Jesus Confides to Humanity on Holy Thursday – the Last Supper

April 8, 2020


O God, at this moment I invite You to come.

God, please allow me to receive Your words, as You have come to visit us before, to teach us.

This is the moment we know for sure that has happened for 2,000 years (1), but today we relive this moment with an inconvenience, with absolutely no rites and Masses like every year, for us to gather and learn.

These are the saddest times for us, for the Church, and for every priest.

In these deserted moments, this is an opportunity for us to reflect and meditate, especially when we enter such important days as these days of the Holy Week.

We pray and hope that through this event everyone will awaken, from the ranks of those with functions to the ranks of the laity – everywhere, every country, every nation – so that we can see the terrible challenge that we fear and that is threatening our lives.

It is through this pandemic that we can see God, find God, pray to meet God, have the determination and understand the word “awakening.”

At this moment, God, please come to us, so that we may hear Your words as You have come to visit us.

In particular, today is a historical sign that is going on in an era, with events that have never happened before in the world but today are actually happening clearly.

Because of the situation we must oblige – it is not our own decision.

Today, I ask God to allow us to receive His word, to meet Him.

God, please come and visit us, because of the present situation, which we do not want and we try our best, but because of the common situation in the world, we are falling into a difficult situation due to a threatening pandemic.

We do not have the opportunity to gather with the community – we are not able to attend the Washing of the Feet celebration of the Last Supper, for us to respectfully commemorate.

These are the most important days of Holy Week.

Now we stop to invite God to come. May we hear the words from God.

Jesus: (1:02 a.m.)

My beloved children,

Now is a very emotional time.

Today has stirred in Me the event 2,000 years ago.

Every year I live in this state of mind. Every year I wait – I yearn to walk with the shepherds, the pastors I choose, to come meet you and reestablish the rites that I want to convey to the apostles I choose, the pastors throughout the ages, who are also good examples for you to witness those directly or indirectly to pass down to you.

Today, indeed, is a quiet day.

Facing the days in each year in which I am lively with an anniversary of 2,000 years, which never fails to be engraved and acknowledged in Me – every year, on this day, I relive the days in the flesh and start to live the last hours – in the goodbye, in the separation, and in the remaining moments – to grant My Church to continue to exist as today, and for all of you.

My beloved children,

Everything is settling down, is quiet, but I come to look for you.

To Me, I am always by your side, and I always want that to forever belong to you.

There is no border, no frontier that can prevent all the works I establish and bestow to the Church as well as to you.

As in this day, this disaster is becoming an unprecedented story and this happened to the world for your choice to be even more decisive.

Those are things that the Holy Spirit has reminded you in recent days.

I know. I grieve because of these things. I did not want to leave all of you these past weeks.

I saw the lonely, lost children searching for Me.

And the shepherds, the holy priests – they are lonely, they are despondent, and they are alone in a room.

There were those who prostrated. There were those who repented. There were those who prayed and cried earnestly.

This is the beginning.

I also want to end it soon.

For there are those who mourned, those who have made tearful pleas, pleas in the last hours on deathbeds, pleas of those with functions who have fully acknowledged their mistakes.

I listen. I know.

Because of those pleas, I want to totally end everything, to hold you to My Heart, to give you My dream, which is your true awakening, for you to truly return to an environment and a life that I have given you with freedom.

But on the contrary, the number of people who are aware and recognize is a very small number, and the rest of people continue in their ways.

They think this is a disease that happens every year and is a normal disease.

Their hearts are still hardened, they continue to refuse, and they are still vying and fighting, in wickedness.

Today people truly do not allow justice and righteousness in the world, for them to rely on those righteous deeds to live a meaningful life.

Mankind simply remains in limitation.

Their faith seems to be lost. They have no faith.

The life in wickedness has taken over and dominated them.

So they place their personal interests first and ignore what they need for them to return, to truly awaken to become righteous, to fully recognize their mistakes to return with a repentant heart.

My beloved children,

Today I come to visit you. You cannot come to Me, you cannot come to the church, you cannot come to the community, but I come to visit you. I come to be by your side.

Daily, because of that simplicity and humility, because of the faith that you have entrusted, because of the works that you practice, I am by your side.

This still goes on.

To Me, these phenomena continue to be at My side, happening every moment in My Heart.

Today I come to visit you and to witness all the works that you do.

Because of your prayers, the world has had many people who have spoken up.

The righteous people have intervened, the righteous people have pleaded, the righteous people have tried their best to do everything they could – they tried.

Because of those righteous people, I will lessen what was in the plan and help people awaken and be determined to return.

I know.

Everything that comes to you today – I long and yearn for you to soon recognize, soon awaken, soon realize what you have lost, for you to be sincere with your heart, to truly cherish what you have lost and that has perished, to be determined so that you may be liberated soon, and the day with the light and the sun will shine again over you.

This is a beginning, depending on every person who has functions, every layperson, every person in faith.

When every person opens the eyes with faith, then that day will soon return to the country where you reside and the countries to follow.

But if mankind continues to refuse, continues to rely on science and technology, continues to reject, then mankind still cannot open up to receive the medicine to treat the pandemic today and the medicine to treat the plague of the soul.

What you need to know most is that the virus of the soul is terrible, obstinate, stubborn, and hardened.

It becomes emotionless between its brothers, and it becomes meaningless with a life of faith.

It becomes something that relies only on a life of reality, and in the spiritual life it remains obstinate and stubborn, based on what is believed to be ordinary things that happen every year and happen often to the world.

However, this is something that you need to distinguish clearly.

So many events happened in the past, but there was never an event that caused the entire world to be at a standstill like today.

This is a message I grant to the world.

This is the wait, to conclude and to come into the new world that I have been waiting for and longing for since the beginning.

I want a Church completely with a life of truth.

The truth is realized over each shepherd. The truth is realized with responsibility and duty – from the priests to the laity – and you cherish everything that protects you, through the doctrine that I have given you.

I have entered the Passion.

Before entering the Passion 2,000 years ago, I washed the feet of the twelve Apostles, including a person who refused, a person who completely did not understand My love, who used money to buy.

And in the end, that money did not bring him success and he killed himself with that money.

Today I come to visit you, for you to hear the teachings of the Holy Spirit – a story in history left to each person I choose today.

Today I come to visit.

I greatly desire and yearn, and I am truly lonely.

In the past few days, I certainly was lonely with abandonment and neglect.

Today I actually no longer have any visits from the children who come from far and near to be with Me – only the priests who practice their duties.

There were priests who were sad, who cried.

So pray. Pray a lot for the shepherds. Pray also a lot for your brothers, for your sisters, who have still not truly awakened at this time.

My beloved children,

Today is the day that I want you to be by My side. Stay by My side.

I embrace you, before I begin to enter the spiritual Mass that the Church will celebrate in the coming hours.

In the remaining moments, give all your strength, because only the voice of truth, only a sincere love, and only My love can help people be transformed.

Only My love is the source of comfort for them when they fall into the abyss of today.

My beloved children,

A rite, as said: you are the chosen people, but do not let everyone recognize you as you desire, do not long for the alluring words of the world.

I do not want you to stumble. I do not want that world to deceive you in ways that are both reasonable and logical.

Follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, just as you once did silently.

It is that silence that can help many people – in the heart, in the deed, and in the action, to motivate people who still do not understand, who still do not believe, and who rely on laws.

Today I grant you the right.

You need to come together, unify, and cooperate to bring all the words that are the truth that you have heard and known – and use love, solidarity, and unity to bear witness to this truth.

One sign that I want: be faithful to each other.

This beginning path that you see is not an asphalt path.

All those who follow Me, My disciples, must walk on winding paths, sinuous paths, paths with gravel and rocks, paths where you must accept misunderstanding, rejection, and many questions of the world in general as well as of all the people you trust.

As I told you, do not be afraid.

There must be moments of interruptions like today, there must be definitive moments for people to see that the darkness and the light will not mingle.

With the concealment with the eyes of mankind, it is a decision of mankind when people realize and understand that they themselves have created the sky with the current pandemic today.

They must recognize the mistakes they are making for them to pull their hands back and be reformed.

These events that happen are something new to them – they cannot be honest and sincere yet because they have not witnessed more tragic, painful, and horrible situations.

I have heard the cries of the righteous. I have heard the innocent people falling into totally unexpected situations.

I also understand the state of the victims who are the ones who suffer in those countries that live without the doctrine, without the truth, which rule harshly and govern by imposing an austere life towards their citizens.

With the selfishness of mankind, with the arrogance and foolishness of mankind, the citizens of those countries must suffer and must endure exceedingly.

Those innocent people – I will take them, I will allow them to receive the light through the Divine Mercy that I grant.

Rest assured and pray for Me to do that for the innocent people.

I also grant to those who know to turn back. I also grant to the victims when they are aware and conscious, even though they have passed away in the pandemic today.

But the most important are the ones remaining, those who are still alive, those who continue in their ways, for them to understand what is good, what is evil, what needs determination, what needs awakening, and what they need for them to return.

Mankind cannot continue to manipulate, in greed and ambition, for evil to be even more fierce because of mankind today.

My beloved children,

I have heard all the words.

The righteous people have truly confessed, they have truly opened their hearts to apologize, they have truly understood what is happening today.

Unfortunately it is only very few.

I wait. I wait for the unified cooperation to understand this.

Because the world is not only for you, the world is not only for the righteous.

The world needs sinners to turn back. The world needs people to see the truth for them to repent. The world needs people to recognize all their wrong decisions, to become righteous, to return to the truth that basically human life has and needs, through the truth that I have given them.

My beloved children,

Tomorrow, continue to watch direct on television to document the works that the Church performs.

I still accept this method when all things cease to function in a direct way today.

I accept the sacrifice when hearts recognize the days of not being able to gather, to unite, or to live with the community.

This is the time for each of you to recognize the need to treasure, for you to make decisions for your life, for your life of faith, for the life in which each person needs to awaken and return according to the ways and each role.

Tomorrow, the moments after attending Mass – keep the rites as you did every year.

I still want to stay with you in the deserted night, because tomorrow is the day that I  prepare to conclude and establish the Blessed Sacrament.

Before establishing the Blessed Sacrament, I have completed a program that is left for you.

I accepted to enter the Passion 2,000 years ago.

However, the Passion of today is that I can no longer see My children around the altar, I can no longer see all the children far and near who come in great numbers.

But I visit you through the television, I am present with you through the website, I am present with you through the media.

I will be silent to wait for every soul, heart, function, and person in the world.

Particularly, you also have free time so that you can practice what you need to practice in life, with the experiences, because of the determination the Holy Spirit grants you.

My beloved children,

Continue to be patient. Continue to sacrifice. Continue to do the works that you do not decide on your own, but trust that the decision comes from the Holy Spirit and His prompting and guidance, for you to see the works truly needed to help the brothers and sisters in this urgent time.

Endure – everything has an end – sooner or later time will tell.

I will try to make it sooner, for you to have more conveniences, for you to have in a special way what I grant to you.

But pray, because before everything ends, there is a number that truly is something terrible as you see in the plague of the body today.

I hope that through the plague of the body, you will also find the plague of the soul healed by the determination to awaken and return.

My beloved children,

Time has been limited.

I also see your fatigue. It is true that the mind is lucid but the body is weak and tired.

I understand – the time has been too long.

Today I come to visit and comfort you.

The establishment of the Blessed Sacrament was something that happened 2,000 years ago.

My feelings also returned to the days of abandonment, the days the world looked away, the days of betrayal, and the days that mankind caused, cutting off the conveniences and necessities for you to come close to Me.

Because mankind chooses, because mankind decides, be willing to accept to live through these days.

Endure, but be united.

Never be discouraged, never be disappointed, and never be afraid.

There are many events that must happen, for all things to be concluded sooner, for a schedule to be set for the world, when people rise, awaken, and return, when people know to apologize and repent, when they recognize their needs, and what belongs to them – not seeking on their own, not using violence on their own, not acting on their own with greed and ambition.

Mankind made the wrong decisions so today the problems have happened and are happening all around the world.

These are the reminders of the evil that mankind chooses.

If mankind is determined to repent then the unfortunate stories will never happen to the world today.

This is an opportunity for you to know that it is time to look closely at the spiritual life and the plague of the soul. Look back and examine yourselves.

Pray and be alert to clearly understand what is happening, and decide in a new way, in faith, with conviction, with a determination not to fall into this situation again.

Today is an opportunity for each person to look back and examine yourself.

Through things determined, with reasonableness, I will grant especially to those who are determined to practice, with a role that I give you in a special way, in the present crisis.

Today, I end here. I hope you understand.

I want to gloriously resurrect, to bring joy, to give smiles back to you, and there will be days to follow.

Today I end here. I wish all of you peace.

Pray for Me to bestow in a special way.

Continue on – the following days will have many things for you to receive through the methods I give.

My peace be with all of you.

Goodbye children.

[Father left at 1:31 a.m.]


O Jesus, I thank You. Thank God. Truly sublime.

God has come to visit us spiritually. You have come to visit us spiritually.

God has come to give us His words in this present situation, which is very tense with the terrifying pandemic that has caused fear in the days of a life in quarantine.

But God is the source of light, God is the Supreme Being who suffered to redeem our sins.

Today God comes to visit us, even though we cannot come to Him.

This is one of the happiest moments for us and for everyone who witnesses this.

O God, Your love is truly so amazing.

We have nothing worth reciprocating and deserve to receive what You grant us, but You still give us a special favor.

It is only with faith that God has given us the feelings and experiences we have today.

Let us join together in unity to overcome the difficulties and weaknesses encountered for us to be faithful and sincere through all our works, through God’s teachings.

In our duty and responsibility – may we pray on behalf of everyone in the world with the gift that we respectfully lift up to God, in thanksgiving and repentance, through the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offered us with newness, which not everyone has accepted.

In moments of tranquility, moments of quietness, and moments of isolation like these, we have the opportunity to understand more deeply, to draw closer, to testify more affirmatively to the presence God grants us through our meeting, with the moment God gives us in the celebration of the Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday.

Although we are tired, even though it takes a lot of time, we are still enthusiastic and we continue to wait for those words, because God comes to bless us.

God had to suffer alone, had to endure the excruciating pain, the cruel beatings, the atrocious scourges, and death for our sins, but today we have completely abandoned God, neglected God – we truly no longer have the opportunity to come to be with God.

God, please help us and save us through the pandemic that the devil has caused for us to  lose the opportunity.

The devil separates us in all circumstances and has caused the world to be at a standstill, because we chose him, because we lived a life of reality and we forgot what is most important.

God, please help us through these moments to meditate carefully, for us to clearly understand that we need to come back to You, to wholeheartedly return to You.

May the world be truly repentant. May the world be determined to return, to choose God, and may the righteous, the people God chose, boldly speak up.

Because their voice influences the entire world, through them, with them, for everyone to awaken and return to God.

On the solemn feast days, as on these days of Holy Week, we are united in prayer to represent the world – the sick, those who are infected by the virus, those who are gravely sick waiting for the last hours of their lives, those who have passed away, those who repent, those who are diligently caring for patients, those who do not have the moments to pray.

May they know what is most important. May those who are in their last hours recognize God and acknowledge Him.

God, please grant Your Spirit over the United States – let everyone know and realize that morality is most necessary in the last hours, to help the patients leave this world peacefully in the Lord.

God, please forgive our sins, forgive those who are infected by the virus, forgive our world when we know how to turn back and begin to embrace Holy Thursday of Holy Week, with the celebration of the Washing of the Feet, the most solemn ceremony in our life.

We know what we have lost and are losing.

May we repent with all our heart, awaken to return to God by the heart, by the soul, by determination.

We lift up to God, especially at this moment – to thank God, to bless God, to praise God – in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Lucia, together with the brothers and sisters, conclude the words from God through the visit He grants us this evening.

We end at 1:36 in the morning of April 9, 2020, at home, which God has granted on Holy Thursday, the day of the Washing of the Feet, for us to prepare ourselves in unity, to lift up our hearts to be close to God, with God.

May we belong to God as we lift up to Him.


  1. The celebration of Holy Thursday and/or the institution of the Eucharist

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.

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