God the Son

Over 2,000 years ago, I came in the flesh. Over 2,000 years later, I come to you through the Eucharist like an ordinary person. It was My choice, so I can do this (to make known the messages of the Six Kowtows). – Jesus Christ, March 31, 2021

I thank the shepherds who bravely spoke the voice of the truth. I thank the shepherds who were courageous to say the truth. I thank the shepherds, who though alone, still speak up to keep My law, My commandment, and show love through the duty and responsibility that you bear. I will choose simple and humble people. They do not know, do not understand, do not recognize, but they obey to do what the Spirit guides. There are certain things you see them do too naturally, or they have strange unknown ways. However, it is only I who grant for them to recognize and practice, humbly and ordinarily, but it is primarily to show and remind all that I wait for you to open a great treasure, which I give to humanity today. Here is a highly critical document that is evidenced for you. Here is the documentation I give and provide for you to understand the works I do through the Eucharist to strengthen the world. I do not just grant to this place alone; I will attest for you to know of many other places where the miracles are happening in this time. You have the angels, disguised in human form, who have quietly come to the Church and all over when you pray. They are ordinary people but they are angels in human form who will help you. You will triumph over this final battle with faith and zeal in obedience.  – Jesus Christ, June 24, 2022

(Above) Eucharistic Jesus moving in a private residence (left and right) and in St. Theresa Church (middle) Sugar Land, Texas


My heart belongs to you. I have given My heart since I came to earth and I ended up on the Cross and finished to return to Heaven; but My heart remains with you in humanity. After 2000 years, that heart is still beating, still longing to wait and expect you to respond, no matter how much or how little. My love does not fade no matter how many years. My love for you one by one, My love still covers the Church that I have chosen so that through Her, you will meet My Word. I still give it all to you through the Eucharist and continue through the beating of my heart every day without ceasing to love you and the world. Unless you avoid Me, you reject Me, you completely distrust Me and you reject My Mercy. I am God but I ask for human love. I need human love, your love. No matter how much or little you come to Me, big or small, I accept it. I am the author of love, so My love is boundless for you. My love is still waiting for mankind and still longs for love to return love even though it is limited. The Holy Spirit will teach you because He is Love. And that love teaches you discernment, wisdom, holds you and helps you through paths that require decision. – Jesus Christ, June 1, 2022

The Six Kowtows on the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

January 3, 2023

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Lucia: O God, it is 2:32 p.m., Tuesday, January 3, 2023, in front of the Tabernacle, the altar, the Cross, the Nativity, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statues of Saint Joseph and Saint Lorenzo. This morning, we did not plan but met each other at this church. Now, we meditate on the First Reading and the Gospel and will reverently offer the Six Kowtows before the Tabernacle as we do after attending Mass. Especially today, on the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus Christ and the eighth day of the Octave after Christmas, may we pray on behalf of our families and the brothers and sisters in the group.

Our mission is to witness to the Eucharistic Jesus on behalf of the parish of St. Lorenzo, of St. Theresa, and all the parishes where we attend Mass and participate in their activities. I pray for these parishes to unite with us to recognize that the most important thing is for our lives to be dedicated to God through prayer. I pray for Mother’s gift to reach people through Her teaching for them to know the most important thing they must do: come to God and set aside the moments to visit God, to lift up to Him our concerns and what we know and see in our present life.

God, please listen to the prayers we reverently lift and present to each Person in the first days of the New Year to thank You and ask You to be with us and teach us. Today’s Gospel helps us understand Your teaching to us who are Christians and to our world, to know what You grant and give, for us to unite to worship, honor, thank, live as You teach, and meditate as You allow us through Your word in the Gospel. Now, in the first days of the New Year, especially on the Feast of the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, let us meditate for a moment and read the words God gives in the Gospel.

First Reading: John 1 2:29 3:6

Gospel: John 1: 29-34

O God, today, in the First Reading, St. John the Apostle wrote those words also for us. He was the Apostle You loved most and the one who received and recorded the revelations. He also reminds us most clearly: “If you know that He is upright, you must recognize that everyone whose life is upright is a child of His. You must see what great love the Father has lavished on us by letting us be called His children, which is what we are.” The things Saint John the Apostle taught were the most thorough and practical, and it was also the love that he experienced his entire life. He loved God, and from that love, he became a person who lived the depth of love and practice in a righteous life. He was also a saint whom God appointed to receive the Book of Revelation, which recorded sublime, supernatural, and mystical wonders. He was the only one among the holy Apostles to see and write about the revelations.

Today, the Church reminds us of the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, which is most important; especially with what is said. Jesus came to save all humanity, help us, and let us understand that righteousness came from Him. We must be righteous because righteousness comes from Him; all those righteousnesses demonstrate the Father’s love for us through Jesus for us to practice. From the First Reading that we hear and know, the Church reminds us of Saint John the Apostle. In the history books, everyone knows he was a person who lived very close to love; he lived it, and he fervently loved God. St. John’s love conveyed to us the holy will of God and the life learned from Jesus, which St. John practiced. Today, St. John brings it to us and through the history books of the Gospel for us to know.

Today, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, according to Saint John, speaks about St. John the Baptist. St. John the Baptist called out the holy name of Jesus Christ. St. John the Baptist was the person God chose when he was still in the womb; he was six months older than Jesus and was the first to use water to baptize in the way we know, to cleanse us from the darkness of sin. St. John the Baptist said of Jesus: “A man came after me, but was before me because He is greater than me. And I did not know Him, but that He might be revealed to Israel, I came to baptize in water.” And St. John the Baptist testified: “I saw the Holy Spirit descending like a dove from heaven and dwelling on Him. As for me, I did not know Him, but the One who sent me to baptize in water said to me: Whoever you see the Holy Spirit descending on, it is He who baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have seen and testified: He is the Son of God.”

We need to know what the Church reminds us of today. The Church reminds us to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. St. John the Baptist was the voice in the desert, the Precursor who spoke about Jesus and salvation. God the Father chose him to become the person who used water to cleanse to remind man and cleanse man from sin. Baptism done over us is from the Holy Spirit. The sublime spiritual things for us to know stem from the things that today we hear St. John of Love talk about the life of Jesus, practicing what he had and expressing the love of God. St. John the Baptist was the person who spoke of the Holy Name of Jesus and His mighty deeds. St. John the Baptist performed the Baptism, but Jesus is officially the Supreme Being who granted us the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

These are the things that today we thank God for us to understand and further meditate on what is within the limits that God allows us to understand with the way we are still lifting up to God at this moment. We thank God through the heavenly riches that are poured out over humanity through every generation, class, period, and especially every century, for us to have the opportunity today, to rely on what happened in the past generation and apply it to us in our present generation. What we have comes from the Lord Jesus Christ; it is He who is the Supreme Being who baptizes in the Holy Spirit, for us to have more understanding, to recognize that that power and supernatural still exist, to recognize the Supreme Being who baptizes in the Holy Spirit, for us to have the Holy Spirit, gain more understanding, wisdom, virtue, and live to recognize the graces from heaven, granted through the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that St. John the Baptist spoke of in today’s Gospel is for us to meditate on what we have and what we do that does not come from our own doing. The best things in this world, perfection and justice, do not come from man but from God, for us to thank God. We are the people to whom God grants to be happy when we receive and understand more about life. Our life is cleansed by God, who baptizes us in the Holy Spirit, for us to have more understanding, courage, faith, loyalty, and to profess. Though Mass is over and everyone has left the church, we still have this moment to be with the Eucharistic Jesus in the Tabernacle. We believe God is here; He reigns and is waiting for the children, far and near, to come to Him.

We pray on behalf of today’s busy world and lift up all the problems happening in the world. Of particular interest is God calling Pope Emeritus Benedict VXI back this year on the last day of the year, before the New Year. We are amid the biggest mourning, and we are still experiencing it in the first days of the new year; in reality, it is a year in which we see great mourning for the whole world, especially for all Christians. We also know a priest who founded a monastery that yearly celebrated the Eucharistic Congress, which started several years ago. God also called him back: Father Dominic Nguyễn Đức Hạnh at the Benedictine Thiện Tâm Monastery in Kerens, Texas. Certainly, many more people passed away during this time, in the last days of the year and the beginning of the New Year.

O God, we lift up Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Father Dominic Nguyễn Đức Hạnh, and all the people in our Church who die at this moment without us knowing. God, please have mercy on their souls for them to rely on Your Divine Mercy to soon return to the eternal place that You granted them when You chose them. We also lift up our non-Catholic brothers and sisters who passed away, and who did not know You. It is a pitiful and unfortunate thing. We must lift them up at this moment, especially in the first days of the New Year. God, have mercy on them and allow them to rely on Your Divine Mercy for them to enjoy a place that has light. That is what we ask for; as for all things, God, please have a way to grant us what is reasonable, according to Your will.

We know our duty in this life so we never forget to thank God every day through the blessings. Each day, there are moments God grants us to come to Him, stay with Him, and lift up prayers on behalf of the brothers and sisters in all classes and roles. Even though our prayers are not beautiful words or elaborate words, we pray and lift up with heart. God, we know that You are very lonely and You desperately need Your children to spend some time with You, so we are here today, in this empty and quiet church, to replace those who are busy, my family, my children, and all the brothers and sisters in the group who are busy with work. I and Maria Nhung offer You the Six Kowtows as we do every day.

We also lift the needs of our brothers and sisters. We know they are worried about their situations, about everything. I lift all the brothers and sisters who ask me to pray for them, and all the souls for whom I always pray, for the souls whose relatives ask us to pray for. I ask God to comfort these people and the souls in my intentions. God, please have mercy on those we pray to You, lift to You, the souls we mention to You. Moreover, it is my duty so daily, I practice, lift up thanksgiving and gratitude, on behalf of the world, to ask for God’s forgiveness, sanctification, and transformation. May our world know You and return to You in the surrender, prostration, and deep prayer, through Mother’s gift, and be an oblation to be reverently offered, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Now, God, please have mercy and hear us, with our words lifted to God the Father.

We reverently lift the First Kowtow to God the Father.

Father, I thank You. I praise and glorify all Your blessings. You gave our world Jesus, Your Only Begotten Son, who came into the world and established a program for us to know about a spiritual world, an inherent faith, and Your infinite Divine Mercy. He came to save all humanity by love, the ruling, the inmost love, and the love practiced, which Jesus did. Today is not a coincidence, but God had a plan from the beginning. In today’s First Reading, what did St. John the Apostle write? Righteousness, and all things in righteousness, belong to God the Father, the Lord, and everything most needed in life. With their feelings and experiences, the Holy Apostles wrote to let us know of a life in faith by deeds, by the works we hear in the meditation.

It is such a joy because we always have the teaching of God’s love. Those who lived with the experience of faith, despite difficulties and persecutions, died but they gave us faith. It is the surest thing for us to know about the history of the Lord who granted us, which the Holy Apostles were the first people to witness. Today, that legacy is still left to us, for us to live with faith, by deeds, to entrust, with prayers by the heart, to lift up, to pray, to present all issues, all classes, all circumstances, with the events that are happening to the world today.

Whether virtuous, holy, or negative things, falling into a state of sin, with days of war, suffering, or pandemic, falling into a state of being those who lack faith and deeply grieved God many times, His love still waits for us. We, in the group, are also sinners. Today, after many years in our lives, we finally understand that the depth of happiness is the moments we stumble, encounter trials in life, when everyone rejects us, no one welcomes us; God alone is the Supreme Being who does not refuse us as sinful but welcomes us and allows us to return.

We have this day from God who grants, and to experience it with faith also comes from God. Everything comes from the merciful Lord, the supreme Lord, who loves sinners and knows we live in iniquity, with iniquity. How can we be eternally happy with the kingdom He granted, which His Son exchanged at the price of blood to bring us back with Him forever? Today, on our earthly pilgrimage, we still have our minds to choose our paths, and we still have the awareness to return to God by our heart, with faith, prayer, and determination, by leaving our sins to become a person dedicated to Him.

We must choose through challenging experiences because we are happy in this life, according to the way of the world, with plenty of money, but there is no meaning in life. Day after day, we still spin in our earthly life. However, the joy is when we fall into the abyss, totally defeated and disappointed, but in those moments, we call upon God, run to God, and speak to God, then those are the moments our lives are transformed. Let us not talk about fame or status in life but about the heart and soul set free by the love of God’s Divine Mercy. This is a memorable, honorable, and remarkable thing for each person in this world.

God does not reject anyone; He loves us infinitely and is always the merciful Lord. I praise His love, glorify, and honor Him. For thousands of generations, God is still loving; hundreds of thousands of words and millions of words are not enough to express His love. God, please accept our contrite and grateful heart with these humble deeds, with the moments of pause to offer to You, stay with You, thank You. God, we thank You for all the deeds You have done. It is Your love that allows us to experience the happy and spiritual world You offer us in faith, and from there, we start to grow up and begin to live in the days You grant; though tense with events, we always have peace and always entrust and trust.

God, please allow us to know that what You give is peace and joy, to recognize our mistakes and weaknesses when we deny You, reject You, and live with a fragile and weak faith, falling constantly. Today, through the past experiences of our lives, though we still do not have all the experiences, learning from the past, we only have faith in God, return to God, and only the moments with God are the happiest and most meaningful in this life. God, forgive our mistakes and weaknesses on the first days of the New Year. We lift up everything to You and entrust in Your providence and arrangement. Please rule and guide us each day to live meaningfully, be thankful, be grateful, and lift up our feelings with what we see, hear, and pray. God, please have mercy and act according to Your holy will, to do what You want over our world, our Church, the United States, the whole world, the places where we live, over families, groups, individuals, and our loved ones we lift up to You.

On the eve of the New Year, I thank You for preserving us with one peaceful year for us to have another year in our lives. We lift up everything we will encounter and face, our trials. God, please help us persevere, be patient, be persistent, keep on, and be faithful until the very end. Only in You can there be happiness and peace, even though there are challenging moments, but so meaningful for the life of those who are Your children, the Christians and children of the Church. Let us not be discouraged by today’s situation with so much violence, fear, and anxiety, with many events, war threats, and incessant pandemics.

O God, we were born once, and once we will leave this world; that is the beginning and the ending. May we understand that what we have is the opportunity to choose, to know, to believe, and to recognize You as our Lord, the benevolent Father, the merciful and all-loving God, who gave to the immature and wretched sinners the opportunity to reform, to be restored, to recognize God, and find the righteousness required in the sole Supreme Being who is the Lord. Due to these points, we pray for everyone to know You and return to You. May we offer this New Year to You? God, please provide, arrange, protect, guard us, and may Your holy will be done over our world today.

May the wicked awaken and return to You. May people who did wrongful deeds, and caused chaos, death, and disease in the world also awaken to know You. If they do not know and keep going, I firmly believe God has a way because God will not let the children who are the victims, the righteous children, die and suffer too much damage through generations. You are the just Supreme Being who brings us peace, righteousness, and justice by Your law, love, and Divine Mercy. May we have the boldness and courage to return to You while time permits. We thank You, praise You, and glorify Your infinite love. May we belong to God the Father, the First Person to whom we offer the Kowtow. Totus Tuus.

We reverently lift the Second Kowtow to Jesus.

O Jesus, I thank You because You so loved us, You obeyed the Father until the last moment of Your life on the Cross, and because of Your love for us, You accepted excruciating sufferings, humiliations, and injustices. You are the Lord who came to us with Your sacrifice to atone for our sins and endure everything for us to be saved, forgiven, set free, and have the opportunity today. Due to these points, no one can deny the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, as reminded through the Church today. The Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ brings the Gospel to the world, gives life to humanity, and brings hope to generations that no one can deny today. Let us look and listen, for we are rooted in the Lord God who loves us, who allowed us to understand the truth that we cannot deny, that God the Father so loved the world He sacrificed His only Begotten Son, and whoever believes in His Son will live.

Today, not only do we believe, we confess the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Name of God, which has achieved many wonders. Jesus was resurrected from death and brought the glory of the resurrection. On the painful Way of the Cross, He did not give up but was determined to save the whole of humanity. He is the Supreme Being worthy for us to confess, for the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be known, and everyone must unite, to prostrate, adore, fear, thank, and honor. At the mention of the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the dark world of the devil must tremble with fear, let alone humanity. Because God loved us so much, He took on human nature to live near us, understand us, and give us our spiritual needs. Today, we cannot refuse the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the limited instruction that God allows us in our role, to speak about the Feast of the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks to the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can pray to God the Father. Thanks to the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and all the works He did, we may call God the Father “Abba” like Jesus called His Father. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, who atoned for all our sins, we who were sinners and servants became the children, the brothers of Jesus Christ, and children who belong to a heavenly family. It was the Lord Jesus Christ who came to grant us and the whole world to no longer be servants, strangers, lost, but invited, when the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ came to save us, and His Holy Name helped us and those who belong to Him to become children of Heaven.

At this moment, I  cannot stop to thank You, God, for all the wonderful and great things, and things that gave us faith and hope. No matter what the situation or period, in our human condition, let us always remember to be grateful, thank, praise, and exalt the Supreme Being who atoned for us and replaced us to pay the price for the sins of humanity. God, You came to save us, with the sacrifice of Your blood, to wash away our sins, by Your extreme sufferings on the Way of the Cross, by Your death on the Cross, to give us hope till this day. At this moment, I confess You, I thank You, I praise You, and I glorify You. The Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is forever a Holy Name by which we profess God and glorify God. Thanks to His Holy Name, we live to come forth from the bondage of sin, of all vanity, of all the things of the world that we always stumble upon in weakness.

God, please help us so that through the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the world may be renewed and receive a new faith and program for us to experience, believe, and meditate. You granted us a Kingdom to save and deliver us from sin, from wretchedness and weakness, to become worthy of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall endure forever. Thanks to Your Holy Name, the world is saved, forgiven, and go to the place You reserved for us in the eternal kingdom, but the requirement is that we cannot live in sin. Let us step away from sin by determination and strive to avoid the sins and weaknesses that cause us to stumble each day. God, please forgive us; we are determined in a spirit of repentance to be worthy of love and salvation.

The Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ brings us to God the Father to speak and confess with our hearts: Abba, Father, You allowed us to return from the darkness and bindings we were accustomed to and live meaningful days with hope. At this moment, we reverently offer the Second Kowtow to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior. We confess, adore, honor, and thank You, Lord. Through Your Holy Name, we are purified, cleansed, and worthy of the love and the Divine Mercy God the Father has bestowed upon us. May we belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Person of God, whom we profess. May we belong to You? Totus Tuus.

We reverently lift the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit, You are the love, the light, the truth. Daily, in our lives, we must have food to live in this earthly life; that is the rule in the order God created. In our spiritual life, we need spiritual food because our souls also need to live and recognize precious things. It is not just our bodies on earth, but our souls are within our bodies and must recognize the sacred spirituality that is always given to us by the Spirit. The dwelling of the Holy Spirit helps us mature, understand, choose the right path, and eliminate the inherent weaknesses and sins and the constant stumbles in our life.

O Holy Spirit, without Your teaching, how can we see the weaknesses and shortcomings of the past? If You do not teach us, we do not have enough memory to know about things that we must decide on to have a future that is not days of darkness, pain, sorrow, and self-blame, in which there are regrets. Today, Holy Spirit, You renew our lives, this world, by Your love, by the Lord Jesus Christ’s grace, by the infinite love and Divine Mercy of God the Father, by the salvation of the Risen Lord, by the love and the illumination of the light of the Gospel, which You, Holy Spirit, is at work and gives us in the world.

O Holy Spirit, You are so wonderful! For You are our Mediator, our Teacher. Because by having You, only with You, can we understand the significant value of our lives. With the exchange of the precious value of the Lord Jesus Christ’s blood, we live and exist, for us to choose when events surround us. In life, when there is too much perversion, there are many things that though we have eyes, our view is blurred. The eyes of faith are very bright, but we rarely use them, so there are still days of darkness, limitation, weakness, flaw, and stumble. But God, You never give up because You want us to know it is Your love that touches us to become sharp and renewed, which is not too difficult; we only need one thing: Your doctrine, the truth, and justice. Thus, the truth is inherent in the law; it lasts forever; no one can use money to buy it, and no one can use force to compete for it; but it is from faith and the determination to live in righteousness and truth.

The Holy Spirit is the great mysterious Supreme Being who taught and helped us, all classes and roles, to understand ourselves, God’s grace, how to use it in life, to stay away from all things surrounding us, which are money, ambition, weakness, shortcomings, iniquities, with the enjoyment, because the world forgets about the spiritual sacredness given by the Spirit of God. May we mature and understand that our physical life is from God and recognize what we need to do and must do. It takes a soul and a mind to decide what is good and immoral, what we must do, and discern right, wrong, true, false, holy, and evil. Let us choose things to live in a life with experiences, to overcome difficulties, and challenges, to be faithful and persevere; the Spirit of God guides us to help us distinguish what is right, what is wrong, what is true, what is false, what is good, what is evil, what we need to do and must do; what to refuse, and what is unacceptable that is against justice and righteousness.

O God, I thank You for everything You give us. These are the first days of the year; I yearn and wish for Your teaching, Your action. I long for the sharpness in Your grace, to become people who pray, spend the moments to belong to You, and pray on behalf of all classes and roles for the essential needs that the world pays little attention to, neither knows nor understands. These are the moments when God pours out graces upon those who seek to draw upon them, especially the Holy Spirit is enlightening and guiding for us to understand within the time God allows. It is an era that is tense with war, pandemics, and many things in the violence of a world, which every country is affected to this day.

Due to these points, may we not be afraid of all matters we encounter. In 2020, many events happened, but God still protects us today; even though before our eyes are negativities, let us not be afraid and lift up everything to God. May the Holy Spirit teach us, help us, not as individuals, but for the whole of humanity, to know God and return to Him. Let us unite in prayer in the way Mother taught with the gift given for the past twelve years and the past eight years to those who practice. The time has come for people to know and understand what is not an old habit, to meditate on everything that comes from the truth God teaches and gives through Mother Mary, who gave us the Rosary. We live in days when God allows us to recognize His Divine Mercy through the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which does not cease with what we face in a civilized world like today.

Regarding the life of faith, the Holy Spirit illuminates and guides for things to persist in the truth. People need to learn, receive, practice, pray, be steadfast, and accept Mother’s marvelous and noble gift to help them overcome trials, sufferings, and things that a world favors according to a human way and causes us to remain in iniquity. The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who leads us back, enlightens us, guides us, and helps us discern, choose, and live in His love and intervention. Let us accept the seven sources of grace He bestows to recognize the divine things present when we collaborate, for us to unite in praising, exalting, and worshipping God. We ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to know what to do and what we must do to belong to God today and throughout our lives through the Holy Spirit’s teaching for us to practice.

We thank You, O Holy Spirit. Thanks to You, we learn to be persistent and patient. Thanks for enlightening and guiding us to go to certain places to testify to the truth. Only with You working in us can we have the courage and strength to come to God the Father, speak to Jesus, and live in the Holy Spirit’s grace. May we recognize that in a spirit of thanksgiving, gratitude, praise, and exaltation. May we belong to You. Totus Tuus.

We reverently lift the Fourth Kowtow to the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

O Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. It is not by ourselves to know this, to do this, to say this. Your Eucharist is still among us, and we receive You into our hearts; the supernatural, spiritual, and natural Eucharist; You still grant the encounter. It is not just a little host our hearts receive but Your presence in us. You also allow normal human eyes in the present age to see the great and immense glory with which You established Your Eucharist over 2,000 years ago, and 2,000 years later, we see the marvelous and wonderful place where You dwell.

You come to visit us at night, in a dark sky. You come to visit us in all the churches. You stay with us and walk with us. You are present with us and help us understand the presence of Jesus over 2,000 years ago in the flesh, and 2,000 later, He is present by a lofty spiritual mystery. We praise, glorify, and honor the things You did that helped us, like an example, a promise. You have forgiven us; as for the rest, how must we be to deserve Your love and forgiveness?

O God, it is indeed great and not as simple as people look in reality. The immeasurable and lofty spirituality the Holy Spirit realizes, and especially the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus. Even with a hundred thousand words, a hundred thousand times, cannot fully describe the sublime greatness of the Lord who made it possible for people to recognize His visit, which does not stop at a point, but also gives us the words for us to be healed and to have the encounter in life. Today, what we have is not from our doing, but the Holy Spirit teaches us to lift to the Eucharistic Jesus because He is very lonely and has waited for humanity for too long. People’s faith life is too limited and immature; they do not recognize His stay and intervention and do not even recognize the Lord is with them.

Where do we run to? We seek one way or another in the world, but the mighty Lord of love, the humble and silent King, is with us; that is the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, what is seen and heard is thanks to Your presence; You visited us and gave us the privilege to know, hear, understand, and finally, we have this day. No matter what the situation, Your love for people remains unchanged. May we recognize Your love, that out of love for us, You sacrificed Your life and stayed with us for over 2,000 years, though there are places where people have abandoned You and let You be lonely, sad, and alone.

However, You still remain with us and wait for us. When the time comes for You to open the door of the Tabernacle for us to see You, we hear Your voice. We know You are still with us, so we ask for Your protection and intervention with the world. We are battling all circumstances in a world of negativity and evil. What is good is very few and limited, but what is evil is pervasive. If we want goodness to expand and people to practice it, we cannot be without the Eucharistic Jesus, the Lord who becomes our soul’s nourishment, the Supreme Lord, silent but full of power.

Today, with society’s common situation, we hear the news that makes us feel scared, anxious, and pointless; we hear that war is about to explode, and the economy is coming to a standstill, with no more security, discipline, and justice in all places. Because of freedom and money, people in all classes and roles are ruthless and forget the truth and moral basis. It is all happening like a hurricane. We must hold onto our souls because when we do not understand and know the truth, the civilized and sophisticated world in this cultural age of death will entice us.

However, the Eucharistic Jesus always takes us by the hand and holds us back. He is struggling and wants us to come to Him. When we repent and return to God, we will be a hundred thousand times happier. What we love today will bring us to a dead end, cause us to lose hope, and lead us onto the path that is death. The colorful lights of this world and the riches of the civilized world in this death lure us so that our hearts have become frozen and offend the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, there are many offenses from people toward the Eucharistic Jesus.

Today, O Eucharistic Jesus, You allow us the chance to recognize Your glory, to set out to perform on behalf of all classes and roles, to have the experience to be flexible in life, and acknowledge Your visit. I represent all classes and roles, our brothers and sisters, to thank,  praise, glorify, and honor You on the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. Jesus granted us, and everyone knows and fears His Holy Name, except the wicked who forgot their God, their dear brother who died for the young brother. They forgot their Savior, the Lord and the Great Prince of Heaven, who brought us the Father’s love and delivered us in the most painful times of a world full of allurement, civilization, and ingenuity, but in death.

At this moment, I thank, praise, and glorify Your immense love granted to all classes and roles. With their indifference and apathy, people still do not feel Your love and live in days of indifference and coldness. But You are still the Lord with a burning love who grants us to see and experience the glory that surrounds humanity to save us in today’s world. May we return to You, lift up to You all our weaknesses and stumbles in life, and return to the righteousness required through the First Reading from St. John for us to receive the Baptism You give us.

Not just the first day, but every day, spiritually, in the Spirit, to gain wisdom and discernment, realize what God grants and gives, return to God with reverence, adoration, gratitude, and thanksgiving, speak the voice of one’s heart, by a confessing heart, a grateful heart, with praise and exaltation, to ask God to have mercy and forgive us. No one can understand us and can save us but the Lord, the Supreme Being still with us, waiting for us, loving us. He is the mighty One who gives us hope, which humanity desperately needs. We thank God on the first days of the year. I lift up all problems to the Father and Jesus; I ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten me to understand what we need to do in our mission, on behalf of all classes and roles.

I present to You, Jesus, and ask for You to look at us and forgive us, sanctify us, transform us,  give us a profound faith, to spend time with You, to live in a meaningful way, to not fall into the traps of the world that are always lurking around us. May everyone know, hear, believe, and seek to come to the Lord God. He will bless us, give us peace and security, for us to live peacefully and distinguish right, wrong, true, false, good, and evil. May we follow and belong to God, with devotion and love, which is most needed for humanity to be happy and at peace in the Lord God, who granted us the moment to meet Him. He stays with us to intervene and advocate for us. He is the only Supreme Being with the power to forgive our sins, for us to be forgiven, saved, purified, be worthy of His Mercy for us, and realize the meaning of the Eucharistic Jesus, to return with reverence.

It is such a marvelous wonder for the world to receive the mysterious miracle of the Blessed Sacrament, to strengthen the faith of all humanity and urge the reverence required from us for the Eucharistic Jesus. We thank, praise, and glorify God. May our faith by deed be alive and active in our hearts in response to what we see and hear from the Lord we believe in. May we belong to the Eucharistic Jesus. God, accept our surrender and prostration, forgive us our sins, and sanctify us, for our prayers to be worthy of Your acceptance. May we belong to the Eucharistic Jesus. Totus Tuus.

We reverently lift the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Marks of Jesus Christ.

O Jesus Christ, I thank You. I thank You for allowing us to separate from the busy world of everyday life to have the moments to be with You. Though the church is empty, I believe You are in the Tabernacle, waiting for Your children to visit You and looking at us from the Cross. You used the Cross to save us, to triumph and gloriously resurrect. With the Cross, You carried us for generations, held us, embraced us, and in the end, died for us on the Cross. The Cross helped us feel less burdened.

Each person has a cross in their life, but the heavy part is the Cross God already carried for us, so our present cross is the lighter part because our life has to experience the things that each person must experience. Because we were born from the first betrayal, sin made us go through the paths with trials, on which we face things in a world dependent on the affluence of money, and sin causes dependence. Today, though there are extraordinary and marvelous miracles, the Eucharistic Jesus came to save us, but we still do not understand. We continue to nurture what is weakness, wretchedness, and sin from our ego and personality and all problems.

Today, when it comes to the history of the Lord Jesus Christ with the Five Holy Marks, no one can deny it because He came to save all of humanity. Everyone has the right to be delivered and forgiven by God; the rest is up to each. May we believe, seek, recognize, profess, and rejoice because the Lord has come to save us. He cleansed us by the price of His blood; His sacrifice and death brought us life and resurrection. Thanks to Him, we exist to this day. We cannot deny and must remember the Five Holy Marks because, from the history of those Five Holy Marks, we can see the existence from the love He grants and the power that gives us the opportunity.

Today, sinful and evil people are everywhere, and crime is rampant. Speaking of our sins, even if we die a hundred thousand times, it is not enough to offer apology and gratitude to God, who accepted the excruciating sufferings for our sins. Because of humanity’s sin, let us return, recognize Him, surrender and prostrate, and contemplate the Five Holy Marks. The Lord Jesus Christ saved us through salvation, through the painful and bitter Way of the Cross. Because of humanity, because of sin, He suffered bitterly until death; He suffered humiliation and excruciating pain, and in the end, He died for us on the Cross. Thus, we cannot live in a world in sin, with eyes that are like blind, but let us contemplate to see a great love because He died for the one He loved.

Who can die for us? God died for us. The Great Prince on the throne of the heavenly kingdom came to this earth to die for humanity. He was tortured by man, crucified by man, and died for us, but He forgave us. The doctrine God gave is love, a teaching different from the world. We love and live in today’s reality: money, ambition, and vanity, which we consider to be the main points, but it is our spiritual life that God paid at the price of blood, exchanged by the sacrifice of blood. God paid the price of blood for us to have today.

Let us never forget the sign of the Five Holy Marks for us to become people who truly understand the words God gives and grants for that life to still exist in a valuable way. While we are still in the flesh, let us not deny the love that only the Lord grants for us to have today, and let us place Him above all things, with gratitude for Him. May everything belongs to God, and may we surrender before Him and apologize to Him, for us to have the opportunity to realize what He gives, to become reformed and restored.

The First Holy Mark, we profess, adore, thank, bless and praise God the Father for His infinite Divine Mercy, for sinners to still have the chance to restore to goodness in the love and the Divine Mercy that the Lord alone has the power to grant and give. The Second Holy Mark, I confess the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, for whoever believes in Him will live as the Father has commanded us; for the Father so loved the world He gave us His only Son, and whoever believes in Jesus will live. Jesus came to the world not to enjoy, order, or command but became a person who followed God’s word to save us in this world. Jesus became a person who cared and performed everything that humanity could not, but He came to do. Jesus endured excruciating suffering with the tortures because of our sins and carried us upon His shoulders on the Way of the Cross. Jesus accepted extreme suffering 2,000 years ago and still does 2,000 years later. People are still indifferent, refuse, and avoid Him.

Today, what do we choose in the world? We do not believe in God, do not know the work God does, and do not cooperate with God. How can we win the battle amid evil, sophisticated in all aspects, logical with science and technology, and the desires of a world in iniquity, depravity, and wickedness, and in the absence of faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ? No matter how bad the world is, God is still the One who loves and delivers us, so we still have days of opportunity to be aware of what we profess.

O God, on behalf of all classes and roles, I lift up to the Second Holy Mark. It is not a coincidence for me to have the brothers and sisters like today. God gave us, the lowly people, the opportunity to receive His intervention in His love, to be thankful for His horrible death for us to have life today. When we overcome the days of challenges in life, the greatest joy is to profess God, live to belong to God, in entrustment and trust in Him, to be serene, happy, and peaceful. Many people understand that this does not happen by itself because we must go through the stages of thorough seeking, trusting, and living humbly for that joy to belong to us, as God grants.

We know You are the great mighty Lord and hold the power of birth and death in Your hands for humanity. You never rule us with power but always use love to sanctify, transform, and give us the occasion to improve. May we know that there is no other God like the Lord we are worshipping, for us to have the opportunity to confess, prostrate to and adore daily, and reverently lift up to Him with faith and prayers. We believe He hears, understands, intervenes, and loves us. Because some trust and come to Him, He gives us the opportunity and grants the world more time. May we know this and live with a more profound life, with more sacrifices, to identify what God grants and gives, lifting up on behalf of all classes and roles for this grim world, and pray for people to return soon to have the intervention of God for us and the whole world.

We reverently lift up the Third Holy Mark to the Holy Spirit. O Holy Spirit, You are the love, the light, and the truth. Without You, how would we know, have enough strength and courage to do things that the world considers strange and surprising? Our identity has nothing to offer other than lift up to God and listen to Your teaching to practice because we have nothing worthy of offering God besides our miserable, sinful, weak, and wretched condition. We lift up soul and body, mind and heart, like an offering to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us to reverently lift up to the Father, apologize to the Lord Jesus, and receive His teaching to become reformed and improved, to deserve the love as God is waiting for us. We pray on behalf of the brothers and sisters who still do not know, still do not believe, for God to have mercy and help us awaken and return to Him through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, through His Spirit, and His love for humanity today.

So this is the time that we do not have naturally but from grace that is poured down in every period to strengthen faith and for people to know the intervention of the Holy Spirit to return to Him, with the seven gifts we need to obtain and implement to become people who deserve His Mercy, His teaching, His stay, and His intervention. That is the Holy Trinity. Thanks to the Trinity, we know we still have privileges because of the blood price of Jesus Christ; we must return, must know what we have, surrender, prostrate, in a spirit of repentance and gratitude, to be forgiven by God, and confess the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. May the Spirit guide us to identify the things of the world that cause us to stumble, recognize the magnificent and sublime salvation Jesus brings with His teaching and the infinite love of Divine Mercy through the Holy Spirit’s teaching to know the value of one’s present life, be worthy of a time while it is still permitted, and return in time. Holy Spirit, I thank You. Please help us understand more about our daily life, our mission, continue with faith and maturity, lift up, speak, and present. Please forgive the world and help it open its eyes, open its heart, and change the face of the earth for everyone to surrender, prostrate, and confess, return to the Lord whom we worship and honor through the Third Holy Mark that we reverently offer, and through Your enlightenment for us to understand better.

The Fourth Holy Mark, I offer to the Eucharistic Jesus. Thank You for Your presence and for allowing us to pray with reverence. Your Eucharist nourishes our souls, and when we receive Your Eucharist, our bodies feel touched by You. You want us to feel You, be close to You, and know that You are with us, close to us; You understand our feelings; whether we succeed or fail, You always want to accompany us. Please do not let us be indifferent and offend You directly and indirectly. You are alone and lonely because humanity has not realized the significant value of the Blessed Sacrament.

Thus today, people need to open their eyes and hearts to realize what God gives and the things that God has poured down over our world through the Blessed Sacrament to prompt people to stand up, come out of the days of darkness and the negatives of life, to return in the worship, adoration, thanksgiving, asking for healing from the Blessed Sacrament. It is a place of peace and happiness because God once said to people: “Come to Me, all who are burdened, My burden is light and easy. Come to Me, you who are burdened, I will give you rest.”

We are the people who need rest and grace to maintain perseverance and loyalty and to identify things in the world that we have pursued so long in life with the ego and personality, enjoyment, and all the ease in a life of sin. Today, Lord, we are indifferent; we do not understand Your sublime value and have unintentionally or intentionally offended You through Your Eucharist. God, please accept our prayer and the depth of the meaning with which we meditate on the Fourth Holy Mark and through each Holy Mark for everyone to recognize and return in the surrender, submission, in a spirit of repentance and gratitude.

God, we thank, praise, and glorify You; please forgive our sins and sanctify us; our hope is only in You. May we understand it to become worthy people to be called and experience with the love You grant to strengthen our faith and with the mission You give us, to bear witness to the truth, to rekindle the voice with prayer needed in this world, for that voice to resonate for You to answer our prayers. May Your holy will be done over us, and for many people to recognize they cannot continue to offend You in Communion, nor allow themselves to live in iniquity, nourishing iniquity. It is heartbreaking and offensive because the Lord God comes into our indifferent hearts, and we push Him into a cold and lonely place. Ultimately, we continue to sin and live according to the rules of life.

That is common in the world, and many live this way today. God, help them be aware of this and recognize the Lord God. We cannot live in that way but must know that God waits for us, is with us, protects, and intercedes for us, so in life, we must have reverence for the Lord God. We believe in the apparition He revealed as He showed us the glory, and we must prostrate, bow our heads in fear, to recognize the Lord God, whom we neither understood nor knew. We err and offend Him gravely because of those points. It is time for us to know and mature, to end those indifferent days, those irresponsible, immature, and disrespectful days that cause us to suffer and regret when we do not realize this earlier in our life.

We lift up to Mother Mary, the Fifth Holy Mark. O Mary with the Immaculate Heart, if You did not teach us to meditate, lift up to each Person, and pray in this way, then it is truly not easy for us to focus and realize that no matter how sinful we are, there is still the other half: body, soul, mind, and heart, which no matter how miserable, sinful, but we still have what was inherently created by God, for us to lift up to Him. With days that are no longer worthy and continue to be imperfect and unworthy, the remaining moments are for us to understand that we have nothing, but God created us, so we still have this body, mind, and heart, to lift up to Him.

God, please forgive our weaknesses and sins and sanctify us, for we are still in Your image; because of these points, no matter how we are, how fallen, God will never refuse. Thus, here is our beloved Mother, helping us to know the salvation of the Lord Jesus, Her Son, to know the plan of the Lord when She said “Yes” to God the Father for His Son to dwell in Her womb. All the angels and saints must also look at Mother with reverence, because of all the works God does, choosing Her to be the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of the Second Person of God, and the Mother of humanity.

Mother is the guardian of our souls. She is the one who leads us to the Savior, to understand and be imbued with the Father’s Divine Mercy. She teaches us to come out of the moments of debauchery; She looks for ways to help us, teaches us to return to God, and does not let us be entrapped with sin. We still live days of indifference so Her tears flowed, Her blood tears overflowed, to remind us of Her Son. Mother always prays for us to know the path that we must contemplate and meditate on each day, which are the Five Holy Marks. On the Way of the Cross, Mother walked with Jesus, and with the extreme suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ, She witnessed very clearly the Five Holy Marks and carried out His last

Thus, in everything, let us not look with ordinary eyes to think according to theory, the order of the world, but the great and inexhaustible mystery of heaven continues to be available to us through Mother. Having Her, with Her, we further understand what God grants in our time and what we need to surrender, submit, apologize, and thank. All things inherently do not lull us, do not make us sleepy, do not cause what we do to become habits, but for hundreds of thousands of times, we still live days of indifference and unfeeling. Many times, we are tired and sleepy when we pray the Rosary; we may pray a little bit and then become sleepy; but when our soul and body are in a spirit of surrender and gratitude, then the Spirit will work in us to help us understand what Mother did in Her life and what Mother practiced to pass it on to Her children in these urgent moments at the end of history.

Today, the Holy Spirit wants us to offer Mother the Fifth Holy Mark to experience what She teaches us because of Her quiet life each day when He was on earth. Today, She still takes our place next to the Eucharistic Jesus to pray for us. Everything She does, everything She teaches, is meant to bring us to come with heart before the Five Holy Marks, with a history that touches each person, with the feeling of the love of the Savior’s Divine Mercy, and the enlightenment and teaching of the Holy Spirit. We are warmed and nourished by the Eucharist through the Fourth Holy Mark, and it is the experience in the exemplary life that She practiced in life to teach us. Today, may we be together in unity, meditate, and return to God with the words that we need to offer and say, with a contrite and grateful heart, a simple and humble heart. We need to have humility, obey, listen, and perform; to be delivered, to be saved, and to enrich us with God’s grace, for us to be bold, courageous, entrust, and trust, with hope in the sole Supreme Being to whom we reverently lift up through the Five Holy Marks. May we belong to the Five Holy Marks with gratitude to Mother for helping us to know this, practice this, and meditate as She did to help us on the way returning home, on the way out of the days with the snares of the chains of sin, to return to God through the Way of the Cross, through the Five Holy Marks, which God grants through Mother, to teach us to meditate. We are very grateful to God. The enlightenment of the Holy Spirit helps us be bolder to know what we need to do and what we must do through the glorious Resurrection that Jesus gave us through the Five Holy Marks. May we belong to Jesus Christ of the Five Holy Marks. Totus Tuus.

We reverently lift the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.

O God the Father, I thank You. You granted to me, the brothers and sisters, and everyone in the world for generations. Since Jesus came to earth, You chose us a Mother who performed, obeyed God, and fulfilled everything God gave our world. Mother was the person who practiced. Today, what we do is not by ourselves, but God planned to help us through the example that our humanity must follow.

O God the Father, You are the Alpha and the Omega. The Savior granted and is granting us in the world. What is of today is not just word, not just theory, but practice. The beautiful words and good thoughts remain because of the enlightenment and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and what is sincere and genuine comes from the heart. What comes from the Spirit requires us to practice everything in the truth. We cannot understand what is of today by ourselves; we do not write or speak by ourselves, we do not rely on any book but the book about God’s love, the book about the infinite Divine Mercy, the book about salvation, the book about the enlightenment and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the book about the Spirit working and allowing us to know, and the book the Eucharistic Jesus is longing, waiting for, granting, and visiting us. Through that practice, the book is Mother Mary, with a whole life of silent prayer, meditating on the mystery of the Lord, and a life meditating on Her Son’s salvation.

Mother’s life continued with meditation; after Jesus ascended to heaven, She continued to be with the Holy Apostles and helped establish The Church in Her time. It was a plan in which She lived in God’s holy will; She fully lived perfectly in the love of God and was a complete substitute for our world to receive the sublime graces and blessings that God granted to us through Her; She was the person who substituted for our first parents. Mary and Jesus replaced the first betrayal for us to reunite and return to reconcile with God through the mission Jesus accomplished on the Cross. Mother Mary continues to this day to be an example for humanity. It is sublime and beautiful in the spiritual life and faith, but how many can understand this?

What Mother gave will not be kept hidden forever because the Holy Spirit wants us to know about our Mother, Her deeds, Her silence, and meditation. Let us seek what we need to know, to live a life of faith as She did for us, by a life we practice by obedience, humility, meditation, reverence, adoration, by signs of silent prayer to receive the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, doing what the holy will of the Father permits; He wants it that way for our world. Today, it is not a coincidence for us to lift up to God by ourselves, know each Person, and know the gift given from Mother, the author, teaching us the first five prostrations. We have the sixth prostration from the Holy Spirit’s teaching, who wants us to offer to Mother to honor and thank Her for all She has done for us for generations. God the Father wants us to honor Mother, and the ranks arranged through each Person are appropriate, especially in this world.

The mission of the Lord Jesus Christ ended over 2,000 years ago. He ascended to heaven, but the glorious presence remains with man through the mystery of miracles and the closeness of His Eucharist. Things that we see and hear vividly come from Mother Mary. There is no era in that we do not hear Mother Mary come to reveal to one or another visionary; there is no era in which we can deny what Mother does. She appeared to St. Bernadette in France almost two hundred years ago; we know the apparition in Fatima, and Lucia Dos Santos was one of the children who received Her messages. We cannot deny the sacredness of Mother’s visitations. In every country and every nation, apparitions though not officially recognized by The Church, still exist, so today, we do not feel strange to be taught by Mother with the method from the gift of the Six Kowtows, by practice, by determination, by profound prayer, by what we profess through the ranks of each Person we reverently lift to.

Most of us pray to God, but we do not address each Person. Now we know to pray to each Person as Mother lived Her whole life in that prayerful spirit. Today, we know God the Father and what we say and present to Him. How do we lift up to Jesus by faith, and what does Jesus expect from us? How can we understand the work of the Holy Spirit without Mother teaching us? So we know the role of the Holy Spirit; we greatly need Him because He is the Supreme Being who teaches and helps us receive and know the things the Father gave. At the same time, we lift up to God the Father with the words from the Holy Spirit, with the groans of the Holy Spirit in us, working in our body, for the Father to have mercy and hear us, and intercede for us through generations.

Today, without Mother’s teaching, how do we know Jesus? We can look and contemplate, but we still cannot understand it is from that great power and that first institution that Jesus came to us today. For generations, He revealed to us the great and sublime glory that we have not always had what we have today. We see and contemplate things we need to know because God is powerful and is the everlasting Lord God. With abundant graces bestowed upon those who receive, hear, understand, and believe, it has become a sublime grace to strengthen humanity. The Mighty Supreme Being can do everything, but He wants us to know because His deeds are related to the first sublime institution of the Eucharist. However, we do not understand the value of that sublimity, so our faith is superficial; we seem to despise, belittle, and forget a sacrament that Jesus instituted to stay with us – the Blessed  Sacrament.

Today, the Eucharistic Jesus is speaking to us, visiting us, to let us know about His glory that we must receive and cannot refuse, but in which way do we receive it? In an indifferent, lukewarm, disrespectful way? That visit helps us understand His unfailing love for humanity and His power still defending and protecting us, so let us not follow a practical way to deal with what we receive today because evil encroaches upon us from all sides. Evil is dominating us, but we have the Lord with us, have His Eucharist; He teaches us from within the soul to real life, with the strength we need in unity.

God will never be silent because God can do it all. He rose from the dead, and from being the Lord who took on human nature, He hid in a little and fragile Eucharist to nourish us and allow us to experience. How can we understand this clearly as Mother Mary? Due to these points, Mother teaches us today to know what we have. Indeed, we have Jesus visiting us, and the great mystery is manifested through His glory to remind us and strengthen the faith of all humanity, all classes, and roles. Today, it is not coincidental but is a program given to the world in the last and remaining days.

O Mother Mary, before I can do this, I always pray: God the Father, may I reverently offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow? It is the number six that people feel related to something but do not know the source of things that happened. So when it comes to Mother, the Immaculate Mother, and Her triumph, when hearing of this, the devil must fear and stay away because he knows this woman is powerful. She is the woman who replaces the first Eve; She is wise, gentle, but quiet, the woman who represents humanity for graces to be poured over us today. The person who deserves to receive salvation is Mother Mary.

Thus, the devil fears Mother because Her obedient life belongs to God, and everything in Her belongs to God. Mother never feared hardship, never underestimated the challenges, but cherished the trials and sufferings. Let us look back at Her life and see how She acted since She said “Yes.” She lived silently without a complaint nor an explanation, and even when St. Joseph was about to leave Her, She still did not explain anything because She trusted God. She knew what She did belong entirely to God, for God to decide. Finally, God sent an angel to Saint Joseph, and on the eighth day of the Octave after Christmas, we contemplate the Holy Family.

Mother Mary’s story does not stop at one point. Many things are related to the great mystery that we need to know today because it is on these points that She teaches us in prayerful meditation to know each Person we need to speak to and directly lift up to. It is not just the usual offering or praying according to a familiar routine, but we unite spiritually and physically, submitting and prostrating ourselves in the moments we pray. When we pray, we must belong to God, lift up to Him, and ask Him to hear our prayers; with the Holy Spirit’s teaching rather than pray according to our will as a routine because then we always end up praying with indifference. Due to these points, we fail to experience God’s visit and intervention and do not recognize the Lord, who listens, gives, and grants us everything.

Let us not be afraid because human life is affected by sin and the rationality of the world. God will have many ways to help us understand and win the battle in this world full of pitfalls, so let us speak to Him. The story does not stop; the Sixth Kowtow, O God the Father, allow me to offer to Mother. No words are enough to describe the countless deeds Mother does for us, seeking us to guide us home and for us to understand many things. Thanks to Mother for us to have this day, to have God’s intervention, so we cannot be silent and not accept. The Holy Spirit wants us to lift up to Mother with adoration, repentance, and gratitude; we received so many blessings because Mother teaches us, but can we ever recognize it?

Mother never talks about Herself, but God wants us to honor Mother, to know what She is doing, sacrificing, leading, and bringing us back. With the tense days at the end of history, and the recent years, without Mother, how would we know that Jesus is present with us? Even if we do, only thirty percent of us do, like the survey we knew, and though people mentioned Jesus, only thirty percent believe in His presence. However, His presence in the Eucharist is one hundred percent real. Over two thousand years ago, Jesus instituted the Eucharist, commanded with His Word, and remained with us in power. He is present in the host to nourish our souls, meet us, and grant us His intervention and presence.

Today, we neither understand this nor know the value, so Mother is the silent person that for years, for centuries, remained by the side of the Eucharistic Jesus when we abandon Him, offend Him, or despise Him. Today, She cannot be silent because humanity has gravely offended God. Because of this, She helps us and teaches us to see the significant value, for us to speak up, which we did, to make up for the days of indifference toward the Eucharistic Jesus and our immature life of faith. Finally, the Eucharistic Jesus appeared,  intervened, revealed Himself, and allowed us to recognize His great glory.

Today, we cannot be silent; let us unite to adore, honor, and see the Kingdom revealed to the world through the miraculous mystery of the Blessed Sacrament for everyone to reverently honor, thank, and exalt, to lift up spiritually and physically, in a spirit of prostration, submission, and reverence to the Lord. Speaking of the Kingdom God mentioned in the Gospel, we heard this repeated, but the time has come for us to see the situation today. We are human beings on earth; whether we know God, believe in Him thirty percent, fifty percent, or one hundred percent, or do not know Him, everyone needs to know the Kingdom that God has revealed to humanity. The splendid and great glory that God revealed, we cannot deny it. What is this sign about? It is the sign of the end times, of purification, the sign that people need to return, and the only sign as we face tribulations with wars, pandemics, and rampant evil. Can we use our strength to recover or go into a dismal failure?

We continue to fight for our interests, to do evil, and to reject God. However, God revealed His Kingdom to humanity, the Kingdom everyone desires to enter and the Kingdom that everyone asks to take refuge in. It is an opportunity for us to recognize the chosen ones, to see the clear presence that God has made known to humanity by the sign established by Him. Mother knew this was coming, and at the final hour, we must reach a level for us to see because we are indifferent and lack faith, but the work of the Lord, at the right time, He will reveal Himself for us to know His intervention. If we want the intervention, we cannot live in iniquity; we cannot choose both paths and serve two masters: money and ambition or the Supreme Being to whom we must return.

So no matter how indifferent we are, let us give ourselves a chance. Despite the ingenuity of a civilized age, can we have any guarantee about the atomic bomb that threatens us? It can explode at any moment. Will we still be alive? Will what we have remain ours or be destroyed, as in the case of the two atomic bombs that devastated the two cities in Japan and made history? The creation of these bombs was not in a civilized age like this one, but today, we know countries that only focus on creating atomic bombs with the desire to have sovereignty in the world. It is a tense issue today regarding those who do not believe in God, the communist atheist regimes of which we see their ferocity practiced in the world, and in every age, we see that.

Today, evil will not be able to last because the Kingdom of God has come, and the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus has stayed and remains with us for over 2,000 years. He waits to save and intervene for us; if we have the intervention and He delivers us, what do we have left to nourish sin, foster sin, and live in iniquity? Let us get rid of what we proudly and arrogantly think is necessary that protects us: wealth and fame. Let us give up everything to return and let our souls know their Creator, the Supreme Being, who grants us love and waits for us. That is the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, we have the chance to listen to Mother’s teaching and reminder and have Her show us the method that She practiced Her whole life in Her earthly days. Today, She is the Queen of Heaven, but She continues to pray for us, take our place beside the Eucharistic Jesus to bring us back to meet Him.

Thus today, let us not be hardened in our faith. Let us humble ourselves and accept what is inherent in the truth. People are helpless facing the war that threatens us, so let us return to God with a humble and sincere heart to ask and lift up for Him to save us in this world because He alone is the Savior, full of power and Divine Mercy. Thus, what we do today, what we practice, is not naturally irrational and unreasonable, but since faith is lacking, people feel these things are unnecessary, or according to the human eye, they consider us fanatical. But no! We have let the world take so much of our time; finally, we still fail and despair. Today, Mother teaches us to spend that time making up for it, going to God; it is the voice of the brothers and sisters who listen to Mother, and the sacrifices She made to teach will save the world. Due to these points, Jesus will not be silent with the prayers we lift up; Jesus will not be quiet; He will intervene for the children to return, even if belated. So today, believe, and we will have; seek, and we will find; knock, and it will open to us. Let us unite to thank God for giving us our Mother; we cannot forget to honor Her.

O Mother Mary, You are the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Incarnate Word, the Mother of the Redeemer, the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of every sinner, saint, penitent, patient, witness, every soul in purgatory, and every victim; the Mother of the clergy, the Mother of The Church, the Mother of every victim that is reaching out to You to ask for Your intercession in this world. So we are unaware of the sublime, wonderful, mysterious things, but we know that what we need most is to return. Every person, soul, and heart needs to look at what is happening. We no longer have the opportunity and the time if we do not return.

We lift up all present matters on behalf of our brothers and sisters, on behalf of what we see and know, and Mother wants us to do this. Let us fulfill our duties; Mother will have a way to intercede for God to save us, the world, the believers, and those who return, whoever it is. We know Mother loves our souls, loves Her children, and does not want to see any of Her children lose this opportunity. Due to these points, She wants us to lift up daily to God, pray by offering ourselves, and spend time with the Eucharistic Jesus. We spend time with God, pray, and attend Mass, and when we continue to be at His side, how do we sin?

Of course, in life, we have works to do, but Mother will also give us what is appropriate and suitable. When we have faith, Mother will make up for it and help us represent our brothers and sisters who will be the people we help return to God. No matter how much or how little in life, we must return to God when we are still lucid and have a mind to decide when we recognize what we need, which is a feeling of repentance through our surrender and prostration, to return to God, the only Supreme Being with the power to forgive sins; the Supreme Being who loves and forgives, waits and longs, and gives us the opportunity today.

We are happy because we have Mother, and with Her, for us to thank Her, especially on the first day of the year. She is the Mother of God, and we specially dedicate this New Year to Her; we lift up all circumstances to Mother; our Church; the United States of America; our lives of service, the places where we meet, the churches, the clergy, all countries, nations, the present war, famine, disease, and all the chaos and negativity in life.

Mother, You know we cannot get up and recover from the current situation. With all these things in the current state, if people have no moral conscience,  the current situation will explode with people fighting each other according to their ways to usurp God’s right to win but are people with short-sightedness in their thinking because the ultimate decision belongs to God. The decision for something to be realized or concluded is from Mother, so let us come to Her to ask for Her intercession with God, the powerful Supreme Being still with us – the Eucharistic Lord.

Today, as foretold, is the light of the Eucharist in the night. It is a bright light that no other can compare on this earth. Day and night, everything we have witnessed over the years, today and this very night, the color of the Lord’s Eucharist has become red. The Lord’s Eucharist has many colors: pink represents love; blue represents Mother’s presence, which is Her blue garment in inherent hope; red represents the battles between man and man fighting each other. God’s Divine Mercy was poured out with the blood to cleanse us, and Jesus’ work of salvation was also paid with blood to let humanity recognize the price of that blood, for us to be purified and return to God.

In the remaining moments, what we have left is our decision. Let us return soon to listen to what we need, which is the weapon we have in our hands, the weapon we need to practice with our hearts. It is the prayer, the return, the surrender, and prostration, and we ask to belong to God, totally surrendered. God allows us to receive the sublime mystery through the Blessed Sacrament, which He revealed to us. Today, He reveals Himself, not only for us to see but for our world to know what happens in spirituality and exist through the Blessed Sacrament for us to seek Him and remove what is of old with habitual days, to come alive with the heart and realize what we need, to come to God for us to recognize what is in life. We must come to God, lift up, present, and speak; what we need today is to return to God and eliminate what is inherent in us: arrogance, pride, disobedience, rebellion, disrespect, and many personal wills, as we still live in the grip of sin daily.

May we shun the wretchedness and weakness to see what is happening; we must speak to God to ask God to save us, deliver us, and our souls. God saved us, but we still live in days of darkness, with immature faith, so it is not easy for us to persevere, to bravely and boldly overcome the moments of challenge. We do not understand the meaning of perseverance and loyalty, so we fall amid today’s situation. It just takes an event or a little threat, and we fail to recognize how valuable is the life of our souls; because of that, we have always stumbled upon this world. We are looking for enjoyment, but the time has come for the world to know about the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. So these are the moments God granted us the salvation of humanity; Jesus is still here and is intervening for us.

Now is the moment we understand things we know comes from Mother, the only person by God’s side. Because of what is happening and is about to end, She wanted to bring us back before the end. Today, let us give ourselves the opportunity; believe and we will receive; seek, and we will find; knock, and it will open to us. No one leads us astray or teaches us to betray anything, and we know Mother guides us to the Eucharistic Jesus for us to believe in Him. She teaches us the way to pray, to learn the method of prayer, concentration, surrender, and prostration, as an offering to reverently lift up to God, in the current situation of the society and the world, with the betrayal and offense to God, by a contrite and grateful heart, in the way that we are practicing.

We do not do anything wrong and do not act against what the Church teaches. We represent our brothers to be beside the Eucharistic Jesus, for us to lift up to Him by offering the Six Kowtows that Mother gave us. We speak, and we present, on behalf of all classes and roles, to ask for God’s intervention, for His help, for an end to war, an end to the pandemic, for World War III to not happen, for people to love each other and unite; for our Church to be perfect, holy, and be in unity, to proclaim the everlasting Word of God as the foundation for our spiritual life, for us to learn about God’s law, doctrine, and love, for us to live a peaceful and happy life, which we need.

Those are the things we must long for, and those are the things Mother desires from us. The rest is up to each in this day and age; if we truly understand unity, the war will have no way to continue; if people truly reform, improve, recognize a virtuous and moral life, come out of their selfishness, cooperate, and unite. Let us come to God because the mighty Supreme Being is the Lord God, who allows or does not. He is the only Lord God who intervenes for peace, happiness, and security and the only God who gives us hope.

Now is the time Mother wants us to come to God, entrust in God, firmly trust in God and not give up; She wants us to be persistent and faithful. Let us persevere and be loyal, hold each other’s hands, forgive, love, and help each other in this time of need. This war is not battling against all the sophisticated civilizations of the time but against the devil who works in a human body; he wants to destroy our world, humanity, and lives of faith. However, we still have Mother Mary, the Eucharistic Jesus, and we will never lose as we listen to Her gentle teaching. Let us take up the weapon of the Six Kowtows, the weapon of prayer, with the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Let us unite in meditation for God to have a way to intervene, to lead us to victory with the remaining and final days through the purification. Mother gives us this on the first day of the New Year to understand more about what we need and have.

In everything, the time has come when we no longer differentiate. The Kingdom of God has come, but whether we can enter it or not is up to each person. It was Mother who taught us to enter the Kingdom of God, and that is what we need to prepare through today’s prayer, with zeal and faith in seeking the Eucharistic Lord who revealed Himself by the light that He gave to humanity to strengthen faith for each person to have the opportunity to practice what we must. Moreover, we lift up the victims of this age; the victims of the times and wars are addressed and lifted up to God to ask Him to intervene for us and the whole world. That is what we do and practice. May God’s holy will be done on us, on the country we live in, and the whole world.

I thank You, Mother. How can we fight by ourselves when some people have weapons and some without? Many victims were pawns in politics for many generations; the disadvantaged are the little people who suffer the most, and many victims died. So with this situation, I lift up to You, Mother, I pray to You and present to You. Mother, please ask God to intervene for us; we pray for heaven to intervene. Mother, You bring us to Saint Joseph, and we ask him to intercede for our world to be aware of a saint chosen by God the Father to be the foster father of Jesus Christ. St. Joseph is a man of integrity and justice, obedient and full of responsibility with the Holy Family. Today is the eighth day of the Octave after Christmas, with the holiness, happiness, peace, and warmth from the Holy Family.

St. Joseph is a model for all classes and roles; he is also a chaste person, with the virtue of chastity, for us and especially those consecrated to God through The Church to learn of this virtue from him, for people to not get entangled and not leave loopholes of sin, because the devil uses many weaknesses to attack us in the frailty that we are always prone to stumble upon. In the saint’s good examples, let us pray together; the saints in heaven were also in the same state as us when they were on earth; they know our feelings and what we need. Now as saints in heaven, their intercessions will be heard by God.

We pray to the three archangels that Mother Mary introduced to us. It is time we ask for the help of the three archangels. Archangel Michael holds the scales of justice; he defeated Lucifer. St. Michael, please preserve and protect our Church and extended family in this world; help us overcome the things that we stumble in life to attain the justice required. Surely, St. Michael will not refuse what we pray for when the things we ask please God’s will. We ask the Archangel Gabriel because he is the one who appeared to Zechariah to foretell the birth of St. John the Baptist and appeared to our Mother Mary with the annunciation. When She said Yes, we have the Savior. Thus today, there are many things that God the Father planned for us through the archangels; we have the right to ask God for their help for our world to have more faith.

We truly need to listen to Mother’s teaching with this gift, and with faith, we will make it happen. With our cry for help, God will hear and intervene. We face a pandemic; the Coronavirus pandemic has taken many lives in the world, and there will be more plagues that will come unceasingly in today’s situation, in the struggle amid evil that still dominates the world. There are bound to be further bouts of illness for which we cannot have a cure; even with one, we are still in the midst of the days of being threatened by the medications, so today, let us ask the Archangel Raphael, who is the archangel to whom God granted to be the physician of heaven. St. Raphael cured Tobit as we read in the Gospel and continues to heal those who believe and come to him.

With today’s medications, can we trust these medications to continue with the treatment, to be healed? We must ask Archangel Raphael to pour oil as he poured it generations ago and heal us in sickness with the pandemics that the world faces. In the days when we are facing pandemics, with wicked people who cause diseases for which the world has no medicine. Many people sacrificed and died; victims passed away; innocent people and sinners died without time to repent. Thus, we must ask for the oil of the Archangel Raphael to heal us, help us repent, and return in time to God so that when we leave this world, our souls do not end up in the unquenchable fire when we are unrepentant and unprepared.

We must ask for the help of the three archangels. We understand that what happens today is not natural; Mother Mary teaches us that spiritual things exist but need our prayer, listening, and practice with diligence and perseverance. God will create many opportunities to help us, even when we still have many shortcomings and weaknesses, but with a returning heart, with a heart trusting in God the Father, in the Savior, in the work of the Holy Spirit, in the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, in the Five Holy Marks that redeemed us, in our beloved Mother who helps us on the right path. So, this is the only thing we ask for the heavenly family to intervene for us because we know that the three archangels have always kept the authority given to them by God. May they dispel the snares of the devil with the tightly binding chains that we cannot untie in the world.

Please help us to be freed from the heaviness of the chains of sin, and return to God through heaven’s help. We see today’s situation, and we ask the twelve archangels who are the guardians of the mountains,  of the seas, of the frontiers, of all the best, in the air, by all things God gives in nature, the plants, the fields. I ask the twelve archangels to help us because they are the guardians. After all, the polluted air causes the disease to spread everywhere. The poison of the atomic bomb spread everywhere, affecting us and threatening our lives. War still threatens us, day after day, with human menaces. Things are going into dependence; the economy is bleak; many events are happening; violence is pervasive.

Evil uses all kinds of ways to rage: by plundering, by ways in which people face days of famine, with disasters, storms, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, a world full of negativity and crisis! We know the cause was due to our sins, as we are trying to kill each other, one way or another. The devil, working in a human body, is trying to destroy us through the atheistic communist countries ruled by power and declaration but within is the devil, raging everywhere. But though there are countries that continue to deal in the ways of atheistic communism, there are many countries that recognize the needed peace, civilization, and conscience.

Because of these points, God, help us not be afraid, for the rebellious are very few; though the devil rages everywhere, we are still the children protected by You. Some countries realize what brings peace to the world, what is in a life of virtue, justice, and fairness. Today, we know that because of sin, some countries are so evil they act against God’s doctrine and do not believe in God, so they do everything they want. However, some people still have a conscience and fear God, especially the countries that believe in God. We will not be like those who act against God as they did, but we pray to God.

Mother Mary is perfect, She knows that this is a moment when we do not use weapons to fight each other or respond to what the opponent does, but we must pray and lift up to God. Let us return to God and take up the weapons of prayer from the Supreme Being who has power, the Eucharistic Jesus, to present to Him. We lift up to Him through our lives and united works, by turning away from sin to return to Him, and through humble sacrifices. Though people may not understand or know, this is a time of great need and the most urgent time because they must run to God to pray and lift up to Him. Though many people still do not know, do not believe, and have not done this yet, they will be aware and act in the most dangerous and urgent moments.

Because of these points, Mother wants us to ask for the Archangels’ help. How many people are there in this world who still do not understand? We pray, but since we have a heavenly family, we must ask, lift up, by the heart, a zealous and contrite heart, for God to accept and intercede for us. Today, though many people still do not know, I firmly believe many are with us in this situation, praying, talking to God, lifting up to God, and especially adoring the Eucharistic Jesus to ask Him to intercede for us and the world.

We remember the saints who have passed through history; they also lived in a human condition with days of weakness, died, and became saints in the Kingdom. Their journeys also had hardships and challenges; they lived in invaded countries and sacrificed their lives for us to have the faith as today. Today, we ask the saints to pray for us who live in a civilized age. In every century, some people know and follow in the saints’ footsteps. O saints, please pray for us to have more strength, more courage, and continue on the road to bear witness to the truth, to invite people to recognize the gift from Mother, and return to God at the right time and within the time allowed. We thank the saints for what they have done to give us faith, with the examples we must put into practice.

In today’s world, some people who neither know nor believe consider us fanatics. However, now is a time when people must be more active and come to God by all means, at all costs, to lift up to Him. Mother, please intercede and teach us for our world to have days of peace, be healed, and have the peaceful and happy world we long for today. We ask for help from a large number of angels. We need their help when God allows it because, with the aid of the angels, there will be no war. Even if war happens, with the heavenly family’s support, we will win, have a peaceful world, and not be bound where the devil uses all means, acting through the bloodthirsty people that cause trouble to the world, with days of the threat. The death of innocent people is too much, and the victims are enduring situations with much impact.

Because of these points, we must ask, pray, speak up, and present. The guardian angels always support and pray for us; they remind us when we have wrongful thoughts and actions. May we be sharp on this point to not sin as in the old days, not easily fall into the devil’s snares because of our pride and arrogance, not let our beliefs end up according to a realistic viewpoint to forget to practice by a sincere, honest, and righteous heart. These are the most crucial points that Mother teaches us. She wants us to pray because our strength alone cannot, but the Holy Spirit will guide and enlighten us to know what to do and what we must do. Even if people misunderstand, judge, or forbid us, we are still happy.

God alone is boundless and endless, and what belongs to God can go on for a long time, but if it does not belong to God, it cannot last and will completely disappear. Thus, whether people believe or not, accept or not, they cannot refuse the perseverance that God gives through Mother Mary’s teaching. Today, what comes from the truth will never be denied and will receive approval; what comes from falsehood will not last and will be destroyed. These are the things we need and must do to become an example in a time of need. We must try harder and be more zealous to bring Mother’s gift to the world. The brothers and sisters need to cooperate and unite, then the tensions of this war will end, and victory belongs to the heavenly family who intercedes for us with prayers. Jesus granted us His visitation, and from Mother’s teaching, God will intercede for us with the world we dream of.

So, do not be afraid of the present negativity. What is most needed is for us to get up and return to God, unite to pray, and receive Mother’s gift, a basis to help us understand the depth of how to pray, return to God, and surrender. God will not let us fail and be disappointed. Today, what we ask and pray in faith, justice, and righteousness, when reasonable, God will certainly never refuse. I thank God in the first days of the New Year. As I pray, I lift up all the challenges and tensions to God. May everything belongs to God. May the submission of humanity soon be in unity, for us to pray, come to the Eucharistic Jesus, and recognize Mother’s teaching to practice in our lives, whether at home or anywhere, in silence and spirituality. Even when we do not physically practice, we practice spiritually with the fundamental teaching Mother gave.

That is the gift of the Six Kowtows to God the Father, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit, to the Eucharistic Jesus, to lift to Jesus with repentance before the Five Holy Marks with one’s heart, and also to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Her triumph. Through our prayers, we ask for help from St. Joseph, the archangels, the twelve archangels who guard the earth, the globe, and the air; the multitude of angels and saints in heaven; and we ask for support through the good examples, the saints’ prayers, and the guardian angels.

The prayer will continue and will be constant and is not against what is in the teaching that God gave to us, with the heavenly world, as taught by Mother. She helped and gave us this prayer for the past twelve years; ultimately, it is the prayer we lift up to heaven. God the Father will never refuse the children who turn to Him, the children who pray to Him, and the children who present everything taught by Mother. Because Mother taught us the prayers, God will intervene and accept them. We do this daily and honor the Eucharistic Jesus to make up for those who still do not believe and those who disrespect Him. Today, the Eucharistic Jesus is in our midst; He suffers, but He is the Lord; He has the power to forgive, and He allows us to see His presence to strengthen the faith of all humanity, all classes, and roles.

Everything that does not come from the world but from the Spirit’s guidance for us to carry out becomes valuable documents for the world. It is a life focused on returning and praying with a repentant heart; these are the moments we stand on the threshold of war and pandemic, looking at the complexity of today’s society. If we do not have an inner life to connect with God in endurance, in patience, where will we end up with our current faith? All of this does not happen naturally but from the Holy Spirit, who teaches us to be steadfast in the faith, to continue on the path of belonging to God, in faithfulness and perseverance, by deed, by forgiveness, by unity, by a zealous heart in service, in each person’s role in regards to the Lord of love and Divine Mercy.

We have Mother to remind us; She will teach us to help us. Let us listen to Her and obey as She obeyed; we will never go wrong and will not do anything contrary to the view of today’s judgmental people. The Holy Spirit will be the Supreme Being who will explain and do it for us so that everything will be accepted very soon, for everyone is in great need. We pray, in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen.

Today, we represent the brothers and sisters in the group, in the first days of the year, who are on a mission to do what God gives with the gift of the Six Kowtows, to be proclaimed and spread in the world. At the same time, I represent my family, everything as we are in unity, our Church, all classes and roles, the parishes of St. Lorenzo, St. Therese, the Incarnate Word, St. Justin, St. Thomas Aquino, St. Thomas More, along with all the parishes that we visit. In particular, we do not forget our homeland Vietnam, especially the Vietnamese people; there are so many Vietnamese brothers and sisters whose faith is only 10%, too many in a small country. May God have mercy on them because God revealed Himself to us and allowed us to testify to the truth. Then may our homeland and the people also know God, receive this gift, and prepare for their life.

All things will come to an end because our lives do not go on forever; there will be times when we realize the purification has come and prepare our souls to ask for God to forgive, sanctify, and transform us to prepare for the day when God will call us back to Him, before the judge. It is also a world we need to know: the Kingdom of God has come, and we need to prepare to enter the Kingdom of peace, with days of refuge, without wars, suffering, and pandemics. Today, we need to know and practice to be worthy to enter that place. We praise, glorify, and honor God; there is never a time when God does not have a way to help us. No matter how fallen the world may be, God’s love and Divine Mercy still love the children who live in days of knowing and returning. Whether they are mature or not, God still waits and grants to those who listen. God will save the righteous ones.

God is the Lord of justice and He specially granted it to us. Thanks to Mother Mary, we practice daily, remember our condition, and ask for forgiveness. With faith, we ask God to forgive, sanctify, and transform us through His Divine Mercy. God, please save and forgive everyone and help us avoid pandemics and wars because the devil uses all means to ravage and attack us. We thank, praise, and glorify God in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Lucia, Maria Nhung, Maria Titus, Hanna, and the brothers and sisters over the phone, conclude at 4:37 p.m., Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at St. Laurence Church. We are kneeling before the Tabernacle on the eighth day of the Octave after Christmas.

We are together in unity to thank, praise, and glorify God. Please accept our prayers for a world currently at war, our Church, and the departed souls; they no longer have the opportunity. God, please have mercy on Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who recently passed away, and Father Dominic Nguyễn Đức Hạnh from the Benedictine Monastery Thiên Tâm, as well as all the clergy, all the departed, especially at the end of the year and in the first days of the New Year. God, please comfort their loved ones and receive the departed souls for whom I pray in the first days of the New Year for them to have the opportunity to return to Your Divine Mercy.

It is our mission and our duty to continue on the path, to pray and go out everywhere to console the Eucharistic Jesus as He allows and grants us the moments to pray so that in the chapels around the world, there is also the resonant voice of the children who come to Him, lift up to Him, and present to Him all the problems in the world. God, have mercy and intervene for us according to Your holy will. Now, I conclude with the brothers and sisters, in the Holy Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, and thank Mother. We ask for the intercession of St. Joseph and all the saints to help us live each day more deeply, responsibly, with more love and sacrifice, for God to have mercy and intervene for us and the world. Amen. Amen. Amen.

 The Six Kowtows of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

June 16, 2022

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Lucia: O Lord, it is 11:19 on Thursday, June 16, 2022, in Saint Theresa Catholic Church. We are facing the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Today is the Solemnity of Your Most Holy Body and Blood, and You grant us to meet to attend Mass this afternoon. After two years of absence because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we meet again to celebrate the anniversary of our group.  

Returning home after the summer vacation, God allows me a newer outlook on this world. Though there are many tensions, God is still the merciful Lord, and for generations, He still grants to His children, including us. In particular, this morning, we listened to the First Reading about the prophet Elijah who did many things with the deeds that God performed through him. In every era, there were prophets and messengers. The deeds of Elijah glorified and attested to the Lord’s Presence among man, choosing a man to accomplish the most significant deeds to glorify God and for everyone to acknowledge, believe, and return to Him. 

The prophet Elijah had a mission. Indeed, we see that in his life, when he fulfilled his duty in his mission, he experienced many trials and challenges, but he remained faithful, truthful, and loyal to the Lord. Thus, he did not die but was taken to heaven by a chariot of fire. It was the glory the Lord granted him when he was still living on earth and also for his soul in the afterlife. These are deeds in the course of history. The Lord has the authority to grant to anyone what to receive. Today, let us not belittle the gift of prophecy because, in every era, the Lord chooses a prophet and messenger for us. After all, no one can do the work of God when they do not know and do not understand. The Holy Spirit alone is the Supreme Being who can accomplish extraordinary and wonderful deeds to demonstrate the gift of prophecy God grants to each person and us in this world.

Today, we do not feel there is anything to fear or worry about because we do not have the qualification and the ability to do what is extraordinary. There are deeds exceeding our expectations when we carry them out, and when they are too wonderful, sometimes we question ourselves and doubt ourselves because we do not know. However, today, there are things we must recognize. Throughout many eras, some prophets walked in the Spirit of God to realize the deeds God performed. The prophet Elijah defeated the 450 prophets of Baal and killed them. The Lord alone has the authority, and His power alone can destroy the world’s idolatry.

Today, the world still has days of idolatry. We always doubt, but the deeds of God bring us faith, joy, peace, and hope. Today, we cannot, out of habit, be dependent on human rules and fail to have the eyes to see far and a profound look to recognize the love of God throughout generations as He sent prophets and messengers to remind us, to teach and help us. We always have God because He certainly sees and understands, and for many eras, He has granted all good things to teach His children, which we are.

That is the happiest thing, but we do not thank God for calling us. Instead, during this time, we doubt, fear, and judge, and we let the world enter our lives according to the law, and from there, we distance ourselves or do not see the value of our grace to realize what God allows. What is the best that we have comes from God. As for what comes from below that belongs to this world, we see envy, jealousy, resentment, doubt, and fear. We are grateful to God because joy, happiness, and peace come from Him.

After twelve years, we go on. For two years, we did not get together because of the situation in the world due to the Covid pandemic, so starting with the days God began to let us meet, we have gathered to spend time with each other, one way or another. God arranges for us to have solidarity and one another. Though we are not siblings in one family, we are brothers and sisters with one Father in heaven, for us to be close to each other, love each other, and recognize our mission from God.

All of us are the children God chooses. Each person’s role is to be a prophet and messenger: a messenger to speak and testify; a messenger to transcribe the messages; a messenger to translate them; a messenger to experience and meditate; a messenger to pray. All of us are messengers in the love of the Divine Mercy, which God specially granted us. We need to understand the grace of God for us to live in joy and be grateful to Him, to grow in His grace each day.

Those are things we need to have toward Christians instead of us doubting and judging that person is the devil, is this person and that person, wasting our time. The devil cannot do anything but cause us to lose peace and fight, but God gives us joy and peace. Why do we not choose the best for us to recognize the presence of God above all? Why do we behave that way? It is because we accept things from this world, with mediocrity and normality, and from there, we doubt, but the Lord is so sublime, so divine, giving us many intimate things, giving us such joy and peace that we cannot even expect.

Let us remember that we always have the Spirit of God in us. We are the temples where the Holy Spirit dwells. It is from the guidance of the Holy Spirit that messengers and prophets can do extraordinary things. It is the same today; the Holy Spirit never stops to help us; we only need to collaborate and listen to the things He teaches us to retain peace and continue to walk the path for which God uses us and chooses us. May everyone mature because we learn from the Gospel; God has granted to the Church the people who have had great learning, are good at preaching, having all that, but the most essential that He yearns for is what?

He yearns for us to collaborate and practice humility, listening, and obedience. God, please have mercy and help us absorb the joy and grace of the Holy Spirit for us to live an ideal life, a life that has You. Our happiness is to have You because we know that this world cannot make us happy. Whether fleeting pleasures, abundant conveniences, money, or fame, all that does not secure anything for a tormented soul and heart. God alone can heal a wounded heart and fill our hearts. Our hearts are restless and seeking because money cannot buy everything. Money and materials cannot buy peace for the soul and cannot buy joy, happiness, and hope.

God is the sole Supreme Being. He is the Author of love. He is the Author who brings us hope and abundant riches in faith to recognize that our world does not belong to this world but is everlasting, with joy, and happiness, in the eternal place in heaven. If we want this, we must understand the history of the Lord who grants us the right that still belongs to us, but the most essential is what we must do to encounter it and understand that it belongs to us for us to continue to live a spiritual life as God gave. God is love and gives us the best. However, in this world, we must overcome days of challenges because what belongs to God then the world hates. Thus, because the holy Apostles did not belong to this world, Jesus asked the Father: “Father, please protect them for them to belong to Me and You.” 

Jesus knew beforehand things that happen. Today, we are also on the same path though we live in silence. We know God loves us and gives us many things when we are still sinners, but God does not look at our sins and weaknesses. He chooses us to become humble and quiet disciples by His side; we have received many things in life; we cannot deny the joys and surprises we never had before. However, as life goes by, we have become habits, and once things become habits, it is difficult for us to rise in enthusiasm. If we want to maintain our grace in joy, we cannot lack prayer, an inner life, and by deed, by trial, overcome the challenges that we need to face.

It is a fundamental thing that most of us ignore for us to choose what pleases us, but those pleasant things will lead us to ask for favors according to habits in life. We always have challenges, and when we cannot resolve matters, who do we seek? We seek God. It is those challenges that will teach us the experiences. God wanted us to live in His way so that from each experience, we will mature more in God’s grace and know how to discern between right and wrong, true and false, and good and evil. We know that God’s holy will teaches us to incorporate into the role in which we testify and is also the opportunity for us to better understand and sympathize with the brothers and sisters when we meet them to share our experiences.

Today, we read that the prophet Elijah faced many challenges; he fled, and many people were looking for ways to kill him. However, this world must also have its law in its order. God gave us challenges; though we cannot change them, we can overcome them with faith. God helped the prophet Elijah; when he was too exhausted, he wanted to die; when exposed to the scorching sun, he also wanted to die. In the end, God was by his side. God ordered the ravens to bring him food. God granted many things in the life of the prophet Elijah who achieved great things for His glory. Most recently, we see how conditions were lacking in the prophets’ times, so they toiled hard, but in this age, we do not labor hard as they did. We have freedom; no one forbids or hangs us upside down to beat us, and no one imprisons us.

However, the most important is that we must challenge ourselves. Can we be persistent enough to serve God and overcome disagreements between ourselves or overcome our pride and arrogance for us to work for God or not? We need to be determined to be more mature when we pray and thank God for the graces bestowed. His teaching will help us understand more. Today, God specifically gathers us to come here on the anniversary of our group to celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. This afternoon, we will attend the Latin Mass. Even though I do not understand Latin, I know that Latin Mass is very solemn. After Mass, as planned through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will have a Eucharistic procession, just like the procession we had at the Benedictine Monastery of Thiên Tâm in Kerens.

As for any other changes, then God, please teach us and help us to properly walk the way with what You want. At this time, I pray on behalf of the brothers and sisters because they will be too busy to offer the Kowtows. Today, I lift this offering on behalf of my brothers and sisters, whether they are present or not. I lift each person to God and ask God to accept this offering, especially today, on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, for us to receive God into our hearts. God is here with us and wants to hear us confide. He wants to listen to the prayers we lift to Him. God, please intervene to help us with things we want to do but have not yet done.

God, please help us each day to mature for us to live correctly according to the role You grant. May the Holy Spirit work in us to remove things familiar in life with human rules and traditions for us to live with an entrusting spirit for the Holy Spirit to decide and plan for us. What we retain, God lets us do, but what we do by ourselves are things that are of the world, and we never succeed. So let us learn to entrust ourselves in God because we cannot achieve with our strength. Let us strive hard to complete what God allows, and He will especially grant us. Now,  I offer the First Kowtow.

I reverently offer the First Kowtow to God the Father.

O God the Father, I adore and thank You. I praise and glorify You. We keep repeating these words, but we do not feel tired of repeating them because we only have these humble, simple, and ordinary words. We are not knowledgeable and learned and do not have any experience. We know we are meeting for one more year and have the occasion to be together to recall the first day God named our group on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood. Throughout the years, there were tensions in the group, and though some people were still loyal, some left the group. Those of us who are here are still faithful and continue to stay with God. 

We are happy because we are not virtuous or talented people, but we know there is no other trustworthy place to entrust ourselves apart from God. God accepts us as we are, whether we are unworthy or imperfect, but God still loves us and supports us. That is our happiness today. So I lift my thanksgiving to God, asking God to continue to teach and guide us to live in His holy will and walk in His way, which is most important. Without God, we cannot perform. If God does not allow it, we cannot know by ourselves. Everything we do is to honor, adore, and surrender before the Almighty, the Supreme Being who loves us and gives us life in this world and the next.

God so loved the world He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Christ. Today, He transfigures, and the bread and wine have become the Body and Blood of Christ to nourish us. Today is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, the name God gave to our group. May we lift our thanksgiving to God the Father. O, Father, there is nothing we can understand, even ordinary and common words. We live with casual working days with the words we know in our limitations. However, in You, with You, and belonging to You is indeed affluence, and within it are words that contain spontaneity, simplicity, and modesty, consisting of humble things with the sentiment of a child lifting to his father, just like the prayer “Alleluia.”

Today, Father, thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, we can call You “Abba.” Human beings like us are sinners, so how can we fully comprehend and understand anything? Still, we have You. Our Father is God the Father to whom we lift today, for us to repeat the word “Abba” intimately. Through the Gospel, we know that we are Your children; though we still have many imperfections, we ask You to teach us, sanctify us, and transform us. Through challenges, may we belong to You, be close to You, and recognize that our lives still greatly lack what we need to do to lift thanksgiving to You, to apologize to You on behalf of all classes and roles, families, and societies.

There are many places in this civilized world where people’s faith is poor and immature, so they have been lured by it, and in the end, the progress of a cultural age of death has caused people to be corrupted and get into the matter of violence. Many things are unacceptable with ethics and morality, but what can we do in this situation that involves our children and grandchildren? We only know to say, Father, we thank You, it has been twelve years, and You have taught us many things through the Holy Spirit. We receive many things through the Holy Spirit’s teaching, but our life of practice is poor. We need to pray because to the world, whether twelve years, a hundred years, or a thousand years, if people do not change, we must continue to pray, persevere, and continue to lift to You. 

To the world, certain things are impossible, but when You allow, then at Your appointed time, everything is possible. So we continue to lift our sins and weaknesses. There are things we yearn for but cannot yet do or achieve. We still have many imperfections, and we do not have any worthy offering to offer You. Father, please sanctify and transform us. May we experience Your love and place You above all else, for all that we do have meaning, joy, peace, and hope. Hope is so essential in this world.

O Father, I lift to You. Please decide for each person’s life. Please plan and arrange for our mission. May we reach out to the brothers and sisters in the world through Your words reported in the books. Father, please decide, plan, and arrange for us to live in Your way, in Your plan, in Your providence. We have You as the Master in our lives, I, and the brothers and the sisters in the group, have nothing to fear. Though we face challenges, accusations, and slanders, we are still happy and peaceful with You and in You. We need Your support. People in the world may accept us, but they can easily change their minds; if they are not pleased with some aspects. Out of ten factors, when people are satisfied with nine, but there is one that has an imperfection, then we lose it all.

So we lift to You: Father, may we entrust ourselves, body and soul, into Your hands. We lift all our works to You, for You to decide. In everything, let it not be what we wish for but may Your holy will be done over us as You want. We know that today is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus, Your Son, the Supreme Being whom You sent to this world, and thanks to Jesus, we live and we still exist.

Today is a memorable day in which Jesus instituted the Blessed Sacrament to remain with us up to this day. Today, I represent my brothers and sisters to thank, praise, glorify God, and to offer the First Kowtow in a spirit of prostration, submission, and penance. Father, please sanctify us, transform us, for us to belong to You and be worthy with the graces You grant, worthy with the Supreme Being whom You sent to this world. It is thanks to Jesus that we have life today. Father, please have mercy on us and the world for us to recognize and return to You. May we belong to You. Totus Tuus.

We reverently offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus.

Jesus, You are the Savior, the Redeemer. Today is a special day. We offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus, the Supreme Being who came to the world and lived in the world for thirty-three years – a mission that was neither too lengthy nor too short – and has given us life and hope. Through His excruciating death, the Way of the Cross has taught us that because of sin, God endured and suffered everything for us today to have the opportunity to choose to either commit sin or stop committing it. Whether we sin or are familiar with it, everything is a choice when we have the occasion. May we have the opportunity to meditate on the Second Person of God, the Supreme Being we proclaim, the One who achieved a great mission, because it was from the excruciating suffering with the Way of the Cross that we have life today.

Today, how do we know the Body and Blood of Jesus, the Supreme Being who remained in the world and stayed with us? That spirituality and divinity continue. Today is the anniversary of our group. Father, You named our group; for twelve years, we still have one another. There were many changes; there was maturity, and there were also challenges. Some of us have matured, and there are also days we become habits. There were good things and bad things as well. The rest is our choice. May we persevere in the days with all the problems, concerns, successes, and failures as we lift them to God.  

Father, please help us remember the Holy Spirit’s teachings. May we not be overjoyed when we succeed, not be too sad and disappointed when we fail, and have peace of mind. God is the peace, the source of grace and hope, the Supreme Being who grants and defends the truth. He resolves all problems for us to walk in His way. That is the Lord full of power. He came into the world, and no one could prevent Him, and the work of redemption has become a great accomplishment. Jesus came back to life from death to bring the resurrection to humanity for our world to still exist in the present hope.

O Jesus, I profess You, trust in You, entrust in You. You came to this world to save me. You conquered death to bring us from the darkness back to God the Father. We profess that You are our Savior. May we honor You every second and minute in our daily lives when we pray because when we pray, we encounter You. When we lift prayers to You regarding issues, difficulties, and unresolved problems, or when we express all things with love, though limited, we love and trust in You.

You alone are our consolation for us to have this day. You alone are the strength to help us overcome challenges, illnesses, the burdens of the flesh, to have the moments to belong to You in a strong proclamation, the Supreme Being we adore, honor, and thank. May everyone recognize this to return to You because only salvation gives us life, and that hope remains until the last minute of our lives. May we trust in You to live a worthy life as You teach, for us to profess the Lord we adore.

O God, our Lord, I lift to You what we still cannot resolve; the questions in the thoughts, actions, doubts, or pain caused by the accusations. However, we are not afraid because we are happy to know Your doctrine. You came to this world to save us through the painful Way of the Cross. Though You were innocent, You accepted injustice and died on the Cross, but that death brought us hope. So today, no matter how cruel the trial of this world is, we still have You who defend us because You knew this path is the one You took to bring salvation to humanity. So today, that is the path we are taking. More or less, we must walk through the Way of the Cross to thoroughly understand the path to heaven is a path that has a price, which we must pay to deserve it.

Moreover, it is for us to overcome things in our weak and sinful flesh, to remove what is still left in us to be worthy to enter the place where Jesus is waiting for each person. He is waiting for the humble disciples whom He loves. He desires simplicity and humility to still be present in the life of each disciple He chose for us to encounter Him in the eternal place. May everyone strive for this to know because God grants all of us equality, but our response to listening and practice is what we face when we stand before the Lord and the Judge when we leave this world. 

O Jesus, I profess You. May everyone understand because everyone must walk this path to conclude our earthly life to go to heaven forever, but we must go through the doctrine of Jesus Christ, with His teaching. We seek to understand and yearn to find what we want, but we forget what we need. Regarding our necessities, God is the Supreme Being who knows. We need to come to Him with heart and learn what He teaches, pray the “Our Father” daily and fervently, say the words slowly, with depth, and understand what He taught. God the Father never refuses things we ask that are reasonable and appropriate, let alone Jesus, the Supreme Being who has taught us and is ready to grant us.

Today, the Gospel also mentioned that Jesus taught us to pray with the “Our Father.”  He also reminded us not to boast, flaunt, brag, and not to desire to hear others praising us, for everyone to know what we do or have intentions with our will and ambition. God, help us become simple and humble, to do everything for You and lift to You. God, please decide for us. We are not ambitious and cannot understand the great value of what You grant. Today, let us continue to pray and offer God glory and joy. May everyone submit before the Almighty, the glorious Risen Lord, who gives us and this world His love and Divine Mercy. 

God, may we know and return to You for us to rejoice with every Mass that the Church reminds us. Especially with the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, there is a sacred and spiritual connection. God is present and allows us to be aware of it to strengthen faith for everyone in humanity. He is the Lord, full of power, with boundless love for humanity. May we respond with love, though we are still imperfect, unworthy, or never deserving, but we know the word that “love” has many measures, by the heart, by the mind, to choose to belong to Him. God, please protect us in Your loving embrace for us to continue to witness, profess, and live worthily through the doctrine that You gave. We adore You and praise You. We pray for many people to know, recognize, and return to You in the proclamation. May we belong to Jesus, the Second Person of God. Totus Tuus.    

We reverently offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit,  You are the love, the light, the truth. O God, You are the light. You guide us out of the darkness when sins and weaknesses weigh down on us. In life, we constantly stumble and fall, which are the days of limitations in our understanding of faith. We live according to the world, ego, and personality, with selfishness. There are many things in an unworthy and imperfect life, including greed, judgment, and doubt. Many things in the earthly life cause us to stumble daily, including distrust, arrogance, and wrongful judgment.

We thank the Holy Spirit for helping us understand that we can become dependent on sin. We were born into sin, but the Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who sanctifies, guides, and teaches. The seven gifts He teaches are the foundation for us to step into this life to live and sharply listen to His teaching. When we live this way, we can harvest many gifts the Holy Spirit grants. May we live with humility, temperance, love, forgiveness, patience, obedience, and a spirit of poverty, to live a life called to serve, to fast, to do penance, to sacrifice, and to humble oneself.

All these virtues come from the Holy Spirit, and they do not end at a point, but the strength of the Holy Spirit and the new breath of the Holy Spirit blows to renew. With the confirmation of the Spirit of God in our lives, all the spiritualities in speech, deed, and action are inexplicable because God allows our prayers to express the feelings and the truths that we greatly need with the dreams of humanity. 

Some people do not know, do not yet know, do not yet understand, and do not yet believe, but we pray for our fellow human beings to know, believe, and return to God. Only the Holy Spirit can teach us wisdom; only the Holy Spirit can clear away our weaknesses in negativity in all situations; only the Holy Spirit guides us to have a new heart and a new love. He is the One who teaches us optimism, a sincere and faithful life, a life of perseverance, for us to know the value of a life with a conscience. His teaching guides us in holiness and truth.

O Holy Spirit, the best belongs to You, and all things in truth, holiness, and perfection, also belong to You. May we understand this for us to live in Your blessing and give up all thinking, rigor, and everything in our ego. Without Your prompting for changes, we seem to follow habits with the ego, which makes it hard to live amid the world because we live selfishly for ourselves. Thus, Holy Spirit, please renew our life, renew us after twelve years, especially on the anniversary of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ this year. We may think we no longer have the opportunity, but to God, nothing is impossible. Believe, and we will receive; seek, and we will find; knock, and the door will open, and there will be even greater things.

O Holy Spirit, please continue to teach us to walk in God’s way, with a meaningful and deserving life, to become people who surrender and submit spiritually and physically, to proclaim the Almighty whom we adore, honor, and pray. Let us praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – the Trinity, One God yet three different Persons – for everyone to receive great graces. May we recognize for us to believe and entrust, to live a life as God calls, to be worthy of the love He grants, to deserve the love He gives, and the wonderful deeds that God has worked over us today.

O Holy Spirit, please continue to teach us to avoid the passions and infatuations in our personal lives. Please help us to change, to be transformed daily, hourly, in our thoughts, actions, and deeds, for us to belong to God, for our proclamation to be valuable for others to receive, listen, and obtain a more mature faith.

O Holy Spirit, we lift to You, for many upcoming works are waiting for us. God, please help us complete everything in Your holy will rather than busy ourselves with many things that we try to do in many ways but lack focus. When we do not let our souls be lifted to God, we work for the appearance. It is the most important thing. God, please help us have perseverance, and from that perseverance, we will discover the best because You will never let the children who seek You be disappointed.  

O Holy Spirit, You are the Supreme Being whom we honor and praise. Please continue to teach us to love God the Father, to honor and love Jesus, respond to His calling, and listen to His teaching in spirituality yet present. We clearly recognize the Three Persons in One God, whom we adore, honor, thank, and praise; and we love the Trinity whom we worship, adore, and prostrate to.  

May everyone recognize this to return to the Lord of love with the Divine Mercy specially granted to us and this world. May people understand that prayers are utterly valuable because, through prayers, we will encounter God. May we be perfect in entrusting and living in hope, which we greatly need in all classes, roles, and situations. God, please have mercy on our world today. We are the people who seek, but what will we be looking for at this intersection of the road? We face war, suffering, pandemic, and the argument regarding unity in the Church and all other places. Only when we unite as one can there be success. Only with solidarity, as one, can God pour graces over humanity, so abundant that our small hands cannot grasp them all.

Thus, what comes from the Holy Spirit is a great favor. Holy Spirit, please help us open our hearts and eyes to recognize what belongs to You and live precisely according to Your calling. May we become sharper each day in joy, love, and hope, because this is an age in which God has granted us His visible presence and abundant graces. That abundance will help us become more mature and is truly meaningful when we belong to God. God, please accept our words of gratitude and praise. We glorify, honor, and adore the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Totus Tuus. 

We reverently offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

The Fourth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Eucharistic Jesus. O God, after twelve years, up to this moment, there are people close to us who still do not understand what we do, but we have harvested a lot after twelve years. Though some brothers and sisters live far away, we all have one Father in heaven, and we spend time together to pray before the Eucharistic Jesus. There is some news in the world that we do not know, either ourselves or through the media. The Holy Spirit guides us to meet to have the opportunity to share the news and be aware of the situation with what is happening.

We are neither smart nor have any schemes. People in the world usually say: when we get along together, then even tubers become round, but when we resent each other, then even soapnut fruits become distorted. To those who were called but have left the group, there is no affection but hate and animosity. However, we do not hate them because we do not want to act the same way as they do, but we must be more generous, as God said: “Love your enemies, forgive them, pray for them, and continue to love them.” God teaches us to love our enemies, forgive them, do a favor for them, and pray for them because if we love only our loved ones, do the wicked people not do the same?

O, Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. We learn from Your meekness, Your patience, and Your waiting. Today, we understand that it is Your teaching that brings us deliverance from the anxiety and the restlessness due to the wrongful rumors, the days of betrayal, the days of slanders, and the days we see injustice in this world. Nonetheless, You compensate us when we are by Your side. 

We see how easily we can be affected through the brothers and sisters who left the group, or through what they did, we grieved. A bit of failure in providing financially for the family or n society or through work, we are already deeply saddened and disappointed. But God is the Lord who died for humanity. He saw all the betrayal; He saw everything from man’s response to Him through the ages but did not give up; He continued to endure till the last minute and died on the Cross. That Cross became the resurrection and allowed us to return for Him to forgive. It is such a great and immense grace. 

Today, we cannot forget the Eucharistic Jesus because He is still with us, and though not in the flesh, He is the Lord who wants to stay with us and dearly loves us with His heart. He became a little host to nourish our souls , and from that nourishment of our souls, we encounter Him and receive Him, gradually feel His love, and from that moment on, we live in faith. Today, God specially grants us and this world, and though some methods are not easy for people to practice, we are able to practice them because of faith.  From that practice, we feel more mature with love and learn how to pray when we lift to God.

We are not like people who stand before the synagogue to boast, but we come to God with a spirit of worship, of love, submissively, to be a good example to kindle the world a spirit of penance and gratitude, which is needed in life, for each person to clearly understand that God is still present yet we are indifferent. The outside world is crowded and we always enjoy ourselves in the places of entertainment. We worry and take care of things in life carefully. God is the Lord who creates things for us, gives us things, and He died for us to have life today. We cannot understand the eternal spiritual world of heaven that we need to prepare for our entire lives and we pay so much attention to the fleeting days of the world. In the end, we lose an extremely significant spirituality. 

God does not blame us, but He has the right to be sad because we have been indifferent toward Him. God has the right to be sad because He created us. He died for us, but we turned away from the Lord who waits for us. So let us kindle our souls to see what is most important. We are good at reasoning, at debating, but we only speak in theory and practice in what we show off. Most of us have ambitious aspirations, while spiritual matters of the soul and heart, which God expects from us, are so few in this world.

Whether the world has a few people or no one, we still have Mother Mary, the only role model chosen by God the Father. Mother teaches Her children. Many children rebel and disobey, but there are also the children who greatly need Mother and are by Her side daily to hear Her teaching, to act and practice as She taught. God looks at those humble children to show mercy to those who still do not understand for them to have the opportunity to return to Him. God also uses the simple to pray for those hardened and who live with indifference.

So we still have Mother, and with Mother, we will understand the benevolent wait of the Eucharistic Jesus. People must believe in spiritual holiness for us to seek to come to God with days of tension and a world in chaos as in the present time, with days of unrest affecting our life, spirit, faith, and all aspects of this world. May we come to God to recognize that we need to have righteousness and practice in life, with sacrifice, to testify, for many people to awake and return to God. Let us come to the Eucharistic Jesus to experience silence, for our souls to feel at peace, and to receive His love as He endured suffering and death for us to have life. Today, He is still present with us, consoling us and giving us hope when we seek to come to Him.

Today we must be affirmative and resolute to realize what God has given us to practice so that we may bear witness to Him for the world to know. We do it on behalf of our fellow human beings, all classes, and roles, in a spirit of thanksgiving, gratitude, proclamation, and acceptance. The radiating glory and light demonstrate the spirituality that exists amid this world, the permission God grants generously, the work of the Holy Spirit specially granted for us to experience and have, and for us to connect to a channel rarely received in this world.

So what is of today is not from human beings but from God, who grants through the Trinity. The presence of the Eucharistic Jesus is a magnificent force to help us entrust ourselves and trust to continue to lead a righteous life and come to the Lord, whom we trust, to practice His doctrine. May this world end the crimes, passions, and allurements with the addictions people seek, with lust, greed, drug, pleasure, and many immoral and horrible things of a world that prefers things that lead people to death. It is death from the cleverness of an age veiled with civilization, but that civilization has led man into the gradual demise of the soul. 

May we come to the Eucharistic Jesus, the flame lit to guide His children, from far and near, back to Him because only this flame of love can help us be more mature. Let us  not lose the great opportunity in the world, as God especially allows, through the work of the Holy Spirit, for that Spirit to illumine all classes and roles, the Church, our society, and all the children everywhere, specifically the Christians. May we do what we need to do and must do because this is the last opportunity for us to be reborn in Him and for many to know and return to Him. Only with God can we have peace, happiness, and security.

We can see the beautiful sun today, but tomorrow there might be a storm or a disaster, then will we still have the days we now have? May we awaken our souls with an inner life when we pray and seek to come to the Eucharistic Jesus, to see the real peace that He grants, for us to be sufficiently calm to face all problems. May we continue on the path that God called us to become apostles. May we bring the Good News, silently, through a prayer life, through the gift as taught by Mother, and the books that God allows us to continue to print, with His words, reminders, and messages, through the Holy Spirit’s teaching, to the world.

May everyone recognize this, to come to the Eucharistic Jesus more reverently and learn more about Him. May we acknowledge the glory and power He gave us to strengthen the faith of all classes in this world, which comes from His love and the love through the Divine Mercy for us to have. All these things come from the Lord Almighty, who loves and forgives us, for us to have the days to profess Him and live worthy of the love that He granted to us.

At this time, we ask to belong to the Eucharistic Jesus, especially on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. Lord, we thank You and honor You because You specially named our group. May the brothers and sisters remember this, for us to live each day with the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus. Whether at home or anywhere, God never stops visiting us to strengthen our faith to live precisely as the calling to testify to the truth.

May everyone submit, surrender and return with a reverent, thankful, and grateful heart. We lift the Fourth Kowtow and pray to the Eucharistic Jesus. We reverently lift to the Eucharistic Jesus. He grants us the opportunity today to speak of Him, to testify to the works He has done, to testify to the truth, for everyone to recognize and return to Him through faith, with depth, with meditation, with feeling, and to live more meaningfully, as God gave and granted us and the world. May we belong to the Eucharistic Jesus. Totus Tuus.

May many people love Him, acknowledge Him, and recognize His wait for us to wholeheartedly unite in the submission, the prostration, to honor, adore, and ask to belong to Him, soul and body, mind and heart. May our Church recognize His wait, talk a lot about Him, for all the sheep of God to submit and surrender before Him, the Supreme Being who is near us and loves us and waits for us in a most lively way, for our faith to be bolder, and for our lives to follow the doctrine.  

May we embrace and understand the meaning of the “Our Father” that God taught us today through the Gospel, so that daily, with depth, with fervent prayers that we reverently lift to the Lord, it is an offering that reminds us daily of the heavenly Father. His plan, His arrangement, His presence, and His love. He sacrificed Himself to become the offering, for us to have life and be nourished spiritually and physically through every Mass, through His Body and Blood, through the presence, for us to visit Him, to lift to Him. Let us come to see Him in every chapel in all countries and nations.

May everyone shows love. Let us come to Him for our souls to receive the gift of peace and serenity to live and recognize His doctrine. We need the practice of a righteous life to belong to Him now until the last minute. Especially in this age, there are countless allurements, distractions, and fears, but God alone can bring us peace, and serenity, for us to not be afraid and perplexed, to have hope in Him alone through the Eucharistic Jesus. 

Father, I adore You and thank You. You gave a name to our group. It is truly a joy and a privilege to receive this. May we appreciate and practice, thank You each day, each hour in our lives, to remember things You teach to practice in our lives, to become the witnesses for many to know You and return to You, to receive Your love, for them to be reborn in You, and to strengthen our faith. We thank You. May we belong to You through the Fourth Kowtow that we offer to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

We reverently offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Marks of Jesus Christ.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Marks, first, I thank You. Thank You for giving me a Mother who is utterly thorough about our spiritual life, who always cares and reminds us. O Jesus of the Five Holy Marks, I thank You for me to receive Mother’s teaching. Mother teaches us to come to God through each Person.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Marks, I cannot thank You enough for the grace You granted me because Mother is the only person who understood the great mission and quietly served with Her “Fiat” till the end of Her life. She was by Your side till the last minute when You breathed Your last breath on the Cross. She was the person who was most sure about this great mission. Thanks to the Five Holy Marks, today, we can proclaim and meditate in-depth. Thanks to Mother Mary, we have this because these aspects help us understand more about God’s love. God came to save us from sin; it is up to us to collaborate and practice. It is neither too difficult nor too easy. 

What we need most is a prayer life by the inner life, by meditation,  which each person has the right to perform and practice because that is our proprietorship through the love God grants. May we understand the meaning of prayer as we do penance with soul, and body, with more focus, and meditation, with things we offer, lift, and present, for us to see and feel the immeasurable love of God the Father for us throughout generations.

That is the First Holy Mark that Jesus obtained for us through the Way of the Cross, the excruciating way that He conquered. That victory gave us what? It gave us life and salvation for our souls. God the Father granted us His boundless love and Divine Mercy through the ages and forever, but do we respond for us to recognize and understand what was done by God the Father through His Son, Jesus? That holy mark is like an imprint in our souls to remind us that the love of God continues to allow us to reform and improve. After the days familiar with sin, we live distant from God, indifferent, unfeeling, and unable to experience when we pray. We pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet but do not understand how His Divine Mercy is and what His Divine Mercy does for us to exist.

The love of the Divine Mercy does not stop at a point, through the ages with people who can learn or explain, but it has a depth for all classes and roles when we meditate on His Divine Mercy, for the little people like us, not learned yet receive His Divine Mercy to have this day. It is the required faith that Jesus attests to, and He wants us to mature to understand this for us to live worthily and meaningfully. We receive from God the Father, and we have nothing more to say but to praise, thank, and honor Him because He is the Lord filled with love and grants many opportunities. He yearns through His Son, Jesus, to confirm the love that He granted us through the First Holy Mark that Jesus brought.

The Second Holy Mark, because of His infinite love for the world, God sacrificed His only Son. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, who obeyed till death, that salvation was accomplished to bring life to humanity and hope throughout the ages. We must meditate on this to understand the Second Holy Mark, to profess Jesus, the Lord whom we believe in – the Savior, the Redeemer – to help us know that each word has conjunction to mean one thing, but there are many things to explain our sins.  

We are sinners. Without the Savior, the Redeemer, we still live in iniquity, familiar with sin and not knowing sins. But we have Jesus, the source of the shining light, for us to leave the darkness of sin that causes each person in this world to stumble. No one can beat one’s chest to claim that one has no sins in one’s life. We were born into sin, but the price of the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, cleansed us of our sins to receive the Holy Spirit. He is the love of the Father and the Son. There must be a clear affirmation because books cannot contain everything, but the Spirit of God teaches us to write and understand that. 

These are the aspects that we contemplate but do not understand and neglect a lot. When we prostrate through Mother’s teaching, we feel the infinite love, the great love given to humanity, because He is the Creator, the Author of love. He is the Supreme Being who created the world for us to be present today, and though we are sinful, imperfect, and weak, His love will grant us life. Thus, Jesus came for us to see and hear. He has sacrificed Himself by the practice, which is the never-ending love to accomplish the mission and save the world.

Let us never lose this great opportunity to live only in humility with faith. We look but have no feelings, so we have become habits. We contemplate the Cross but have no feelings in our lives, but God chose the Cross to die for humanity to bring us back to Him and lift us to understand the sublime things of Heaven, things above. As Jesus said to the scribes and Pharisees, our lives remain in the world, and we explain things with ornate words and beautiful thoughts, but our hearts are hardened, stubborn, and indifferent, so the majority of all things we have today is a failure. Because of this, we must rekindle our hearts through meditation.

In Her entire life, Mother Mary silently prayed. We have this gift from Mother’s teaching, for us to lift to the First Person, the Second Person, the Third Person, the Five Holy Marks of Jesus, Her Son. Mother accompanied Him on the Way of the Cross to Calvary. Before entering His Passion, Jesus spoke about everything to Mother, He confided everything to Mother. He left His love for the first holy Apostles who are the Church. That love was given to Mother and She has remained with the holy Apostles for quite a long time. After the Church started to be established, Mother returned to Heaven.

Mother no longer comes to the world in the flesh but still comes spiritually till this century. Thus, the connection with Heaven never ended because we still have Mother through the Five Holy Marks. Today, Mother Mary has taught us to understand that what we still have is a precious treasure that God has given us through the Five Holy Marks when we comprehend, meditate, and pray. We have seen the magnificent glory that God has specially granted when we prostrate to make reparations before the Five Holy Marks.

The First Holy Mark, we offered to God with the words through the Divine Mercy that the Holy Spirit taught. We profess Jesus for us to be saved, to be forgiven, and to have eternal joy. Jesus has promised to those who belong to Him and live in the doctrine He gave. It is not too difficult nor too easy. We cannot do it by ourselves with our strength. If we rely on knowledge and learning, we will fail, but if we rely on the love of the Holy Spirit and the teaching with the graces and fruits He grants, then we will be able to do it, always able to do it, to understand the love of God, divine, yet so true and close to us. 

The Holy Spirit will teach us everything that He allows us to learn to have the experience, and though we lack knowledge and learning, in the Spirit, we are coherent and say things people need to know. When meditating about the Five Holy Marks, we can focus for a long time and not be distracted. Because when we pray, we speak to God, present to God, and meditate about what Jesus does. It is a basis we have today, and we rejoice because we can meditate to focus more on the meaning of the Five Holy Marks. The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being to whom we must listen. May we be sharp to understand His teaching in our hearts, consciences, and positions of truth, and for our thoughts to not fall into the life of reality, then we are questioned, judged, and crushed by the law.

But in the law with love, with the order granted by God, the law written in the Gospel, with peace, compassion, and unity, then that law comes from God. Today we rejoice because we thoroughly understand meditation. We are not distracted when we lift, entrust, trust, surrender, and submit ourselves with a sinful and weak condition when we lift our prayers with spiritual zeal on behalf of all classes and roles. The Holy Spirit chooses us and gives us this mission, and we thank Him. O Holy Spirit, please pour Your abundant graces over the world, especially over our Church, to have unity, and obedience, to listen to Your guidance through the Pope that Jesus has chosen for him to take care of the shepherds, the sheep, and the flock.

We pray for the leaders in each nation. They are the people who rule over each country because, whether innocent or sinful, whether they know or do not yet know God, they belong to a country that has both good and evil. Leaders are important people, and we pray for them to be righteous and to know God’s teaching. Truth is the foundation to help their country become prosperous and peaceful, with solidarity and unity, for that country to have love and doctrine and not let violence and evil spread.

When people allowed worldly life to control them, we saw how greed, selfishness, personal profit, lust, and wicked deeds have turned into evil to achieve goals. Money causes people to be blind in terms of their conscience, but the Holy Spirit will teach us what is good, true, false, and evil. If we meditate on the Five Holy Marks, we will see the basis in life with the teaching that Jesus brings by the deeds He has achieved. Through His painful death, the nails piercing His body were like a confirmation for us.  

What do we say to the Holy Spirit? We thank Him, we listen to Him, we continue to ask for the sharpness, the enlightenment, to continue to recognize His teaching, and we practice, to glorify Him, to honor Hin, and to testify to the truth. We rejoice because it is not naturally that we speak and know these mysterious and sublime things but the Eucharistic Jesus allows us to, for us to adore Him through His presence, through His light and power, through His glory that was granted to us in this age.

God alone has the right to grant miracles. Only with God can there be miracles, and no one else can perform miracles. Whether from the devil or witchcraft, evil only lasts for a moment, but God guides us to the light of love and guides us with faith. Because we have been so indifferent and unfeeling, we live with days according to habits, but when we feel something that touches us and urges our souls, that liveliness helps us understand it is the Lord’s presence. His power and glory have manifested to help us know that only the Lord, full of might, can do this for us to contemplate and admire His glory. He died to redeem our sins, but the resurrection is the light and glory that today, the Eucharistic Jesus, has manifested for humanity, for us.

Thus, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ has many meanings with depth when we offer the Fourth Holy Mark that Jesus left and instituted for us through the Church. Each baptized parishioner receives the Sacrament that the Church has taught us. We have the right to receive what Jesus gives to each person because He comes to be with us, wants to live with us, and with His love in our hearts. When we receive Him in communion, we do not receive Him in Mass according to our daily habits, but we must experience something because He is in us, wants to speak to us, wants to meet us, and likes to hear us talk. Let us talk by prayer; let us speak throughout the days we have happy stories and sad news. God wants to hear everything.

Is there any father who does not want to hear his child confide in him, who rejoices when he sees his child suffering,  and who does not share his child’s joy when he sees his child happy? We can see the earthly fathers live that way, let alone the Lord who creates us. Our joy is God’s happiness; He dearly desires us to be close to Him. God is the Lord full of glory and might, but He yearns for us to know He dwells in us. We need faith to meet Him. We need faith to see God’s providence in our lives, every minute, planning the best for us. Challenges bring out the best in us. We only need perseverance and faithfulness, trust and hope, and never lose the close relationship that the Eucharistic Lord grants us Christians, the people who receive Him and know Him. 

But people seem to have lost the value of what God granted because of their hardened hearts because they pray without heart. They look at the Eucharistic Lord like an ordinary host and offend and act according to their wish, living in iniquity, with sin, and still acting normal. That is the excruciating pain that Jesus endures in this present world. Thus, what Mother teaches has meaning and is prompting for all of us. We cannot continue to live with hardened, indifferent days, receiving our Lord unworthily, like a habit. Moreover, there is the unworthiness of those with functions, who continue to hide their internal vices and act normally. The beautiful thoughts and ornate words on the lips are the bondage of the devil that brings trouble to the order of the Church, that has done things originating from human beings to offend the Lord. 

We must pay attention to these matters because they are ordinary matters that cause Mother to shed tears, and She has mentioned them. The Lord God became a host for us to receive Him into our hearts on our tongues. For some reason or because of some plan, today, we receive communion on our hands. Jesus has been gravely offended, and there is no day in this world that His Eucharist does not fall to the ground. It is because of these things that today God revealed Himself for us to see that the Eucharist we receive is a magnificent glory of a sky with a brilliant light in the night. The Lord has revealed Himself. Heaven has let us know. That is the strengthening of faith for humanity, a magnificent glory God granted us today through the Five Holy Marks.

The Fourth Holy Mark is a reminder to us. We cannot by ourselves speak and cannot by ourselves know. Today, the description does not come from me but from the Spirit in me, for me to say all these confirmations to kindle everyone to understand and know the meaning when Mother teaches us about the Five Holy Marks. Today, we cannot make up stories. We cannot, but we believe that what we say today and do come from the prompting of the Holy Spirit to help us testify to the truth with what we see, hear, and know, from the Eucharistic Jesus.

May we be in unity. We pray on behalf of all classes and roles in the prostration, surrender, to reverently offer by words that the Holy Spirit teaches us on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, which is also the name of our group. For twelve years, no one supported us, but we still moved forward because we knew that God helped us. If God did not support us, we could not have kept going because we do not know what to say and do not know what to do.

But there are things from the truth that we still do not believe. Jesus came to the world over 2,000 years ago. He waits for us in all the tabernacles over the world because He loves us, but we forget Him, neglect Him, and many still do not believe in His presence. We used to be among those who did not believe in His presence in the Eucharist. We always tend to reject things from heaven from God and accept what is of the world. Jesus spoke, as written in the Gospel, He prayed to God the Father to ask the Father to preserve us because we do not belong to the world: “Father, please protect them for them to continue to live in me as I belong to You and they also belong to You.” 

Today I ask Jesus to pray to God for us like that. What we say here does not come from us, but we believe the Holy Spirit speaks in us. May these words affect those who hear them understand the sublime mystery when we meditate on the Five Holy Marks and reverently offer like an offering, which Mother Mary teaches in the prayer that is the gift of the Six Kowtows.  

We rejoice and thank God because the words that the Holy Spirit teaches us today will awaken many people and help them further know about the rich document through the Six Kowtows. The Holy Spirit constantly grants to humanity and teaches us to understand the Five Holy Marks as we reverently lift, with respect, submission, and praise. The Fifth Holy Mark, as the Holy Spirit teaches, is Mother. She is the one who taught us to lift to each Person and, through each kowtow, to reverently offer in meditation, thanksgiving, with heart, with repentance in both soul and body, mind and heart, through this way of prayer. Anyone can do but what is essential is that we know the Holy Spirit teaches us to lift to Mother.

Mother Mary, we lift to Your Immaculate Heart and Your triumph. Your entire life was in quiet prayer, and in each step, each sign left through Jesus, You are always a profound person, a guide, and a beginning. You teach us to do the Fourteen Stations of the Cross. With each Station, You help us to experience meditation. Today, You teach us to come to God through the Five Holy Marks. Everything clearly shows in the Five Holy Marks. Your life, Your example, Your beginning, and today, You are our Mother, the person who guides us back to God. You lead us to meet God. You lead us to God.

We always need You. Mother, please help us understand the great value, the doctrine we cannot forget. Jesus practiced that doctrine and granted it to us. He left to us the last words said to You. Jesus desires You to replace Him because He has accomplished and returned to God the Father, but You remained for years. Today, You continue in that plan and role to help us, support us, and bring us back to God.

You do not teach us things that are difficult and impossible. You teach us to conquer life when we understand and learn to focus when we pray. Prayer is a great way to meet God. Prayer is hope, the basis for us to live an everlasting heavenly life. Jesus died, offered, and granted us the Holy Spirit. Because of this significant value, humanity, up to this day, still cannot open this book through the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

So today, Mother teaches us to practice so that from people who neither understand nor know, from being little people, we practice this way of prayer daily. This way has helped us lift ourselves, experience deeper, shed tears out of compassion, feel lively in our soul, mature, and understand how infinite is God’s love. Our beloved Mother has guarded this treasure for us till this day, until we mature, and help us clearly understand what God grants in the remaining days and the last days of the century.

These are the moments of salvation. Mother is the person who teaches us to focus on this way of prayer to come to God by a method with depth. From that spiritual depth, from the apologies, the way we do becomes a habit, and we no longer feel shy or hesitant before people. We pray directly with God by proclaiming, apologizing, by giving thanks in a way that today we practice with both soul and body. We pray for God to accept the offering reverently lifted in a spirit of penance and repentance by pleading and beseeching, praying for God to save our world, rescue the human world, and save a generation in civilization and sophistication, but in a culture of death.

The sublime way taught by Mother helped open our hearts to understanding the meaning of prayer. Joy and peace are present among us. Despite critical changes and many events, no one can take away what we need to know, which is the love of Jesus granted to us. He is our Saviour, our hope. He is the Savior, in the Lord Jesus Christ, with a glorious and triumphant resurrection. That silent prayer has helped us attain a definite spiritual reformation with an understanding of the depth of faith that Mother Mary brings to the human world.

We need to thank and honor Mother and listen and continue to proclaim what we practice to glorify the Supreme Being who brings us the resurrection to help us live with meaning. May we be reborn in the Lord Jesus Christ and recognize the presence that today, we need to revere, to be grateful when we contemplate the Five Holy Marks of Jesus Christ. God’s desire and longing is to save us and help us step out of life limited in understanding, indifferent to the days we only live in rules and habits, and awaken those who have positions in the ranks of the Church. 

God chooses and grants to them, and we pray that they do not use power but love and the teaching Jesus gave them. He calls them to bring the lost sheep back, to bind the wounded sheep, and come to Him. May they come to God like an offering through the responsibility that they assume. May they not allow the civilization of the world to control them and cause them to become alienated from God, rigorous and busy with all the realities in life, but a spirit with love seems to be missing.

It is something important that Mother wants us to pray. All classes and roles need to contemplate and meditate on the Five Holy Marks, and we will see the rich and precious value that Mother teaches us. She is the Author of the Six Kowtows and teaches us to pray, meditate, lift to God with soul and body, seek to come to God, and ask Him to intervene in tense situations and many events with the urgency of this present age. Who says that this is wrong? Who says that this is fanatical? That is a shallow and plain viewpoint when people do not yet understand and know. It is easy for anyone to say something regarding all aspects or beyond that, but the practice is quite difficult. May we remove our ego, shyness, and reluctance to lift to God as an offering in penance and gratitude and reverently lift to the Five Holy Marks on behalf of all classes and roles.

May God forgive us for us to return to Him because only with our souls turned toward God can we have joy, hope, and peace. We trust, entrust, and reverently lift to God because He has come to save us. The remaining resurrection is from our collaboration to resurrect with Him, to belong to Him or a separate world. We live in an earthly world abounding in comfort, civilized and sophisticated, but we feel heavy in our souls, indifferent with faith, and we walk the path with days of the culture of death. We esteem it and lose the great spirituality that Blessed Mother yearns and desires for us to understand and learn to practice to live in hope from Her teaching.

The main point is life with days of exile, whether there are many successes, but the most important is for the soul to eternally be with God. That is important. If everyone thinks this way, the world never faces days of war, suffering, and plague. To have war, suffering, and plague in the world means we err and do wrong. Let us awaken, rise, and listen to Mother’s word to take the returning path. Let it not be too late or tardy. We ask in the name of God, the Lord of love, now and forever. We belong to the Five Holy Marks. Totus Tuus. 

The Sixth Kowtow, we reverently lift up to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.

O Father, first, I thank You because You have chosen for us a mother and gave us Mother Mary. Today, there is nothing more we can say. For centuries, Mother has worked. For years, Mother has practiced. Even for the sinful and imperfect little people like us, who do not understand and do not know, Mother has also taught us for the past twelve years. Today, we cannot forget to thank Mother and to lift to Mother before we work, which is something not easy for the Church to accept and also difficult to be explained according to theology. We just know that in a simple and humble spirit, the Holy Spirit kindles and teaches for us to offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph, offering our apology and gratitude.

Mother, we thank You and honor You for the works You do. You have taught us, and we have practiced. From that practice, we have found the treasure in this world. Though the days are still imperfect, this treasure has helped us to stand up and clearly understand what belongs to God, who offers to humanity. If we, who see, hear, and understand, but do not testify, who is the person to testify when Mother has specially given this gift so greatly needed to the world? Now, Father, please allow me to lift to Mother.

O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Savior, Mother of the whole of humanity, Mother of each sinner, each culprit, each penitent, each patient, each person in purgatory, Mother of the Church, of the clergy, of each person spiritually and physically ill. We are affected by the present plague, and You have come to help us from this plague with no remedy if we do not return to God.

It is a confirmation for us to lift to God and Mother. Mother, please accept our gratitude and thanksgiving. We thank and honor You. You alone are the person who understands us the most because You were also a person who lived on earth, and God chose You. You know our weaknesses. You understand the weakness of humanity struggling through all problems, dependent on a civilized and sophisticated world, and mainly a world of iniquity. We cannot stand firm if we do not have You as our role model, a person who silently sacrifices and prays for us. How can we exist today if we do not have You as the Victor with Your Immaculate Heart and Your triumph?  

From the love of God given to You and the graces God pours over You, You grant those graces to us, and in any situation, You seek us to bring us back. You are also very patient with sinners like us, and You never let us err too far. You constantly shed tears, even blood tears, to remind us. You are always by our side to guide us back. You always respect us. You always desire for us to listen and practice, spiritually and physically. You do not want us to feel forced, and You do not want us to return out of fear, and one of those days, we keep sinning over and over in our lives. Sin has caused God grief and has disappointed You, so in each generation or each situation, You look for us to bring us back. You seek us from one nation to another. You always seek us to guide us back to God.

Today, with this kowtow reverently offered to our beloved Mother, we still cannot thank Her enough for the things She has taught to help us from the days lured by sins. There is nothing we can do if we do not have Mother praying for us. If we do not have Mother teaching us, how can we know and zealously go on? Though we face tension and disagreement, we persist because we know there must be days of battle. We must overcome challenges and trials since we must deal with the present life.

Father, I thank You. I want to say thank You over and over. I thank You for giving us Mother and for us to hear Mother’s teaching. I thank Jesus for entrusting the Church, humanity, and sinners like us to Mother. Mother accepts us as Her children, so in our days with imperfections and shortcomings, Mother sheds tears but never scolds us. Mother is always gentle, always sweet, and humble. Mother obeyed Her entire life. We cannot learn this yet, but the example reminds us to do it. After twelve years, it is another anniversary for our group. More or less, though we are not yet perfect, we have matured a lot.

I thank You, Mother, for giving me this gift of the Six Kowtows. I thank You for all the brothers and sisters present today. May they mature and be happy because they believed and recognized the real presence that You granted us for the days on earth. After the past twelve years, I cannot thank You enough. I cannot express all my sentiments to show gratitude. When I reverently lift the Six Kowtows, I remember that spiritually and physically, we take the arranged path where You lead and help us not to go too far ahead or know to stop in our inattention. The most critical point is the help we receive to complete our mission.

Mother, on this anniversary, we no longer have all the brothers and sisters as in the beginning. We cannot forget them because we are still human beings with love, affection, and feelings. However, there are things we cannot prevent with our strength. As for those who remain in the group, we love and support one another; we cannot lose another person. Mother, please help the brothers and sisters who left the group to have the moments and the time to recognize what they have lost and cherish what they currently have, to live more improved and in God’s way, help them not to stumble and fall a second time in their lives. What a pity!

Mother, please have mercy on those brothers and sisters who are no longer with us. May they keep things taught by You, things received from the gift of the Six Kowtows, and things they discover not from books but from the Spirit of God who has guided them and they practiced. More or less, may they not live in blindness, not be led astray by impostors and those who are jealous, those who have caused them to lose what belongs to the truth because they are people who must practice until this day. How unfortunate for those with an immature faith and so pitiful for those who cannot persevere! How sad for those who lack prayers and doubt things to end up in this situation!  

I lift to Mother everything. Mother, please help us learn from the experiences of those brothers and sisters and live truly righteously, humbly, and obediently. May we listen, be united, and challenge ourselves to no longer fear so that each challenge helps us earn an experience in our lives and become persistent and faithful. May we hold onto and touch Mother’s virgin mantle for it to cover us. When we have stumbles or face challenges, may Mother’s mantle cover us, for us to not go too far and not let our hearts be sad when we are disappointed to make mistakes regarding the significant works in our lives. These are the words I say and lift to Mother.

Mother, please have mercy on our relatives, all the brothers and sisters in the group, especially myself, my children, nieces and nephews, my brothers, and my relatives. Please have mercy on those who walk with me, those with children and grandchildren whom they yearn to see saved and walk in God’s way. With the gift of the Six Kowtows, I pray on behalf of all our children and families, whether they are present here or not. Mother, please have mercy and give them the opportunity that one day, if they still disbelieve, for them to believe. Because these are the remaining times, may they recognize things that You teach to help souls stand up and resolutely return to God. Sinners in this world have nothing else besides prostration, submission, apology, gratitude, and return to God because that is the humility we need. You teach us to lift daily prayers on behalf of all classes and roles and to unite to pray for the countries at war.

Mother, please have mercy on the people in the countries that are not prosperous. May war ends; may life be civilized but in God’s way, in His doctrine, in the teaching that is the basis of moral and ethics, which is most important; may people not forget or neglect. Mother, please help those who are stubborn and obstinate to see the failures of what they are choosing. May they not forget their conscience or morals because of money and materials. May they not allow the devil to control them in crime because many people have made sacrifices, the innocent people who do not know God, who do not recognize God, died, and they are repenting in the dark. Mother is the person who has taught us and helped us pray for the living to repent and return, to recognize God and believe in Him. Mother also teaches us to pray for the souls that do not know God; these souls are in a dark place; they long and yearn, and their loved ones have forgotten them.

The gift of the Six Kowtows has helped bring the light of the Divine Mercy to shine in the darkness, especially when we pray for the souls, and that spiritual encounter is allowed by a voice to kindle a more steadfast faith life. We know that God will never refuse the most sublime and good things because they are things God gives us, but do we have enough faith to perform, enough faith to testify, and enough faith to do it or not? Everything comes from God for us to do our best. We receive the most perfect granted to us, so may our hearts not feel afraid, concerned, or doubtful. God alone gives us the best to do; otherwise, we have no way to do it. Even with words that sound good, in the earthly life, with words from our lips and theory, these words will only last for a moment, but the truth will last forever.

Mother, please bless us and all the people who receive the gift of the Six Kowtows for them to recognize that they need to come to God each day, like an offering, for God to intervene and protect them. We wait for the day God gives us a spiritual life. He will intervene when we entrust and reverently lift to Him, with His providence for us, for all our works, and the brothers and sisters. God is the Lord of love, and Mother Mary guides and teaches us to return to Him. Let us return to God because He is waiting for us. Apart from His love and Divine Mercy, we have no other place to trust and entrust in a certain way.

Today, Mother guides us back, but Mother wants us to live worthily by a life in which we must learn to pray to remove all things of old in a sinful life, things that have become habits with our ego and personality. A life requires sincerity, humility, sacrifice, charity, generosity, and giving up the rigor in life. Let us live generously; we still face many things in real life. In terms of finances, we still have many challenges. It is due to selfishness that many people face hunger in the world. The rich have plenty, but they throw it away rather than sacrifice for others.

It is so important. God, please help us be detached from things of the world because everything belongs to You, and Mother is the person who helps us to achieve it. Money and everything become meaningful and belong to God, for God to use us and allow us to testify to the truth that Mother Mary gave us for the past twelve years, for this gift to be spread to the world and practiced. We need to learn to come to the Eucharistic Jesus and receive His acceptance when He manifests Himself by His Eucharist, by the entire heavenly court, and by allowing us to write down the words and take pictures, which is the proof from Heaven that God grants.

Mother, we thank You so much. Please continue to teach us life with obedience, humility, prayers, silence, patience, and perseverance. May God plan and arrange our lives for all things to be in His providence and with Mother’s arrangement and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. We are happy because when we pray, Mother teaches us to come to Saint Joseph, Mother’s companion. God the Father chose Saint Joseph to be Jesus’ foster dad when on earth. Saint Joseph is a great saint. God the Father always favors Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph’s prayer will help us to receive things we long for when we lift to him to ask for his intercession.

Saint Joseph lived an exemplary, just, and righteous life; a life with obedience, a life with duty and responsibility, the Holy Family’s life, and an example with the chaste life of a person consecrated to God. We lift to Saint Joseph, the patron saint of each family in this world, to help the fathers and mothers live faithfully, loving one another, living for the children. The life of Saint Joseph was that of a person who is responsible, but in this age, we no longer have the opportunity. We have ended up in a situation of days of being abandoned, betrayed, even ourselves. Because of these points, we ask Saint Joseph to help us cherish chastity and purity and consecrate ourselves to God through the exemplary life Saint Joseph has practiced.

May we belong to God to testify to the truth. Today, Mother guides us to pray to ask for Saint Joseph to protect us. He is the patron saint of the Church. May those in the ranks of our Church, including cardinals, bishops, and priests, learn from Saint Joseph’s example because he lived a chaste, pure, and laborious life. God accepted to choose him to become the foster father of the Savior. We must meditate on and ask for the saints’ prayers. Mother Mary prays on our behalf because we seem to lack prayers, and we do not pray. We consider prayers banal; we have left reality to control us by sophisticated machines, which are the black boxes God allowed Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton, the first American saint, to understand. In a civilized world, the black box will be the instrument where we easily sin and are greatly distracted about a righteous life.

Since this has happened in this world, we must pray. To have the black box in this world is the modernization of the age. If we live based on virtue, then the black box helps us greatly in the life of witness, but if we lack morals, then the black box, with the convenience of the age, through the cell phone, will cause us to sin and gravely offend God, one way or another, by words or actions, and lies. This age is a civilized age, but it is truly terrible. We must pray and ask Saint Joseph to intercede for our world to live in righteousness and integrity to hear the Holy Spirit’s teaching.

We have three archangels. Mother knows that the three archangels are keeping watch. They are chosen by God to maintain peace and to give us all that is best when they act and help us. Our world faces days with urgency, many tribulations, and unexpected events, and many crimes are raging in this horrible world that has led man into depravity. Men have been corrupted through homosexuality, through days of fetuses torn away from the wombs, and those abortions have become countless crimes committed; the unborn babies have cried in space, and Mother Mary heard them.

Because of these matters, Mother wants us to pray to the archangels, especially the three archangels. May they support, intervene, and dispel the devil’s traps and snares. May they help us have faith and pray to give up all the crimes from our weaknesses, which caused us to collaborate with the devil, for that to become the laws of a civilized world. In this world, people kill many fetuses daily, which is a cruel act that offends the creation of God. Besides, there is the offense to the law of God, who created a man and a woman. Today, our society accepts homosexuality, but according to God’s law, this is a great offense. These are the matters, but we are little people, so how can our voices be heard? Some people speak up, but the majority still yield to the desire of the flesh to satisfy their lust, for all the crimes to increase daily like today.  

Mother Mary wants us to pray by penance, from soul to body, and spend a lot of time coming to the Eucharistic Jesus to ask for His intervention for the current situation in society and the world, with the ongoing war, with the problem of economic manipulation, and then famine in the future. There will also be terrible plagues caused by man with nuclear bombs and horrible chemical weapons that threaten all of us. 

These are matters the world seeks ways to usurp the authority of God to rule, but it forgets that we still have the Eucharistic Jesus, and we still have Mother Mary. She is the person who protects our souls and guides us back to God. We still have the archangels, and we pray to the twelve archangels. We know they are quiet, but they guard the earth and the air. We must pray because the devil is using all clever ways to destroy the atmosphere of the world God gives us. We pray for the archangels to help us and destroy the traps and snares of the devil scheming to kill the innocents and victims like us.

There are many things in the politics of a society. We must pray because we are little people and cannot do anything, and no one resolves problems for us because of the hordes of evil all over the world, but we still have the Lord who stays with us today. He is the Eucharistic Jesus. We must come to the tabernacle and knock to ask the Eucharistic Jesus to save and help us, mainly the victims who have died from the pandemic and those who will die in the current wars. We still have Mother Mary teaching us, and when Mother prays for us, God the Father will not remain silent. Because of these points, we pray to the archangels. Thanks to Mother’s intercession and teaching, we come to the archangels and pray for them to hear us. We are failing because of our sins. We cannot continue to let the unrighteous oppressors take away the faith life of the innocents in each country.

Because of these points, we ask for heaven’s help. We believe that the saints were people like us at the beginning of their lives, but they found the truth and believed and lived with faith. They sacrificed themselves, unafraid of death, to bring us the books of faith through their lives, deeds, and testimonies. I believe that when they returned to heaven, they prayed for us. I truly desire them to pray for us and help us learn from their good examples, for each of us to have faith with action, to glorify God.

May we learn from their examples to testify to the truth and listen to Mother to live a quiet life, keep on praying to continue to go out to sow the seeds that Mother silently allows to come to everyone who has an inner spirit for them to practice. May this connection receive the intervention of God for us in this critical time as we pray and lift. We still have our guardian angels and many things God bestows on us abundantly. If Mother did not teach us this gift, then we still live days of drowsiness, living according to habits, and not understanding what we have. This gift is precious and helps us experience and feel vibrant with this great grace essential in this critical age.

We have the help of the guardian angels. They will always pray for us, remind us, and help us. They are also the angels who fully support us to help us on the path of righteousness because we are easily discouraged, easily stumble, and fall into a situation with the domination of money, materials, and many problems in life. Please help us live worthy lives. Thanks to the help of the guardian angels, we are not wrong and do not do things that God does not call us to do. 

Everything of this day, we lift with a sincere and grateful heart. We unite with all the brothers and sisters, especially on the anniversary of our group’s name, which is so significant, to ask God for protection. It is the basis we need from God with this gift granted to us. May we move forward each day through Mother’s arrangement and the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment to help us live in chastity, in purity, and examine ourselves daily in our lives, to not go on living according to our habits but be renewed when taught. Please help us reform and improve ourselves in humility,  listening, and obedience for our lives to be peaceful and happy, with meaning. Mother hopes and waits for the maturity of each one of us every day.

Today, I want to thank God, praise and glorify God, and thank Mother. Mother, please accept our thanksgiving, our gratitude, for You. May we thank Saint Joseph, the three archangels, the twelve archangels, the entire heavenly court, the angels, the saints, and the guardian angels with our thanksgiving and gratitude lifted. Without help from heaven, our world cannot win the battle between good and evil in today’s age. That is what we see before our eyes. Peace is vulnerable, and a life of justice and righteousness is also lacking. The days have become days of violence and anxiety. There are many things that we worry about with our daily needs and the incapacity to provide to serve the needs of each nation as we face the situation of today’s society.

Today, we live in a prosperous country; we still have the opportunity to continue to go out to bring the seeds from Mother to help us strengthen our faith when the events happen. Though events will happen, God will grant us double the grace. The infinite Divine Mercy of the Lord, the Author of love, is given, but things we choose, what we currently have, are sins. We have rejected God and forgotten Mother’s words with Her tears. We are hardened and indifferent, so we must bear what we choose today. But in the last hour, we will be saved and receive the intervention because Mother Mary has prayed for us, helped us, and given us this gift.

With the daily practice of this gift of the Six Kowtows, surely God will never refuse with the children that beseech Him, the children that return to Him, and the children that obey and practice and testify to the truth. We are not like those mentioned in the Gospel, who are the scribes and Pharisees who like to pray in public. No, we are not like that, but we remain in the church through the Holy Spirit’s guidance to remind people through veneration with depth. When we pray, in the church, with no one left in the church or the chapel, or at home, or any place, we pray this way, to glorify God, to return to God, to obey and listen to Mother to practice things She teaches, which is a prayer by the depth of the soul, by the heart, by true repentance.

God, please have mercy, hear our prayers and bless all of us in this 2022 anniversary for our group. It has been twelve years since we received God’s grace, and we have practiced the gift of the Six Kowtows for the past eight years. This gift has become the seed sown all over the world. We will continue to go out to keep sowing more seeds. God, please help us continue to sow seeds to kindle the world with the loving words as You granted Your intervention to our world. That is the hope that we, all classes and roles, need.

Lucia, Anne, Maria Nhung, and Maria Titus conclude the Six Kowtows on the group’s anniversary. This afternoon, we will attend Mass: the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ and do the procession. We will spend time with God on the day God gathers us to celebrate the anniversary of our group. For tomorrow, and the upcoming days, God, please plan and arrange for us according to Your program. I do not know what to write down, but the Holy Spirit will work as He has realized things for us many times through His program. I thank God, praise God, and glorify God. God, please grant me more strength and grace to continue in Your program with the brothers and sisters. The Solemnity and our anniversary are very important to us after the past two years. It is the twelfth year of our group, and we are all together here. We thank, praise, and glorify God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

One more time, God, I thank You, praise You, and glorify You for this opportunity to keep practicing things You teach and to maintain the spiritual life You grant. We lift to You all our worries, sorrows, and problems; as for our successes and things completed in the days, whether many or few, they belong to You. We lift them to You. There was joy, sorrow, worry, concern, and imperfection. We lift everything to You on this anniversary to recognize that after twelve years, there are many good things that You grant, but we seem to forget them, and when there are problems, then we always have worries.

God, please forgive us because everything is Yours. Everything is in You; everything belongs to You. I lift to You like an offering. After twelve years, God, please sanctify us to walk in Your way and live in Your program. We conclude at 10:11, which is the number that indicates the presence of the Trinity. God, please accept and hear our prayers. I profess, thank, praise, and honor God in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.

I thank God. After the prayer, we see the three numbers 111 appear on the cell phone, which is the presence of the Trinity – One God, three Persons. I adore, honor, and thank the love of God. God, accept our prayers as we lift on behalf of the Church, society, and the world. May our Church be united, and for the Pope’s plan of synergy to embrace the action of the Holy Spirit in a new way in today’s world. And we pray for the renewal of society to prevent the crime of abortion, homosexuality, and subtle things that have caused many to fall into snares, especially the young men and women in today’s youth.

God, I pray for You to save them and help them return to You. I also pray for the brothers and sisters in the “House of God the Father”; they are people whom You choose to work in a program of healing and exorcising. From this work, many people recognize that the devil is raging in the world, working through human beings. The devil is fuming and raging in this world. We know it is the grace of God working through the “House of God the Father” for the people who have the gift of exorcism to save the world and those who live in misery and illness caused by the devil. I pray for our Church of Vietnam and the people in Vietnam to testify and recognize what comes from God. I pray for the Vietnamese people to accept Thiên Thương and all the priests and those who have the gift of exorcism for them to continue to help others. Through the grace bestowed by God, may they gather all the children of God near and far so that the devil will no longer rage in the people who are weak or those who do not yet know God and have stumbled.

It is a most critical time. I lift to God the Vietnamese government and the Church of Vietnam to accept the work of the people who belong to the “House of God the Father.” I pray for them to work and save many in the world through their gift of exorcism. I pray for God to grant us though silent, to always be by the Eucharistic Jesus’ side, with His divine presence, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and Mother’s arrangement. We do not need fame in this society, but we only want people to welcome the books of the Six Kowtows, the gift from Mother, and practice, then we are satisfied with the assigned program. That is the most joyful thing for us to ask. We cannot face the world a great deal because many people have caused us a lot of pain. 

We pray for God’s grace to be over us. It is enough that God knows and God accepts. As for the others, may they welcome the gift for them to practice. We do not need the attention from others. We also do not need to know anything. We only perform according to God’s holy will, in God’s program, thoroughly guided by the Holy Spirit, and with Mother’s arrangement. May we work according to God’s holy will and not according to our will. That is the most important thing in the collaboration and unity to become witnesses in this age, silently, as the apostles chosen by the Eucharistic Jesus. Today is the anniversary of our group, the day of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, which is the name God gave to our group.

May we live correctly as the word of God granted to us and the name given to us. May we live to be worthy; may we be holy and pious to become the people who silently practice. May people recognize God in our lives, for them to practice and believe. As for those who caused us trouble and who wrongfully accused us, we know we cannot argue with them. God, defend us from those erroneous rumors for people to have the answer. May our reputation be restored from any impurity. May this gift be accepted by those who receive it. God, do not allow the enemy to continue to cause those who need to receive this gift to lose the opportunity.

I only want to share these confidences on the anniversary day of our group with God and Mother. This afternoon, I will attend a Mass that is very important to us. In the days all of us are meeting here, in Houston, God, please grant us good health, serenity, safe trips, and for all things to be peaceful on the day of the anniversary of our group. We ask for God’s blessing, Mother’s arrangement, with the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, and heaven’s blessing.

The Divine Mercy

Chaplet Meditation

January 13, 2022

    The Mercy of God, hidden in the Blessed Sacrament, the voice of the Lord who speaks to us from the throne of mercy.              – St. Faustina, April 30, 2022

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The First Decade in the Divine Mercy Chaplet:

O Heart of Jesus Christ, who art the King of Love, please rule over my heart and lead us back to Your Salvation. I reverently offer to God the Father the first decade of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

O Lord, our God, today, on the 13th of the first month of the new year, I respectfully bow and reverently offer to You the first decade.

O God the Father, I thank You for the countless blessings poured over the whole world in general and granted to us in particular. May everyone recognize and return to You, return to Your Divine Mercy. Father, please transform and sanctify us – for our lives to daily become meaningful as Your children, as human beings, aware of righteousness. Father, please have mercy and heal us, body and soul, for us to return to You and be thankful to You.

The Second Decade in the Divine Mercy Chaplet:

O most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, please bring us and humanity back to Your love. I reverently offer to the Lord Jesus Christ the second decade.

I bow in adoration and thanksgiving to Jesus, our Savior, and Redeemer. Jesus obeyed God the Father and sacrificed unto death to redeem the sins of humanity on the excruciating path with the Cross. He gloriously triumphed, brought us the Resurrection, and gave us the chance to become children redeemed and forgiven. May we understand the meaning that God granted, for us to live each day worthily with what we know and hear. May we become humble warriors, continuing silently to do our duties. Let us pray for our fellow brothers to awaken and return with the salvation that God grants to humanity.

The Third decade in the Divine Mercy Chaplet:

O Lord Jesus Christ, may Your Heart rule over the entire world. I reverently offer to the Holy Spirit the third decade.

O Holy Spirit, You are the light, the truth, the love. We constantly need Your love, Your guidance, Your enlightenment. Please help open up our souls, our minds, our hardened and indifferent hearts, and return to the ardent love that God grants especially for us to be wise, to discern what is holy, what is evil, what is right, what is wrong, what is true, what is false, and return to Him.

O Holy Spirit, our world needs You. Only You can guide us back to righteousness, help us find the truth, grant us peace and harmony. Holy Spirit, please enlighten those who still do not believe – to believe; those who still have not returned – to return; those who still do not recognize God – to know God for their lives to have days that are more meaningful.

The essence of life is not money or ambition. But it is the heart, the truth, the best in the spiritual and physical, for us to live meaningfully with: Affection, love, patience, forgiveness, generosity, support, sharing – so that this life and the next can be one in truth.

O Holy Spirit, please help us to be determined in removing what belongs to sin; to step into a new chapter inside of love with your guidance; prompting us, visiting us, and enlightening us as You grant to us when we offer the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Holy Spirit, please open the eyes of the world, renew the face of the earth, for everyone to turn to holiness and belong to God. Only You dispel the darkness to bring light, joy, and love through the Divine Mercy granted to us and the whole of humanity.

The Fourth decade in the Divine Mercy Chaplet:

O most Holy Heart of Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive, transform us, and all of humanity. I reverently offer to the Eucharistic Jesus the fourth decade.

O Eucharistic Jesus, this morning You visited us once again. This is the closeness You grant to us; You are always present and come to visit. You manifest yourself so we can see Your love. You are by our side when we are sad and worried and when we have meetings to pray for the world with concern for all problems and all situations. Whether or not we are aware, You always protect and guard us.

O, Eucharistic Jesus, it is time for everyone to honor You, recognize You, come to You, and return to You. You have waited too long for us. Out of love, You waited for us till this moment. You endured our offenses and accepted bitterness because of our indifference, apathy, and coldness toward You. You do not give up and return to heaven to sit upon the throne that belongs to You; but You silently remain in all the empty churches, in the tabernacles that no one visits. We come by for Mass, then afterward, we forget You. Often, those individuals with functions and the laypeople lack respect toward You.

O God, You endure so much. You bear too much out of love for humanity. You suffer so much while you wait for humanity. Today, may we be aware of Your waiting, Your patience; for us to return to You, and compensate for what we have been lacking in doing. We can atone a thousand times; yet it is still insufficient. But, at least we understand what is happening with Your presence, we need to tell everyone about You.

We must profess and testify to the truth for the Eucharistic Jesus to be known to everyone. For the Eucharistic Jesus to receive the reverence and respect which is due from each generation in a formal way. It begins now as a starting generation, though these are the remaining and final days.

We must prostrate, worship, adore, honor, treasure, and respect God. We must lift up to Him so that we can have an inner life and experience the love that He granted us up to this day. May we return to recognize the consolation and joy God gives to help us, forgive us, support us, and intervene for us. At this moment, no one can refuse God because through the disasters, trials and pandemics, we realize the meaning in life. If we do not have God in our lives, when we face situations between man and man, to whom do we ask for help? Who is the person who has enough power and love to save us and give us the consolation and hope that we need in life?

O, Eucharistic Jesus, we lift our thanksgiving to You on behalf of all classes, all roles. We knew, saw, and we heard, but still did not fulfill our duty; God, please forgive us. Please help us be decisive in 2022 and, at all costs, complete our responsibility to bring You to everyone who needs to know, for them to know. You alone give us hope, harmony, and joy which we need in the most stressful and critical moments we experience in this life. 

God, please help us be steadfast to go on. God, may everyone surrender, submit, and return to You to receive the protection You grant to each person for us to grow in faith. May we find a new source of life and consolation; an inner life, with the prayer that Mother Mary taught us to practice with our hearts. Let us honor, cherish and revere Him for us to receive graces, to be steadfast in this life. Despite the trials in this life, let us come to God, for us to be unburdened, for us to entrust and live meaningfully as His children.   

The Fifth Decade in the Divine Mercy Chaplet:

O Heart of Father, please bring humanity back to Your love. I reverently offer to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ the fifth decade.

With the fifth decade, I bow to adore and thank the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ. God came to this world, endured excruciating sufferings, and ended with the Five Holy Signs to save all of humanity. Let us meditate on the Five Holy Signs with the marvelous mysteries God gave us. For generations, God the Father granted us infinite love and Divine Mercy for us to have life and deliverance.   

We adore, honor, and thank the Father through the First Holy Sign. We praise, revere, and adore the Second Holy Sign; the Lord Jesus Christ in the salvation brought for us to have deliverance and help us step out of the darkness of death. Let us return to God; officially be the children of God the Father and call Him Abba. He is the Almighty; He is a God filled with power who saves and grants the world joy, harmony, and peace. The Lord Jesus is the Supreme Being who brings us the hope which God the Father gave to humanity.

O Holy Spirit, the Third Holy Sign; You are everything. You teach us wisdom and understanding, the way of life. Help us become the children who know the doctrine, practice it, and become citizens of heaven. Please help us understand the seven gifts we need to practice daily.

O Holy Spirit, You are light, love, truth. Please help us return to truth, to love, to true faith; so, our lives may not be adrift in this world. Let us not live with meaningless and ungrateful days in exile. Let us not destroy our lives in iniquity. O Holy Spirit, please save us and deliver us to be worthy of the infinite love and Divine Mercy that God the Father granted with the salvation from the Second Person of God. O Holy Spirit, You are the Supreme Being who teaches us. We adore, honor, and thank the Trinity.

The Fourth Holy Sign, He is present among us. Is there any God who remains near us and dwells with us as The Lord of love and our Savior? He remains and is present through His Body and Blood to nourish our souls, for us to encounter Him and kindle our faith. In a troublesome generation filled with traps and snares, God is the only Lord who comes to rescue, forgive, and lead us back to Him.

We honor and adore the Fourth Holy Sign. We recall the covenant God granted, and we still have the opportunity for God to guide us back. We revere and thank the Fourth Holy Sign. Mother is the person who takes care of the Ark in which we need to come and receive. God protected us by His love; by His presence in the Eucharist, for us to listen to Mother. Thanks to His great salvation, the Blood that Jesus shed cannot be in vain. God is determined to seek ways to save us. Mother looks for ways to bring us back when we encounter tribulations and when we lose hope in the world.

Mother, the Fifth Holy Sign, is the person who lovingly and gently guides and helps us return to God with her endless love. Mother Mary is the Mediatrix who leads us back to the Savior to receive the Divine Mercy of God the Father. She helps us step out of the devil’s snares, return to an inner life in prayer, come to the Eucharistic Jesus for our lives to surrender, submit, and belong to God.

May everyone meditate on what Mother planned for us to return sooner. May it not be too late and too tardy. Mother is a person who is always gentle, who guides us back kindly. However, time has a limit, and everything will conclude. Let us listen to Mother to return to life as called. Let it not be too late and too tardy with the significance of the Six Kowtows. Today, we reverently offer on behalf of all classes, all roles, to be complete in the hour of the Divine Mercy.

The sixth prayer, we offer to Mother Mary.

O Father, I thank You. You granted us and chose a mother who constantly teaches us to live with keeping in the inner life; return to You, pray, and learn many essential things in our life of faith. Mother Mary teaches us the significant value of salvation for our eternal spiritual life.

O Father, allow us to offer this prayer to Mother.

O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Word Incarnate, Mother of the Savior, Mother of all humanity. We reverently offer to Your Immaculate Heart and for Your triumph. May sinners like us return to God through the work of The redemption of Jesus, Your Son. May we become penitents, witnesses, saints present in heaven; silent apostles, true penitents, and victims praying and lifting through Your intercession today.

We pray that all the clergy, our Church, always go to Mother Mary, seek Her and listen to Her. Mother’s teaching helps us not to stumble, not to be lured into a life full of turmoil because we have Mother supporting and guiding us. Mother, please help us have an inner prayer life; live with soul and body, mind and heart. Please help us have a profound determination each day to lift to the Lord Almighty for us to be strengthened and steadfast in life, despite trials and challenges.

Mother Mary, we no longer have a second choice. It is time for us to return to You, be with You, be set free from a world that binds us with lies, deceptions, and sufferings. Troubles and things contrary to morality and virtue caused the world to end up in violence; to enter a time of turmoil in a situation with tense days opposed to the truth.

O Mother Mary, may we always entrust in God. May we listen to Your teaching, practice it daily to strengthen our faith, and not fall into clever and subtle traps. May we be free with days of peace, harmony, and meaning.

O Mother Mary, may we return to God with a sincerely contrite heart. Mother Mary, Mother of the Church, Mother of the clergy, may all those in the ranks of the Church listen to You, come to You. Please guide them on the path to care for the flock that God entrusts to them, to help the flock return in unity.

Mother, You are the guiding star, the only Mediatrix who helps us and the world in the remaining and final days. May we listen, practice, pray, and witness to the truth with the intervention from the Eucharistic Jesus to help kindle our faith and help us return. No one can prevent our life of faith; we need to be determined to return to the truth. Mother is the person who guides us to encounter God for us to receive His intervention and His mercy in the ending. We need His healing in soul and body to strengthen our faith life.

Mother, please help us practice the Six Kowtows on behalf of all classes, all roles. Let us be the pioneers in this ending through the gift of the Six Kowtows, for the Six Kowtows to become an offering to The Almighty. God, please have mercy. Intervene for us and the entire world, to soon return to You. Through the plagues of both soul and body, through the tribulations with war and suffering; expose all the evil deeds to lead humanity back to justice, righteousness, and truth. 

The Six Kowtows on the Solemnity

of the Ascension

May 16, 2021

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit.


O God, it is 1:07. Sunday, May 16, 2021, at St. Theresa church. We are kneeling in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Today is the official day the Church reminds us is the Solemnity of the Ascension. This morning we also heard the First Reading, the Second Reading as well as the Gospel. The holy Apostles were with Jesus at a certain place then He was slowly taken up on a cloud. This was an experience to recall that the Lord’s work of salvation was completed, and the holy Apostles witnessed the day when He returned to heaven. May we truly experience in our daily lives that God is always with us. When we sin, we know that we certainly distance ourselves from God. When we part, we mourn over the separation between man and man. When our souls sin, we may never meet God again. If we remain in sin, we will no longer have the opportunity to meet or we no longer have hope, if we do not repent.

O God, may we always meditate with all the words You teach us, which are the words to guide us through this life and are also the map to help us progress each day in the life of faith. Only with a lively life of faith can we meet You. A life of faith gives us hope, teaches us many things through God’s doctrine. Now, let us be together in unity to lift up the offering on this Sunday to worship God. Together in unity, let us never forget the gift Mother gave to the world and to us, who are the pioneers. Let us continue to live the days of being called, to be worthy of what God grants. God, please help us overcome the weak, sinful, and wretched flesh. God hates sin, but God never hates sinners, so let us truly rise. Let that not keep happening over and over in our lives for us to be disadvantaged and suffer.

First of all, we thank God, because of our unintentional or deliberate actions, for us to realize that no matter what the circumstances, we should not hurt others’ feelings. Still there are certain things that when we are in a collective life, we must express our feelings. Let us not be ashamed in our hearts, because we cannot lie to others and especially to God, we cannot. Let us recognize our hot tempers, ask God to change our lives for us to live each day more considerately, more throughtfully, and know how to please God and our brothers and sisters. At this moment, let us bow and prostrate on behalf of all classes and all roles, to offer thankgivings, blessings, praises. Today, Jesus ascended to heaven, please remember us. May this parting be not just an outward display of sadness, but an encounter, a promise in the remaining days, for us to soon return to be worthy to enter the place that Jesus will open the door waiting for each one of us. Now together in unity, we lift up the First Kowtow to God the Father.

The First Kowtow, we reverently offer to God the Father.

O God the Father, I adore You, I thank You, I bless and praise You. Thank You Father, for all the blessings poured out on us. No matter how sinful, no matter how wretched, unintentionally or deliberately, You still love us boundlessly. We have no other place to turn to apart from Your love. In the last days Jesus often asked us to stay in His love, because only that love gives us more zest for life, more hope. Even if people betray us, look at us with disdain, look at us with contempt, reject us, or judge us, only You understand the plight of each one of us. O Father, we want many things but we cannot do much. There is nothing like sincerity to tell Father all about our daily lives. We live in a world where we feel truly lonely and afraid.

Faith today is indeed compromised. Without a fulcrum from Father who grants to us, we do not know where is truth, where is falsehood, where is evil, where is righteousness. The world is heading for war with days of death, of plague. The place where we live is also not secure, the world is entering days that are truly corrupt in terms of the society, in terms of the truth. The normal life is insecure, unstable, threatened by war, not knowing when what will happen. The pandemic has begun to spread. When we think about this, spiritually and physically, we are simply a small grain of sand among countless other grains of sand, but Father loves us immeasurably.

O Father, please forgive us. Father, please forgive the people who still do not know, for them to know; the people who still have not returned, for them to return to You. We only know that in this moment, as the parishioners, as the holy sheep of God, we need to look at what is most necessary, most urgent, and deny ourselves, to pray, to do penance, to sacrifice, to contribute what we can in unity. We ask God to bless our Church, the holy Church, the apostolic Church, the true, sincere, faithful Church of God, to not be divided, to not be schismatic, to not allow wounds by the traitors that brought shame and pain to our Church. The wounds of Jesus are bleeding because of the chosen, but God, please look at the virtuous and holy people. In their whole lives they sacrifice, they always trust and always serve as God calls. Please look at those pastors, those good shepherds are a shining example to us. Father, please help them, protect them in a special way for their voices to be an influence and a source of comfort to laypeople like us.

I also lift up to God the United States of America. Each day there are many news that make us feel very sad and disappointed, but through this disappointment everyone knows what is we must trust and rely on, which is God. May everyone recognize the truth, with the deceit, with the wealth and power, with the suits, with the beautiful words, but nothing is true.  It is just an illusion, a vagueness, a transience. May God allow us to convene, surrender, prostrate ourselves to worship God, and return to God. May God forgive us. May God sanctify the heart of each person in stubbornness, in obstinacy, to return to Him. At this time, I also lift up to God the East China Sea, the country of Vietnam, the country of China, all the countries that are preparing with the scientific weapons ready to be fired. Trouble is starting in the East China Sea, which will certainly affect the mainland and the citizens later and each of the neighboring countries. O God, there will be mourning, suffering, death.

Do we know to pray? Do we know to run to God? Though we are not involved or live far away, but before the sight of a life between man and man who are the people living in the same world and are fellow beings, if we do not pray, then who will? If we do not lift up to God, then who will? May everyone unite to pray and give up iniquity and wickedness, to return to God, by sacrifice, with earnest words we reverently lift up to Him, to beseech Him to intervene, to beseech Him to decide for our world, to end war, to end the pandemic, to end evil in the world. May God destroy the evil spirits that poison our world with the terrible snares that corrupted the young people and caused them to fall. Among them are people we know: brothers, relatives, great-grandchildren, children.

May God have mercy on today’s young people, to help them get out of the clever trap of science and its machinery, to return to righteousness, to prepare for their souls, because one day not far all things will come to an end. That day is the coming purification. May everyone have ears to hear, eyes to see, hearts to feel, and be prepared by the repentance and the return to the only Lord God whom we worship, love, revere, adore. We ask for forgiveness. May we belong to God the Father. Father, please accept our prayers.

The Second Kowtow, we reverently offer to Jesus.

O Jesus, our Savior, I thank You. Thank You for being the fulcrum of our earthly life, with a doctrine to lead us out of crisis and fear. Thank You. You are the Supreme Being who  sacrifices, still waits for us, grants us love, forever is love, and waits for sinners like us to return.

O Jesus, I thank You, because You died for me, died for the world, died for everyone in the world for us to live and exist til this day. May everyone recognize this and return to God. Do not let it be too late and too tardy. We were too late, the world is going into turmoil, the world is separated from God, the world is living in disobedience, the world is arrogant, offending God,  challenging God. God loves us so much. God died for us. God accomplished His work and returned to heaven. Today, this reminds us that even though it has been over 2,000 years, but the love of our Savior, of our Redeemer, of our God, of our eternal Lord Savior, is once again alive in every Mass.

Only His love, His doctrine, help people find truth, security, peace, happiness, and avoid sin, lessen sin, eliminate sin. We have truly plunged into sin like moths so we no longer know what is right and what is wrong. Life continues to be depressing in the midst of the plague of both soul and body. May all classes and roles rise up again and treasure the drop of blood that Jesus  exchanged to redeem us. The excruciating suffering of the Cross lifts our souls and brings our souls back to God. Let us not lose what is the best that God grants to us, due to pettiness, wretchedness, and weakness.

O God, please have mercy on us, forgive us for things that happened and are happening in general to this world as well as to the collective, to the community, to the individual. It is due to  the desire to win ego, the unrighteous ego, the disobedient ego; and due to greed, selfishness, lust, deceit, breaking promises, always nourish sin, foster sin, and with sin.

O Lord Jesus Christ, because of those points, You suffered greatly. You did not wear the aureole, but You wore a crown of thorns to replace the evil thoughts of mankind. That heavy Cross was a thousand times more sufferings, You no longer have the strength, but still carried that Cross to save humanity. The wounds, the sufferings, we should have endured, but You endured for us. The blood was all shed. The nails were nailed to the Cross like a bond to redeem the sins of mankind, with the extreme suffering and humiliation caused by sinners. Today, the wounds have not yet healed, people have not yet awakened. After more than 2,000 years, there is still war, envy, jealousy, still causing pain to each other.

When will we wake up? When will we mature, even for the most insignificant matters? So at this point, we must accept the consequences of what we choose, accept the consequences for rejecting God, for challenging God. Only one thing, we are the little people, we are the victims, we are the sinners. Thanks to Jesus’ rescue for us today to have a little voice in life with the wretched condition of those who are the little people, to lift up to Jesus.

O Jesus, we believe in You. O Jesus, we know You and we love You. We listen to You and we practice what You teach. Though to us it is too late, but this is the only hope for  humanity, all classes, all roles. We beseech God, ask God to sanctify, ask God to transform. God, please transform the heart of our world, with the indifference, the stubbornness, the stiffed neck, the hardened heart, the unfeeling heart that does not know to love, to feel, and is not moved. That is the reason for this world to be chaotic like today, but O God, there is a number of people, though few, who believe in You. We trust in You and we beseech You. We lift up to You iniquities, wickednesses, and weaknesses.

God, please forgive us and allow us to return to You, because at this moment only You are our hope, only You deliver us, only You restore the world, the atomic bombs in the days of war, the days of dispute, the days of death, suffering, sickness, and hunger. O God, please forgive us. God, please accept our prayers. We ask in the name of the Lord, the God of love. May God’s holy will be done soon in the world to save us from sin and death. God came and saved us, but we refused, so today we must live with the sufferings. We see there is no more peace, no more faith, no more doctrine and truth.

O Jesus, please forgive us. Today, You return to heaven after Your accomplishment, but we remain with the wounds of our hearts, with the sins of the days of our foolishness and so much more. May God have mercy and forgive. May God allow us to see the maturity of the great work of salvation. Today, after Your accomplishment, You return to heaven, but You are still present, spiritually, in the heart of every human being, and give us life and hope. God, please forgive us. We lift up all our sorrows and difficulties, we ask God to accept our prayers and we ask God to have mercy. May God’s holy will be done in this world, for everyone to be secure, to long for peace, for truth, for us to recognize God, love God, apologize to God, be forgiven by God, be immersed in His infinite Divine Mercy, and to amend our lives. We ask in the name of the Lord, our God, now and for ever and ever. We belong to Jesus, the Second Person of God, whom we believe, we adore, and we honor. May we belong to God.

The Third Kowtow, we reverently lift up to the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit, you are the love, the light, the grace. It is You who enlightened and guided us through this life. O Holy Spirit, You are our strength, You are the love, You are the path of truth. You are the true, holy, perfect Supreme Being who teaches us to understand unintentional or deliberate matters in life for us to be determined to return.

O Holy Spirit, You are the Supreme Being who enlightens us and guides us to live in the seven sources of grace. Many times, we forgot and we transgress with the seven sources of grace that You teach, so in our lives we end up lonely, lost, afraid, perplexed, and worried.

O Holy Spirit, You are love, always forgive, always patient, always dwell with mankind when we repent and return. May we trust in You to ask You to transform our hearts, for us to be righteous. God, please renew the face of the earth, renew all viewpoints in the world that are seeking wars and sufferings, to lead people into death and the plague of both soul and body.

O Holy Spirit, please grant the leaders in all nations the wisdom to know what to do to avoid wars and sufferings to the innocent victims. We pray for all the spiritual lives of the people who believe in God, the people who still do not know God, the people who never recognized God. May our Church continue to live in the example of God’s word, to testify to the Good News as Jesus desires and yearns. Jesus returned to heaven, but He said to His disciples: “Go and proclaim the Good News, I am with you always till the end of the age.”

Those words still resonate in the Church, they also echo in the heart of every Christian in today’s world. Let us be responsible, live so that others see us and believe in God. Let us live and remove everything that is the ego. Let us live worthy of the position in our role and ministry and even in the life of the laity with mission, for us to unite, to listen to the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, to return to holiness, to eliminate all schisms, separations, everything in a sophisticated civilized enticing world. Let us return with a heart and a sincere love between man and man, to respect, to revere, to love, and to adore God. May the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit be sharp in our lives, for us to find the truth, the righteous path that we lost, because we are proud and arrogant, we live according to our individuality, and we live according to the ego and personality.

Let us return. Let us return to God while time still allows. Let us embrace and seek to return to the Holy Spirit, for Him to enlighten and guide us. Jesus died for us to live to receive His infinite Divine Mercy, to receive the love of the Holy Spirit that will never be absent in our lives. Let us return to be worthy of what is granted. We have only one way, which is to return in a spirit of repentance, for us to live, to be forgiven, to deserve to be saved in this present day. We ask in the name of the Lord, the God of love. Now and for ever and ever, we belong to God.

The Fourth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

O Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You for allowing us to receive You into our hearts. At every Mass, we participate in the sacred banquet. We rejoice when we come to the banquet. We believe God the Father is present, with Jesus offering Mass through the vestments of the priests. In the presence of the priests, we have the Holy Spirit who made the ceremony so solemn. Sunday is a day to worship God. We believe Mother Mary is beside, testifying to the worship and honor towards the Five Holy Signs. God granted in the work of salvation, to guide the ordinary and commonplace people like us to come to Mother, and together with the saints, the angels, especially St. Joseph, the archangels, and the heavenly court, present in heaven at the sacred banquet every day. Sunday is a day to worship God, to surrender, to submit, to adore, and to honor.

O God, may we have a real sense of daily progress in our lives through each Mass, for us to lift our souls to You, for us to lift all our iniquity, wretchedness, weakness. We need to attend Mass daily to listen to God’s teaching, to live true to God’s word in our lives, to experience the love eternally granted to us. Though over 2,000 years, the sacred and divine Sacrament has become food for the soul, to guide the world, for people to surrender and return to God. Because only that love nourish us, and that is a foundation, a real family that we have in this world, in faith.

O Eucharistic Jesus, we have yet to mention about Your visitation, Your radiance, Your glory, and Your unconditional love for us. So in any situation, our world in faith is never helpless, never disappointed, never hopeless, but always have hope, always have joy, and always have the Supreme Lord who loves and waits. Please help us come to the Eucharistic Jesus, to receive God into our hearts in a worthy way, for our daily lives to rely on the insight in that love to lead us in the midst of life, to be strong and courageous to bear witness to the truth, to live in the truth, and to live in the doctrine imparted daily in our lives through the Good News.

O Eucharistic Jesus, we confess You. The sacredness and the spirituality is still among us, still with the world, still giving us the opportunity, with joy, with hope. Even with extreme suffering,  even when the world changes, God’s love will never change. Those of us who seek to come to Him, believe in Him, have peace and calmness to move forward in life, accept the Way of the Cross, accept the thorny path that we must walk. God came to the world by the Way of the Cross, so when we encounter God and walk on the Way of the Cross, then we will understand the valuable meaning, to inflame and nourish our souls, for us to be worthy to return to God on the day we leave this life, in faithfulness and perseverance. We praise God, the Supreme Lord. May we return with a contrite heart, to be worthy to receive God into our hearts with reverence, with respect, with adoration, and with confession. We ask in the name of the Lord our God. May everyone know, believe, have a viewpoint in faith. With the reverence of both soul and body,

let us learn the way to adore God, to honor God. Through Mother’s teaching, through the Five Holy Signs, through the gift of the Six Kowtows, through the prostration, the submission to the Eucharistic Jesus, we will definitely grow in the life of faith, have a source of comfort, of joy, of happiness, in any situation, to lead us into the light, to push back the darkness in our lives, for us to become mature people, to confess God, to witness for God, worthy to be loved by God. God waits for us to be steadfast in all situations, to believe, to wait for His providence, His arrangement, and His intervention. When the light comes, the darkness will disappear. Believe and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. We ask in the name of the Lord, the God of love, the mighty God, the God rich in Divine Mercy. We adore, honor, and thank. May everyone surrender, submit, return to God. We belong to the Third Person of God, we belong to the Eucharistic Jesus. May we understand more and love God more, carry out what God grants and gives to us. May we belong to God.

The Fifth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ.

O Five Holy Signs, the Five Holy Signs of love, of grace, of the Divine Mercy, of the renewal, of the Resurrection, of the waiting for people to return in hope. The Five Holy Signs will transform mankind with the view in faith, and the Five Holy Signs will exchange for us with a seal in forgiveness. Who has the authority to give? Who has the authority to grant? Who has the authority to risk one’s life to die for mankind to live? Who loves us like the One who sacrificed His life, to die for our human race to live?  Sinners like us do not deserve to live and exist.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Signs, as we enter the meditation, we feel boundless. The book will not be able to write it all, but the soul and the heart will express the mysterious love and the sublime greatness of the Supreme Lord through the Five Holy Signs, lively and deep in the heart, to remind that Jesus did everything for our human race. Today, everything was accomplished and He returned to heaven. The Solemnity of the Ascension reminds us that Jesus ascended to Heaven to prepare a place for the children He loves most, for our Church, for His holy flock. If we rely on what God does, live according to His word, then in this life no one can cause us to be shaken, because we are His messenger, His priest, royalty, which means to be the children of kings. We are the children that Jesus exchanged at the price of Blood. It is thanks to the Blood price of the Lord Jesus that cleansed the sins of the world for us to belong to God through Jesus, to call God the Father Abba. All these things need to be kept in our hearts for us to remember our present positions.

Do not belittle ourselves, do not despise all things. When we live in iniquity, our eyes are dimmed and our lives are surrounded by iniquity, so we do not understand our self-importance granted by God. The Blood price of Jesus granted us life. Today, let us kneel and prostrate ourselves before the Five Holy Signs, then we will understand more deeply the infinite and everlasting Divine Mercy that God the Father bestows to mankind, and that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, immutable, never changes. For He came and accomplished the mission to save us. He returned to heaven. He prepared for us the chairs at the heavenly banquet table. That is definitely a certainty. What we most need to know is whether we are ready and worthy to enter the place that Jesus is preparing? Jesus knew that we were too weak, so He reminded over and again at the Last Supper, as He told the Apostles, “Wait for the Father to send you the Holy Spirit.”

It is the Father’s love with Jesus, to become the Holy Spirit that dwells with us every day until today. All knowledge come from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will teach us the great mystery of the Father, the Son and Redeemer. He teaches us to live in the midst of life, teaches us the doctrine and the truth, teaches us to know the life of the light and the darkness that is being destroyed, teaches us wisdom to handle all problems. He teaches us and grants us more strength to step out of the snares of sin that mankind always stumbles upon from the very beginning. He teaches us to know the proof of the salvation that the Lord Jesus brought and the doctrine that is realized in our lives.

O God, it is truly a great marvel. We are nourished by the food for the soul, from Your Body and Blood, through Your Eucharist. We are taught to worship by the example of Mother Mary, a Mother who prayed silently, a Mother who lived an entire life belonging to God, a Mother who was a shining example through the virtue of obedience, who achieved all the holy will of God, a humble Mother who teaches us to pray and live with the inner life. All these good things are arranged through the Five Holy Signs, to remind people of the desire that God wants mankind to know, so that when we look at the Five Holy Signs, we see the proof of the Savior. We cannot err from this belief, we cannot act beyond the viewpoint that caused us to stumble. We worship the gods, we err from the way of the Lord, and we grieve Mother’s Heart.

Mother’s tears well up. Her blood tears still flow, because we stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the Lord Jesus was our Lord, and how much Her Son sacrificed for us to have the Five Holy Signs. The Five Holy Signs are certainly important, imprinted deep in our souls to save us. We must rise from our iniquities and weaknesses. Whatever the circumstances, our only hope is the seal that Jesus imprinted on our souls, to forgive us. Let us be of one accord and unite, never give up, return. Let us be victorious in eliminating the snares of the devil that wants to separate us to make us lose the opportunity to belong to the God of love. He saved us by His excruciating death. The Holy Spirit will never lose when we accept to cooperate with Him. He will help us win, have the strength to return in the prostration and the submission, in a spirit of repentance, in reformation, to glorify and honor the Five Holy Signs with each of our heavenly family.

The teaching in the present life is for us to confess, to return, for God to be the Supreme Being who intervenes to help us get out of the encirclement of snare and death, for us to return to the light. The Lord God alone has the authority to forgive, and rich in Divine Mercy, He accepts and sanctifies us. May everyone unite to ask God to renew the face of the earth. Return in time while the world still has the opportunity. Please do not let it be too late and too tardy. Please save us from the plague of both soul and body. Today, the world is seriously heading into terrible days, preparing for war, which is the third World War. We beseech and entreat for this to not happen, because the world will end up with days that are even worse, miserable, and painful. May God’s holy will be done with what God wants, because God conquered death and gloriously triumphed over the world. Only through the Five Holy Signs do we plead and beseech. God, please save us and grant us victory in the present, to bring back the peace and happiness God grants and gives to us in our return to Him, to glorify Him, to honor Him, to fear Him, to practice His doctrine. We belong to God.

The Fifth Holy Sign, we thank Mother for teaching us to understand this. Today’s weapons are science and technology, through the atomic bombs, the bullets, which are used against each other, but the weapon of our souls is the prayer, the beseeching, the plea, and the faith, for us  to call upon God’s name. We know that God alone is the Savior, who has the authority to intervene and resolve everything as it brought about war and suffering. God will stop things when people come to beseech Him to intervene. There is nothing that God cannot do, because our God always draws a straight line over a crooked one. If we believe in God and turn to Him, He will save us in any situation, because the God of love, the God of the Divine Mercy, and our God is the Supreme Lord full of love. We adore God, praise God, glorify God, and honor God. Please accept our apology through the pleas. God, please forgive us. We represent all classes today, to ask for God to forgive us, for the world to return while time still allows. May we belong to the Five Holy Signs.

The Sixth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.

O God the Father, I thank You. Thank You for giving us a special day today to remember the Ascension. The work of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, was completed under the continuation and continuity of the Church to bring the Gospel, for faith to remain.

O Father, You know we are weak. You know it is not easy for us to practice and know the great mysteries You bestow through Jesus. Today, we must remember the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, which is also the salvation of humanity while we still have days with this hope.

O Father, You choose for us a Mother, today it is Mother Mary who teaches us to return to You in greatest urgency, because no one has the power to resolve all problems when everyone is ready for a terrible war to break out in all regions and countries. People do not believe in God because of a weak life of faith so they caused wars and sufferings. Many centuries passed yet these are still days of war that never end, but the Lord Jesus Christ came to bring peace to mankind. Today is the day over 2,000 years ago when He actually returned to the heavenly kingdom, which is also the day the mission was completed, but the presence remains with the Church, with the faith, with the doctrine that never changes. If we truly believe, practice, and learn, then the world will never have days of war like today. Unfortunately, regrettably, we have been disobedient, rebellious, unjust, and we lived in disobedience, against God’s teaching, so today the world ends up in war, and in suffering with the plague of both soul and body.

O God, how can it be restored? Yet Your love continues to remain with us every day until the end of the age as You once said to the Apostles. You also spoke through the doctrine and daily we hear You through the Gospel. Today, O God, no matter what the circumstances, whatever happens, though we are the little people, no one can prevent the prayer we lift up to You, no one can prevent our faith as we believe there truly is a Supreme Lord God who died for us, loves us, and waits for us. That infinite Divine Mercy continues to give us the opportunity. Today what is it that allows us to have this opportunity? What is to be done to be heard by God? What can we say to be answered by God? Surely there is someone who is worthy. That is Mother Mary.

O God, may we offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow.  We certainly do not understand what we are doing, but every action has the guidance and teaching of the Holy Spirit. We only practice and pray with the methods of prayer that Mother Mary has taught us for the past six years. What we lift up today is like a voice on behalf of the world, a lively offering in great need to remind people to surrender, to submit, to return to the Lord of love, of victory, of the Divine Mercy, waiting for mankind’s awakening and maturity in faith.

O Mother Mary, a thousand words cannot say all things Mother teaches and helps us to have this day.  Today in these very moments, the Holy Spirit continues to teach us to offer the Sixth Kowtow to Mother’s Immaculate Heart and for Her triumph.

O Mother Mary, Mother of love, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of every human heart, Mother of the Church, Mother of the Savior, Mother of the Risen Lord, Mother of every sinner, every saint, every prisoner, every victim, every patient, every witness, every soul in purgatory. Mother of the Church, Mother of priests and religious, Mother of every soul in purgatory, Mother of every Apostle in every part of the world, Mother of every person affected by the plague of soul and body. Today, we know for sure that only You are the person who help us come to God. Mother is the Mediatrix who brings us to Jesus, and Jesus is the only Mediator to bring us back to God the Father, to meet and receive the Holy Spirit, which is an extremely wonderful blessing in today’s world. Every time we pray, it is not from us knowing this by ourselves, but it is from the prompting and the teaching of the Holy Spirit for us to speak and lift up on behalf of all classes, all roles, in this century of mankind in turmoil.

It is thanks to Mother’s love and intercession for God to forgive and accept our prayers and intercede for us in today’s turbulent world. We truly want to return, but from the government to the society to the country, in all situations, in all places, the days are no longer days of stability, but are replaced by days of turmoil, days of plague, days of trouble, and anti-God doctrines. There are no longer peaceful days. Instead, is instability, insecurity, and many matters to ponder. If people truly do not recognize the doctrine of God, then we are truly lost in the midst of this life, because there is so much influence from people who have positions of power, in the leadership ranks. In a world that depends on the relationship in a collective life, the only thing to set apart is that no one has the right to prevent the love God grants to us, grants to sinners, because He saved us. No one can prevent our love seeking to come to Him.

In the most painful and desperate moments, the most difficult dilemmas, when we are most lonely, we come to God by the prayers that Mother Mary taught us, to beseech God through each Person. This is the time when our human race greatly need the prayer, need the return by a repentant heart, by a true reformation, by penance. We pray to compensate for the times we were indifferent, unfeeling, with the past days in life, because Mother advises, but we certainly did not do or has not yet done, so the world ended up with the standstill, war, suffering, and plague. Today, we know that one person always waits for us, helps us. Mother’s intercession is so valuable for God to save humanity and for God to intervene for us in this generation, for sinners, for penitents, for the little people, and for the victims who beseech God.

Through the teachings of Mother, we see the value of happiness when we are aware and are awakened, because today’s weapon is not the weapon that people use to fight to kill each other. It is a weapon of perseverance and faithfulness, which is prayer, conversion, repentance, which is the key point for God to have mercy and intervene. Only God can solve the situation of today’s world frenzy in sin and death. Only God can save the simple and humble souls. Only God can save the people who believe. Only God can save those who are humble and know how to repent. Only God loves sinners who return and beseech God through a life of amendment. Thus, there is only one Supreme Lord God. It is through Mother’s intercession and teaching, for God to accept, to have mercy, to forgive, to help us prepare for the day when we must face the purification between good and evil, between right and wrong, between truth and falsehood. It is the day we definitely must know, which is the day when the sheep and the goats will be clearly separated. The sheep have their shepherd, and the goats must go to a place that belongs to them.

God is a very benevolent God. Mankind is so wicked, but God is very kind and very just. Thus, we must wait for this day by prayer. Through the intercession of our Mother, we can reduce the chastisement for what we committed, to ask God to forgive and have mercy on humanity, to help us in the plague of both soul and body with the control of the devil in this day and age. We cannot deny this, because we have lost what is fundamental that God granted to us, from the Church to the society, all problems are in a fierce battle between good and evil, and the victory of evil dominates us. Let us not be afraid of evil, let us together in unity embrace the weapon we are so familiar with, a very sharp weapon that will receive tremendous help and support. But it requires the return of mankind by faith and repentance, by earnest prayers from the heart, by tears, with feeling, with emotion, with a true repentance, to believe, to return to the God of love.

Today, what Mother teaches is not too difficult but not too easy. Let us conquer our hearts, continue to be faithful and persevere, remove all ego and personality, live to confess, return to the God of Love and the Divine Mercy. This is the the last opportunity, grab, and accept this gift of the Six Kowtows. Let us not be afraid. Let us not become a habit, but become improved, repentant. Let us accept the riches that God bestows through Mother Mary. Let us all prostrate, adore, confess God. Let us improve and pray by a penance that each one of us needs today, to confess God and follow what God teaches, for us to win the remaining battle of an evil world that is dominating us. Let us not be foolish as in the old days. Let us return while time still allows. Everyone must honor God and present to God an offering, even if it is unworthy and inadequate, but we only have this flawed offering to ask for God’s mercy. May our hearts and souls truly repent, to ask God to restore and intervene for our world that is at war, in the midst of a pandemic. There is still so much suffering and sorrow caused by sin in our foolishness, pride, and arrogance. Let us removed individual rights, turn to holiness, and return to the God of love and Divine Mercy.

O Mother Mary, I thank You for giving us the opportunity to come to St. Joseph. We thank his example and intercession, for each of our families to practice living with faith, learning from his sense of responsibility, learning from his integrity and righteousness. We pray especially for our Church to walk on the path of chastity that he practiced, in a life of obedience. God bestowed to our Church in unity, to care for the holy family that Jesus entrusted to our Church, through the example of St. Joseph, and through his intercession.

We also ask Mother to help us come to the three archangels. We thank the intercession of the three archangels, the intervention of the three archangels. Especially in this day and age, the devil has taken over and we have fallen into his snares. So we thank the help of the three archangels, of the guardian angels,  praying for us, protecting us. We thank the shining example of the saints, for us to walk and move forward in our lives, returning to God with confession, with prayer, with fervent adoration, with love, with a life of conviction, for us to honor God, glorify God, by prayer, with the penance of the soul, with the repentance and contrition, for God to forgive and for heaven to help.

There is nothing more to do, we must beseech heaven in this troubled time. Definitely, there will be help. Heaven will not refuse our pleas. In cooperation and unity, let us deny ourselves for us to pray and confess. God will definitely intervene for the remaining world. There is nothing worthy in a human condition, only the offering of the soul, body, mind, and heart, to belong to God, the merciful Almighty, who forgives, heals, and sanctifies our world. We ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, now and for ever and ever.

Lucia and all the brothers and sisters conclude at 1:56, on Sunday May 16, 2021, at St. Theresa church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. With today’s offering, on Sunday, as we lift up to  Jesus, on the Solemnity of the Ascension, may God accept our little offering and remember us, deliver us, save us, in the state of a tense society, with many wars looming, and many problems. God, please save us in a world with days depleted during this pandemic. May God have mercy and accept our prayers. Amen. Amen. Amen.

(Above) Eucharistic Jesus appears at 9:30 p.m.,
June 21, 2021,
in a private residence, Sugar Land, Texas.

I Grant You an Extraordinary Christmas

December 2, 2020

Lucia: (Inspired by God the Holy Spirit)

Oh God, it is 11:32, on Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

Thank God for giving us this moment to listen to the Holy Spirit’s teaching and also to meditate on today’s very meaningful reading, especially on the first day of December. These are the days we are anxiously awaiting the days of Advent, as the Church reminds us, on the spiritual side.

It seems we are under stress with everything in reality, and spiritually, we also have a feeling that is somewhat more special than other years, but still are the days we are concerned about everything that is happening in our country. Oh Lord, please help us forget what is stressful and come to You. As the Lord once said, “Serve Me first, then I will take care of all matters later.

If we have trust and faith, especially through today’s first reading and Gospel, we saw God’s promise to us:  He will wipe away the tears, He will restore what we lost. He will fully grant to us, protect us and help us step out of the days that are tightly bound by the enemy, by mistakes, the days when we are immersed in sin and are also the days we are blind. But when we return, God never refuses, like the father waiting for the prodigal son to return to embrace, kiss, place a ring on him, and give him all things.

It is the Father who is rich in Divine Mercy. God grants in a special way to us though we fell into a situation because of our choices and we must pay the price for this. But God always grants to us. It is from these aspects we know who God is, what we need most, what it is that only God can do and that only God can triumph. These are many aspects for us to see the indifference to become days with more ardor.

As for the people who still do not know, they will know, and those who never prayed before will also turn toward God to pray for the election (1) to belong to us, in righteousness and in the truth. Now, everything that is taught by the Holy Spirit, we hear and we know what is coming to us. God’s words are truly an affirmation. We are longing and waiting.

This is a most stressful time. We feel lonely and afraid, with many doubts, and also with many things that cause us to not be calm enough, even with the words God gave us through the teachings that are also the words for us to be peaceful. Every month, we have the opportunity to meet and receive the words from God, so today I invite God to come, to give us His words. I thank God. In the past few days, God granted us special favors, for us to live in happiness. We never had the joy that God granted us in the last days of November, the month to pray for souls. In the spiritual world, we are happy because we believe in God’s Presence, in God’s permission. The graces that were poured over us cannot be obtained and bought in this world, even with money.

Certainly never. In joy we have God, belong to God, and in happiness when His grace is abundantly poured over us, for us to believe in the close presence of the Lord, God Almighty, who gave us the opportunity to meet Him, and the opportunity to hear the teachings of the saints. This is indeed something extremely great and tremendous. It is impossible to the world, but to God, it is possible, because the goodness of God is granted to us and to His children in a very close way.

As long as we believe, as long as we listen, and as long as we understand the Holy Spirit’s prompting in the truth, then we are living in a heavenly world in the midst of the world. Today there is no way to solve the tension of the world and the problems so we beseech God, we lift up to God, we present to God. There is nothing God cannot do. The only thing is that the time is decided by God. Now, how must we be?

What must we do to properly live in the way God grants through the teaching of Mother Mary, for us to have the opportunity to meet, to receive, to believe, to practice, and be determined with faith to receive these utterly immense favors and graces. At this moment, we invite God to come. God, please accept our prayer with the words we lift up as taught by the Holy Spirit. God, please save us, free us, and give us Your words, especially the meaning of the first days of Advent, the day preparing to celebrate Christmas as every year.  This year is a marked year, a historic year, an unprecedented year with the tension happening in this country, a free and civilized country.

It is a year unlike any other that leaves us with what we are choosing, encountering, and what is favor, grace, and through the immeasurable Divine Mercy that God granted in a special way to humanity, for us with a volunteering and willing heart, to pray for God to intervene and protect the country we live in and hope for God to intervene and help.

Jesus Christ:

My beloved children,  My peace be with all of you.

I know you are stressed and waiting, and have many inferences causing you to feel scared, shaken, and stressed.

My beloved children,  Today the Holy Spirit’s explanation with everything you heard is like the words I want to say to you. What matters most, I want to return to you, especially in this year’s Christmas season which is unlike the Christmas season of every other year.

It is a Christmas season with the awakening from mankind, a Christmas season with the choice of mankind, a Christmas season with people who know inside their hearts what they need and yearn. This Christmas season I do not want to be alone. I do not want to be lonely and cold as every other year. I want to reign among you, give you peace, and bring you cheerful joy.

In every work that I plan and arrange, you must know that when I grant, I grant to you completely. When successful, then it is a clear success, full of meaning for people to recognize, and from there, to know what belongs to the light. What is righteous will succeed and what belongs to the darkness must disappear. I have My plan. I granted to you and advised you for many years. Today this happened.  I repeat one more time: “What needs to happen must happen“.

There are unrighteous deeds, wrongdoings, and things nurtured by cruel and wicked people, and you who are naive and weak in faith, who are greedy and selfish according to the ways of the world, who lack love and charityyou fell into the traps and snares of the evil spirits. You also knew that this is a world that the hidden underground power wanted to steal from the beginning. If without righteousness and not the right time, then the hidden underground power would have already invaded this country.

But this country is a country I offer to those who know Me, who recognize Me, and who belong to Me, though they were in the first days, but this world entered into politics according to the way of mankind, because of greed, taking advantage, and abusing of one’s authority to then step into the days of darkness, with no way out.

My beloved children, Today the time has come because you appeared, because the last apostles of history appeared. It is because of you, I want to let this world know that what belongs to My bestowing will not be taken from the children I send, from the apostles who still have not completed their missions, that cannot conclude in a simple way.

Today I want all people who choose a path they consider to be the path from mankind’s design and who reject My authority, who manipulate everything in politics and in a civilized life with money and fame, who change everything to reject Me, and determine people’s lives, to know that is the calculation of the world, but I have My program and My plan for My children, for the righteous people, for the believers, and for My Church, to go on.

My beloved children, Today life has become a habit. Those who have functions no longer uphold the law and carry out the doctrine properly. They let a world with needs and necessities control. Since then they fell into the snares and traps of the hidden underground power, of the evil spirits, of the unrighteous. Thus, insignificant and significant matters happen today. Everything they choose, they think will be hidden according to the private ways of each person, but matters that are unjust, unrighteous, can never be hidden forever and must be brought to the justice and the law, which is necessary with this world.

The world may exchange everything, there is no longer conscience and morality, but fairness, justice, righteousness, and truth can never be changed.

Today do not be afraid. The time has come for you to see what never before in the world happened. It is the people who are mainly the citizens, who are people without power and influence, but their voices are very strong. Their longing, their rising, and their courage to defend the truth will be the voice of victory. This is a challenging stage for you to know My love, My power. The normal eyes see the hidden underground power with limitations, with their functions; you see the dishonesty and immorality, and in matters where mankind used all kinds of ways according to one’s position.

But this is the time I want to expose everything from dishonesty, expose everything in evildoing, expose all matters in darkness from the hidden underground power that manipulates the world for many years.

Today I need valiant soldiers with absolute faith. I need faith from the person in charge, who is dutiful, responsible, and loyal. I need people who believe and practice, and then they will win in the end.

Children, do not be afraid! Cheer up! I want to see your faces. Cheer up, because you knew all matters in advance. These are the remaining and last moments, I will purify the whole. Those who belong to Me, those who believe in Me, those who are faithful and persevere with Me, and those who sacrifice for the doctrine and justice will be the winners. As for the wicked who use all kinds of tricks to overwhelm you, in the end, they will be severely defeated, and they will be destroyed on their own, self-destroying themselves.

So today do not be afraid, because there will be terrifying and frightening matters that will begin to show in this country, which is a country that affects the whole world, a country that I use to awaken all people, to live in peace, or live in war, live in wickedness, or live in life to recall conscience and morality, in the days of the end.

My beloved children, You know this is what you prepared for during the past ten years, things that are not in the world, but you understood and clearly knew the works I did. What you do, in ordinariness and simplicity, expresses the most realistic. So today what you are choosing is the path of prayer, a path with all your devotion, in the days you knew that I need a voice, a voice of ordinary and simple people, a voice with absolute trust, a voice through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a voice of justice and righteousness.

Although in today’s world people use words and meanings, knowledge, and learning, sincere and truthful matters are lost in the present world through the learned and knowledgeable. I want equality for everyone, even though they are people without education and knowledge, but in the spirit of truth, in the spirit that I desire with their sincere hearts, I want that voice, with that simplicity and humility, which I desire to represent the whole world. Today there are many classes, but the people still live in competition, with human reasoning. They do not live by heart, by conscience, by truth, or righteousness.

The time has come, you must know the works I plan and arrange to invite people to return. What is given to the world as I once said: “I do not reveal to the learned, but reveal to the little ones.” Because I use the little ones to awaken those who are learned and knowledgeable, awaken those in authority, awaken those who consider themselves knowledgeable but forget duty and responsibility, forget a doctrine that needs to be practiced by the heart, with responsibility and duty.

So today do not be afraid, because all matters are happening as I said. grant this time to awaken mankind, all classes, all roles.I wait for the return of mankind, then I will be ready to defend and give them a world that belongs to them. What I bestow, I do not take back, but what mankind did not treasure, take, or accept, then the enemy will steal it.

You saw what you do and how the majority is today; that is something you saw as victory within your reach. But before a complete victory, then wait to see, because I want all of these matters to not be just something simple that is superficial but as something significant and unique, that has influence over the people with functions.

So you will know what is true, what is false, what is right, what is wrong, what is good, and what is evil.

Believe that you are using the sharpest weapons. You do not see those weapons, but the divine presence, the angels, the saints, will never ignore those who kill you, those who seek to destroy and take away things of the righteous to whom I grant. Today with the eyes of faith, you saw, you see and will see the great and immense glories that I will give to this generation, to open their eyes to see Me, welcome Me, and return to Me.

Because the Divine Mercy is always granted to you, but the time has come to the end. These are the moments that never were before, but will happen in today’s generation. I repeat again: “Whoever believes will have; whoever seeks will find; whoever knocks then the door will be opened unto.”   I will not let My children who believe in Me, be disappointed and defeated.

I have My schedule. I have My plan. With patience, wait and see. In the last hour, you will see who the winner is, and whoever believes then they will recognize the defense, very clearly.  I want to prolong the time for Me to remove everything, and when I hand over the power to the righteous, then it must be totally complete, so that there are no more days of hatred, days that bring death and pain, or bring existing diseases.

The time has come. I cannot let the children who do not belong to Me, who do not believe in Me, to rage on this earth. You do understand that with the nurturing of evil, the devil will never sit still to be tied up.  Before he is tied up, before he is to be chained and tightly bound, he is struggling, using tricks to achieve goals, and still struggles everywhere. Whatever he can, he will do.

Remember though, today there are people who sacrifice, whose voices acknowledge the wickedness, for you to be more determined, to be stronger, and to make more decisions; for the majority of people to choose what belongs to themselves. Do not feel defeated, do not be discouraged, do not fear. If you fear then you will not win this battle. Only with confrontation, courage and strength will you triumph. Rest assured, I will not let My people fall into a situation with the days that you fear.

Because every deed must have sacrifice to recall good and evil very clearly. I desire for you to be prepared, because I will come back after 2,000 years. With this Christmas season, I desire each person’s heart, the heart of each child. I yearn, I want to come to warm your souls. I want to come to embrace you. With the past stressful days, I want you to believe in Me.

Unite. Be together in love and support. Together, move forward and bear witness to the truth, because I wait relentlessly for all the souls to belong to Me and return to Me. Because only with Me can there be peace. Only I bring them hope and joy. Only I can embrace them for them not to hunger and suffer in the midst of this life, full of traps and snares, but they still are not awakened to stand up.

I grant to the righteous and I also grant to sinners in the last moments, for them to also know to choose what belongs to them and what they defend, so that they can join the righteous to continue with a country that I bless and bestow to you, for you to live in true peace. It is not the word of peace said on the lips, but peace from the soul, from the heart, so that you will have days to prepare for the future.

Since everything is recorded as in the law, so the time I grant and allow will still be given to you. But remember, before this battle ends, there will also be a tense, fierce and tough battle, but endure, persevere, and you will see, My Hand will wipe out everything in the darkness of sin, to bring hope and light. Truly, I will come into the world with the year 2020, which is a rare history and will never have a second time in the world.

Today what you hear and understand, do not be afraid. Continue in the program, continue to believe, continue to entrust, continue to pray, and continue to make sacrifices on behalf of all the people in this world. Fulfill your duties, because it is you who can closely receive the voice of heaven, giving mankind the steadfastness and the courage to go forward. Trust, then you will win this battle.

This is also an opportunity for people to choose to return and this is also a moment for those who are sinners who fall in the snares, to stand up and awaken. And if the world continues in ignorance, continues with days of rebellion, continues in days of defending wickedness, they must pay the price.

Rest assured. Everything I plan, I arrange. The more you know, the more you are afraid, because this is the end with the most stressful days to step into a world that no longer has fearful days or stressful days. This is a battle that must be fierce until the very end. Only those who are persistent and faithful, only those who have absolute trust, will see the perfect victory that is granted to those who believe and always hope, to live a life complete in duty and responsibility, with one’s sacrifice.

My loving children, Never before yet in this generation had I granted you the privileges for you to know that you are close to heaven. These extraordinary deeds will never happen for generations, but today I want to grant them to you. I want to manifest for you to know that the heavenly world is still among you when you have faith. You know the necessities of a world in need, but lack people who fully believe in this truth, lack people who absolutely believe, and lack simple, little, humble people.

Because there are too many doubtful hearts in this world, so even though crowded, but to find someone who can recognize and clearly understand the works that I do is truly so difficult. Laws help people, and keeping the laws is a good thing to protect them, but it is because of those laws that they do not go deep and they cannot see. They are limited in every era, and in the end still hold onto those things of old, and will not be able to see the rich newness I bestow.

Move forward with what needs to be done and what must be done. Remember, this is a time in which you encountered spirituality, and heaven helps you on the path you take. On the path as you face all means, all circumstances, and facing all the works that you are doing, remember, you are looking at and cherishing the best you have, let alone Me, who is the Lord.

I love all of you. I love sinners, because they will have no other place to entrust – there is no other place to rescue them, if they do not return to Me. So these are the final moments, endure on their behalf, through penitence, listen, with prayer, devotedly.  Continue to listen to the spirituality that is present and bestows to you in a special way through the graces, to save souls, to help souls, and to rekindle faith in today’s world.

There will be the brothers and sisters in this world, do not consider them strange, do not be suspicious of them, do not let your thoughts be doubtful and judgmental. Otherwise, you will not see that as you have your duty in the role that I bestow, then I also grant in a special way to the brothers and sisters everywhere in their role, so that each person has certain ways to work. They are also your brothers and sisters, so respect, unite, and pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten.

This is also a time between true and false. This is also a time I pour abundant graces for those blessings to save you and deliver you, because this is a time in which the devil acted, seeking all kinds of ways to attack mankind, to destroy mankind, by means of greed and selfishness. The majority of those whose faith was weak, who lived in blindness and nurtured sin, stumbled.

So this is a time when I grant in a special way for Me to save you. But be on the lookout for all circumstances, because all the evil spirits are always lurking to lead you into traps, to make you forget matters of righteousness and rely on all things of reality. So remember to always be together, defend each other, listen to each other, and remind each other. Recognize that everything in peace, in joy, and what you are facing, is indeed the truth.

Remember, do not walk out of the group, do not walk alone, do not let yourself be separated then you will easily stumble. Conquer yourselves, conquer all matters in a situation with your ego and personalities, and conquer all the snares. This is a time when you are most prone to stumble. This is a time when you are easily attacked the most.

This is also a time that when there are many stressful matters, and the devil also tries to stop you. Remember, I always grant you enough strength to dominate the devil, enough strength to deal with the devil, and enough strength on the path to bear witness.

My beloved children,  The hour is near. Rejoice. Prepare your souls for Me. Prepare for the brothers around you, and prepare by the voice through your lives of service. Prepare to represent their voice to pray on their behalf, prepare for the voice that the Holy Spirit guides, for you to help the brothers and sisters be on their way back and grasp the key that Mother Mary offers, because that is the moment to help, with the tensions, with the ongoing moments.

My beloved children, I heard too much and I also told you before: “When it is time, then I will act.”  Continue with your duties, do not let yourselves be too concerned, do not let yourselves be too absorbed with certain matters when you already know that will belong to you. There are other matters that are more important and even more watchful is that this year’s Christmas season will be different from the Christmas season of all other years.

There will still be incidents happening with the stories of this world, stories of a country in dispute. There will be events that will happen unexpectedly, but you will see, it is those events that help end the battle between good and evil.

Today, I end here. I hope you understand this. Do not be afraid. Do not be confused. Do not believe everything through the media. Today many people live in dishonesty, are bribed, and cause you to be frightened and confused. I want you to trust in what I say. Always listen and pray, then you will never be afraid. Be steadfast, be courageous, to help the people, when they meet you. Stand firm, because everything will conclude in a clear victory, in justice and fairness.

My peace be with all of you.


O God, I thank You. Your words, especially today, made us stronger, reassured our hearts. We are reassured because of the confusions from the media that cause us to be afraid, with everything ongoing.

This is a battle between good and evil, and the devil will not spare the good people, he will use all kinds of tricks, and we see the first sacrifice of a Vietnamese person. Certainly, there will be more tense matters that will happen next, because those who want to find and obtain the evidence of righteousness are very few.

This is a civilized age, people had their plans, but we still have Father. Father, please intervene, please help everyone stand up and return in time, to not allow the control of the devil over those that belong to him, controlled by him, who become his minions.

Today we still have God, the Lord of love, Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, and we will not be defeated.

May everyone stand up in this moment, especially in 2020, to prepare for the celebration of Christmas.

An intense year, a year in which we long for the glorious victory and  a gift to reverently offer to the Infant Jesus. Particularly in 2020, we ask for Father to have mercy, to hear us, and may His holy will be done over us, and over the entire world. We adore, praise, and glorify Father, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God.

L., with all the brothers and sisters, conclude at 12:07 on Thursday, December 3, 2020, at home, the meeting of the beginning of the month. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

King of the Universe

November 22, 2020

Lucia: (Inspired by God the Holy Spirit)

O Lord, it is 7:41, Sunday, November 22, 2020. We are at St. Theresa Church, before the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. First of all, I thank God for allowing us to remain here. The church is preparing to close, mass is over, but we want to stay here, right here in the church, and right in the center, in front of the altar, in front of the Cross. Every year, on this day, God always granted us ardent words, the words He confided to us as well as the words He taught –  the words that are deeply embedded into our hearts.

We know a king is supposed to wear a majestic, magnificent brocade court robe, but God said to us: “I am a King but My brocade court robe is the Cross and the Crown of Thorns is My Crown, with my reign, and coming to remain with you, by the nails and the price of Blood.” We always meditate to understand why God mentions this. Because God loves us, He came into the world. He does not use the stateliness and the majesty of a king of heaven, but because He loves mankind, He lives with mankind and dies to atone for mankind’s sins. God does not wear the splendid brocade court robe like the kings of the world, but He wears us. He loves us and He remains with us.

In every age, each one of us is saved by a King who with the price of blood, cleansed our souls and redeemed us when we were in sin. He waits for our return, and for us to become the children who listen to His words, to whom He lets us know that He is the King but that He also needs the love of mankind. That love can blossom and grow for us to live in His doctrine, to love Him, recognize Him, and recognize the value in our lives through a King who gave us life. Through the Way of the Cross, He is the King of the Universe, the King of every sinner, the King of every saint, the King of every witness, and the King of every patient in this world.

God does not give up waiting and loving and allowing that love to blossom and grow as we mature, believe, entrust, and recognize that great love, for our return to Him and to step out of the days of sin and darkness, those days which caused us to lose the close relationship that God granted us through His love. The King of the universe is ruling us with love and is waiting for our return. He convinced us with His silent waiting, for all of us to have the opportunity today. We are together, in unity, turned towards God through the Solemnity of Christ the King, for us to thank, praise, and honor Him on behalf of those who are ungrateful, who refuse, who offend God, who fail to experience God’s love, who reject God, and allowed the world of darkness to control, for the days to become days of sorrow, of disease, of evil, of deceit, of stress, causing harm to the victims, to the innocent and to all of humanity.

But God still grants in a special way and protects the righteous. God grants to those who come to Him and return to Him in a special way. God also grants in a special way for the world to stand up, to defend and choose righteousness, so people have the days to choose what belongs to them. God intervenes, listens, and uses His power as the King of the Universe to sanctify and transform our minds, our hearts, and our faith, for us to continue living with days of purpose, with devotion, and with love.

By the Divine Mercy with which God sanctified the whole world, may the people who still disbelieve, believe; those who still do not know, know; those who still do not hear, hear. For those who are yearning, then God, please allow us to receive the words from You, for us to be sanctified and transformed. Through the witnessing in an age as God allows, let us prepare together to enter into this period of time in which God granted a program, as mentioned today through the Gospel, for us to love our brothers when they are hungry, when they are in trouble, and when in prison. When many things happen in our lives, God wants us to love, for that love to grow, to connect, for us to live to glorify the Lord, because the King does not teach us to score, but teaches us the most essential matters in life, between mankind and God, between brothers, between man and man, between a life of needed charity, a truthful and sincere life, a life to learn humility, for our lives to be renewed daily, for us to belong to a kingdom where we are with God in heaven forever.

God is the King of the Universe, the King of love, the King of truth, the King of light, and the King of life in hope. May we quiet our souls and wait for the moment that God comes to us. Each year on the Solemnity of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe,  the celebration helps us in times of trials and ordeals, to be in hope, in trust, in happiness which only God offers to us.

Jesus Christ:

My beloved children,

My peace be with all of you. The church is still as quiet as ever, but I still wait for you every second. This day is a very special day, which reminded Me of the robe I voluntarily put on. This robe, I want to put on each one of you. I want to let your souls be with Me with this brocade court robe…


O God, I thank You for especially granting to us this year. Indeed, this afternoon, You made us feel truly emotional when I started to read the first reading. Today I attended three Masses. Then I went to Adoration. I also asked for a mass to thank God. Especially today is the day in which every year we receive the teachings from God. I also asked for a mass to be offered for the orphaned souls, for the souls in the families of the brothers and sisters in our group, in my family, and particularly for the souls of those who died from Covid-19 as I saw in the past few days.

I thank God for this where God has bestowed upon us for the past ten years. In times of sorrow, God always loves us and never blames us. God said that He is the King people mentioned and honored, for us to adore, and honor. A very quiet King, a sad King, who waits for mankind. A King who continues to yearn and to wait for the love of mankind, to return to Him.

Today is a day that we always remember, especially in the year 2020. There were many troubles for the United States, especially the days where we faced the plague, the plague of both soul and body, the days of deadlock and violence, the days of widespread affliction when we cannot enjoy freedom or joy. We know the mission assigned for us to listen and unite to pray. We know that without the events, the people will not turn back to God, and there are not many prayers, especially in this year and in this century. So this is an extremely significant and great matter that God grants, for us to know what we are longing for, and who is the person who can support and intervene with authority, to help us return to a life that belongs to God.

So this is a day of joy and happiness. We thank God on behalf of the world. We adore, honor, and apologize. We praise the King of the Universe, the King of the Divine Mercy, the King of love, the King who died for us to live, the King in a brocade court robe on the Cross, wearing a Crown of thorns. A King who reigns through drops of blood, the marks of nails, the scourges that made Him the King of the Universe, ruling with love, waiting for love, always in need of love, and teaching us to live for love. That is the truth. It is the truth that mankind seeks, looking with reasoning, with argument. God is by our side, but we remain indifferent, unfeeling, cold, lukewarm, and totally distant toward Him. No matter how many things in this world, inside, the heart is still indifferent, cold.

But God is still waiting for the encounter by the heart. God is still waiting for the heart, when we shed tears, with repentance, with true contrition in our hearts. Because it is God who created, for us to feel a profound love from the heart, to be able to encounter Him, be able to recognize what He bestowed in our faith. There is only one thing that the Lord taught: Believe and you will have; Seek and you will find; Knock and it will be opened unto you. Yet few people live like this because everything requires reasoning and argument from people who expect to see and hear. Our God is gentle, the divine Supreme Being, the ever-living Supreme Being, the everlasting Supreme Being, who remains with us in all circumstances, in all places.

His words helped us from being disappointed to become hopeful. His words are like medicine to heal our souls. His words gently penetrate our hearts. His words seem to break down the stubborn and obstinate wall within us, for us to become the children who recognize Him, love Him, and ask to return to Him. However, we are still weak and lost in this world, and we still have many things that dominate our lives. God, please dwell in us, stay with us. May the King of the Universe say the word for our souls to be healed. May the King of the Universe intervene for a world in chaos, with days of the rebellion caused by the evil spirits, but when the King of the Universe commands, then the world becomes peaceful and happy.

May everyone believe, to turn toward God. May everyone believe, repent and return. May everyone believe, because the Lord God loves and brings peace and happiness when people cooperate, unite, and love one another. Whatever happens, may we trust in God, because God always has a way to lead us. God intervenes for us and gives us a world that belongs to us and granted from Him. God, please help us be firm in the faith, to not waver because of certain circumstances, because to triumph, then we must walk the way of the cross as God did. To be able to function to let people hear and know, for that to be worthy of the King of the Universe, is the way of the cross that God walked. He left us a grand and glorious title for us to prostrate to and adore – the King of the Universe.

Our King is the King of love and hope. The King who waits and longs. The King who needs love to sanctify and transform us into the children as He wants to reign by our sides, for our hearts to have Him. God walks with us. God stays with us, teaching us. His words help us through the difficult, painful times. With the days we are affected by all the world’s problems, may God help us, for us to live with faithfulness, with loyalty, and live an honest life, a life in faith, always in hope, to live humbly and simply, to deserve the words that God taught, meeting us. God, please help us mature, love each other, unite, and do what God teaches so that everything we do is in God’s glory, to honor God, praise God, and console God, to make up for those indifferent, lukewarm days, to make up for the world that rejects God, to make up for the world that opposes justice and righteousness.

The world is denying God’s authority, but there are still the children, the little children, the sinful children who repent and return, the children with a contrite heart, the simple children who learn in a life of faith, whom God loves, protects, guards, and meets, for us to live and become the witnesses to the Good News in this day and age. We thank, praise, and glorify God. May we represent the world, all classes, and all roles. Today, not following the same custom as every year, we praise, glorify, and honor God, as our Lord, the King of the Universe, the King of our souls, the King of each heart, the King of love, the King of the Divine Mercy, for the world to be transformed, for the world to return, and for the world to receive love through the intervention as God granted, to us and to the world, in righteousness, justice, and truth.

In the last zealous days, we truly yearn and hope. We know our strength can do nothing, because of the wickedness in the world, and the devil did everything to cause the righteous and those who live a life of truth to be harmed. We keep praying diligently, because God alone is the Healer, the Mediator, and the glorious Victor, to redeem those who believe, entrust, and trust in Him. Together, in unity, we thank, praise, glorify, bless, and honor our Lord. Please hear our earnest words through the Solemnity that we celebrate especially in this year 2020 where there were many events, but we are still happy by God’s side, still hearing the ardent words that God grants to us, to each one of us. That is the sign of happiness, for the past ten years, God never forgot us. After this moment, we praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We thank, praise, and glorify the Eucharistic Jesus, still in our midst, still present with us, and still strengthening our life of faith, for us to encounter Him daily, for our voices to echo and be sharp in us, every second, every minute. We thank the Five Holy Signs of God that gave us the opportunity to be restored, for us to apologize to God. May we become the warriors who are not indifferent to God as we were in the past, but become the warriors to proclaim the Good News, the warriors to witness to the truth, and the warriors to comfort Jesus Christ. We also have Mother Mary walking with us. Mother Mary teaches us how to come to God. Mother Mary was on Calvary, with the saints, in the course of history. Today Mother Mary has us. In an age where people do not believe, Mother granted to us. Mother, please lead us to Calvary with You. Mother, please help us step by step for us to have a meaningful life with the cross, for us to walk with God, to walk with You, and for the promise, which is the day we long to belong to God and to You in heaven.

Help us each day to live in a humble and ordinary way with abundant faith, to witness to the Lord who is speaking, who is living, who is with us, who loves us infinitely, and who understands our hearts and souls. Mother understands everything and plans and arranges. Mother teaches us to be close to God, to recognize God, to represent everyone in the world with indifference, to ask for God to intervene. May we comfort God, to make up for an unfeeling world, a world that is indifferent to God, a world that forgot Mother’s words. Today what we promise we definitely must do and will do in our lives, so that what Mother teaches through the gift of the Six Kowtows may revive the world, be a triumph, a source of comfort, as God intervenes when hearing the fervent words of the Six Kowtows. Through the prostration, we reverently lift up the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offered to us as the last key. It is the honor, the adoration, and in the last moments, this key will open the lock, and when the lock is opened, the world will be saved, and there will be a world of peace, of happiness, of harmony, in the joy and the hope we are waiting for.

We thank Mother. Thanks to Mother, with Mother, and in Mother,  we will definitely win this last battle, for us to be happy, to praise, and to glorify the King of the Universe. He will no longer wear the brocade court robe and the crown of thorns, the Cross, with the bloodstains, but a robe of the children who praise, honor, thank, surrender, and belong to Him. Amen.

May we return to God with all our soul, all our strength, all our heart, to be worthy of the gifts granted and be worthy of the graces God gave in this century. Let us prove to the words together in our return with a repentant and contrite heart, to profess, glorify, and adore God. L., M.N., M., M.L., M.T., and those who are present, on behalf of the brothers and sisters in our group, thank and praise God on the Solemnity of Jesus Christ as the King of the universe. We praise, glorify, and honor God.

O Lord, I also ask for You to bless Fr. David as well as the other priests at St. Theresa church, and the parishioners in this parish, who are very pious, very holy. May God pour abundant graces on Fr. David, so that each day he may see what God does and for his life of service to become perfect in God’s love. May God protect Fr. David in a special way and protect the priests in this parish, and all the laity. This parish is also the place God chose to set an example for the world through the gift of the Six Kowtows. With the wonders and the miracles that appear in this place, God, please help Fr. David recognize, and allow us the opportunity to be close to God, to pray in the church, for us to continue to bear witness to God, through the truth that God grants in this world, at St. Theresa church.

God, please bless Fr. David in a special way, for him to be perfect in holiness. He is a very humble priest whom we have so much respect and affection for. God, please bless him and all the brothers and sisters who serve here to have a generous and loving heart, in unity, at a place God chose to bear witness to the world. We adore, praise, and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Lucia concludes with all the brothers and sisters present at 8:34 pm, Sunday, November 22, 2020, at St. Theresa church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Words Of Jesus: Sin Clouds Eyes to the Truth

10:44 p.m., September 13, 2020


My beloved children,

My peace be with all of you.

Today I desire to speak to you about many things, so I allow the Holy Spirit to urge you to listen and to understand what is happening today. Do not be afraid; boldly testify to the truth. You always receive wisdom from the Holy Spirit, so do not be afraid to say something by mistake.

Remember, what it takes to come together to decide what is really going on, and your voice in the Holy Spirit serves as a reminder to them, noble as it is.  No matter how high their functions are, no matter how much that this world is under the power of the darkness, but the light of righteous illumination must be heard by man and it will be a victory in today’s turmoil.

My beloved children,

Everything that you do together is in unity, and with one voice, with everyone in agreement and with the practiced posture.  You know everything is from the truth and from heaven. People cannot fail to recognize this.

This world is familiar with the laws of the old ways. There are laws that are truly beneficial for mankind to keep and continue. But there were also laws that were modified because of man’s ambition. Today I know that faith is being shaken. You are also the people who are at a loss, who must have been afraid; not knowing what the truth is and what is falsehood.

That is correct. This is a world in which I allowed freedom from the very beginning, but because man is so free he looks for what is inherit in himself and nurtures sins, and it is because of those sins that his eyes are clouded to the truth.

So those who are living in a state in which they are unable to open their eyes to see what are their responsibilities continue to be wrong and erroneous, and through those errors, they leave an opening for the frenzy of money and power in a world that prefers appearances. Mankind has never been as bad as today because of all their choices. They lack the courage to adopt a unique sense of purpose, so they are being attacked and they are also being harmed by foreigners and those who live contrary to the doctrine I grant.

My beloved children,

In terms of the people with functions as well as the lay people, this is the time I grieve most. This is the time I shed tears the most. This is the time when I want to instantaneously hug all the children, even if they are children who are unfamiliar with Me, who follow what the world prefers, who for the sake of the political world surrender what belongs to them. Because today are the days I want the world to recognize that I grant everything to you. I died for you, and what remains, I continue to grant to you.

You must clearly know the laws of justice and the love of the Divine Mercy. God the Father already granted in a special way for eternity, but He also grants you a place. This place is eternal and is absolutely granted to those who repent, those who learn to become the people who enter the place that I prepared for you. Through the banquet table, all those things belong to you. But today the world is lured by sin and is dazzles by lights which fascinate people and seemingly forget their needs, thus creating wars and sufferings. They subject each other to so much hatred, and allow the circumstances of the world to cause you to suffer, because of the food, clothing, dispute, money, lust, and greed.

So, this is the time when people are being controlled by all the evil that they have become accustomed to in life. They forget what they need is a peaceful world, a harmonious world, a family home with peaceful, secure and happy days. So, because of the ambition of a civilized world, it has led you into days of crisis and death. Today I wish that what you have chosen would be enough. What you consider to be the civilization and sophistication of an era and radicalism has blinded you, it has rendered you unable to be conscientious of the true love needed in the life of each individual, each family, each deed, and each meaning, in each role, each situation.

You have seen for so many years, so many brothers and sisters living in poverty and lack of food, and so many people living a normal life, but becoming insane because of an unjust world. There is no longer compassion to love each other, to use all that the strength in the most terrifying acts of terror toward each other.

So today the time has come. It is time to end everything that does not belong in heaven and does not belong to what I bring to you. What I bring to you is peace. I want you to look at the extreme sufferings on the paths of the Cross I endured on your behalf, to exchange for you: freedom, security, happiness, and the best. If you truly want to receive these, then step on the path.

Nonetheless, the path you take is the one I took first, for you to see those paths, but without hatred, without jealousy, without rejection, then life will have a renewal, a force in the grace I bestow. That is faith. The life in which people continue, in wars and sufferings, then they are experiencing those themselves, because they do not believe in My Presence, that I came to save them, that I atoned for their sins and for the whole world. Today the love of the Divine Mercy still waits, but the time has come. It is time for all things to be completed. The time has come, there must be an ending. So there will be days for you the see the choice of the world, choosing wealth, money, fame, greed, lust, and radical, to cause injuries and diseases. Mankind no longer has love, conscience, righteousness, and no longer has the truth of truth.

Thus you see the horrific days, because those are the incidents mankind causes to each other. Though matters are done to each other, but I am still the Lord who supports and grants to you. This is a time extended for you to see things that must be formulated, must be testified, and must stand up for the voice of truth, like a reminder. Because today’s world is in a state of frenzy, relying on all matters from human’s anticipation, but people do not think about the spiritual life and the soul. So this is a pandemic, a plague just starting, but these are still days in which mankind still cannot be fully awakened, though there were some people, more or less. I also looked to those who opened their hearts to return to Me.

Today work in the mission assigned to you. Work in the Holy Spirit’s teaching. Live with the works in the context of each person, so that together in unity you walk on one path to help the brothers in need. They are in need, and they will definitely recognize from you. This path is not an easy path to walk. Things that belong to heaven and to spirituality are not easy to be accepted in this world, because of the habit through countless laws and matters. Still, there are people who do recognize.

Do not be afraid. The time has come; mankind cannot continue to be stubborn. The time has come, mankind must decide for himself. The time has come; mankind must realize what belongs to Me, what belongs to the peace of the soul, what comes from the truth, and what comes from the miraculous power. This is a time in which I grant abundantly to kindle the heart of each person. But I desire for them to take in the real life for them to be aware each day and grow under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. At the right time, you will see many wonders appear, but this is the time I want you to be strengthened first. That is the pioneering you did over the past years.

Continue. Continue to be strengthened by this way. Remember though, what you do will encounter difficulties. Surely, there must be many things the world does not accept easily. However, remember, forgive; let all of that be like an acceptance on your path of bearing witness. Be generous and help the people so that one day they will understand and recognize what you do, because this is the most urgent need when all problems happen, such as the recent events. Today the pandemic is gone, but it will come back again, if people are in a state of tension and malice. In this time, I look for all kinds of ways for mankind to turn back today. Only with their turning back, with people in courage and determination to testify, and with the voice of the truth, then definitely, this will have an impact.

However today, there is still fear, continuing to be a problem from the authorities, in all aspects. Pray, pray that all resolutions will come one day soon. Nonetheless, these are the moments in which you recognize what I want you to say, things that I want you to practice on behalf of others, all classes, all roles. Especially the prayer for the Church to have a truly important reminder, and particularly this gift (1), recently given, is for the life of prayer to be renewed, and many more things that must be conquered.

Today do not be afraid of the difficult first steps, it will be even more difficult. The more people know, the more difficulties you encounter. Nevertheless, remember, because of that difficulty, you can prove the truth. Because that difficulty will help many people turn back. Because of that difficulty then you will make more sacrifices to help people soon awaken, return, and receive the intervention. I grant in a special way to those who are mature and bravely proclaim with the gift, to help all classes, all roles. Especially these are the works that are in collaboration with the angels and the saints. Their support will help the world.

My beloved children,

Everything I want to say, I repeatedly said to you. Today regarding the duty of each person, remember to focus in your work while time still permits. Things are set for the planning of a program, so each person needs to continue diligently in your work. Do not neglect, because there will be certain matters you must know. When there are opportunities to learn, be together in unity. What you do not know, together, help your brothers and sisters learn. Support each other, help each other. Walk together on the path, for everyone to understand in your own mission. Do it in love, in diligence, in zeal, with a willing spirit. Only in that way can questions in your thinking be cleared up, and be exchanged with the knowledge taught by the Holy Spirit.

This is a time in which I grant abundantly. That is My love through the Holy Spirit, lifting, helping, and guiding you. Learn while you still have the opportunity to collaborate with each other, for only you can understand what I grant in a special way through the ordinariness and normalcy that Mother Mary teaches, but will help many people in their life of faith with understanding in prayer. For only with prayer can there be an intimate relation, and that prayer will become a victory in the days of disaster and the upcoming events. Today I do not want to say this again, but there will be events happening to restructure those who live in indifference, to revive faith in all classes, and restore what belongs to them but is lost in the hands of the enemy.

Thus today are still days in which I wait for the return of mankind, the defense for the truth with the voice of truth, with conscience, with the essential righteousness. Today you see the majority, subject to the dependencies of a free world, of movies, wants and needs of enjoyment, of all unrighteousness, but were exposed before justice and truth. So do not be afraid, keep doing what you need to do. The more you know, the more you will be afraid. Instead of fear, let it be natural in simplicity, continue to live in the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Every action has meaning, and it is also a historical record to be left in future days.

Tomorrow is a day I look forward to and wait for all of you to attend Mass (2). Especially in Houston, together in unity, brothers and sisters, attend Mass. I want tomorrow to be a day I truly desire to meet you. Every year I look forward to this day for you to understand the meaning of this day. I completely grant to all of you that veneration with what I fully accomplished on the Cross. I died on Calvary, and I want you to understand that for what I fully accomplished, that glorious victory belongs to you. I am the Lord, but I still yearn and wait for love – the love of mankind, your love, the love of the whole of humanity.

My purpose for coming was to save you. My purpose was to wholly suffer extreme bitterness to save you. I want you to understand this so that one day, I do not want to see anyone wind up in the place that they themselves choose, to lose what I grant to you through the Way of the Cross. Today, I say this, hope you will understand. Unite and listen to Mother’s teaching. I bless you in a special way.

A sister came to visit you today (3). Indeed, if you met this morning then there would be no ongoing story. Continue to listen, and meet with the brothers and sisters who come seeking you,  and help them and share with them. Because those are ways I want to unite all of you, from all over, everywhere, all people, and all countries. Starting from the works in the beginning, then will also expand everywhere.

Therefore, if you are unknown in your area but known outside of your region, do not be sad because it is I who desire this. If you are known in your locality, you will not have any free time because the program will grow and will become a great document for future days. So accept those ordinary matters, for there is nothing crucial from a human life but the most important is that you must continue in your mission. You must continue for you to be more mature to understand greater things, and that is a time to belong to the spirituality more. […] Meet the brother and sister, chat with each other, and share the joys. You need to meet, those are the motives for which they come to visit, but they also want to know about this place where things occurred.

Thus Lucia, do not hesitate whatsoever. Nothing is coincidental, but I also want you to learn to step out, start to learn to be braver, bolder, to meet. There will be more things, different and greater. I want you to start now. So along with the brothers and sisters, continue with what is needed in your mission, and collaborate. Those are things I desire for bearing witness and for the formation and spreading of groups.

My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Good bye children.


 (1) Father reminds us of the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary gave since 2014 to prepare mankind for the plagues, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, famines, and imminent war in the world.

  (2) The Mass that Father reminded is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross on September 14, as noted in the Liturgical calendar of the Church.

  (3) Father refers to the Spanish-speaking sister who came from Oklahoma to meet the brothers and sisters in Houston, Texas today.

New Revelations Through the Eucharist

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