Message of St. Stephen

December 27, 2020

“For those who accept, listen, believe, and practice the Six Kowtows”


O God, it is 11:44 pm, on Sunday, December 27, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, in front of Nino Jesus, the holy statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and of St. Juan. We just received the messages from St. Joseph, the Holy Spirit, and St. John. I apologize to God because we had a meeting until late evening yesterday so we did not pray to receive a message on the Feast of St. Stephen, the first martyred disciple, which was also the second day of the Octave of Christmas. At this moment, may I have the opportunity to receive St. Stephen’s words. If I remember correctly, I received his message for the first time a few years ago. Today before I receive his message, may I read a little about his history.

He is a disciple filled with the Spirit of God, and his words cannot be challenged, because his righteousness and his words are full of the Spirit, full of power. It is because of those outstanding and strong matters that caused the jealousy of many people. May we read a little about his history and the reading of Saturday, December 26, the day the Church commemorates the martyrdom of St. Stephen. On his Feast, there is a reading about St. Stephen. I will read an excerpt from the Acts of the Apostles, but first, may I read the history of St. Stephen for me to receive his words, especially this evening. Even though the Feast day is over, we still remember the saint. He is a shining example for the life of faith and what God did through the Spirit over him who was the first martyred disciple.

St. Stephen, each December, on the 26th, is remembered with a Feast Day. St. Stephen was a person filled with grace and strength, who did great wonders and signs among the people. He was chosen to be a deacon, filled with the Holy Spirit and the Spirit. A few Jews at that time who were members of the “Synagogue of the Freedmen” were debating with St. Stephen, but could not overcome his wisdom and his spirit. They incited others to condemn him with blasphemy against God. He was arrested and brought before the Supreme Legal Court of Jewish elders, the Sanhedrin. He rebuked those who were indifferent and worshiped idols and evil gods and disobeyed God. His words made them furious. But Stephen, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked up and saw the glory of God and the Lord Jesus Christ standing at the right hand of God the Father.

The saint said: “Behold, I see the heavens open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God”. The crowd rushed upon Stephen and carried him outside of the city to stone him to death. As they stoned him, he cried out: “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” These words echoed the very words of Jesus on the Cross to God the Father: “Father, please forgive them for they know not what they do”. That is right. St. Stephen was filled with the Spirit of God, full of wisdom, and before death, asked God to forgive the people who murdered him, who stoned him. In every age, we learn that every apostle, no matter how brilliant, was also hated by others. Life is full of jealousy and hatred. Rarely can people accept or follow that person for them to come to know God through them.

Thus if the holy Apostles also suffered because of that, today as far as us, who are ordinary people, workers, housewives, how can people accept what God grants us in a special way, to hear the words from God and the saints? It was something unacceptable in the world from the very beginning until today, and today if they could stone us, they probably would. They also use all kinds of means to boycott us. But this age is different from the ancient times, for in ancient times there were so many things happening in the villages, in the days without rules, but depending upon the kings according to their ways. In every era, there is an innovation.

Today, we are not stoned, we are not killed by those in authority, but we are judged by the brothers and sisters around us. We are scorned by those who have positions of power. We are rejected and misunderstood by the Scribes and Pharisees that still exist in this generation. Let us continue with the Reading, to learn that St. Stephen was martyred, as recorded by the Acts of the Apostles.

1st Reading – Acts 6:8-10; 7:54-59

Stephen, filled with grace and power, was working great wonders and signs among the people. Certain members of the so-called Synagogue of Freedmen, Cyrenians, and Alexandrians, and people from Cilicia and Asia, came forward and debated with Stephen, but they could not withstand the wisdom and the spirit with which he spoke.

When they heard this, they were infuriated, and they ground their teeth at him. But he, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked up intently to heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus standing at the right hand of God, and he said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.” But they cried out in a loud voice, covered their ears, and rushed upon him together. They threw him out of the city, and began to stone him. The witnesses laid down their cloaks at the feet of a young man named Saul. As they were stoning Stephen, he called out “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.”Then he fell on his knees and cried out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” When he had said this, he fell asleep.

The word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.

O God, I thank You for granting me to hear from the first martyred saint. He was a person filled with the Spirit, wise, and all the debates of the world could not challenge him. If people truly understood that in order to believe and know what God gave to the first Apostles, then surely the world will not have days of jealousy, envy, and of resentment. When Jesus came to the world and all His outstanding works were extraordinary and wondrous, they also killed Jesus. When Jesus returned to heaven, then His disciples stood up, believed in all the works God did, received the Holy Spirit, for them to stand up to speak the truth, to be bold and courageous to speak against all worshipers of idols, and to boldly speak of what God granted in particular to their missions.

But then in life, we ​​see that people did not always accept even when we do good deeds. We see the opponents of St. Stephen looked for all kinds of ways, in jealousy and envy, to find all factions to defeat, to ruin. Finally because of that jealousy, because of those bested debates, they were furious and stoned to death the first saint. We know from the Acts of the Apostles of the young man named Saul. We are no strangers to this name and that is St. Paul. When he fell from a horse, he became an apostle of God. Even though he was not in the group of the 12 Apostles, he was a man who fully executed and completely returned to God in an absolute way. Of those whose writings were many in the Gospel, and who lived a life of sacrifice in the life of the doctrine, then St. Paul was the most prominent person.

Let us return to St. Stephen. When they truly belonged to God, they could not do it on their own but believed in the Spirit and the Holy Spirit of the Lord granted in a special way to the first Apostles. When Jesus returned to heaven, the Apostles were ordinary and commonplace people, but when they preached, when they testified, they were very strong. So no one could challenge them, no one could confront them, and in the end, they had to make a sacrifice, because of people who did not believe. People had the right to either disbelieve or believe. When people believed then they were able to have everything that was originally granted by God in that time period, but they did not believe, so they killed. They killed an apostle, they killed a messenger sent by God, they killed the prophets that in history books God said: “I send prophets and messengers, you killed them, their blood spilled on the altar, on the ground of the places where you killed them.” So it was the same with St. Stephen, we know the debates were certainly held in the temple or in the synagogue or in the places of debate.

In the movie, we saw the people stoned St. Stephen when they dragged him out of the city and stoned him to death, and we see there were people in the ranks of the authorities. Speaking of the young man named Saul who was also present at the time, the cloaks were laid down before Saul, and Saul clearly witnessed St. Stephen martyred by the people and the factions who stoned him to death. That was the story, until today there are many things, and in the number of the twelve Apostles, when Saul returned, few could believe St. Paul converted and became an apostle of God. There were saints among the twelve who were afraid of St. Paul because he was a zealous, enthusiastic persecutor, and certainly killed those citizens who believed in God. We see people in the old days who used the law, followed a plan, and since they were not able to clearly understand God, they killed the followers of God. God was the only one who could change Saul when he fell off his horse on the way to Damascus.

In Jesus’ time, especially when we meditate on the reading of St. Stephen in the Acts of the Apostles, we also know that we have a saint whose name was Saul who witnessed the stoning of a righteous person, the first martyred disciple when he testified to the truth and spoke in the Spirit of the Lord.

So now is the time for us to pray, to ask the person who lived in those days of ignorance, who erroneously executed, wrongfully killed, and by God’s grace, was converted and became a saint who wrote a lot about history, accomplished much, and lived in life reborn in Jesus Christ. So today let us not be disappointed, there are many things. We firmly believe that as human beings with learning and knowledge, with depth and height, when others discover and all secrets are exposed, then what happens? There is fear. If people have a conscience, then they feel remorse and repent. As for rebels, then they find a way to cover up, they look for a way in stubbornness, they look for a way to remain adamant, to cover their mistakes, and they look for a way to defy what others know.

We believe as we read this reading about St. Stephen who was martyred. He was determined and steadfast, because of his faith in God, even when he faced death, he did not back down. We also saw St. Paul’s situation at that time. He was present yet did not interfere, he saw what happened. In the end, God gave him the opportunity. He became a saint that deserves our respect today, a saint who recorded a lot in history about the issues of a life in which he was the antagonist yet in the end he became an apostle of God.

Today with this story, I ask of God. O God, the righteous were stoned, martyred, too many, for generations. Today I ask of God, because of the sacrifices of the elders, of the first disciple St. Stephen and the other saints throughout history who sacrificed and died. In the end, the righteous still die at the hands of the enemy, at the hands of the wicked, at the hands of the hardhearted. Today may we ask, since the sacrifices were too many in the world, for God to grant a restoration for this time. God, please allow the righteous to regain what was lost, for the righteous to be a shining example, for the sinner to repent, and for faith to return to this world.

These are the last and remaining moments.  In the saints of the past was the determination to defend God’s way, God’s law, to affirm the truth and warn those who worship idols, who worship evil gods, for them to not submit to God. The saint’s words about truth and righteousness made people furious and they killed him.

Today that shining example is still there so let us pray even though our strength cannot.  In today’s situation, people ought to return. There are stubborn and obstinate people, but at this point, they must reflect. It is a tragedy for those who do not awaken at the right time. We keep praying, and for all matters, we pray for the support of the saints who sacrificed for the truth, and may the love of God shine forth. We lift up these words when we pray, to meditate about St. Stephen, the first martyred disciple.

We are the people who bear the responsibility to pray for the world. So at this moment, I thank, praise, and glorify God. The courage, the strength, the heroism, the greatness of the saints are a shining example for us today, a shining example for the apostles of the remaining days of the century, of the descendants of the era, to learn from the saints’ example, for us to see what we still lack, what we still have not done. If we still lack courage then how can prayers be heard?

God, please help us have a different way in life not just from deeds, but from our heart, in sacrifice, besides the daily matters in life, for us to be worthy to beseech God to have mercy and intervene. At this moment, I thank St. Stephen for being a shining example for us and for the world and also for our Church in the present time and in the future days. St. Stephen was a saint who served the community and simply did ordinary things that he was chosen to do. He was full of the Spirit of God, zealous, filled with wisdom and he dealt with all aspects smoothly and effectively. Only God can do that and only God can have that extraordinary way for ordinary and commonplace people like us.

Today let us be together in unity to receive the message as allowed by God, for St. Stephen to give us his teachings though the Feast day was yesterday. The Feast day that the Church reminded to commemorate him was in the Octave of Christmas. To God, it is not late regarding time and space. On earth, we have a system of time, to have order. At this moment we ask God to forgive us. Certainly, God knows how we are and the reason for not being able to pray to the saint on the right day. We are always reminded about the saints, but there are so many works and also limited strength. I believe that it is a joy and St. Stephen surely will not blame us. So I ask God to allow me to receive the saint’s words in the coming moments, for this to be recorded in history, what God gives, what God grants in God’s grace, and for the words of the saints to return to this world, to remind us, and be the shining examples that God continuously grants over the ages.

When God allows then that will be realized. When God allows then everything will come true. We are very close to receiving the teachings that the saint gives. Now along with all the brothers and sisters, we continue to wait to receive St. Stephen’s words. I want to say very clearly that Saturday, December 26, was the Feast of St. Stephen, the first martyr. Today is the 28th, it has been two days, but we still ask God for me and the brothers and sisters to receive the words from St. Stephen. So now is the 28th, 12:12 am, the third day of the Octave of Christmas. Now may I receive St. Stephen’s words.

St. Stephen:

Respectful greetings to all brothers and sisters.  I am Stephen.  Today I pray for God to grant you more grace, more strength, more courage, and especially to receive the peace of the birth of Christ. First of all, I thank Lucia. It has been too long, for sure it has been a few years. It is the first time all brothers and sisters are present, but I met Lucia once and today we again have the opportunity from God who grants for me to come to you one more time. History was recorded, but in the ministry of the chosen apostles then it is the same. We have the same Spirit, one Holy Spirit, one love of God for us, and especially a most holy Teacher. He chose us first and chose you, brothers and sisters later. We are all united together to glorify God and fulfill our duties through Jesus for us to praise and exalt God the Father; for His Spirit and His love to be in us and the works we do is in God, in the Spirit’s inspiration, covered by the Holy Spirit of God.

All those things give us the strength to perform in the mission for which God chose us. God chose you and also chose me in the first place. Everything must have a beginning. I was the first to be martyred among all the apostles. When I truly died and closed my eyes, I saw an entire sky of happiness and my Teacher came to meet me and I was allowed to enter the light of heaven. But I saw my brothers and sisters, I saw my brothers, the people who were with me, they were afraid. They mourned because, in the cycle of life and death, there are moments of saying goodbye in sorrow. When I was martyred, I saw my brothers who started to be afraid, started to step back, and started to have many thoughts like you do today.

Things God grants to you are so abundant, so great, so immense, but you only understand in a limited way, which is also a good thing in simplicity, not knowing what is important, just keep doing it. So because of those points, you met heaven as allowed by God. There are many aspects. On one hand, for you to know to be enthusiastic and zealous in courage to testify and that will be the power to help many others know and recognize God. The good thing is that you are completely unaware of the important value, but you keep doing and keep going, whether stressed, praised, or criticized, accepted or not. However, the days in your world indeed are not the simple and ordinary days as ours in the past.

You use the media, the machines, to have the conveniences for you to work. So whether praise or criticism, disbelief or refusal, you are still able to do your works. This is the convenience of the times. Make use of what you have. Because God’s grace for you does not stop at a point but the grace that God grants is a growth. As much as science and technology grow, God’s grace grows even more than what you have today. So as you practice and serve, you will know that all those spiritualities were realized reasonably and appropriately with you. But you must practice, you must testify, you must bring the information to others, for them to know, to hear, to practice – to be able to persuade, truly then you are the apostle that God expects of you.

Since you receive for free then it is right to give for free. But it is not just giving, you must continue to keep reporting, keep talking, keep witnessing, if you have the opportunity. In each era, God grants to all of you things that are appropriate and suitable. There is also a difference because our time was not like yours today, which has all the conditions. You can do it easily, if you cannot do it one way then you do it the other way. As for us, we simply went out to face the people who came to us to debate, because all the wealth that God bestows are things He gives. We must say the truth to prove it, even when the majority of people follow what is logical and rational.

Today I also hear you always mention logic. If it is the logic of the world then is never logical to heaven, because the human world demands to see and touch. There are certain orders, but they demand excessively when they cannot. Yet the Lord automatically grants and He has the right to define, the right to divide, the right to give, the right to dedicate in a special way to each person in His grace. The most important is that if you want to grow in your grace, then you must practice, you must put to practice your grace, must put to practice the grace given from the Lord. You must perform as if you received the pieces of silver that God assigned to you. To keep hidden in your pocket will not make a profit. You must be profitable. God requires that you must be profitable, because, from that profit, you will learn and advance, more determined and more courageous, to be prepared for all matters that you face.

To witness for God in the midst of this world, no one avoids martyrdom. Martyred this way, martyred that way. Sooner or later, one must be martyred. Because it takes martyrdom to prove that something comes from the truth. Something precious and treasured is not easy to have in the world but must be bought by blood, must be bought by faith, must be bought by trial, bought by challenging yourself daily, and must pay a price to buy, to be able to bring those things to prove to the world, through your sacrifices. So be not afraid, because you were chosen by God, then you must know that God always grants especially to you one way as well as another, and appropriate in your time period. But God also requires that everything He grants must grow, must bear fruit, like a seed that is planted, it must rot, it must grow, and it must bear fruit. Each one of us, if we have God’s grace but we keep to ourselves or we do not develop our gifts, how can we move forward one by one?

Today is an opportunity God grants to me as it was many years ago when I was on earth, because of the true testimonials, the true proofs. Today it is the same. Because you are chosen, live in the grace of God, and continue to bring what you can do with conscientiousness and honesty, because every work must have patience and sacrifice. You must love your works, learn from the works you did in the ministry and in the days of witnessing. Train yourselves to be brave, train yourselves to be strong, train yourselves to be bold. There are times when the decision is not from you, because you are always timid and afraid, waiting for others to call out your names for you to perform, waiting for others to remind you to practice. But the works of the Spirit of God are prompted very eagerly. The work of the Spirit of God is always granted in a special way so that even silently and alone, you must work with the methods by which the Holy Spirit does not grant for you to just sit to enjoy what you have in the grace of God.

So every day you must grow. The works that you begin to do, then you must know that every day you must increase, every day you must grow, every day you must have the maturity with the best that God granted to you. You just need to clearly understand that God grants to you each day a richness and that richness needs your practice, close cooperation, then you will fully understand, and when something happens in tension, you will not give up easily, and you cannot be on your own for you to separate. Because mankind did not completely focus on one point, mankind allowed for domination. Mankind was not loyal to each other, and mankind relied on positions of power and functions. Mankind believed only one side and does not truly understand that in every case, in every situation, God has a way to grant to you, for His presence and His grace to motivate, and the Holy Spirit urges for you to practice and accomplish what you have from God’s bestowing.

I am very sorry and I also feel very sorry for you. There were the chosen apostles, but in the end, because of ambition, because of one’s will, because of the choice for reputation, also because it was not entirely possible to follow a method and believe, to remain faithful. Besides, there is a choice, choosing this end, choosing that end, serving two masters, serving three masters, then how it is possible to know what is right and what is wrong? And always subjected to problems in the balance then when something happens that lacks calmness, then it is easy to give up right away. So there were brothers who fell into this situation. We know very well, because brothers and sisters, you were chosen to continue a program in the ranks of the apostles, as the Lord chose us and also chose you. These are sincere words that I share with you today.

Today remember, God has a way to grant to you, for you to harmonize and unite with each other in the works that you do. You cannot have the ability to do it, but in God’s grace you have joy, you are enthusiastic, and you are zealous. It is God, it is God’s grace, it is the Spirit of God, specifically given to the role of each person. So remember, every work originates from humility. When God allows, be bold to say what God wants, but understand that everything comes from God and not from you. If you think that you can do it and you are eager for that, then you will immediately fail. Today I understand and know the role that God chose for you is to pray. Pray for the world, pray for all problems, pray for each stage, pray for each situation, and especially pray for your country of residence today.

This we know because these are the moments God challenges people, when they belong to God, even priests in the Church, present-day citizens, even the righteous ones in government. Everything is a test for those who persevere, for those who trust, for those who sincerely believe in God, because then you will find that victory will not be far away. But the only fear is that people are discouraged, people are afraid, people do not have enough faith, and because of the weak faith then people fall, out of doubt, out of fear. Today I have a limit in what I can share with you. It is what I presented to you today. Thank you for remembering my day. You asked and God allowed for me to return a second time with my voice to meet Lucia, with all of you. And I know that you are extremely concerned. In the coming days, when given the opportunity then step forward, because being sent is the happiest thing.

All in the days you cherish to have the opportunity, whether success or failure, go out. Go out so that you learn and know, hear and understand, and you will grow with poise when sent by the Lord. As for the problems of confrontation, it is your duty to pray. Regarding all aspects, lift up to God. Do not keep being concerned with something you think is important. You are chosen and called by God to be sent, you need devotion, and decisive matters for you to understand what you are doing. But you must know that it is not just one matter to focus on, because there are many things God chooses that the apostles must do in one’s mission, to bring to those around what is reasonable in each situation, in each stage, and to also bring to the world that you have been waiting, longing and yearning for.

Lift up to God. Entrust to God. What you do then you must be zealous, you must sacrifice, you must compensate, and you need to be in spirit. There is a need for sacrifice, so there are all kinds of aspects for you to choose, to do what is reasonable, not just superficial things, but from your heart, to accept what is in the circumstances, in the roles. You will learn silently, converse, and confidently speak to God in every work you do. Today you are happy because God grants and gives. The meeting with heaven is the highest conviction to help you on your path of witnessing. It is a world in freedom and there are many needs, which is easy for you to carry out. The only thing I can see in you: your faith must be absolute, you must unite, and you must know clearly the only path to take. You cannot serve two masters, you cannot serve many masters, and that is the subjection. If you compare,  then you cannot wholeheartedly fulfill the mission of the apostolic life for which God chose you.

To be strong is not enough, to understand all things thoroughly is not enough, you need to have a heart; the heart that manifests forcefully, the heart that manifests with things prompted by God. Mankind cannot accept, but God is the Supreme Being who granted and that was given to the world. Then it is that transcendence that many people will be jealous of, but the works that you can do, do not do in competition, do not do in dispute, but do with duty, with responsibility, with heart, to ask and to grow in the grace granted. Each day, be more advanced, more fluent, more profound, and more meaningful. Each day must learn to have fairness, to have charity, which is needed over each work that you do. I know you are concerned, and even us, all of the saints know.

You were happy because you have heard and known the words shared by the saints and the saints are people from heaven. They are the ones who see when God allows them, they are the people whom God grants, they are also the people who pray for you. So never be disappointed and defeated when all matters are not yet completed. Continue in hope. Continue to lift up to God. Continue to believe in the works that you do. Continue to live a life fulfilled in your assigned mission, even in days of trials. I just want to reiterate that everything, sooner or later, those chosen to become the apostles of God, especially in your century, will not endure the days of sorrow and days of lacking as we did, but in spirit and determination, then there is no suffering at all, there is nothing difficult at all.

Remember, it is not the circumstance, but the most important thing is that in you there is faith, sincerity, determination. Be bold to receive the prompting of the Holy Spirit who bestows and grants. We all have the Holy Spirit. You all have the Holy Spirit. Whether I left, the Church is in the world is, and among you still are my brothers, even the apostles, and many more people in this world. The Holy Spirit grants you enough fortitude for you to manage, enough knowledge for you to understand and enough wisdom for you to understand the Spirit’s counsel in encountering the many problems in these critical days.

Dear Lucia,

I was zealous the first time, I am still the same now. When given the opportunity I keep going but thank God who granted me, for many years, many centuries, to come back with the voice, to meet you for the second time, to continue with the words the Lord granted me in the past, and today I continue to share with you, to be relevant and suitable in each era that the Lord bestows.

I know that all of you are carrying the responsibility of very important days of this world, a world unlike ours in the past. Every century has its own problems. Every century has its own challenges. Every century, God wants in each stage, each time period, and the Holy Spirit patiently continues to grant all that is special to those who belong to Him, those who believe in Him, those who are guided and practiced as He taught. That is the important thing.

Today I truly rejoice and thank God for allowing me to share and to meet again the apostles of the days that God chose in your century. Especially to share with the apostles who are the female apostles, truly brave, truly strong, and who have a very profound faith. Only one thing is needed, be definitive and trusting, then you will achieve the goal that God specifically set aside for you, Lucia, and for all the brothers and sisters. Cherish what you have, respect, and do what you can while still allowed. Everything will have an end, sooner or later. This is a battle that you are facing. Only your faith will triumph, and the support of heaven remains and continues by your sides because you know the works that you do, where they originate from, and where they come from.

How pitiful for those who were too shallow, too hasty, who looked with a shortsighted and judgmental view so that by learning and knowledge they stop at the points that are known. But if they cannot be open-minded and open their hearts then how can they know the works that God does? He always grants abundantly to you and to those who seek to understand this truth. The silence, God granted to you in a special way, but the time has come and it is also the hour, for God’s plan. All these things will be given to the world as you are practicing it. It is the gift of the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offers to the world, and your prayers moved heaven and have made it impossible for us to sit still. At all costs, we pray for God to support you, and there are many aspects that God grants in a special way to you today.

Whether the world is in a state of sin, in the deprivation of the darkness, possessed by the devil, but these years are years of graces poured down, years of extraordinary and wondrous things that God allowed to happen. The special years in which God chose you, to do that, to conclude the last book of history. That is the blessing and the happiness that you have, to conclude the rest of the book that we could not yet conclude in each era. Because everything we concluded in our time, God does not stop in our time, but God continues to grant to all generations. That was the beginning, there will be the passing days, and the days to continue, as you have. So continue in your missions, rejoice, accept all the challenges. In the end, you will not die stoned like me.

But be martyred by the fortitude from your soul to affirm one faith and overcome all your fear, your pondering, your thinking; be martyred for your ego and personality; be martyred for your personal rights. Live for the Lord whom you clearly understood is true in this world. It is a wonder and a marvel that comes from God who granted in a special way for you who are the chosen ones. I hope and I pray that you will be successful in your travels and will be greatly successful in your lives as you overcame the silent trials of the past days. God always has His timing. What is well concealed, what will be revealed, and what will be concluded cannot be hidden, because the lamp that is lit is to be placed on the lampstand and not under the basket.

So these are the points that when God allows then you will know what happens in the world from God. These are the works for which God granted special graces to those who believe, who practice, who return, and to the chosen people, called to become the witnesses for God, for His love, for truth, for fairness, for justice and righteousness, which are in you, over you, and continue to be in you. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to share and say what I give to you today in particular, and in general to the people who receive and listen when they believe and practice. Mother Mary is a person who always grants in a special way to guide you through the twists and turns of adversity and tension.

Continue to listen and practice. Learn from the gentleness Mother taught. The gift of the Six Kowtows that you received is the key to meet heaven, the key to conclude history, the key to guide and lead back people who are in the darkness, the key to saving the world, the key to unlocking the lock that was well hidden from the past till now. No one could be courageous enough to practice, but today you are the pioneers, so believe in what you do. Believe as you opened the doors of heaven, for us to have the words to give to the world, for the encounter of heaven to be close in your century. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to share with you in this day and age, and I only know one thing, may God grant you peace. The hour is also coming to an end. I thank you, brothers and sisters.

Do not blame yourselves, I understand. Whether my feast day was yesterday or today, or whenever, speaking of time, there is no date and time in heaven. I only wish that when given the opportunity, then continue to receive, because these are blessings that are bestowed when given the opportunity. You will have the documents to be recorded at the end of history. Since God allows then do not let it pass, because this is an important value to record what heaven grants. This is the proof of truth from God who bestows and chooses you to walk in the midst of the world and what is needed to strengthen the faith of all classes, all roles, and especially to strengthen the faith of the Church in the challenge of the days that you are facing. Once again, may God bless all of you.

Thank you, dear Lucia, please continue. I must say that you are completely different from the previous years. The first meeting, you were different. Today you are brave and strong because you must grow in the grace of God, as you have.

Please continue to help the brothers and sisters in the group. They are the people who are practicing, but they also need to know that they have a basis for them to grow, just like your grace grows. In God’s grace, entrust everything and trust. Do not be afraid of anything, as the apostles of God you must know the path you must take, because when all matters end then there will be the glory because through sacrifice there will be a triumph. God granted in a special way, for my mission, for your missions. We are the people God created for us to continue to serve Him through the ways He grants and gives. I went first, you followed, but we have only one way to live in the glory of God, to glorify God. Communicate and share the benefits of the spiritual life you received in the grace God grants, for everyone to know and receive. That is what you and all the brothers and sisters need to do. Goodbye, all brothers and sisters.


Oh God, I thank You and thank St. Stephen. Indeed, he was a very strong, courageous person, full of the Spirit, as the words written and his history. He was filled with both the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God in a very powerful way. Like a prompting and an affirmation in life with grace from God and chosen to become the bearers of the Good News, and also to be the pioneers of the greatness that Blessed Mother grants to the world as well as for those who face today’s situation. Through the events, the urgency, these stressful days of society, we know the source of comfort and happiness is that we feel peaceful and serene. At this time, we are truly at peace, because God granted us in a special way to listen to His word and through the gift of the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offers for us to practice daily, to remind us of prayers offered on behalf of the world, of all classes, all roles, to lift up all the difficulties in life and especially for our families and the loved ones of the brothers and sisters in the group.

Despite the changes of the brothers and sisters in the group, we are not worried, because we believe that God will have a way. If they do not walk with us, then they will have a different program. How unfortunate for the brothers who were not calm enough, not mature enough, who forgot and lost the tremendous opportunity that God grants in a special way to gather us to become a group. We continue the work, this person doing this work, that person doing that work, to glorify God, to praise God, and we continue to bring this gift to the world to help everyone surrender, submit and return to God. So all of these things, we are blessed from the teaching of the Holy Apostles and saints, who though were gone in the course of history, but their words returned to the world. This is not something easy to believe in this world, but when God allows then that will be possible and always possible, to bring the newness and richness that God specifically grants to this generation.

No matter how many trials, iniquities, tensions between good and evil, but because of these time periods, God’s Divine Mercy is specially granted to sinners, to penitents, for people to become instruments and witnesses as God allows today. Let us never be disappointed, the love of God always grants in a special way to the martyred apostles, for their sacrifices, as they believed and practiced. May we receive faith from them, for us to learn and become the people who continue and work at fulfilling a program that God grants in a special way to each era and gives us the opportunity to conclude.

God gives us the opportunity to be the pioneers of the best that God grants in a special way through Mother Mary, through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, through the support of the angels and saints, through the urging, the authority, and the light through the Eucharistic Jesus. Let us be united to prostrate, to return to the Divine Mercy of God the Father. To survive, let us believe in the Savior who helped us, saved our lives, and His Price of Blood will be valuable to our souls, for us to be happy. We have a history, from Christmas until His death on the Cross, to prostrate today before the Five Holy Wounds, to apologize before the Five Holy Wounds, to thank the love of God who granted us thorough teaching to clearly understand, to have an inner life that is the weapon to use in this time through Mother Mary. Mother is the person who helps us learn how to pray, how to practice, how to be determined to beseech, how to affirm in a life of return by the prostration.

O God, I thank You. The night is already late and it is all over. The Holy Spirit granted me in a special way to receive St. Stephen’s words. This was a year with many events, and our upcoming trip is also in a very stressful condition, but I believe in what the saints did and the sacrifices of the saints, then let us not be afraid of anything as we walk in the midst of the world to bear witness to God. We lift up all matters. May the saints intercede to God for us, especially St. Stephen and St. John. Particularly, St. Joseph is a saint who always intercedes and defends us. May all the saints have compassion for us and may we accomplish what we yearn for. We still have weaknesses and still cannot do, so we rely on the prompting, the teaching of the saints, for us to continue what we need to do, to glorify God, to praise God, to apologize for our sins, for the days of indifference and irresponsibility, for us to know and do what we need to do to bring back faith and rekindle the faith that God granted in a special way, which has been presently languishing and lethargic.

Today God granted abundance in faith in a special way, so all that, whoever believes will have, whoever seeks will find, whoever knocks then it will be opened. Let us not be too suspicious, too doubtful. Let us not follow the view of trivial human limitations, but believe that God is the Supreme Being who has the authority to bestow and all that richness comes from God, and the best, to remind mankind to come to God, to be close to God, to love, to forgive, to be patient, to sacrifice, and to live in God’s grace. There is nothing contrary to the doctrine, nothing that goes too far with the abstraction, but people tend to judge it as fanaticism. So people always dispute, doubt, especially those who have functions, they always rule out without seeking to understand what comes from the truth. Today there are so many graces granted to help the world in the state of today’s deadlock, in the days when people need God’s grace to triumph. Otherwise, we will wrongfully and mistakenly commit murder to then lose the favors that God grants in a special way.

May God have mercy on our Church in today’s situation. May God bless and grant the Holy Spirit abundantly for our Pope to be in good health, with wisdom and lucidity, to steer the boat of the Church. Please help cardinals and the clergy be in unity and unanimity to help our Church not be at a standstill through the pandemic. The authorities are abusing, taking advantage, and using all means to prevent us from coming to church, with the prohibition through Masses. The clergy and the laity are suffering mainly from depression in this time, because they lose the opportunity since they consecrated their lives to God with a mission in which they proclaim the Gospel, live for the Gospel, a mission in piety and holiness, a mission to learn the laws of God, a mission to witness and teach in their roles.

As of today, for almost ten months, things seem to be restricted, everything is at a standstill, everything is in a state of political domination, from the abuse of the unrighteous. It is the hidden underground power that inflicted injury, caused disease, caused the pandemic, and today continue to forbid.  God, please help us be brave and strong, ask for the grace from God, ask for the angels, the saints to support us spiritually, to defeat and dispel the hidden underground power, the devil that uses all kinds of tricks to trap us. May we stand up and return in a spirit of repentance. May we be zealous and courageous to bear witness to God like St. Stephen. Even with sacrifice, we will not falter. Please help us do this so that the silent works will also be heard, known and supported, to glorify God through the gift of the Six Kowtows from Mother, to save everyone and save every sinner in the urgency of today’s world.

Now, we thank, praise, and glorify God for granting us to hear from the first martyred disciple, a shining example for us. His teaching motivated us to understand God’s will through the grace God grants, for us to grow and strongly move forward, to become the warriors and soldiers as God called us to be and as Mother Mary taught. May we not fall into days of indifference, of irresponsibility, of weakness and fear, days in which we feel we still cannot grow in what God gave and bestowed. It is because of our limitation, our lack of faith, we were governed by many things in our lives, and we failed to be perfect in our apostolic missions. Now I ask God to bless us in a special way through the teaching of St. Stephen. The words from the saints give us wonderful teaching for us to progress and grow in the grace God bestows.

Now we conclude at 12:49 am, Monday, December 28, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the holy statues of Nino Jesus, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Juan. I, Kim Dung, as well as all brothers and sisters just received the teachings of St. Stephen. Today is a new day, the third day of the Octave of Christmas. May God bless us with a peaceful sleep. May God grant peace to the world as we long for it. May God defend the righteous in the battle between good and evil.

We thank, praise, and glorify God. May the saints pray for us to fulfill this mission, though in silence, but in everything we pray to God to send us and we lift up everything to God. Please give us more time, for us to have the opportunity to proclaim and bear witness to the gift that everyone needs in the urgency and the events that happened and will happen. May people stand up and return to receive the justice and righteousness that God grants. We pray for God’s plan and God alone can triumph over this battle. God, please save us, help us, accept our prayers. Through the intercessions of the saints, please hear our prayers, remember us and pray for us, to be faithful, to persevere, and for everything to be accomplished in God’s program, and according to the plan and arrangement according to God’s holy will.

Together with all brothers and sisters, once more, in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God. We thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, thank Blessed Mother, thank St. Stephen for his message, especially today. We conclude at 12:52 am, Monday, December 28, 2020, at St. Theresa church, in front of the holy statues of Nino Jesus, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Juan. Only a few days left and we enter a new year. Only 3 more days left, then we will start a new year. We ask for a new year full of graces, a new year in joy, a new year in victory, a new year of belonging to God in the surrender and in the prostration, as we beseech God to forgive, to accept our apology, our repentant and contrite hearts, to hear our prayers as we ask to return to God.

We apologize to God. We ask for God to forgive us, give us more opportunities, give America more opportunities, give the world more opportunities, to know and return to God. God, please heal the pandemic of both soul and body, especially for the returning coronavirus, we do not know whether true or false, but we know we were clearly controlled and restricted. God, please help us and save us, for us not to be subject to the dishonesty of the hidden underground power and the fabrications that today caused problems for America, for the entire world, and even for our mission. Now we conclude this message. We thank, praise, and glorify God. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God, now and forever and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen.