the remaining days of our lives. May all the brothers and sisters, near and far, all over the world, have the same spirit as ours.

The time has come for the laity to be united with the Eucharistic Jesus, to recognize what we must do, to not follow the habit throughout generations, throughout centuries, to remain indifferent while God waits for us. The time has come for God to reveal Himself. His glory has come to strengthen the life of faith, in a time of need like today. May the clergy also recognize this, especially for them to preach about the Eucharistic Jesus, to remind the laypeople about Adoration of the Eucharistic Jesus. May the clergy diligently adore the Eucharistic Jesus. May they confirm the Eucharistic Jesus to be the fundamental foundation in the midst of this world, because God alone is the Supreme Being who intervenes. Only with God are we peaceful and calm, to fight in the midst of this turbulent life.

We thank Mother profusely, because all these works in silence help us have faith, though still immature, but enough for us to understand what needs to be done, what we need to boldly face, to continue in a mission of prayer that Mother granted, for us to go all over to proclaim the gift of the Six Kowtows. May everyone embrace this gift, for them to become humble, to unite with us to honor God, honor the Eucharistic Jesus, and with Mother, to bring the world back in surrender, in submission to the Lord, our God. O Lord of the Divine Mercy, please shape, transform, and sanctify the whole world.

It is Mother who leads us to St. Joseph, for us to rely on the great saint who is a shining example to the world, whom God the Father chose to be the foster father of the Lord Jesus Christ. His shining example is of integrity, righteousness, a life of responsibility, a life of complete obedience to God. Today we come to a saint, St. Joseph, who was a friend of Mother while on earth. He has great authority in heaven because God the Father specially granted to him. Through the intercession of St. Joseph, whoever comes to him, never returns empty-handed. We lift up our Church to St. Joseph to ask for him to intercede for our Church to be united, for the religious men and women to always be submissive to God in a life with responsibility, to always have a righteous heart, to always live in a worthy way, to continue with a life that proclaims the doctrine of truth that God wants through His Church and priests.

God wants the priests to represent Jesus, to be the shepherds to lead the flock when the flock is lost and wounded, and also for the priests to have a heart willing to receive the truth, to find the truth, and to support the truth, for all laypeople to receive and draw close to the Eucharistic Jesus. We also pray to St. Joseph to intercede for those who are the heads of the family around the world to recognize their responsibility, and for them, the parents, the young men and women, to live a life of purity, to follow the doctrine that is needed. Do not let the muddiness of the world entering days of lust, greed and ambition, to stain. Countless souls are falling into a world that is controlled by a sophisticated and ingenious civilization, a refined life that causes us to lose the opportunity to live in faith, to live with the required deeds in the truth that the Holy Spirit is guiding and helping us.

We thank Mother for leading us to the three archangels. The three archangels hold the balance of justice. Each of these archangels has a significant role in heaven. They come to help, protect and guard us, because the traps and snares are so intense in this world. The more civilized, the more people fall into a state of nurturing and fostering sin, and committing more sins. So we pray for the angels and the archangels to help us, to dispel the snares of the devil, to guide us and deliver us. In all circumstances, we pray to walk in holiness, to live in the truth, and for the doctrine of God to be practiced in our lives, rooted in the young people, to lessen all the days being lured by a civilized world. Many souls are lost with the depravity and bondage of both soul and body. We ask the archangels, together with all the angels and all the saints, to intercede to God, to return in time while the world is experiencing tense days between good and evil, the days with the events that happened, are happening, and still happen.

O Angels, please help us. O Saints, please intercede to God for us, and may we learn from your examples, because all of us are weak, imperfect and sinful. What the saints believed, they practiced and lived in faith. They are the shining examples for our generation and the descendants today. What is heard, what is known, please let us live with boldness and courage, to overcome all daily trials with unwavering and steadfast faith. Whatever the situation, let us place God above all else and practice what God desires. Just like the saints who had the courage to witness and live for faith, even when they sacrificed their lives, they did not back down. May we have a clear understanding of these things for us to continue on the path of witness expected of us by God. Once again, I pray for the brothers and sisters in this festival of La Vang. In unity with the heavenly court, in thanksgiving and praise, we pray for this parish to continue with the next festivals, for each person, far and near, to come to hear the word of God, to accept the word of God, to return to the Mother of La Vang, the Mother of Vietnam and our Mother.

Mother loves and grants to us and to Vietnam, for us to increase in faith, progress in a life of prayer, to be strong, to be brave, for Vietnam to continue to have saints.  And not only the 117 Vietnamese Martyrs, but also St. Anna Le Thi Thanh and thousands of saints who continue to live for faith and testify to faith, with facts and the truth that God granted through Mother Mary. And now in my heart, I thank God, I praise God, and I glorify God. I thank Mother for helping us in this trip. Thank You Mother for Your concern for us, with Your arrangement for each one of us, for us to be here in Las Vegas today, to be present at this festival of Our Lady of La Vang for the fifth time. Mother, please continue to bless us with good health and pour abundant blessings for us to be healthy to continue on the path of witness with the gift of the Six Kowtows.

Despite challenges, let us not stop here, but keep going, because this is a gift that all classes must practice, in every position and in every role. Everyone must surrender and return to God, and lift up all sufferings, situations and many critical matters in this world. May we boldly profess and return to the God of love, to ask for Him to sanctify us, for us to be brave enough, strong enough, to bring this gift to the world. This is the beginning.  In the future, when we encounter painful events, besides God, who is the person to intervene? There is only one Supreme Being who loves, forgives, and intervenes when we return. Mother teaches and helps us on our way back to God, because the time has come. Do not let it be too late and too tardy.

Whoever has ears – then hear.  Whoever has eyes – then see.  Whoever has a heart – then experience with the gift of the Six Kowtows. The Six Kowtows help us be bold to go forward, to understand prayer, to profess, in prostration and submission, with a contrite spirit. Thanks to Mother Mary, the Eucharistic Jesus will pour out abundant graces to make us steadfast with what needs to be done, what must be done, to profess God in the midst of this world. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Lucia, Paul Hoa, Maria Nhung, Maria Titus, Teresa Tao, Anne, Paul Thanh, and Mercedes, together at this festival, conclude the Six Kowtows before the tabernacle, the altar, the Cross, the statue of the Holy Family at the church of Our Lady of La Vang, Las Vegas. We conclude with our prayers offered in front of the tabernacle on Sunday afternoon, October 20, 2019, at the church of Our Lady of La Vang, Las Vegas.

May we conclude this afternoon to prepare for tomorrow. The day after tomorrow we will return home to continue with the mission that God assigned for us;  to proclaim the gift of the Six Kowtows. Mother, please teach us, help us mature in what needs to be done and what must be done, to bring this gift to people everywhere, for them to unite and return to God through a life of prayer and to draw close to the Eucharistic Jesus. May we reform and amend our lives. May we improve and be worthy of everything that God gives and grants through Mother Mary, our beloved Mother. We greatly need You Mother. Mother, please continue to teach us, to help us understand more, to be courageous and practice more, to deserve the great gifts that You give to the Vietnamese people, to Vietnam, and to the whole world. Amen.

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