Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

November 9, 2020

This is a message inspired by God the Holy Spirit to the messenger Lucia Phan when offering the Six Kowtows.


Oh Lord, it is 6:45 p.m., Monday, November 9, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. This month the icon of St. Theresa is still here. We just celebrated the Feast of St. Theresa last month, and now it is mid-November, so the icon of St. Theresa is still in the Church.

Oh Lord, today is the feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica. The Church reminds us of the Basilica as we come to attend Mass. We come to every Church to meet God, to turn towards the sanctuary, pray, prostrate, and adore.

In every Church around the world, there is an altar, a tabernacle. In particular, God also grants us in meditation. Each one of us is also an altar, a temple in our hearts, to invite God to be present and dwell in us. Every time we receive the Eucharistic Jesus when Mass is celebrated, we participate in the banquet table with heaven.

Oh Lord, we turn towards our Church, towards Jerusalem, the place where God let the elders, the messengers, the prophets, and those in the leadership ranks build great basilicas in the course of history, which the Good News and the Gospel remind us, are places of worship for God, truly great and impressive places.

Within the past few years, we visited many places. When we were in Washington D.C., we saw the White House, and we visited the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

When in Los Angeles, we also visited many Churches. There were many Churches in many places that we visited, to pray and reverently lift up the Six Kowtows.

In the past few years, God allowed us to travel a lot. Then we return here, at St. Theresa Church. The sanctuary in our hearts, with our faith, with our souls, our hearts are also a temple, reminding us to receive God into our hearts.

We ask for God to be with us, guide us, and help us be aware that we also need to prepare the temple in our hearts. We also need to be prepared to remove all the weaknesses and imperfections in our daily lives.

And we also need to be conscious of everything in our thoughts, actions, and deeds, to deserve to see God, adore God, love God, trust God, and entrust in God. We worship God.

God, please sanctify, transform the temple in the heart of each person, each day, and in each age, for us to recognize and know God.

In the year 2020, the pandemic did not end, and still persists until this day. The past ten months were enough to let us experience the sudden fear of unforeseen events. A great nation, disciplined, civilized, and very rich, but also fell into a situation with tense days; in this world which other country is more empowered? Which country is an exemplary country that influences the entire world, like America?

Although years passed, this place is still the place, even if its history is less than 250 years, but it has an origin that people must know. This land, this country, was given to the first people by God. When they conquered this land, they acknowledged God, they prayed to God, they believed in God.

Today this country, the United States, have many people from different countries who are present and live here. Is it not God who gave the world a country for many peoples to be united, to unify, without distinction, to have a country that recognizes there is a God who gathered all the peoples, to believe in Him, to worship Him, to love Him, and to enforce His laws?

The First Kowtow, we reverently offer to God the Father.

God the Father, we had the Ten Commandments since Moses’ time. The time of Jesus brought us the salvation, which set us free, and taught us to practice and follow the teachings of God.

God died for mankind’s sins, due to rebellion, unrighteousness, disobedience. God granted us His love, stayed with us, and allowed us to contemplate Him. By His Body and Blood, by His flesh, He left us a doctrine, gave us faith, life. The doctrine is for us to learn and practice.

Over 2,000 years, that doctrine continues, but for many eras, there were still wars, fights, sufferings. Faith is very shallow. Power is still used.

There were many stories we heard in the Gospel about the Scribes and the Pharisees. The people who have power, who do not have a heart, but only have theory, self-interest, cause the country suffering, mourning, and disease.

Today the year 2020 is a time of radical civilization and high-tech science, and we saw very clearly that there is no doctrine, no truth, no love, but only money, only power, a life exchanged by materials, money, forgetting the conscience, the sense of right and wrong, morality, ethics. Today we see the situation very clearly.

Oh God, how sad and heartbreaking for those who know but still live a selfish life, a life that is satisfied by money, lust, greed, and position, regardless of what happens in the world. Today it is very clear, right before our eyes.

Oh God, how can all unrighteousness end up good? Mankind in greed, selfishness, foolishness, is being used by others, which is the devil and the hidden underground power, who used the money to buy souls, conscience, and morality.

God loves this country. God blesses the United States, for all peoples to be present in this country, to unite, to help the country be strong, affluent, with abundant skills, and advanced science and technology, to build up the basic foundation, when the citizens truly understand the meaning of what is a country blessed and enlightened by God.

God grants to the poor people who come to this land the opportunity to excel, in their strength, in their forte, in their learning. With their efforts, they become successful, and among them are the Vietnamese people who came from poor families, but they became millionaires and even billionaires and who are present in this country, America.

It is not just for the Vietnamese, but for all peoples who came from other poor countries, and they learned how to succeed and became wealthy, through righteousness and truth. On the contrary, there are those in positions of power, who are the leaders, who are utterly depraved and bribed by foreign nations.

Many people pray and many people look into their conscience and morality to discern matters, in the present, in the past, and for the days ahead.

No matter how talented, how well-planned, how advanced with science and technology the world is, with the recent pandemic everything came to a standstill.

We saw many fellow human beings die, the damage, the collapse of everything that people built up, relying on themselves. It is impossible to refute because the human condition is limited, unable to master everything.

It is a great spirituality the Lord grants as reminded through the plague with days of deadlock, from the economy to the restriction and control over the life of faith of Christians and Catholics.

There were laws passed regarding abortion and homosexuality. All these matters are taken very lightly.

Where are the Ten Commandmentsof the Lord? Catholics are people who belong to God. No matter how sinful, we cannot act against God’s law, we cannot act against the most fundamental Ten Commandments.

But today the Ten Commandments are ignored, and the law of God is changed by the law of man on earth.

Those who sit on the bench for 40 years did nothing because they did not know God or even if they knew, they still follow the laws of a radical society, with freedom of homosexuality, freedom of abortion.

There are inconceivable laws in this free country. There are respectable laws, but there are also certain laws that lure people into defilement, losing morality and ethics.

O  God, all these things need to be presented to You, because what all of us do daily in life are ordinary matters, but this is the most important moment, a time when we beseech You to have mercy on us, to hear our earnest prayers.

God blessed this country, a country God chose, the richest, the most famous, with the most advanced science and technology.

This country is the United States, where many people have the opportunity to move forward, progress, learn, and know what God granted to those who belong to Him in righteousness, in justice, in the truth.

God gives to those who believe in Him, those who learn and recognize what needs to be done and must be done in God’s way. We are all sinners, no one is perfect before the face of God.

Yet God came to save us in sins, and God gave us the opportunity to learn and know of His doctrine, through the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for humanity, for us to have a new doctrine, a new faith, a new joy, and a new world, which God granted in our decision to belong to Him.

We know that goodness comes from God, and righteousness and justice also belong to God. God is the Supreme Being who loves and His Divine Mercy gives humanity the opportunity.

Even the blind and the sinful, God also grants them this moment, for them to recognize and know what is needed for them to return, and those who live in falsehood must also awaken to return.

God created mankind. God created Adam and Eve. God granted everything and instructed them to not eat the forbidden fruit, because eating the forbidden fruit violated God’s law. It is because of sin that today, people must endure, because by eating the forbidden fruit mankind lost what God granted. That was the first law, and it is also the last law of history.

So mankind cannot act conveniently according to one way or another. The Lord granted. In times past, Jesus, the Second Person of God, came and taught us.

He died for us. He left us an everlasting doctrine, in peace, in happiness, in harmony, in prosperity. But if we fail to follow then we must face the way we choose, in death, because of greed, selfishness, foreign invasion, pride, arrogance.

Because we completely reject the life of spirituality that we need, we reject God, so we live freely and comfortably, nurturing sins, fostering sins, and we will perish in sins.

These are the moments when we see evil controlling everything because we are too weak, we are being taken advantage of, and in the end, we cannot rise up, we cannot stand firm, because we fear the hidden underground power from the past till now.

No one can control our faith in God. We must fulfill God’s works, then no matter how sinful, God forgives when we repent. How unfortunate for people who belong to God but they do not return according to the ways God teaches.

We are better than them because we are righteous, we live in justice, we live a life that has God. With His teaching, we never act as the children of darkness. We are righteous people, the children of light.

The time has come for the children of light and the children of darkness to fight a fierce battle in this world.

Our God is very just. Before He does anything, He wants to give people the opportunity. He will let all the deceit, the falsehood, the dishonesty, which was completely concealed for generations to suppress the truth and justice in every country, happen.

God allows all the deceitful manipulations with the concealed, filthy, vile actions, to continue according to its way from the beginning, but then God will settle once and for all. If we truly are the people who believe in God, then let us be united.

These are days of a life and death matter in our lives, in the battle that we are in presently.

The only thing we know is that we have God’s support, God’s love, and God is the most just Judge to handle all matters that are in the current tense situation.

So now is the time for us to stop looking at matters that are negative. We never lose, we are the people who live in God’s teachings, with His doctrine forever. As children of Light, we hold onto honesty, justice, and righteousness. We do not follow the way of people who betray God, who sell out their God for fame and profit.

Today O Lord, those are the aspects we lift up to You. Things happen, but there must be people who continue to lift up to God, address God, and beseech God. Because this earth needs a voice, needs fervent words to lift up to God, to ask for God to intervene.

We know that God sees, God knows, and God will definitely not let the righteous people continue to be imprisoned, to suffer, to be killed like the messengers and prophets of old.

God will not let those who belong to Him be slain by the hands of the enemy.

So today the glory of God is revealed, with the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. As He said, He is still with us. He brings glory and resurrection. He wants to let His people, His children, and everyone, turn to Him through the doctrine, to recognize His presence and His support.

The time has come for Him to enkindle people’s hearts. The time has come for Him to let people choose between good and evil deeds. He lets people recognize that what is happening is terrifying, vile, and frightening.

I am certain, I believe that this world has many righteous people.

Today, O God, we pray for all the citizens in this country. This is the moment they need to come to God through prayer, asking God to forgive their weaknesses and shortcomings.

All of us are sinners. This is the time to ask God to have mercy and give us the opportunity.

In the days mankind had to be subjected to things they chose, we must rely on God as in the time of Moses when the people were enslaved by Egypt. God let them be enslaved for many years, finally because of the fervent prayers, the time came when God heard them and God had mercy. God called Moses to lead them out of Egypt, and the Israelites were allowed to enter the promised land God offered them.

For centuries in the world, over 2,000 years, in particular this country’s history, though less than 250 years but was dependent on those who do not truly belong to God. God’s law was not practiced over this land, so things became more depraved and debauched. The days of trouble seem to have invaded everything that is in the moral foundation of this country.

People do not live in God’s way, because the law allows the freedom and gratification for them to continue to sin, to deny God’s authority, and to kill the lives of innocent children. This is a most horrendous crime for which humanity must be responsible for what they are doing.

O God, these are the moments we are conscious about this because we live in a society with loose human freedom. If without the law, then people will continue without restraint, but with the law then people are the victims of the times.

Those in the government-approved laws that are pleasant to the citizens, pleasant to their functions, but these laws bring sorrow, wretchedness, depravity, and sin, over those who transgress, and the victims fell into a state of easy days as approved by the law.

That is the law regarding abortion, the law regarding homosexuality, the law by which people are free to do all kinds of things that are wrong.

People can use drugs, freely use opium and cocaine, commit rape, and only a certain number of people end up in jail, and they can easily get out.

There is nothing we can do as the little people, but we know there is the Lord God who listens, the Lord God who judges, the Lord God who bestows, the Lord God who allows, and the Lord God who is benevolent and full of mercy.  We beseech God. We implore God. We plead for God’s mercy to intervene according to God’s way.

The return of God to our country brings the security and peace we yearn, to not be dominated by the evil spirits and controlled by people who use their power to suppress our life of worship.  Especially in the past few days, even today, the number of people going to Church decreased due to the pandemic.

There are numerous states with many Churches still closed, and certain Churches were burned down and statues were smashed. There was much corruption in the past few months.

As for our present world, the people are so wicked, cunning, and misleading with their deceitful nature. We cannot do anything, we just lift up to God.

May they work together to build the United States of America, always uphold the justice and righteousness of God, for the Ten Commandmentsto return to mankind, and the law of God to come to the citizens. We are longing. We only know that this is what we pray for and we see what we choose, for us to lift up to God. As for everything else, we ask God to plan and arrange. May God’s will be done in our world.

Now, we lift up to God the Father our thanksgiving, gratitude, praise, exultation, and apology. Father, please forgive.

The Second Kowtow, we reverently lift up to Jesus.

We lift up to Jesus. We thank and honor God because He died for us. He gave us faith and hope. He remained with us.

Jesus died on Calvary, but Calvary holds the promise, with the culmination for the world that is the victory for those who belong to Him. So these are things we hope for, for everyone to stand up and recognize the Hand of God.

His resurrection and His glory bring us from the darkness back to the light. We thank God profusely, praise, and glorify God.

The Third Kowtow, we reverently lift up to the Holy Spirit.

We thank the Holy Spirit, the love of the Father, and of the Son. He is the light, the wisdom, the sharpness

We ask the Holy Spirit to help us and bless all those in our Church –  Pope Francis, the cardinals, the clergy, and all the Churches all over the world.

As for the priests who always guide the flock, please grant them the wisdom and the sharpness to lead the flock to choose the path with God’s doctrine, to help us return, and not be lost, because we are the victims that are subject to the government, subject to every aspect of the law that mankind creates. So today we ask for God to bless the clergy, who must know God’s law, with the righteousness that is needed.

May the clergy pray, speak up for unity, and together realize they must fight for what belongs to them, they must pray for this, they must lift up, and must practice.

It is the citizen’s duty to speak up to bring true peace, righteousness, fairness, and justice, which is needed in America. We are immensely grateful to the Holy Spirit. We praise Him and thank Him for being patient with us.

He is still waiting for us, and He continues to grant and enlighten us, for us to have the days we recognize and sincerely return.

We volunteer and are willing to return, to adore God, the Supreme Being whom we worship. We find love and the source of grace and forgiveness in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Fourth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Body and Blood of Christ.

Oh Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. Today if without your remaining with us, without Mass, without the Church, how helpless people would be. God’s Presence is a force as God remains with mankind.

God remains hidden in a small host to be with us and gave us faith, a new source of life and hope. With these days of trials, people forsake us, but the Eucharistic Jesus never rejects us, whether healthy or sick. In the past pandemic, even the priests are afraid, many people are afraid, but the Eucharistic Jesus is still with us, still in us, still give us the opportunity to receive Him. He is the spiritual medicine that feeds the soul.

He is also the food to feed us along this path. He is with us, protecting us. Whether we know it or not, that love is granted to us forever. Today He is alone, He is neglected, and He endures. He sees the people who are chosen to become shepherds lack reverence and respect, who do not visit him, and who disrespect Him.

This is most painful because for years Jesus still waits, but He still grants to us, for us to know Him, meet Him, see Him, receive His light. We believe that His presence of over 2,000 years is still with us and never leaves us.

Today the works we do, the matters we hear, we do in a determined way to profess God. Because God stays with us and allows us to meet Him, for us to lift up genuine words, to honor Him, love Him, and visit Him once again, to make up for the days when mankind forgot God and lacked respect.

In the face of trials, mankind completely abandoned God in their individualistic ways, lacking respect for the Eucharistic Jesus.  God is the Lord of love; God wants us to know Him and to recognize Him. He protects us. He gives us hope.

He accompanies us in all walks of life. Success or failure, sick or healthy, everything is from God who remains with us. So it is from that faith that we have this day, and only from that faith to remain in a Church.

Everyone already returned home to enjoy the afternoon with their family, but we stay here with the Eucharistic Jesus. We see God’s love. Many people forget God, but God is still the Lord who loves and is faithful to His promises.

As God said to the Church as well as to the lay people: “Go out and proclaim the Good News, I stay with you every day until the end of the age.” And God also said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Come to Me, those who are burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Oh, Eucharistic Jesus, it is You who gave us more strength and more courage. You are present to increase our faith. You granted us the medicine to help us on the paths that are fraught with trials.

Oh, Eucharistic Jesus, how are we are able to say this? It is because You visited, You manifested. God brought a light that covers the whole world.

God said that when the light truly comes, then the darkness will disappear. We were besieged by the enemy because the children of darkness were foolish, they became blind, with eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, and hearts that cannot understand, and they continue to commit sins and offend God.

But there are still the children of light.

Today there are the children of darkness, but there are also the children of light. God defends the children of light, and God also brings that light to shine upon those children of darkness for them to also stand up and return to God.

These are the works God does that mankind must believe in. As for things granted to the world, the Eucharistic Jesus granted and He is supporting people in this time. His promise, “Come to Me, I will give you rest.

Those aspects, God did and is doing. Today we are the pioneers to lift up to God, to come to God, with thanksgiving, with gratitude, to come to God with everything that our brothers and sisters still do not know, still do not believe, but they will.

The Hand of God sustains them, and they will have the country they long for. God alone grants.

God waits for this day. Many people already know what needs to be done. Because in the last hour God alone is the Supreme Being who saves us in today’s battle between good and evil. Many people stood up, and though they did not know God, they came to pray. Though they never knew God, they know the Creator, and they know the Lord Jesus Christ, and they came to address Him.

This is the time when many people come to know the Eucharistic Jesus. This is the time when the treasure of the Eucharist is offered to mankind. This is the time when mankind sees the lofty spirituality that is hidden through the Eucharist.

Let us together in unity, revere, adore, honor, and thank God, the Supreme Being we worship, and the Supreme Being who intervenes for us and for the world. By faith, we will see the breadth and the depth. By faith, we receive God’s love, and we have the strength and the courage to speak.

The voice of the earth has been silent for so long because we lacked courage. We were so strict and so meticulous that we failed to choose what God grants and bestows today.

The time has come to no longer follow human rigor, no longer follow human law, but to come quickly to the feet of the Eucharistic Jesus, through the monstrance of the Eucharistic Jesus, to surrender, to adore, and to honor Him.

For there is the place of hope, the place covered with light to sustain people in darkness and death. We adore, praise, and glorify God.

The Fifth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus.

The Five Holy Wounds encompasses a history that spans many generations, marking love with forgiveness. Jesus died so that mankind would have life.

God wants us to know that when we die, it is then we will live, and live in a perfect way, and we received the seal of forgiveness in our souls because God came with the purpose to save us, to save sinners like us. But we totally fail to understand.

Our understanding is limited to this life with rules – we feel nothing, we are unaware, we act with indifference and offend with our bad habits.

But the Five Holy Wounds redeemed us; the Five Holy Wounds represents the triumphant glory through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, to bring us life.

The Way of the Cross, the price of Blood paid, the heavy Cross, the Crown of Thorns, the nail marks, expresses the meaning that God granted to mankind.

Today God continues to grant to mankind the First Holy Wound, which is the love of God the Father granted forever.

The Second Holy Wound is Jesus Christ, the Savior, whom we must believe in order to have life, and the Third Holy Wound, the Holy Spirit, is the love, the light, the truth, leading us into life following the doctrine that we must practice.

The Fourth Holy Wound is the Sacred Presence that no one has, but we have, that is the Eucharistic Jesus. We have Jesus who died for us, and He instituted the Blessed Sacrament for our Church and all the sheep of God.

That sacredness is still present. It is the Eucharistic Jesus. Today we surrender, submit, adore, honor, and thank God.

Moreover, today we cannot understand this supreme mystery alone, because we were not able to understand and experience it, even over 2,000 years since God granted to us. And we still have Mother Mary, the Fifth Holy Wound.

Mother Mary represents us. She accompanies and remains with the Eucharistic Jesus.  Mother Mary represents us to serve the Eucharistic Jesus, and Mother teaches us how to draw closer to the Eucharistic Jesus.

But we are indifferent, we neglect Him and we offend Him.

When we receive Communion, we are unaware of the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, and we also fail to understand that the great work of salvation through the Five Holy Wounds granted us the seal of forgiveness.

Today Mother already knows that our human world is filled with sin and surrounded by the darkness that is threatening and covering us. We become foolish, stubborn and blind children.

Today this is the verdict that we have chosen for ourselves. The pandemic is only just beginning, and we will see in the coming days more corruption and even worse. We will see in the days to come.

But Mother does not want us to continue with days like this, because Mother knows the children of the light tried their best, the children who belong to God endured much grief, but the children of darkness are becoming increasingly foolish and rampant with crimes. Those crimes will lead us into a place filled with never-ending fire.

Mother does not want Her Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to pay the price of Blood to see the children He redeemed fall into that never-ending fire. So Mother seeks, by all means, to reach us through Her messages.

Mother is very gentle; she is a Mother who is always gentle, always speaking such tender words, always supporting us, always finding ways to help us.

She loves us, teaches us, reminds us, and brings us back. Mother prays and Mother represents us.

Mother leads us to the Lord Jesus Christ through the Five Holy Wounds, because Mother knows that the seal of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, is imprinted in our souls — the seal of forgiveness.

We just need to return, we just need to repent. No matter how long people were led astray, we must return because time is running out and everything will end.

The Alpha and the Omega, God the Father, planned and arranged from all eternity and it will happen in this day and age. Everything will be accomplished as written in the Gospel.

So today let us together in unity prostrate and adore God and apologize to the Five Holy Wounds that the Lord Jesus Christ granted when we belong to Him.

What does He do for us? He gloriously triumphs, and we have life through the Lord Jesus Christ. We are transformed and improved. We are redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

But Mother Mary must be beside us, for us to know what we need to do to return.

What belongs to God, and what God grants to us in humanity, this is the moment we see the meaning of each Person that we lift up to in a profound way, with our hearts, our souls, physically and spiritually, to address God, to apologize for our daily life in iniquity, to ask God to have mercy and hear us.

Together, we must surrender before God, give thanks to God for our shameful years, offending deliberately, as we nurture and foster sin. Today we see that it was because of our sins that the Lord Jesus Christ died. His mother cried.

His Mother silently endured the wounds that our sins caused to Her Son.

Today Mother’s Son is still alone and lonely in the tabernacle. Mother witnessed His grief, His sorrow, but out of love for mankind, He patiently waits. Mother can no longer remain silent; Mother wants us to know that God is still present. We desperately need God, especially in this day and age.

We were so lured by the devil, but today we definitely must return, because God opened the treasure for us to receive. Those are the shields that protect us when we come to the Eucharistic Jesus. So when we come to the Eucharistic Jesus and to the Five Holy Wounds we must conduct ourselves in a way to be worthy of what God bestows and grants.

Mother is leading us back to God. Mother teaches us to pray, to speak with our hearts to present to God. Mother gives us the feeling that when we pray, we are turning toward God, with the words to beseech God to have mercy, to hear and accept. We will be renewed when we acknowledge the matters we lift up to God.

Mother is teaching us many ways for us to lessen our pride and arrogance, to diminish the appearance that we lived with for so long.

We prayed for many years and for many centuries, how many people can be imbued with the method of praying with soul and body, mind, and heart? It is not us praying by ourselves but it is the Holy Spirit teaching us to pray. It is the way of the Six Kowtows, from Mother Mary to the world.

The Fifth Kowtow reminded us that we still have the seal of forgiveness. Let us return. Let us return and pray. Let us prostrate wholeheartedly and surrender. Let our hearts beseech, lift up and address God. We will unquestionably be renewed. These are the most essential, most basic things that we overlook.

We achieve great things, but we are indifferent towards God, we are lukewarm with God, we lose trust, and we do not have faith. Then we fear when disease and challenge comes, and we fear when we start to lose. Today let us learn the basics that God gives through Mother Mary.

Mother’s life was without any stain of sin while Mother was on earth. In the moments Jesus suffered, writhing on the Cross at the last hour, the moment Mother saw Jesus walk every step of the Way of the Cross, Mother suffered greatly.

Mother never let weakness be in Her, Mother simply obeys God the Father’s will. Mother cooperates fully with Jesus, for us today to be complete in the salvation. Salvation allows us to live rightly, to exist, to be happy, and to gloriously return to our Lord.

The path we need to follow and practice is right now, though we were lost for many ages, Mother personally teaches us today. Today let us give ourselves the opportunity to pray with our souls, minds, and hearts, allowing us to lift up to God, with all the strength that God bestowed.

Let us bow our heads to offer God our sinful and wretched conditions, for our prayers to be answered because we pray to God with our hearts. When we focus, nothing will be able to shake us, and that prayer has daily meaning to help us and nourish us in our inner life with God.

It is the weapon to help us resist when we face anything wrong. Let us not be seduced by a civilized world, because we have God as the foundation of our lives, which is faith, the good works, the truth.

The true doctrine that God grants us is not unfamiliar but we still are not determined to practice by letting go of our pride, of the method through familiar functions. We are truly indifferent to God. We are truly cold to God.

When we take on the responsibility of functions in which we do not apply the words we preach, then we simply let it become a theory. Everyone must practice this way of prayer today, to know that God gives to each person. In the love of the Divine Mercy, all things become equal. No one is greater than anyone else with regard to love and salvation.

God grant us the Divine Mercy equally. But we must listen to Mother’s teaching to know the way to pray, and how to pray to experience depth in the soul, to be steadfast and strong so that even trials cannot shake us or cause us to lose faith.

Today I thank Mother profusely. The Five Holy Wounds are truly meaningful, with the seal imprinted in our souls, reminding us of forgiveness.

They fail to recognize good from evil; fail to recognize what they need from a doctrine of love, of peace, of happiness. Today we lift up to God, and offer fervent prayers to the Five Holy Wounds. We prostrate to ask for God to forgive and to sanctify us.

May we offer to God our apologies on behalf of mankind. May God have mercy and accept. Through the intercession of Mother Mary, certainly, God will intervene and help us through the most pressing days.

We lift up to God the most important moments.

We thank God.  May we belong to God. Amen.

The Sixth Kowtow, we respectfully offer to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and for Her triumph.

The Sixth Kowtow, we reverently lift up to God the Father. Father, you knew we are wretched and weak people. None of us is worthy, but You chose for us a Mother.

Now, Father, allow us to lift up to Mother the Sixth Kowtow, as the Holy Spirit prompts and teaches us to present to Mother.

Oh Mother Mary, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Savior, Mother of the Church, Mother of the clergy, Mother of every layperson, Mother of every saint, every prisoner, every victim, every witness, every sinner, Mother of every soul in purgatory, Mother of every person around the world, Mother of humanity, Mother of every patient in this day and age.

We are the patients with the plague of both soul and body. With all that Mother does, Her title and Her name cannot be denied.

Today what Mother teaches is for us to be close to God and to come to God. She teaches us how to deal with hardships and trials that will come to us. Our choices in the end of history – She knew everything we did during our days of disobedience, of rebellion, denying and refusing to listen and to practice. We saw what happened.

In these days of only a pandemic, everything came to a standstill. Today, O God, can all that was hidden for generations remain hidden? We have Mother Mary who knows we are victims of times and wars, we cannot resist the laws of the country as approved in freedom.

So Mother taught us and prepared us for our spiritual lives. No matter what happens, we still have the opportunity to lift up to God, to present to God, to live in hope with God. The Lord Jesus Christ died and has risen.

Today all of this brings us to our realization of the spiritual presence through the Eucharistic Jesus. He will save us, and He granted us graces.  As He said, “Come to Me, I will give you rest.

Whoever comes to God, do they return empty-handed?  Today we come to God to receive blessings from Him, but we must live in a worthy way. Not only to come for a blessing but to stay with God, to live worthily, and wait for the day when we will belong to Him forever in heaven.

This is a journey in which we must practice, we must be determined. The time has come for us to see what we choose. We must have no attachments in the world, or fortune or fame because all will become fleeting when everything ends as God said: everything will enter the purification. Having money or power will mean nothing.

Everyone was afraid of this plague but more importantly, what people must be afraid of is the plague of the soul that is left untreated. Mother will be the person to teach and train us to heal the plague of the soul. If we want to heal the plague of the soul, then we must belong to God.

We must live a humble life, a life of repentance, a life in deep prayer in our hearts. We must recognize and distinguish between right and wrong, true and false. What can last forever or will be lost when we leave this world, it is up to people to choose.

Mother just wants our hearts in goodwill and willingness. Mother wants us to return to God with a repentant heart, to love God, thank God, and apologize to God, by our hearts.

Because God loves us, God grants to us, and He is merciful, waiting for us. We cannot continue with indifference and offense and selling out our souls to the devil. Today we know Mother loves and grants us. Mother gives us, to teach us. What do we have to respond back with to offer to Mother? Even if we practice what Mother teaches us, thousands of times are never enough.

Today the Holy Spirit teaches us, brings us closer to God, helps us see the love from Mother helping us, for us to belong to God, be closer to God, and asking God to intervene. In this world, no one can intervene but God.

No one can restore when we caused war, disease, and many human drawbacks. Mother Mary teaches us because She knows God loves us.

God gives us the seal. If we know how to use it in, then in the last moments of our life, let us not be discouraged or disappointed. Let us return and draw close to God.  If we understand that this seal belongs to us, we will be forgiven by the Lord through His Divine Mercy. Let us not be afraid, and let us not sell our souls to the enemy and continue to be his minions.

Let us return to God. Let us not be afraid of death, because God said whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for Him will find it. It is written in the Gospel.

Mother wants us to mature, to not let our souls that are redeemed by the price of Her Lord and Son’s Blood be lost, that we would lose everything and be unable to enjoy eternity in heaven that God granted through the seal of forgiveness.

So together in unity, let us listen to Mother Mary’s teaching, because She leads and brings the world back. Mother will be the person to respond in the final phase to those who do not belong to Her, who bully and hurt Her children.

Mother comes and desires our goodwill.  Then Mother will protect us.  We will see the power of the Woman, clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. It is the Queen of Heaven revealed through St. John.

At the same time, God promised Her to us from the very first moment when Eve sinned, God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, “Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

That has not yet happened but this is the moment we know that Mother is teaching us with this gift that respectfully we offer to God. Through the prayers to each person, Mother is helping us understand the last stage and the end of history.

Mother is the person who will crush the serpent’s head and Mother will be victorious to lead us back to God. Today let us not have many presumptions or thoughts.

There is much to learn, but we truly need to listen, because the Lord is full of riches in His grace, and He grants us through Mother, for Mother to teach us and help us draw closer to God.

Let us be the people saved in today’s urgency, let us unite and listen to Mother. Together let us prostrate, adore, profess God, for our country to receive God’s mercy and help. We still have Mother, the presence of Mother, the gift Mother gave us in the last stage of history.

Let us all wholeheartedly thank Mother, be grateful to Mother, come to Mother, to honor and thank Her with a grateful heart, to lift up, to obey, for our lives to be renewed, to become humble, to profess by our soul and body, for God to mercifully accept and forgive, with our apologies, with a prayerful heart as Mother taught – soul and body, mind and heart – to understand the meaning of the heart when we pray.

We thank Mother profusely. With today’s situation, we truly do not know what can be changed, but thanks to Mother for giving us the gift of The Six Kowtows.

Every time we gather to pray together at the hour of the Divine Mercy, we lift up to God all the problems in the world, especially the situation with the election.

We are so heartbroken about the ongoing matters. We do not know what to do besides pray, which helps us to go deeper and allow us to trust and remain in peace, for us to continue to lift up, to continue to speak and continue to believe in God’s presence.

The Holy Spirit teaches us, for us to lift up to God, to help us through the stressful days. We yearn for righteousness and justice for our country and for the law of God to return to us. We have Mother so we are not afraid anymore, because we know that She plans and arranges very carefully for us.

Even though we are sinners, Mother wants sinners to return to God through charity, and in repentance. These are the blissful things Mother granted to us in this world.

Together in unity, let us offer up the United States to Mother Mary.

I thank Mother very much and I ask for Mother to have mercy and to listen to our prayer in these urgent moments.

Mother Mary, I thank You. Because You taught and led us, for us to know that we have the archangels, a force from heaven, and we also have the most eminent saint in heaven – St. Joseph. Mother led us to him, for him to pray for our Church with so many matters happening today.

In particular, may St. Joseph help our Church and intercede for our Church, since St. Joseph is the Church’s patron saint. May the Church look at his example and learn to live not to fall into a situation where today there are so many stories that hurt the Church and grieve the Church of God.

Today people do not look at the best that the Church did but they keep on looking for the problems caused by those who do not belong to God who lived in days committing wrongdoings that wounded the Church.

Oh St. Joseph, you already know who is right and who is wrong, who is true and who is false, and there are many good and evil deeds. St. Joseph, look at all the lives of the clergy, the cardinals, and bishops, especially our Pope, who consecrate their lives to God, bound to endure days of challenges. St. Joseph, please help them and let them learn integrity and righteousness from you.

Support them so they will lead a chaste life, and to not be entangled with things from the flesh that cause their souls to grieve, and many suffering. They know God’s law.

St. Joseph, please remove all that does not belong to God, for our Church and the clergy to be complete in their consecrated lives to God, to live and perform as God wants over their lives, in their duties as the shepherds who lead the flock, just as God calls, just as God wants, and also that they will sustain the flock while the sheep are wounded, and also to lead the flock in God’s way, for God’s doctrine to be practiced in our Christian lives.

Moreover, we also ask St. Joseph to intercede for all the patriarchs in the family. He was the patriarch of the Holy Family, a remarkable example for those with the duty and responsibility of being a parent, to learn integrity and responsibility and fulfillment in the will of God, to obey God for the family to have happiness and peace.

In this day and age, the family has lost the spirit of faithfulness, of love, of responsibility. In this free society, we shattered all the foundations that are most necessary in family life.

May St. Joseph intercede with God so that the world will not continue with these traumatic and painful days. That is what we lift up to St. Joseph.

We also pray to the three archangels. Our world is in a situation in which with people’s freedom, their moral and ethical lives stumbled because of money and fame. So today they fall into a very serious situation that they cannot get out of.

So today we ask the three archangels, together with all the angels, the Thrones and Dominations, and all our guardian angels, to come to this world and dispel all the snares of the devil that were devised for many centuries. It is the hidden underground power, which caused people to be confounded, and those whose faith was totally immature fell into the snares.

Today the devil dominates and causes people to lose the clarity to be able to identify between right and wrong, true and false, good and evil.

This is the time we pray to the three archangels, along with the entire heavenly court, and our guardian angels. Angel Zechariah, we know you are the Guardian Angel of the United States of America.  Lead the American people and our country, to walk in the way of the Lord. Today we pray for the forces of heaven to please hear our prayers.

Mother taught us through these Six Kowtows to be close, to address God, to present to God, and to ask for the archangels and the saints to help us, because we cannot contend with the devil that uses all kinds of lures to cause our brothers and sisters to succumb.

They were controlled by drugs, by spells, by many sinful actions, and they are unable to stand up and return. Today we cannot win by ourselves, because we know our fellow human beings fell.

Today we ask the archangels, the angels, and the guardian angels, to help us bring our brethren back, and dispel the snares, to awaken our brothers and sisters who are spellbound, mesmerized, and our fellow human beings who completely sold out their consciences and their God, for them to return soon when the opportunity remains.

We also pray to all the saints who passed through the course of history, who professed God, lived in God, endured injustice, and died for their faith.

Today, faith is left behind for us. What is faith? At what cost must faith be exchanged?

May we learn from the saints, and even if we die, we will not back down. Please help us be courageous as saints, to testify to God, to prostrate, to adore, to profess.

Let us lift up fervent prayers, together with the heavenly court, to ask for the help from the heavenly court, through the prayers of the saints, for us to continue to be soldiers, warriors, to continue on the path to bear witness to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us listen to Mother’s teachings, practice what Mother taught, for everyone to be united with the gift of the Six Kowtows, which is the last key in history, for us to submit, to unite, to remove pride, and become equal in the love of the Divine Mercy, in a worthy way, from God who bestows and gives.

We continue to pray the Rosary to unify us, to unite us. Through the Rosary, Mother uses the Rosary to protect us in Her love, to lead us wholly to God, to receive the help of the angels and the saints for us to not fall into the snares of the evil spirits.

Today we lift up to the archangels, the angels, and the saints. We believe we have the help of the archangels and saints. Please support and help us.

These are the earnest words we lift up on behalf of the world, of St. Theresa parish, of our group, of today’s generation, of the United States of America. As sinners among sinners, we pray and plead with the gift of the Six Kowtows, to thank God.

We thank God, the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary for granting us the strength and the courage, to both our soul and body, through our apologies, by our willingness, by our sacrifices. We reverently lift up our repentance to God, as we beseech and pray for many to join hands to return to God, with all their hearts, with their souls.

We pray for God to have mercy, to accept and intervene for us, according to His holy will.

Now we have the help of the archangels and the angels. Let us focus on a life returning, in prayer, in respect and adoration.

Let us revere and respect and apologize to God, to ask Him to have mercy and hear our prayers, for our America to experience days worthy of being an exemplary country, a country with discipline, a rich country, a prosperous country that God blesses.  We thank God profusely, we thank the Holy Spirit, and we thank Mother.

Mother, please plan and arrange to help us, with the support of heaven and through the gift of the Six Kowtows, that this gift be accepted, practiced and spread, and for people to surrender to God, to adore God, to profess God, and to always belong to God sheltered in His protection.  We ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, now and forever and ever.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Lucia and Mercedes lift up prayers on behalf of St. Theresa Church, at 8:38, Monday, November 9, 2020, in St. Theresa Church, before the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Do not let us continue with such days of tolerance for us to easily forget the favors God grants, while we keep committing sin.

These are the moments we need to be wholeheartedly united, to walk in the same direction, and together choose the justice and righteousness that we are longing to see a return to humanity, to live to know God, to recognize God, to love God, and return to God through the Divine Mercy in a most worthy way.

For God alone is the Supreme Being who loves, who forgives, and seeks all means for His children to belong to Him in unity, in compassion, and to live a righteous life through justice, in defense of life, through the love and the righteousness that people need in the human world. We thank, praise, and glorify God, in the Holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

Once again, Lucia concludes with Mercedes, at 8:40 on Monday, November 9, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, before the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and before the image of Saint Theresa, and an image of the bloody face of Jesus through His death.

At this place, the statues and the pictures are full of meanings and are also very spiritual, which God offered to us when we come to visit, when we come to pray, to meditate and plead for all the most urgent situations.

We are longing to have the world that we truly want, with justice, righteousness, truth, fairness, ruled by respectable people, who know God, recognize God, and handle everything in wisdom, bringing prosperity to the country, bringing growth regarding the life of virtue and moral that is needed.

We thank, praise, and glorify God.  We pray especially for God’s laws to return to the world, for people to no longer have the excuse to sin.

There are certain laws people approve but those laws lead them into darkness and death, yet people continued to sin, over and over, with terrible abortion laws in every era.

Today God please have mercy.

Although this is lawful, we cannot kill fetuses in such cruel ways. People violate and offend so much, and the cries of the unborn babies seem to be heard in the world, yet people continue to be indifferent, continue in their lust, to commit sin and ultimately end up killing the fetuses.

May these guilty people truly awaken and accept God’s intervention, take responsibility for what they did, live to learn morality and virtue, and not yield to sinful occasions from the traps and snares of the devil. We thank, praise, and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.

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