Message from St. Ignatius of Antioch

November 22, 2020


O Lord, it is 7:41, Sunday, November 22, 2020. We are at St. Theresa Church, before the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. First of all, I thank God for allowing us to remain here. The church is preparing to close, mass is over, but we want to stay here, right here in the church, and right in the center, in front of the altar, in front of the Cross. Every year, on this day, God always granted us ardent words, the words He confided to us as well as the words He taught –  the words that are deeply embedded into our hearts.

We know a king is supposed to wear a majestic, magnificent brocade court robe, but God said to us: “I am a King but My brocade court robe is the Cross and the Crown of Thorns is My Crown, with my reign, and coming to remain with you, by the nails and the price of Blood.” We always meditate to understand why God mentions this. Because God loves us, He came into the world. He does not use the stateliness and the majesty of a king of heaven, but because He loves mankind, He lives with mankind and dies to atone for mankind’s sins. God does not wear the splendid brocade court robe like the kings of the world, but He wears us. He loves us and He remains with us.

In every age, each one of us is saved by a King who with the price of blood, cleansed our souls and redeemed us when we were in sin. He waits for our return, and for us to become the children who listen to His words, to whom He lets us know that He is the King but that He also needs the love of mankind. That love can blossom and grow for us to live in His doctrine, to love Him, recognize Him, and recognize the value in our lives through a King who gave us life. Through the Way of the Cross, He is the King of the Universe, the King of every sinner, the King of every saint, the King of every witness, and the King of every patient in this world.

God does not give up waiting and loving and allowing that love to blossom and grow as we mature, believe, entrust, and recognize that great love, for our return to Him and to step out of the days of sin and darkness, those days which caused us to lose the close relationship that God granted us through His love. The King of the universe is ruling us with love and is waiting for our return. He convinced us with His silent waiting, for all of us to have the opportunity today. We are together, in unity, turned towards God through the Solemnity of Christ the King, for us to thank, praise, and honor Him on behalf of those who are ungrateful, who refuse, who offend God, who fail to experience God’s love, who reject God, and allowed the world of darkness to control, for the days to become days of sorrow, of disease, of evil, of deceit, of stress, causing harm to the victims, to the innocent and to all of humanity.

But God still grants in a special way and protects the righteous. God grants to those who come to Him and return to Him in a special way. God also grants in a special way for the world to stand up, to defend and choose righteousness, so people have the days to choose what belongs to them. God intervenes, listens, and uses His power as the King of the Universe to sanctify and transform our minds, our hearts, and our faith, for us to continue living with days of purpose, with devotion, and with love.

By the Divine Mercy with which God sanctified the whole world, may the people who still disbelieve, believe; those who still do not know, know; those who still do not hear, hear. For those who are yearning, then God, please allow us to receive the words from You, for us to be sanctified and transformed. Through the witnessing in an age as God allows, let us prepare together to enter into this period of time in which God granted a program, as mentioned today through the Gospel, for us to love our brothers when they are hungry, when they are in trouble, and when in prison. When many things happen in our lives, God wants us to love, for that love to grow, to connect, for us to live to glorify the Lord, because the King does not teach us to score, but teaches us the most essential matters in life, between mankind and God, between brothers, between man and man, between a life of needed charity, a truthful and sincere life, a life to learn humility, for our lives to be renewed daily, for us to belong to a kingdom where we are with God in heaven forever.

God is the King of the Universe, the King of love, the King of truth, the King of light, and the King of life in hope. May we quiet our souls and wait for the moment that God comes to us. Each year on the Solemnity of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe,  the celebration helps us in times of trials and ordeals, to be in hope, in trust, in happiness which only God offers to us.


My beloved children,

My peace be with all of you. The church is still as quiet as ever, but I still wait for you every second. This day is a very special day, which reminded Me of the robe I voluntarily put on. This robe, I want to put on each one of you. I want to let your souls be with Me with this brocade court robe.

Awaken, rise up with Me. Even though you still cannot understand after so many days, I always keep you by My side. The robe I offer you is a beautiful robe for you to be happy to wear as My princesses and princes. That robe is waiting for you. I am the King of the Universe, but I greatly need the love of each child. That love lingers for Me to stay with you today, for Me to meet you today.

I am waiting for that love. Once a year, I want to meet you and I let you know that I am a King, not like a king of the world who uses his power to rule by force. But I am a King who brings you peace, who reminds you of My love, reminds you of justice and truth, reminds you of what was lost and stolen because of weakness and sin.

Do not be sad anymore; smile and rejoice because I am with you. Do not be afraid. Do not be weak in faith in this world. This is a century I grant for you to meet Me. I grant My voice to come to you for Me to comfort you. I seek you. Let go of the past. Return like a child. Grow in My love. Come close to Me. Let My love blossom in you and over you.

I need your voices. I need fervent prayers for your brothers. I need the voice of witnessing. I need the voice in which you trust in Me, for all matters to be achieved in this world. Come here. Come here.

My voice. Help Lucia. Love Lucia. I am with her. You need her so much. Because I am with her. That is why, in the world, My voices help people return to Me. Love her, help her, and listen. It is not her, it is I, Jesus.

Lucia, I thank you very much. You know that I chose you to be with Me. I take care of you and help you. Do not worry, the time you see, I give you. Lucia, love the brothers and sisters. Let them know Me. I chose you to be My voice in the world. You have more, so do it. Be ready to pray, the souls are waiting for you. Lucia, tell the brothers and sisters to help you and do it. I give you the gift, you need to help the souls. Take care, you need to take care of your health. Tell the brothers and sisters to help you, because you need time, and do something very important for the future. You remember, if you are not here, My voice will not be with the brothers and sisters. Only you. Believe Me, I have big plans for this time.

Do not worry. I hear you every day,  I understand, I told you to wait. The time has not come yet. When you are sad, I am sad too. When you smile, I smile. And when you cry, that makes My heart hurt. Do not worry. When the time comes, you will know it. You just pray a little and I will give you more and more.

I am very happy. I am very happy when I see you like that. I am very happy when I talk. Lucia, you need to try. I want to be near My disciples. You need to take care of yourself and remain in good health.  You hear something, you know something, and you talk to let people know.


O God, I thank You for especially granting to us this year. Indeed, this afternoon, You made us feel truly emotional when I started to read the first reading. Today I attended three Masses. Then I went to Adoration. I also asked for a mass to thank God. Especially today is the day in which every year we receive the teachings from God. I also asked for a mass to be offered for the orphaned souls, for the souls in the families of the brothers and sisters in our group, in my family, and particularly for the souls of those who died from Covid-19 as I saw in the past few days.

I thank God for this where God has bestowed upon us for the past ten years. In times of sorrow, God always loves us and never blames us. God said that He is the King people mentioned and honored, for us to adore, and honor. A very quiet King, a sad King, who waits for mankind. A King who continues to yearn and to wait for the love of mankind, to return to Him.

Today is a day that we always remember, especially in the year 2020. There were many troubles for the United States, especially the days where we faced the plague, the plague of both soul and body, the days of deadlock and violence, the days of widespread affliction when we cannot enjoy freedom or joy. We know the mission assigned for us to listen and unite to pray. We know that without the events, the people will not turn back to God, and there are not many prayers, especially in this year and in this century. So this is an extremely significant and great matter that God grants, for us to know what we are longing for, and who is the person who can support and intervene with authority, to help us return to a life that belongs to God.

So this is a day of joy and happiness. We thank God on behalf of the world. We adore, honor, and apologize. We praise the King of the Universe, the King of the Divine Mercy, the King of love, the King who died for us to live, the King in a brocade court robe on the Cross, wearing a Crown of thorns. A King who reigns through drops of blood, the marks of nails, the scourges that made Him the King of the Universe, ruling with love, waiting for love, always in need of love, and teaching us to live for love. That is the truth. It is the truth that mankind seeks, looking with reasoning, with argument. God is by our side, but we remain indifferent, unfeeling, cold, lukewarm, and totally distant toward Him. No matter how many things in this world, inside, the heart is still indifferent, cold.

But God is still waiting for the encounter by the heart. God is still waiting for the heart, when we shed tears, with repentance, with true contrition in our hearts. Because it is God who created, for us to feel a profound love from the heart, to be able to encounter Him, be able to recognize what He bestowed in our faith. There is only one thing that the Lord taught: Believe and you will have; Seek and you will find; Knock and it will be opened unto you. Yet few people live like this because everything requires reasoning and argument from people who expect to see and hear. Our God is gentle, the divine Supreme Being, the ever-living Supreme Being, the everlasting Supreme Being, who remains with us in all circumstances, in all places.

His words helped us from being disappointed to become hopeful. His words are like medicine to heal our souls. His words gently penetrate our hearts. His words seem to break down the stubborn and obstinate wall within us, for us to become the children who recognize Him, love Him, and ask to return to Him. However, we are still weak and lost in this world, and we still have many things that dominate our lives. God, please dwell in us, stay with us. May the King of the Universe say the word for our souls to be healed. May the King of the Universe intervene for a world in chaos, with days of the rebellion caused by the evil spirits, but when the King of the Universe commands, then the world becomes peaceful and happy.

May everyone believe, to turn toward God. May everyone believe, repent and return. May everyone believe, because the Lord God loves and brings peace and happiness when people cooperate, unite, and love one another. Whatever happens, may we trust in God, because God always has a way to lead us. God intervenes for us and gives us a world that belongs to us and granted from Him. God, please help us be firm in the faith, to not waver because of certain circumstances, because to triumph, then we must walk the way of the cross as God did. To be able to function to let people hear and know, for that to be worthy of the King of the Universe, is the way of the cross that God walked. He left us a grand and glorious title for us to prostrate to and adore – the King of the Universe.

Our King is the King of love and hope. The King who waits and longs. The King who needs love to sanctify and transform us into the children as He wants to reign by our sides, for our hearts to have Him. God walks with us. God stays with us, teaching us. His words help us through the difficult, painful times. With the days we are affected by all the world’s problems, may God help us, for us to live with faithfulness, with loyalty, and live an honest life, a life in faith, always in hope, to live humbly and simply, to deserve the words that God taught, meeting us. God, please help us mature, love each other, unite, and do what God teaches so that everything we do is in God’s glory, to honor God, praise God, and console God, to make up for those indifferent, lukewarm days, to make up for the world that rejects God, to make up for the world that opposes justice and righteousness.

The world is denying God’s authority, but there are still the children, the little children, the sinful children who repent and return, the children with a contrite heart, the simple children who learn in a life of faith, whom God loves, protects, guards, and meets, for us to live and become the witnesses to the Good News in this day and age. We thank, praise, and glorify God. May we represent the world, all classes, and all roles. Today, not following the same custom as every year, we praise, glorify, and honor God, as our Lord, the King of the Universe, the King of our souls, the King of each heart, the King of love, the King of the Divine Mercy, for the world to be transformed, for the world to return, and for the world to receive love through the intervention as God granted, to us and to the world, in righteousness, justice, and truth.

In the last zealous days, we truly yearn and hope. We know our strength can do nothing, because of the wickedness in the world, and the devil did everything to cause the righteous and those who live a life of truth to be harmed. We keep praying diligently, because God alone is the Healer, the Mediator, and the glorious Victor, to redeem those who believe, entrust, and trust in Him. Together, in unity, we thank, praise, glorify, bless, and honor our Lord. Please hear our earnest words through the Solemnity that we celebrate especially in this year 2020 where there were many events, but we are still happy by God’s side, still hearing the ardent words that God grants to us, to each one of us. That is the sign of happiness, for the past ten years, God never forgot us. After this moment, we praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We thank, praise, and glorify the Eucharistic Jesus, still in our midst, still present with us, and still strengthening our life of faith, for us to encounter Him daily, for our voices to echo and be sharp in us, every second, every minute. We thank the Five Holy Signs of God that gave us the opportunity to be restored, for us to apologize to God. May we become the warriors who are not indifferent to God as we were in the past, but become the warriors to proclaim the Good News, the warriors to witness to the truth, and the warriors to comfort Jesus Christ. We also have Mother Mary walking with us. Mother Mary teaches us how to come to God. Mother Mary was on Calvary, with the saints, in the course of history. Today Mother Mary has us. In an age where people do not believe, Mother granted to us. Mother, please lead us to Calvary with You. Mother, please help us step by step for us to have a meaningful life with the cross, for us to walk with God, to walk with You, and for the promise, which is the day we long to belong to God and to You in heaven.

Help us each day to live in a humble and ordinary way with abundant faith, to witness to the Lord who is speaking, who is living, who is with us, who loves us infinitely, and who understands our hearts and souls. Mother understands everything and plans and arranges. Mother teaches us to be close to God, to recognize God, to represent everyone in the world with indifference, to ask for God to intervene. May we comfort God, to make up for an unfeeling world, a world that is indifferent to God, a world that forgot Mother’s words. Today what we promise we definitely must do and will do in our lives, so that what Mother teaches through the gift of the Six Kowtows may revive the world, be a triumph, a source of comfort, as God intervenes when hearing the fervent words of the Six Kowtows. Through the prostration, we reverently lift up the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offered to us as the last key. It is the honor, the adoration, and in the last moments, this key will open the lock, and when the lock is opened, the world will be saved, and there will be a world of peace, of happiness, of harmony, in the joy and the hope we are waiting for.

We thank Mother. Thanks to Mother, with Mother, and in Mother,  we will definitely win this last battle, for us to be happy, to praise, and to glorify the King of the Universe. He will no longer wear the brocade court robe and the crown of thorns, the Cross, with the bloodstains, but a robe of the children who praise, honor, thank, surrender, and belong to Him. Amen.

May we return to God with all our soul, all our strength, all our heart, to be worthy of the gifts granted and be worthy of the graces God gave in this century. Let us prove to the words together in our return with a repentant and contrite heart, to profess, glorify, and adore God. Lucia, Maria Nhung, Mercedes, Maria Loan, Maria Titus, and those who are present, on behalf of the brothers and sisters in our group, thank and praise God on the Solemnity of Jesus Christ as the King of the universe. We praise, glorify, and honor God.

O Lord, I also ask for You to bless Fr. David as well as the other priests at St. Theresa church, and the parishioners in this parish, who are very pious, very holy. May God pour abundant graces on Fr. David, so that each day he may see what God does and for his life of service to become perfect in God’s love. May God protect Fr. David in a special way and protect the priests in this parish, and all the laity. This parish is also the place God chose to set an example for the world through the gift of the Six Kowtows. With the wonders and the miracles that appear in this place, God, please help Fr. David recognize, and allow us the opportunity to be close to God, to pray in the church, for us to continue to bear witness to God, through the truth that God grants in this world, at St. Theresa church.

God, please bless Fr. David in a special way, for him to be perfect in holiness. He is a very humble priest whom we have so much respect and affection for. God, please bless him and all the brothers and sisters who serve here to have a generous and loving heart, in unity, at a place God chose to bear witness to the world. We adore, praise, and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Lucia concludes with all the brothers and sisters present at 8:34 pm, Sunday, November 22, 2020, at St. Theresa church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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