God the Father

God Our Heavenly Father

Almighty God and Dear Loving Father of Mankind, we praise You, we bless You, we adore You, and we give You thanks today and every day in our lives. May everyone recognize, thank, love, worship and glorify You who are the Creator and Redeemer. We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son and our beloved Brother, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.

This is the most beautiful picture of God the Father we could find. His eyes are gentle and kind. His hands are wide open and ready to hug and bless His children, who are the masterpieces whom He molded and breathed into to create life. He did not create defects, but humans interfere negatively with His creative process and thus end up with disabilities and deformities. God the Father had a plan to love and redeem His children by sending His beloved Son (*) to earth to die and atone for our sins, especially for the salvation of great sinners.

(*) In a message, God the Father said he could not come to earth, but He sent His beloved Son, Jesus.

Abba, Our Father! Prayer

God the Father, you are our Father and the Heavenly Father of all humanity. With humility and deep gratitude, we prostrate ourselves before Your holy face, to entrust and fully consecrate to You ourselves, our life, our work, and our affection. We wish each day to know and love You more, and receive more blessings from Your kindness and benevolence, for us to share them with others. We pray that You grant us this great grace: to have more love for the most compassionate Heart of Jesus, Your beloved Son, in unity of the Holy Spirit, for us to forever praise Your infinite mercy. Mother Mary, the Heavenly Father’s Beloved Daughter and our Merciful Mother, please pray for us. Amen.


And I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea, and all that is in them, saying, “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might forever and ever!” (Revelation 5:13)

From the very beginning of this mission, the Lord has been calling all humanity to humble himself, and to honor our Lord.

Jesus called Lucia many years ago to practice this gesture before she knew His bigger plan. Jesus taught her humility and some times later He invited her to spread this throughout the world, with the guidance of His Mother, Blessed Virgin Mary.

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5)


This booklet (The Six Kowtows) when given, will save a soul. No matter who or what state one may be in and they begin to recognize and practice The Six Kowtows.

– Jesus Christ, All Saints’ Day, November 1, 2021.



Revealed by Blessed Mother to Lucia Phan in 2014, this practice is the most powerful way to return to God. Practicing the Six Kowtows helps us focus and zealously draw closer to God; with the inner-heart.

To kowtow is to get down on one’s knees, forehead touching the ground, hands clasped above the head, the symbol as the flame lit in the Holy Spirit. Then offer a prayer to each Person with soul, body, and whole heart. In submission, surrender, adoration, honor, praise, thanksgiving, gratitude. Apologize and return to God. Beseech His intervention.

  1. The first Kowtow, I offer to God the Father
  2. The second Kowtow, I offer to God the Son, Jesus.
  3. The third Kowtow, I offer to God the Holy Spirit.
  4. The fourth Kowtow, I offer to the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus
  5. The fifth Kowtow, I offer to the Five Holy Marks of Jesus
  6. The sixth Kowtow, I offer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her Triumph.

* At the end of each kowtow offered, say Totus Tuus, a Latin phrase, to mean “[I] belong entirely to God/Mother”. This is an idiom of Saint Louis de Montfort and also the official motto of Pope Saint John Paul II.


(Above) Oh sacred God Head, I kneel before you, I know your sufferings are many. Please accept this moment that I am before You that it may console your sufferings from a world that has abandoned You.

(Above) Revelation 22:13 “I AM”

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last,

the Beginning and the End.

Psalm 33:18 Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear

Him, on those who hope for His loving kindness. 4-7-2022



December 30, 2022

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit.


O Lord, it is 1:36 p.m., December 30, 2022, in Saint Laurence Church, in front of the tabernacle, the sanctuary, the Cross, the Nativity scene, the Icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statues of Saint Joseph and Saint Laurence. Today, God grants us: I, Lucia, a person in the group who came here coincidentally, Maria Titus, Maria Nhung, and all the brothers and sisters over the phone to be together to offer the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet before tonight’s meeting. We will spend a little more time in tonight’s meeting to ask God to listen to what we lift at the end of the year, in a spirit of repentance, with our concerns and questions, and asking God to teach us to continue in the new year with what God grants to us in our missions.

Now, I invite the Holy Spirit to come as usual for us to offer the Rosary fervently, reverently, ardently, to experience what the Holy Spirit teaches to understand the Joyful Mysteries. Mother Mary is the first person mentioned the most in every Mystery. Especially today, on the Friday of the Octave after Christmas, we are present to pray so that we may understand the meaning of these Mysteries. God’s new program helps us not be bored when we pray and not feel sleepy when we meditate on the Mysteries God specially granted to Mother Mary. 

In today’s world, when people are most tense, the Rosary has become popular. However, in life, we pray and keep on praying, but in the end, because we feel sleepy, we pray according to the rules and habits. God still accepts us, but the happiest thing is when we meditate, we will find that praying is very attractive. It is an attraction we experience added to faith, with depth, height, and breadth, and fills us with enthusiasm and reverence as we pray the Rosary. Today, we ask the Holy Spirit to teach us through the Mysteries we will meditate in a few minutes.

O God, I lift to You thanksgiving on the Friday of the Octave after Christmas. I praise and glorify You and bow in prostration before the Infant Jesus. In particular, may I, at this moment, meditate on the Joyful Mysteries of everything Mother has done. As a shining example for humanity, thanks to Mother’s teaching, I and the brothers and sisters in the group have this day to be more aware, with a deeper understanding of the Rosary. When Mother began to give us the gift of the Six Kowtows, that gift became an offering and helped us feel more profound. We pray the Rosary with a deeper meaning and can meditate on each of the Mystery, which God especially grants to us through Mother Mary.

Today, through the Joyful Mysteries, I lift to God and offer to Mother, who is by God’s side, adoring Him on our behalf. Mother is here with us; please continue to teach us to be aware when we pray the Rosary when we have the opportunity to remember certain things we need to do, which is to pray for our Church. Mother, You are a mother who is always attentive, who seeks all kinds of ways to lead Your children in the fastest, easiest, most meaningful way, with the depth and breadth of faith.

Today, Mother gives to us, especially to Christians. Over the years, what is granted and given from Mother Mary’s blessing does not stop at a point, so let us go deeper to experience the meaning of every Mystery. We rejoice to praise and glorify God. For all the plans God has for us through Mother, She represented us to present and lift to receive special favors to help our Church and help us with important matters. In this world, with prayer and beseeching, Mother’s intercession and teaching, God the Father will never refuse what is reasonable that we ask. In the Father’s program, God the Father chose Mother Mary to bear His only Son, and salvation is spread throughout the world to save humanity in every situation, every age, and every century.

We rejoice at this moment because we know the meaning of life is not with a habit but with many things in spirituality through prayers, particularly with the meditation of each Mystery of the Joyful Mysteries. We reverently lift the Rosary, which we started recently to meditate on. We found the most needed and best thing is the Rosary to reverently offer to Mother, especially on the Friday of the Octave after Christmas of 2022, especially in the current state of tension in the Church, with Pope Francis in his advanced age and all the problems surrounding him. Now is a time that no matter which events, we still have Mother who guards the Church and protects the shepherds consecrated to God. Mother stands between the Church and us to help us be more united, for the Church to unite with the laity and for the laity to join the Church to pray for crucial matters.

I offer the Rosary with the first prayers to Mother, and we ask Mother to lift it to God. With the brothers and sisters in the group, as the apostles of the Body and Blood of Christ, we ask for the Holy Spirit to enlighten us to know the meaning every time we pray the Rosary. May we not miss this opportunity to pray for our Church, for the current Pope, Pope Francis. God, please bless him with good health, wisdom, and insight, and be filled with the Holy Spirit and the Spirit to lead the shepherds, the sheep, and the flock. Pope Francis represented Jesus to lead the Church today. May he be healthy, filled with wisdom to lead the Church and the laity in a situation filled with fear and anxiety because of the threat of war, the pandemic, and the problems in this world, afraid that World War III is about to happen. Moreover, there is the matter of unity in the Church, especially in the Church of Germany.

Today, as parishioners, no matter what happens, we only have one thing to do: pray; because we still have Mother. Mother is the person who taught us to pray and lift to God. Let us not use our strength and worldly logic to judge the Pope and offend him with rumors and falsehoods. We ask God to preserve the Pope because what belongs to God has been planned and arranged for all eternity; at the right time, that event will happen. World War I and World War II happened, and World War III may happen. What happens is all in God’s plan and teaches us patience, to recognize, accept, and lift to God, and not judge.

May the Pope continue to be strong and courageous. We know that the Pope knew what may happen because he wrote a resignation letter (*) shortly after being elected pontiff in 2013. At this time, the Pope is sick and very weak. We know his health is declining; if he ends up in a situation where he can no longer serve, we will lose something significant because he is the Pope of blessing and grace. God let us know since the Pope was elected. We cannot understand by ourselves, but the Eucharistic Jesus said so. We only know that whatever happens, Pope Francis is the Pope of blessing and grace, and the day he is absent or resigns, we will face many difficulties and tensions.

Thus, we offer to Mother, lift to Mother, and ask Mother to lift to God for our Church to have unity; for cardinals, bishops, and priests, to unite with the Pope so that the program with the doctrine of God may continue to spread to the ends of the earth. Let us believe in what the Eucharistic Jesus said to the holy Apostles: “Go and proclaim the Good News; I am with you always, till the end of the age.” Jesus is never absent; He is still in the Eucharist amid the Church. Thanks to the Church, we have Mass and receive the Eucharistic Jesus into our hearts. So we know the presence that God granted to the holy Apostles in the past.

Thanks to the Church for us to have Mass, the tabernacle, and the Eucharist. It is crucial for the person who represents Jesus to guide and protect the flock, the sheep, and the shepherds. In any circumstance, his voice will affect the world; whether people listen or not, his voice continues to echo because God is in him. Thus, we must believe absolutely and ask God to allow our Pope to continue in the role God chose for him till the last moment. No matter which event happens in the world, war, pandemic, protest from many countries, or the lack of unity in the Church, they are the challenges in the remaining and final days of purification.

Our Pope also has moments of fatigue and weakness, so let us lift him to God because there is nothing God cannot do. We, the parishioners, only need to unite and lift the Pope to God and ask God to protect him. This urgency with our prayer then God will never refuse, for this is what Mother teaches us. Today, may God heal all those spiritually and physically ill through the unity of the Church, and may God have mercy and heal the clergy because they also have moments of imperfection and weakness. Let us overlook their stumbles and see the zeal and reverence of the holy, pious priests who sacrificed their whole lives, like the Pope. Remember that there is more positive than negative, so let us always hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and our Eucharistic Jesus. We also have a Mother, and She will be the person to speak up to defend us.

Today, let us offer to Mother Mary and ask Mother to intercede with God for our wishes to become perfect. Especially this year, no matter what happens, may we never get discouraged or lose faith or hope. At the same time, may the laity ask for the grace of faith, hope, and charity. We hear a lot, but when it comes to a life of practice, there are many negatives and shortcomings. Today, Mother, please help us live with faith to pray because apart from the Lord, we have no other place to take refuge, and no one can understand us. No one has the authority to understand each individual and each situation.

We reverently lift our Church today. We live in hope, which is to trust in the Lord because there is nothing we can do. We can only depend on God and look forward to God’s grace, and through His work, directly or indirectly, in each situation, God will know. We cannot separate charity from love, and we cannot ignore unity and solidarity. Where there is love, there is unity; where there is unity, there is solidarity, and where there is solidarity, hands are joining together, and there is a success. No one is perfect before God; all are sinners before God, but let sinners unite because of the same condition as sinners, for us to ask God for forgiveness, mercy, intervention, and sanctification.

May God intervene in our world in the current stressful situation. We are afraid. We fear the atomic bomb and hunger. We worry and fear the pandemic because we have seen the pandemic of 2020, and we also do not know about the days ahead but let us not be too afraid to lose what we already have. It is the last card that Mother gives us, our patron card, which is prayer and unity. Let us not be concerned about the world: war, pandemic. What is needed most is for us to unite and pray, to ask for Mother’s intercession, and ask God to look at us in His way. What father hears his children return to him and pray but turns away? What father abandons his children who are afraid, looking for refuge, and trusting? We, as human beings, cannot turn away or leave our children, let alone God the Father.

Mother has a way of teaching us. Let us listen to Her because, with Mother, we will win this final battle, no matter how tragic it is, no matter how unfortunate it is, but those who endure and remain are those who believe in God, who belong to God, who trust and hope in God. From Mother who taught us with the gift of the Six Kowtows, though ignorant people, today, we have the opportunity to represent the world, say the words that few people say, say the words that people consider as ordinary or make no sense. We have lived in reality our whole life; today, we must live spiritually, in faith, with practice, to thank God through our sacrifice and prayer, by spending time with Him, and by lifting the last days of the year to Him to the fullest. He granted us so much throughout the year.

Today, let us offer the Rosary and ask Mother to lift it to God. Let us meditate on what we need to know from the Holy Spirit. Let us boldly and courageously continue a devout life, a life to pioneer for the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, followed by the Six Kowtows and the Rosary of the Six Kowtows, to reverently offer to God, to pray for the Pope and the Church.

1. The Annunciation

Mary said: “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38)

The First Joyful Mystery: The Angel declares to the Blessed Virgin Mary that She will conceive. Let us pray for the virtue of humility. 

Lucia: O God, every year we celebrate Christmas, every day we pray the Rosary, but let us ask ourselves how many times have we wholeheartedly meditated on the meaning with a heart turned to the Joyful Mysteries? Today, O Holy Spirit, help us to reverently offer the First Mystery of the Joyful Mysteries to God the Father.

O, Father, I adore You, I thank You, I praise and glorify You, the Lord God who creates, the Lord God of wisdom, of power, who rules over generations. Today, with what You have done, what You have bestowed and given, we have the opportunity to honor our beloved Mother with the meditation of the Joyful Mysteries, which we rarely do. 

The First Mystery: The angel announced to Mary the conception. We ask for humility.

Mother Mary quickly said yes to the angel. What allowed Her to do this? Because Mother knew that extraordinary and marvelous things that came to the world were not ordinary. The angel appearing was strange and unusual and was a miracle. Mother Mary fully recognized that immediately, and to the words She asked, the angel answered Her. As we know, Mother asked the angel: “How is that going to happen, for I do not know a man?” 

And the angel answered: “You will conceive by the Holy Spirit,” and Mother immediately said: “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.” Mother obeyed, so at that moment, our world received the Savior who came to Her womb, Jesus, the only Son of the Father, the Second Person of God. He dwelt in Mother’s womb, and the covering of the Holy Spirit became a history of this beginning. We thank God; He has chosen for us a Mother whose life was perfect inwardly and outwardly; Her beauty is second to none, and Her sublimity and purity cannot be compared and is something absolute. Mother is the Ark of the Lord; the Father chose Mother for His Son to be in Her womb.

Today, the Church reminds us and gives us something to summarize as quickly as possible for us to know. With humility, Mother did not ask too many questions; some feelings prompted Her to ask because She did not know of any man, but when the angel answered, She said “Yes.” And those were her moments of silent contemplation. To Her spouse, Saint Joseph, She did not even explain things in those moments. Mother kept a silence, respect, and reverence. She kept to Herself a great secret that God granted Her. She was perfect in the life chosen to bring the Savior to us.

In these special celebrations, let us allow ourselves to meditate a little on Mother Mary, whom God the Father chose to become the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of the Second Person of God, and the Mother of all humanity. Today, every detail is contained in the Gospel as we meditate, and the Church offers us the meditation of the Joyful Mysteries. We see how with the Joyful Mysteries, we are happy and rejoice. Whether we are wicked and sinful, living in the darkness, that joy radiated from Mother Mary and has been with us from the very beginning when She said “Yes,” which granted us the opportunity with the ever-present hope that we reverently offer.

She is the person who zealously works to re-claim what is ours. She represented us to receive God, and He accepted to come into the world through Her womb. She is the One who speaks, prays, serves, and lives an exemplary life on our behalf. That is humility. Today, let us ask ourselves whether each of us is humble enough, how we perceive humility, and how we live daily to express humility when we meditate.

Especially during this year’s Christmas Season, let us give ourselves a little maturity to understand this Mystery. We see the word has reminded us, and what our Mother taught us was not too sublime, not too intellectual, but teaches us the basis of humility in Her. The Mother of the Second Person of God has taught us humility by practice, which will open us to understand what is absolute in the moments that are not too complex and not with too many things we are doing. In our current life, we still fail to understand and focus. Let us meditate with humility to remind ourselves daily that Mother Mary is the person who represents us to receive the glorious and sublime blessing. Today, we understand the word “humble” thanks to Mother.

Let us put into practice the word “humble” to understand its meaning when we pray the Rosary; God will surely grant us through the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment. We start from Mother’s humility, learn from this beginning, and go on with better things. We have Mother as our representative, our intercessor, the One to receive God’s grace. Today we still have the graces of Mother Mary so when things happen, let us listen to Her teaching, instruction, and training. For us to have this day, it all started with bewilderment, but what comes from God will be realized as we now have.

May we unite to lift to God, especially in 2022, to celebrate Christmas, and be with our Mother to thank the Infant Jesus. It has been over 2,000 years, but to us, every year is a joy to commemorate this great event for our salvation, harmony, hope, and a peaceful world. About the battle of the present war, now is the most appropriate time for us to lift to God through the Holy Spirit’s teaching. We unite to adore, bless, and praise God and join our Mother to honor the Savior, the Infant Jesus. May everyone awaken to remember and spend these moments of reflection to become mature children in the ranks of children of God, of the Church, and especially Mother’s children, to turn toward our Saviour, beginning with the Infant Jesus.

2. The Visitation

Mary arose and went with haste into the hill country, to a city of Judah, and she entered the house of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth. (Luke 1:39-40)

The Second Joyful Mystery: The Blessed Virgin Mary visits Saint Elizabeth. Let us pray to have love for our neighbor.

Lucia: The Second Mystery, I reverently offer to Jesus, our Savior, whom we profess, adore, and honor. Lord, we thank You. Even a hundred thousand words cannot express gratitude for the grace that You bestowed upon us. You came into the world for us to have this day, to have the moment to confess, adore, by the Second Kowtow through the Second Person that we reverently offer through the Second Mystery. Today, we say and present to God.

O Lord, my God, You came to earth in a human body; You are the Author of love who practiced love while still in the womb. Mother Mary cooperated closely with Him. After the Annunciation, Mother set out immediately to visit Saint Elizabeth. Saint Elizabeth said to Mother: “But why the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Mother responded with the Magnificat.

We see a mother the Father chose for His Son. She is the Queen of heaven, the mother of humanity and the world. When God came to Mother, She immediately set out to practice love, visit Elizabeth, Her cousin, and be of service by Her cousin’s side when she gave birth. We see Mother Mary as a chosen person in heaven. God the Father chose Mother to become a person of heaven, but in the flesh, She continues to set out to do and practice the signs that God specially granted with His intention. He came into the world to change us with His love and transform hatred, jealousy, envy, and all the evils of sin from the ego and personality to become love and unity. 

We see in the First Mystery; Mother is the One who replaces us. God the Father chose Mother to receive Jesus to bring to the world. In the Second Mystery, daily, we lift to God in a spirit of thanksgiving, which Mother taught us with the gift of the Six Kowtows offered to each Person and through which we learn to meditate. In the Second Mystery, we see how Mother went in haste to do the holy will of God. That was showing love by deed and being someone who goes out to love, care, and serve. So what is summed up in the Joyful Mysteries of our world is to love others.

We do not love easily, we are not generous enough to forgive. We do not understand the word love, but the word love is the main point and the author is given by God who sent His only begotten Son and gave Him to us. It is Jesus, who loved and practiced love. When He came to earth in the form of an Infant in Mother’s womb, She did this for mankind: Mother Mary and Jesus joined together to practice love in God’s plan who sacrificed His Son to save our world. He lets us look closely and He lets us see the Infant. On the Friday of the Octave after Christmas, let us turn to the grotto to contemplate.

We see the beginning, in which the first person to practice this love is Mother Mary. We pray the Rosary and read and hear a lot, but God asks us to practice only the words “love others.” To love ourselves is natural because who does not? Let us love ourselves and love others and those around us; this life is full of jealousy and envy, and because of sin, we did not submit and disobeyed. From the first time our first parents sinned, that happy place, the Garden of Eden, was lost due to disobedient people, and from that moment, we have fallen into a state of no longer obeying nor understanding the meaning of love.

As we read in the Gospel, God the Father said to the serpent: “Because you have done this, cursed are you above all the livestock and all the wild animals. You will crawl on your belly and eat dust all days of your life. I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” God the Father knew all things beforehand, arranged all things, and is the omniscient Lord who knows what is to come, what He grants and gives. How long will it take for that to happen? For us, it has been over 2,000 years, but God planned and arranged from the beginning by acts of love, by teaching us the doctrine of love, as we need to transform hatred into love, with generosity and forgiveness.

But today, is our world in a state of love, loving others, or not? If we love and do love others, there will be no war, no pandemic. Today, what we fear the most must be the nuclear bomb threatening the whole world, all countries, nations, all classes, and roles. Everyone is afraid; even the president fears this bomb. We are defeated and make mistakes because we do not live as Mother lived.

Today, Mother continues to come to us to teach, not letting go. She is determined to help us through the gift of the Six Kowtows for us to return to God, and from the moments we cannot forgive, but for God’s sake, we learn to forgive. When we live, we must choose the way of life to return to God with a heart of prayer, a forgiving heart, and a compassionate heart and live as Mother taught us daily. It is the truth, but we do not understand. There are good words and ideas, and there is the worldly program in law, all things we are doing. However, we see the threat of the atomic bombs and the evil of today’s world from those who are disobedient, disbelieving, arrogant, and who deny God’s authority. We are afraid of this.

But remember, Mother teaches us not to be afraid. If we understand what is ongoing, what we are facing, and what is essential to this world, we must listen to Mother and live in prayer. We need to love and forgive each other, hold each other’s hands, and have mutual support. Whether we leave this world or the atomic bomb destroys this world, our souls will not die but return to our heavenly Father, and Mother will wait for us at heaven’s gate.

Let us meditate today. Mother Mary practices love, but we walk away from love, from God’s way. How can we live and survive? Thus today, what God wants will be realized in the world; if people are mature to return no matter how sinful, hold hands together, turn towards God, return to God, and forgive each other, we will not be afraid, even if events happen, we still live in hope. Mother Mary practiced love for the world and led us to the Infant Jesus this year so let us meditate on the Joyful Mysteries to understand what we have, and let us not feel bored, sad, sleepy, or pray out of habit like we used to.

Let us meditate for a moment because the Holy Spirit granted that spirituality to everyone. The most important thing is whether we can spend some time to overcome our weak flesh to pray fervently and spend time with God. God gave us an entire life, but when we spend a day for Him, maybe it is too much and too long for us. What have we given to God in our lives? How much of our time have we given to Him? He created us and gave us a program to learn from our beloved Mother, who continues to be with us today to teach us. It is perseverance that Mother Mary practiced and continues to practice for us. It is the love from Mother who comes to teach us and leads us back to God.

May we unite to thank God for the meaning that today we are kneeling before the Infant Jesus. We thank our beloved Mother, who was quiet and silent but did all great deeds for humanity from the beginning, for us today to enjoy the graces and the intervention still given to us through Her teaching. Mother, we thank You, and tonight, with You, we thank, praise, glorify, and adore God.

3. The Nativity

And Mary gave birth to her firstborn, a Son. She wrapped Him in swaddling cloths and laid Him in a manger. (Luke 2: 6-7)

The Third Joyful Mystery: The Blessed Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in a cave. Let us pray to have a spirit of poverty.

Lucia: With the Third Mystery, I offer You, Holy Spirit, thanks and praise. Without You, how can we understand the Third Mystery? How can we know of the Birth of Christ in the manger?

O Holy Spirit, through the ages, You have remained the Lord God hidden in us and dwelling in us to enlighten and guide us in good deeds, holy deeds, and knowledge in Your grace. You teach us through Your seven gifts, starting from that for us to understand more about the lofty spirituality guided by the Holy Spirit. But Lord, how do we allow our hearts to be quiet to listen to Your voice? There are many opportunities, but we do not want and do not listen; we only do our own will, with ordinary eyes, judgment, and doubt, according to the flesh. We do not believe in spirituality and the gentle and tender voice with the love that You granted us through the Third Mystery, through the Third Person of God to whom we reverently lift. We meditate on the things of today with the Third Mystery: The Blessed Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in a cave.

Lord, I thank You. A mother is a person of complete obedience and performance at every stage of Her life. Whether She succeeds or whether people criticize or reject Her, Her feelings for us never change and complain. Mother has always been faithful to You, a pure and perfect person who did everything in Your way and will. Today, She grants us a meditation of the moment She gave birth to You in a cave, a place so lowly that women in developing nations would not choose to give birth. Mother Mary, the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity, since the beginning with faith, learned about God and accepted the task of bringing the Father’s only Son into the world. No matter any situation or stage in Her life, faced with difficulty, She continued to believe and perform and finally gave birth to Jesus in a cave on a cold winter night. We see the closeness with faith,  and outwardly, we see Mother, quiet and gentle, but inside Her is a surge of strength, who practiced and believed absolutely in everything that comes to Her life.

Few people can meditate on this and comprehend what Mother Mary has done for so long for humanity, but there were praises through generations. Mother’s greatness deserves the honor. Mother wants to let us know that everything She did belonged to God; She wants us to glorify God and join Her to belong to God and practice what She teaches to live in faith. Mother wants us to act for God’s sake, to sacrifice for His sake, and for everything to belong to God. Who can love God like Mother Mary? Due to these points, we see that with extreme poverty or suffering, Mother never lacks faith in God. Today, the Church reminds us of the Third Mystery with the words: Let us ask for the poverty in spirit.

That spirit of poverty started from Mother Mary and the Infant Jesus, who came to save humanity. He was born in a meager stable, but He chose that place to give the joy, the affluence, the comfortable mattress, the warm blanket, what is the best,  happiest, noblest, most abundant, and pleasant to us. We see how Mother endured and suffered. God and Mother accepted all the poverty to give us days like this, and hope. We cannot forget and must meditate to understand each mystery to help us not pray the Rosary by heart or out of habit but to take a closer look at the action, the example because God the Father chose Mother to be a role model by deed. Her actions and words have value for our lives, and our souls later belong to God.

We contemplate the Infant Jesus in the manger, and 2,000 years later, what does Christmas mean to us? Why do we meditate at this time? No matter how many things are already in the world, what the world needs to practice and know is the offering to lift to God. Mother taught us through the numbers: 2, 2, and 2, which sum up to the number 6. The number 6 stands for Mother Mary, whom the Holy Spirit wants us to meditate on in the Third Mystery. The Third Person reminds us that the Holy Spirit enlightened and guided us to understand what we professed, contemplated, and offered for the past twelve years. Today, the work continues richly through the guidance and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit to speak of Mother Mary – the sixth place of honor in the Six Kowtows – who will intercede for us at the end of history. Indeed, it is a great wonder that without the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, how can we understand?

We have the Old Testament and the New Testament, but at the end of the century, when we face days of purification, who helped us lift to God in these times of urgency? With the practice of praying, with soul, body, mind, and heart, we lift to each person without being distracted, and when we pray the Rosary, it is not out of habit. It is a program through the Holy Spirit to help us pray and meditate to be aware of what God wants to say. What He has done for us is to come as an Infant, born on a cold winter night in a cave. He is the Infant Jesus we worship and adore on the sixth day of the Octave of Christmas. In the Fifth Mystery, we will learn something mysterious and profound.

The Lord is the God of numbers, space, and time, of humanity, who planned for Mother Mary to come into the world. She fulfilled Her task, and in Her fulfillment, we see our salvation as the Infant was born, for us to know the assigned number and the time, to honor and thank Her. It has been this way, but today, we understand it better because Mother taught us the last moment of heaven’s seed for us to sow. Let us unite and meditate on the Mystery with the humility we need to have, in the love we need to show to one another, and practice in the poverty we face. The world we chose ends up with a problem that we now face in sorrow: war, money, and fame. What we do opposes God and offends Him, so we suffer the consequences in this day and age. Who is the person who can restore and change?

For things we choose, we must accept what we now face. As for what is spiritual and hope, then Mother is the person who has let us know and taught us for nearly twelve years to understand what is of this day. We begin to offer to God and practice for our hearts not to change and waver as we have been with habits and rules for generations. All this newness does not come from us but from the Holy Spirit, who wants us to grow each day in the richness of God’s grace. We are not the ones who read the book, flip it and close it, but we need to practice and summarize the most essential, the most basic we need, and practices in the basis of a Christian. Especially in what we must do, Mother did for us and asked God to let us do it as well. She asked God to help us accept the challenge ahead through the Third Mystery.

We see the pandemic that caused a standstill. Everything entered into bad days and reached a negative situation like today, and there will be many things at the end between man and man, fighting between good and evil. We see this answered very clearly; as for the rest, Mother teaches us to accept difficulties. Let us continue to pray, be faithful, and persevere. That difficulty will help us through a war that we must face because it was our human choice, but with a spirit of hope, Mother Mary will be the One to lead us into that hope before the Infant Jesus. Today and especially this year, no matter what happens, no one can take away our hope because Mother practiced and is leading us. She wants us to cooperate with Her and not be afraid of the world that uses every means. As God said: “Do not fear those who kill the body but fear the One who kills both soul and body and throws them into the fire that will never die.”

If we understand this, should we give ourselves the opportunity and accept the difficulties we never do, or do we continue to complain and protest? Let us look at the Lord God and the Queen of Heaven who humbled themselves to live with trials for us to have this day. That sacrifice is enough to express God’s love, a great example so that we cannot deny our sinful condition and return to God, with the meaning of the Joyful Mysteries that we offer Him, especially during this year’s Christmas Season. And if there are many more Christmases that God allows us to celebrate on earth, let us never deny what we have and offer it to God as an offering. No matter what we endure, it cannot be what Jesus, Mother Mary, and the Holy Family experienced, so let us sacrifice a bit more, love our brothers and sisters, sacrifice for the poor, and for those living a life that requires our help.

Today’s prosperity comes from the sacrifice of God and Mother. Thus,  every Christmas season to come, why do we not have gifts for each other? The meaning of gifts is not to give to people we like, but to give to the needy and poor, those who are living in days of the war, those who are suffering from illnesses, those who have no electricity, no water, no food, such as those suffering in Ukraine during the current war. It is the most obvious opportunity that the Holy Spirit wants us to know and practice in every way, in all areas, to lift to God during the Christmas Season. We thank God for the Christmas season. Almost six days have passed, but we still have days to contemplate the Holy Family. For the  Infant Jesus and our beloved Mother, we unite with Mother. We ask Mother to teach us so that on our path of witnessing and practicing, we accept hardships and overcome trials to bear witness to love. May we bring the gift of the Six Kowtows to the world to pray and be close to our beloved Mother, who will lead us home to God while there is still time and when time is critical.

I thank the Holy Spirit. We do not know ourselves, but when we listen, pray and meditate, the Holy Spirit will teach us more. The riches of heaven do not cease to pour over the world, but do we have enough faith to accept and practice it? That is the most important thing. We learn about the meditation Mother Mary wants us to do,  allowing us to meditate on each Mystery. The Joyful Mysteries, the Glorious Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries and the Luminous Mysteries are all meant to praise and glorify God through what God has done, to teach us when we have a spirit to meditate and focus more through the prayers that we reverently lift as an offering. With each Mystery, we meditate according to the way Mother teaches us with the gift of the Six Kowtows for the Rosary to become a meaningful offering we lift to God in that meditation. We do not become sleepy and do not pray out of habit, but meditation helps us understand more and discover more of the beautiful and mysterious things God gives us through Mother Mary.

4. Offering Jesus in the Temple

When the time came for the purification rites required by the Law of Moses, Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord (Luke 2: 22-23)

The Fourth Joyful Mystery: The Blessed Virgin Mary offers Jesus in the Temple. Let us pray for the virtue of obedience.

Lucia: The Fourth Mystery I reverently lift to the Eucharistic Jesus as we do every day after Mass, as an offering to Him. Today, I ask God to allow me to use my meditation on the Fourth Mystery to talk about the Eucharistic Jesus. He is also Jesus whom Mother held in Her arms to present Him in the Temple.

God, You are the Lord of space and time. Time and space are nothing to You but what happens in this world is a scheduled plan, a history that cannot fade in the world. God came to us. He took on human nature and was subject to the same schedule as those parents who presented their firstborn in the Temple. Who did? Mother Mary did; She brought Jesus to the Temple, and that presentation was to hear about the entire life of Jesus as He achieved the work of salvation. Mother observed that law, holding the infant, so young in Her arms, the Infant Jesus whose birth we celebrate on the Friday of the Octave after Christmas. That story is recalled after 2,000 years, for us to have the opportunity to meditate. The story of an Infant with a prophecy about His life from a man named Simeon.

Mother Mary was a person who had feelings, at times feeling sad, and at times feeling the love She had for God. When Mother heard Simeon’s prophecy, She did not say anything, did not complain, but cherished and kept it to Herself. She stayed by Jesus to serve Him every moment without being separated from Him and continued to show Him that respect even more deeply. Through each Mystery, it was Mother Mary who did many things on behalf of our world, and God chose Her as the perfect Mother to replace our first parent. Right from the beginning, Mother completely embraced, meditated, prayed, and waited for the fulfillment of God’s plan after He died on the Cross. From the time Mother presented Jesus in the Temple, today, it is through the Fourth Mystery that we reverently offer to the Eucharistic Jesus. It is the same Eucharistic Jesus that today, we see the history related to His glorious Resurrection. We see Mother’s great sufferings and inner life with the daily prayers and the continual union with God, especially with Jesus.

It was Jesus who instituted the Eucharist. He promised to remain in the host to remain with us every day until the end of the age. We can have a contemplation to be associated with what we have today. Today, we witness the Eucharistic Jesus in the glorious power visiting our world to help us understand that God is still with us. Even when that true story has become history, it is revived in faith as we meditate on the Fourth Mystery. We do not need to look at the extreme sufferings; we know Mother endured everything to give us hope; today, we still have the Lord God, who is spiritually present through the Blessed Sacrament.

Today, we need to respect and honor God and meditate when we pray to the Lord God, who is not that distant but was the Infant presented in the Temple over 2,000 years ago. When Simeon told Mother the prophecy, Mother remained calm and kept it all in Her heart. She accepted everything that came into Her life, even when Her Son died on the cross in excruciating agony to save humanity. Today, She still replaces us spiritually beside the Eucharistic Jesus, and where the Eucharistic Jesus is, there is Mother Mary. Today, Mother looks at us through generations to see whether Christians have enough faith in the Eucharistic Jesus. According to the survey of this civilized world, only thirty percent of Christians believe in the Real Presence of the Eucharist; where are the other seventy percent? Mother Mary stays with God every day when we forget Him, do not recognize Him, abandon Him, or offend Him. This world is gravely offending the Eucharistic Jesus.

Who told us this? Mother Mary did. Through the ages, She let people have their freedom, but She always wants us to know that God is still with us. God is present through the Church. God is present in all the tabernacles around the world. God is present through Mass and dwells in us when we receive Him into our hearts. It is something simple and ordinary but not many meditate on this, and because it has become a habit and routine, people who have offended the Eucharist are those in positions of authority. They are also weak and imperfect people like us, but they are people who unintentionally or intentionally have seriously offended God. Mother shed tears of blood and wept because we do not realize and understand the importance and value that Jesus granted us through His Eucharist.  and on the same day that Mother presented Him in the Temple. It was a schedule unfolding that Her whole life embraced, cherished, and led us on the paths where Jesus sacrificed for us on the Way of the Cross.

That period does not end but continues because the love, forgiveness, and longing today are from the Eucharistic Jesus. We cannot belittle, and faith cannot fade away. Faith is not faith in a human way, but a true faith to seek to come to God, to recognize the Lord God still with us in respect, and reverence, with a depth to seek Him and lift to Him with our prayers. From the beginning, Mother has replaced us; the rest is up to us. What is known and heard is set in an age revealed to us by that very same age. In each era, God grants through Mother for us to have all kinds of messages to bring us back to Him. In this last era, God also leads us directly to the Supreme Being, full of power, who remains on earth to wait, intervene, love, and forgive. That is the Eucharistic Jesus.

It is not by coincidence for us to understand this today. It is not by chance for God to visit us to reveal the light of His Eucharist and for great wonders to appear from heaven. Today, we receive these wonders that are too sublime, too magnificent, too mysterious, which we never had before. These wonders appear in this world to awaken people and strengthen faith for all classes and roles and those who are indifferent and lack respect for the Eucharistic Jesus. God remains alone and lonely in all the tabernacles. He is greatly grieved and has bled for today’s world. God stays with people; He stays with us, but we do not come to Him. We only come to God at a time according to our will, out of habit, cold, indifferent, and emotionless. Moreover, we allow our hearts to become empty; we do not experience what the Eucharist awaits and what Mother wants to teach us today.

Throughout Her life, when God was on earth until the end after thirty-three years, Mother still embraced it and wanted to dedicate Herself, especially to God. Though He returned to heaven, body, and soul, She continued to do the Way of the Cross to lead people to remember what God did in that momentous mission. Everything has become history, and we must remind ourselves that Jesus accepted suffering because of our sins. In the end, happiness, peace, hope, and joy are the Eucharistic Jesus. We cannot forget Him, disrespect Him, or be indifferent to Him, with only thirty percent who believe in His presence. We cannot share what God grants and wait for people to accept. If not from God, who can say those things? Of course, people need proof that it was from God because they fear it may come from the devil and all sorts of things.

Correct! Here is a world influenced by the devil, who has all schemes and tricks, but we must know that our God is above our thinking, and the devil cannot be above God. God has a way for us to know of His presence, and He grants us the encounter. God lets us find out by ourselves; finally, we know it is truly Him. Today, though God continues to allow us to do what we want, He is still the Lord, full of glory and power. May we recognize that splendid glory without human defiance and rationality because we must believe. No one can compare the colors and the sublimity associated with His Eucharist. It is such a sublime wonder that only the Lord can grant that to us. The reason is that He loves and still loves us and wants to bring us back to the place of refuge, of trust, where there is hope for our body and soul in the future.  

Today, that sublime wonder exists in our beloved Mother, and from that love, She reveals to humanity what we still have: the Eucharistic Jesus. Mother is spiritually present in this world, but it requires faith for us to encounter. Today, Mother gives Her gift to each person and each stage. We can accept it or refuse, but with our current condition in jeopardy, with our indifference and weakness, what do we have left to offer God? For years we have been indifferent, so there is nothing left for us to come to God but to prostrate, soul and body, mind and heart, to lift to Him, to be deep in meditation and spend time with our soul in contemplation. If we understand this, we will not get bored because every time we pray and meditate, something helps us further understand and be more aware of the spirituality God grants and gives us.

Of course, God wants us to follow the schedule He sets aside through the Church for the Church to teach us and for everything we do to be in union with the Church. God also wants to draw us closer to Him, for us to pray for our Church, work more closely with our Church, and be conscious of the marvelous wonders that Mother has specially dedicated to the world. The Eucharistic Jesus also granted our world one more program: His Divine Mercy. The Divine Mercy was not in the Gospel. When was the Divine Mercy given? God has the authority to grant His Divine Mercy, and today, we unite to return to the Divine Mercy. So, in everything, let us not question according to the way of the world, not ask in the usual human way. We can see that we are in jeopardy and heading toward a negative situation in this world so let us return with a spirit of learning to pray, visit the Eucharistic Jesus, and prostrate ourselves to adore the Lord and come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

All these things we need to do with the inner life of prayer in the way Mother taught. Thank God for giving us this meditation to see that in each Mystery, Mother is the intercessor for our world. All we know that comes with Mother’s gift is no different; it is a beautiful offering for people to lift to God through a life of prayer, a spiritual way from the Holy Spirit’s teaching. We need to practice, bow down, prostrate, and give ourselves the opportunity; we will see when we stand to pray, the feeling is different; when we sit and pray, the feeling is different; and when we prostrate before God, we pray differently. God created us. Thus, we lift to Him as an offering even though we are unworthy and imperfect, but He sees our hearts coming to Him.

It is an unworthy offering, but we have nothing left, so God still accepts it. He wants to see us come to Him, learn to pray from Mother, for us not be tempted with a pair of wandering eyes and many habits with indifference that most people to this day have not been able to find a way out, to seek to come closer to God in every way. If we are without spirituality, through Mother’s teachings, which are contrary to everything in this world, we are those who do not understand and do not know how to pray. We are determined to pray, but can we stay focused for half an hour or fifteen minutes? Our heads are full of thoughts. However, when we kneel and prostrate ourselves in prayer before the Eucharistic Jesus, it seems that space and time pass very quickly, and we feel meaningful, peaceful, and happy, which is the gift the Eucharistic Jesus grants. Why do we not come to receive it?

She wants us to accept it for us to be calmer and more mature, not disturbed by a world that lures us into sin in many ways so that we leave God and let reality rule us. Today, I thank God for giving us the most concise thing so that we know to obey and submit. In life, we cannot resist the world, but the method for us to know is to accept, be patient, and wait for the Lord’s hour. That is obedience. In each situation, in a family or a group, what God wants from us is obedience and unity. When God chooses a person, even when we see that person doing wrong, if God wants that person, then that person will become responsible because God will have a way of not letting that person do wrong when that person leads many people on an arranged path. Thus, what is of God we know by reaping; what is of God will go on endlessly with success, with newness, with overflowing graces. As for what does not belong to God will become rotten and broken and will never have a good outcome.

But on the way to accepting that truth, we face many challenges. If we unite to pray, resolve to what God gives and keep what is ours, we will have a good result. For God never gives up on those who, even in the remaining moments, stay awake at the last moment, God still grants them. With the program, God gave us for the past twelve years, was it not enough to overlook others’ weaknesses as we see? We see their weaknesses, but do we not see ours? We are also part of the reason for making themselves suffer because of us. Remember, we all have a bond of solidarity since Mother Mary conveyed and taught us this gift. As pioneers, we must bear the responsibility and have the spirit to focus more on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and not be discouraged or lose a great opportunity when we follow our own will. Remember, we were the first people called to this mission though we were indifferent and did not know who the Eucharistic Lord was. Did we spend time with the Lord? Did we know how to pray? It has been a process for us to learn, so are we in a state of hesitation, condemnation, and judgment?

Let us think for us to live with ourselves by the grace of God, use words when we speak, use thoughts to see, and live in the mission God calls us, and not disappoint and grieve Him. Today, Mother is the person closest to us; She chooses us so She will have a way to help us. No matter where we go, She still holds us and gives us the opportunity; if we listen, cooperate and come back, we will continue in joy. Otherwise, we live in negativity, which leads us into times of sadness, loneliness, and anxiety; we will suffer the consequences of the wrong way we chose when God calls. Today, we must allow ourselves to stand on the threshold for us to choose, not according to our own will, even when we think it is something good or we like, but God’s will is all that matters in our lives.

Mother Mary, I thank You, these are things we need to pay attention to because the Joyful Mysteries have everything to do with You, with You stepping forward and doing everything for us. The Fifth Mystery leads us deeper and closer to the Eucharistic Jesus and helps us better understand the wonders revealed in the world at the end of history. The gift of the Six Kowtows has become a gift that God gives for more understanding. That meditation helps us become more profound and zealous with an inner prayer life. Although it takes a long time for us to meditate, it is time for God to help us lessen sin, lessen the wasted time in a world that is too familiar in our lives, when we use time each day in our habits while really and always stingy with time for God. So, we receive many graces, but we do not give back much in return, and today, we still argue about many things in our lives. Because of those points, the world is still facing days of sorrow, disease, greed, and vanity, finally coming to an end like today.

May God allow us to spend time with what we have to offer, and in the time that God allows, do what we can because God does not require excessively. May we trust when we serve God, God will grant us later and decide the time for us accordingly. Believe, and we will have; seek, and we will find; knock, and the door will open. Thank God for granting. May the brothers and sisters understand obedience for our lives to follow God’s plan in our mission more perfectly because Mother teaches us to listen and meditate on the Joyful Mysteries. I thank, praise, glorify God, and thank the Infant Jesus. I thank Mother for everything You do for us and the world and what You continue to teach us to follow God’s ways with more meaning in our lives. May prayer strengthen our faith. May we not feel afraid and bewildered when all problems surround us and will come to the world in the remaining and final days of the purification.

5. Finding Jesus in the Temple

After three days, they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions (Luke 2:46)

The Fifth Joyful Mystery: The Blessed Virgin Mary finds Jesus in the Temple. Let us pray to be faithful to God.

Lucia:  O Jesus Christ, You granted me and my brothers and sisters to reverently offer the Five Holy Marks daily, to become an offering before your Cross, which has taught us reverence. The meditation on the mystery of the Five Holy Marks has a connection revealed, and today, we meditate on the Fifth Mystery of the Joyful Mysteries.

God, Mother looked for You for three days. Why not two days? Why not one day but three days? Three days is the time assigned to a number; God is the Master of time and space, the Master of the world and numbers. Three days tells us that Jesus, at that young age, did not get lost but stayed back to achieve a purpose. The Father’s plan had stages, and Jesus was the One who knew what best to do at each age, especially at the age of understanding; He immediately put into practice things in His role. Jesus remained in the Temple and purposely stayed in the Temple, sitting among the doctors to teach them and to inform them. Did Jesus stay back without Mother and Saint Joseph knowing? It is not that Mother and Saint Joseph did not know, but this is what we logically see in the world. When one’s child is lost, whose mother will not look for him?

It is what the Lord wants to show the glory foretold. Jesus came into the world to fulfill the Father’s plan for Him. As we read in the Gospel, at a young age, Jesus preached to the doctors and teachers, and it was to express His mission as a Savior. Jesus spoke to our world, all classes and roles, blessed by God’s grace, a life of practice, a witness life, a life with the deeds He did at His age. That was a spiritual matter that we cannot fully understand, but we understood that it was the three days foretold about His life to go out and preach in the world. The work of salvation was finished in three days, the three days of His Resurrection. The number three was also the number in the Old Testament when God the Father chose Jonah to go to Nineveh. Jonah refused, ran away by boat, and ended up in a whale’s belly for three days. Jonah finally went to Nineveh to warn the people there and they repented and returned to God.

Speaking of this, we see the number three continuously. Why? We read that when Jesus was living in the world, choosing His apostles, He did not ask the other apostles, but instead, asked Saint Peter: “Peter, do you love Me?” He asked Saint Peter that question three times, then entrusted the Church to him. The number three is a reminder of the work of salvation when Jesus conquered death and resurrected after three days. What does this number three mean? The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Today, we see Mother Mary as the person who foretold us as She was looking for Jesus, but those three days of looking for Jesus were a way to tell us of the three days of His glorious Resurrection to save us. It was necessary to help us understand every work with a realistic view because we only read sporadically. When we read to understand, listen, and meditate, then it is different. At this time, the Holy Spirit wants us to know because it is related to the Five Holy Marks.

The work of God does not stop at some points, and we know that in every generation, in every era, and especially in every age, what He practiced has a meaning to help us. The Fifth Mystery of the Joyful reminds us to keep our gratitude to God. To be grateful does not mean we understand only when we mature or when we grow up, we can do this, or when we have a ministry, to do this or that. To keep our gratitude to God means to be in any situation where we feel sad and weak, we succeed or fail, or when we do not know nor understand, we persist. Let us be faithful and loyal to God, to the love for which the Savior came to the world to atone for the sins of humanity and save our lives in sin and death. Finally, we recall the Five Holy Marks, as Mother Mary reminded us. 

Mother Mary does not remind us of all the suffering and failure, but She wants us to remember that because of sin, Jesus had to walk every step of the Way of the Cross. He sacrificed every step with excruciating pain to save us. In the end, it is still about saving and loving us. The good thief represents the world with the forgiveness God granted. God’s purpose is forgiveness and love. Today, Mother also wants to lead us to know that we need to remember the Way of the Cross to recall our sins, avoid sin, and stay away from iniquity. We see that the Fourteen Stations of the Cross are not automatically known to anyone and the world. Mother Mary initiated the Fourteen Stations of the Cross to lead people in the meditation about sin. Thanks to that meditation, we are resurrected and experience the extreme pain God suffered to atone for our sins. Finally, why is Mother teaching us about the Five Holy Marks?

The First Holy Mark, we honor and worship the Father, forever the Lord of love and Divine Mercy for the world to exist today. No matter how sinful we are, God’s Divine Mercy is still there and with us to have the opportunity to reform and improve. The Second Holy Mark requires us to believe that the Father sacrificed His only Son out of love for the world, and whoever believes in Him will live. Thus today, we must believe in the Lord Jesus as the Savior, the Redeemer, because we must believe in Him to listen and practice His teaching, to perform and be worthy to enter the eternal place. The Second Person of God gives us hope with a glorious and triumphant Resurrection. If we meditate on all this, we see the meaning from the beginning regarding each of the Mystery.

Today, the Third Holy Mark is the Holy Spirit. The light, love, and truth. If without His enlightenment, how can we know the Mystery? How can we understand that the program unites and teaches us deeply when we belong to God and pray the Rosary or pray by the way Mother teaches? The Holy Spirit enlightens and guides us to understand the depth, breadth, and meaning revealed to the human world at the end as we know it. Let us be grateful to have the Holy Spirit present and dwelling in us. If we listen to Him, the infinite abundance and infinity in the experience of God are never lost, and the words are sufficient for us to realize that everything belongs to God, attributed to God. When we listen to Mother’s teaching, there is depth and breadth in the feeling we offer to the Five Holy Marks today.

We thank the Holy Spirit for letting us know this. And what about the Holy Spirit? The First Holy Mark, the Second Holy Mark, and the Third Holy Mark: the three Persons in one God, the Trinity, whom we adore and honor. Finally, the anecdote of the Triune God is everlasting. People must understand, from the beginning of the creation to this day. The remaining and last period of the century and the final days of the end are for us to understand and believe in the works of God, which is the Eucharistic Jesus. Therefore, the Fourth Holy Mark belongs to the Eucharistic Jesus, which we cannot forget because He instituted the Eucharist to remain with us. He is present in spirituality among us. The Lord is the Supreme Being who still defends, protects, and guards. He is the world’s remaining hope for us to be touched, experience, and receive Him. He becomes our soul’s nourishment out of love, and we receive the offering by receiving Him into our hearts. There is security, a touch, and a feeling when we receive the Eucharistic Jesus, but we must not disrespect Him. We cannot let it be a habit; we cannot be indifferent or unfeeling toward the Eucharistic Jesus.

Today, we see the power of God has come, and He revealed His glory in the Fourth Holy Mark we offer to the Eucharistic Jesus. What we see helps us strengthen our faith and understand better the great mystery with which the Lord defends us and intercedes for us in this world. Our life of faith needs to change, to be stronger and bolder, for us to profess and be aware of the presence of God and the sublime wonder through the miracle of the Eucharist. The mystery from the Eucharistic Jesus confirms the extraordinary and marvelous deeds God does.

Who can give us the miracles that God does? God alone can, and through the miracles revealed, He grants us a life with depth through the prayer Mother taught us through the Five Holy Marks. Can we automatically speak of the Fifth Holy Mark? It is the Holy Spirit who wants us to because Mother is the One who teaches us to pray, and She is the One who meditates on the life of Jesus while He was on earth, with each age and each stage of the Cross. Jesus ended up on the Cross and said the last words to Mother. Today, the Holy Spirit teaches us to honor Mother. That is the Fifth Holy Mark: She walked with God, stayed with God, and accepted sufferings to set an example for us, to pray and sacrifice for us. Is there anything we know today without Mother? Is there anything we practice that Mother did not do first? Is there anything we can automatically understand without Mother?

Today, it is Mother Mary who teaches us to pray, and the fifth place of honor through the Fifth Holy Mark is Mother Mary. The Holy Spirit wants us to lift to Mother and unite in the Lord’s Five Holy Marks so that at the end of history, where we begin to have a new place of honor in God’s plan, that is the Sixth Kowtow offered to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. So, this is a beautiful sublimity quite challenging for us to understand; the Holy Spirit is the only Supreme Being who teaches us with the days of practice. And Mother leads us deeply into the meditation of the Five Holy Marks, teaching us that as we turn to the Cross, we must not lack reverence, and we cannot be indifferent and disrespectful when we look at the Cross. Why does every church have a Cross? Why did God stretch His arms? It is to embrace humanity. Our world forever receives that love and the work of salvation without exception, but we have denied God and separated ourselves.

Today, Mother wants us to give God one more chance to learn the truth through the Five Holy Marks. God is longing and waiting for us to return to Him. When we contemplate the Five Holy Marks, we recognize the love of the Divine Mercy that continues for us through the Father’s love that never refuses humanity. He loves us, loves us dearly, loves us to the point of sacrificing His only Son so that His Son can save us, set us free, and bring us back from the darkness into the light. His love became a deep love with His Son to become the Holy Spirit that dwells in us through every age, dwells in each person, with what is most beautiful,  excellent, in goodness, in truth. What is most holy and best comes from the Holy Spirit.

It is a great thing that the Trinity has done for us. What is accepted today? We come to the Eucharistic Jesus, but we do not know who He is and do not know what He is doing. What does the Holy Spirit teach us about the Eucharistic Jesus? He teaches us the history of the Eucharistic Jesus and the power of the Eucharistic Jesus. He teaches us to reform and improve our lives, which we do not deserve to do, but Mother Mary did it for us and the entire world. Thus, the Joyful Mysteries all have meaning with great depth through the great spirituality Mother practiced and taught us to go deeply into the Mystery of the Five Holy Marks of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Being who gloriously and triumphantly resurrected to bring life back to us. The value of His Blood will not be in vain when every one of our souls is redeemed and forgiven. However, we must repent, bow, prostrate, adore, reform, and bow before the Cross.

Thanks to the Cross, we were saved. Let us be grateful, apologize, and repent, to be worthy of what God is longing for. What we do today is not automatic, but the Holy Spirit wants us to offer to Mother. It is the Fifth Holy Mark that Mother represents to help us to understand the great Mystery that God grants. We learn from the Mother of God that She will never refuse us; She offers us humility, starting with the inquiry into the truth. Today, we bow in reverence and gratitude for what the Holy Spirit has done for us and for which the Father allows us to offer Mother the sixth offering for that place of honor to be set. The Five Holy Marks ended, but the Being who leads and represents our world is Mother Mary. Her triumph is Her Immaculate Heart because the devil is afraid of Mother. He fears Mother’s holiness, perfection, purity, absolute obedience, and humility. When Mother appears, he is terrified and must back down and give in.

The Holy Spirit teaches us to reverently lift Mother Mary with Her Immaculate Heart and Her triumph. We are doing and practicing it, so what can go wrong as long as we practice? We practiced with the gift of the Six Kowtows all these years in silence. It is not automatic that we have the right to bring it to the world. It is not automatic that the churches we go to, whether in this country or abroad, receive this gift to give to the parishioners. Although this gift is new and not yet accepted, God will have a way for all His children to come to Him because He is waiting for them through the Eucharist, and Mother leads them to God.

With Her presence and example, let us wait and see. Our world will have people who live in hope and will triumph between good and evil in this day and age. We must listen and practice as Mother taught because what She teaches is the basis to help us focus and turn more fervently toward God. In unity, surrender, gratitude, and the prostration of soul and body, let us ask God to accept our weak and imperfect gift of the end of history, to ask to follow His holy will, His way, and His decision for us.

We thank God for the meditation on the Joyful Mysteries. It is difficult for us to explain that when we pray the Rosary, it is the Holy Spirit who teaches us. God alone can teach fluently, clearly, and meaningfully. People need to accept this gift. Let us not be too rigid and infer too much and reason with the rules because God does not stop with what we have in the old days, but He gives us even more richness with what belongs to Him and brings us closer to Him. Let us be receptive in every aspect, role, class, and position to come to the Eucharistic Jesus. Let us take time and space from our busy schedules to seek God. He will not let us return empty-handed, and we will understand better because we still have Mother. Since this gift belongs to Mother, we are simply the chosen people to be pioneers and practitioners.

There is judgment, denial, and disapproval, and that is fine. It is something new, a surprise for today’s world, because, for so many years through generations, people living in the days only familiar with their way. The reverence due to God seems to be diminishing, and people are offending God in many ways. Because of this, Mother teaches us to return to the first position, not let this be lost, and lose even more, and offend God more and more, whether unintentionally or intentionally. We must worship God with our souls and hearts through practice, strength, courage, and unity as we come together to offer to God and to come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

We will certainly have a method, and we believe that God will have a way to intervene for us; no matter what happens, hope belongs to the Eucharistic Jesus. We will know that it was He who came to us, and He manifested the light of His Eucharist. God visited us with beautiful and marvelous pictures and revealed what heaven offers. He also grants us a successful outcome when we go out to sow the seeds of heaven given to us by Mother. It is for people to learn from that seed, for it to germinate, grow, and begin to bear fruit. All of these are God-given in today’s generation.

Today, on the Friday of the Octave after Christmas, we offer this meditation to God. For the first time in twelve years, I experience this profound meditation of the Joyful Mysteries. Thus, what is of this day is a new program God has set for us; we do not stop to listen or meditate but continue to spread this to the world as the Holy Spirit guides and gives us this Solemnity. The Lord said that in the next year, we would have a new program and new things that the world must accept to practice to walk in the way God has specially planned because of the approval God granted.

God accepted the offering of the Six Kowtows and granted us the Holy Spirit to teach us how to keep going and focused in prayer and meditation when we pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet. He reminds us to pray with the Six Kowtows when we are in dangerous times. The gift of the Six Kowtows is also for the Church. It is Mother who taught us and helped us. May we have the opportunity to practice and meditate to know what is true, false, infinite, boundless, and the corruption and brokenness that does not belong to God. Even when we have good words or ideas, if there is no progress and no fruits, then we know they do not belong to God.

Let us lift to God today. In everything, God will have a way for the children who long. He waits for us through the beloved Mother who guards our souls and guides us. It is time for Mother to intervene because we are stuck in this world and scared. We see the situation with many who died and victims who suffered so much through the ages. Today, we ask for the intercession of the Eucharistic Jesus; Mother will be the advocate for those who listen, those who practice, and those who are determined to persevere and trust. With moments of faithfulness, we will see the intervening hand of the Almighty, giving us the new world we yearn for beyond our imagination.

We pray to ask for one thing; God grants us ten. God chastises us once, but He gives us back twice. We have the Lord, the Author of love; He is like that. Let us listen to Mother because She lives in this state and knows and guides us at the end of history. It does not matter how many challenges, trials, and events happen, but God is still the Supreme Being who rules over the world. He has the right to grant, intervene, and give us peace and happiness. God has the right to urge those who disobey into days of repentance; otherwise, when He comes with the light, the light will destroy them. Today, what we offer and say is all under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for us to honor and thank God and thank the Infant Jesus. We praise Mother, the Mother who brought God to us through generations, but we rarely spend time with Her.

What is of this day is taught by the Holy Spirit, for us to honor and thank Mother through the Joyful Mysteries, to listen to Her teaching, and with Her to adore and serve God. Mother, please teach and lead us back to the Lord Jesus, Your Son, the Second Person of God. He saved the world, and in His Holy Name, we officially return to the Father in the eternal kingdom. God alone is the Supreme Being who guides, grants, and waits for us. But we must give up our bad sins and thoughts that cause us to stumble daily. We need to stay away from sin, repent, reform, and amend our lives to receive forgiveness from God’s Divine Mercy and be worthy to enter the place that Mother granted and waited for us and humanity. We thank, praise, and glorify God. In the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen.

(*) Pope Francis has revealed in an interview published Sunday that shortly after being elected pontiff in 2013, he wrote a resignation letter in case medical problems impede him from carrying out his duties.

The Lord is the One who performs great and sublime things

March 9, 2022

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit.


O God, it is 1:01, Wednesday, March 9, 2022. We are at Holy Rosary Church, turned toward the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, Your Sacred Heart statue, the holy statues of Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and the Icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe. First of all, I thank You for the Wednesdays here or at any church; I love to come here on the weekly Wednesdays to be close to Mother. Especially recently, with many stories that happen unexpectedly within our country, our society, the world, and our Church.

We are children of the Church, children of God. For ten years, God gave me the role of reporting and proclaiming The Six Kowtows Mother Mary gave to the world. The gift of The Six Kowtows has become an intimate offering for us and leads us to God daily in a spirit of repentance. This gift teaches people to have a prayer life. Praying not out of habit but with heart, inspiration, and emotion because God granted too many graces to humanity, and blessings continue to pour down over the world. No matter how bad and sinful we are, God still shows mercy, grants us time, and gives us every opportunity to return to the Lord of love and Divine Mercy.

A member of our group is here with us. It is not easy for us to meet each other, but today, our meeting here is not coincidental. God brought a member to Houston, Texas, and her moving here is a miracle God granted. God gathers His children from near and far to this place with the miraculous mystery of the Blessed Sacrament, with precious documents especially given to us for eleven years,  from His messages to the images of the Eucharist. Only God, the Supreme Being, can realize those marvelous and sublime deeds. The world must have the eyes of faith and humility to find and know the truth, but if people keep their standpoint according to their old habits and routines according to their lives and rules, they may never see and believe. On the contrary, they oppose many things through the eyes of the world in a trend of reality.

Events happen in this world, and the more civilized life is, the further away we are from God; as Pope Paul II said, “It is a civilization of death.” Indeed, that is right. Today, we face that situation because we grow up in a society according to habits and rules. We follow appearances and theories, so naturally, there is deceit in our deeds, which we seem to do as a habit and a lack of discernment as to what is deceitful and what is true or false. Today, God opens the eyes of faith for us to see His love for sinners like us and humanity. We are among the sinners who recognize the love and the Divine Mercy God granted, so today, we have the opportunity to practice with faith and determination because He is real.

God gives and grants to everyone, but each of us has the right to either believe or not. How is our faith for us to recognize? We are weak; if our eyes do not see and ears do not hear, then what God grants sounds like a legend. But, we read in the Gospel what Jesus affirmed to Saint Thomas “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed.” In the world, most of us expect to see and hear, but now is the time for us to know that God’s word is the living word, a guideline to lead people who have weak faith, do not understand what faith is, and how to live to become the children of God and the faithful of the Church.

Current events are happening in the world that I do not automatically know to report, but God prompted me in this role. Today, I lift to God the most urgent events, and I apologize to God for myself, for all the brothers and sisters in our group, for today’s world, for our sins, venial or mortal, because we are all sinners, unworthy of God’s forgiveness and death to save us. Today, let us unite to prostrate and worship God on behalf of those who do not know and never prostrate in their lives, even though they live in learned and knowledgeable days. It is about lifting a spiritual offering by the heart, by the restoration, by the affirmation to worship and adore.

We just attended Mass; we just received Jesus into our hearts. We see and receive what God grants, and with the blessings God pours over us, we need to speak up. We cannot keep our mouths shut and remain silent; we practice to thank, honor and worship God on behalf of today’s humanity. It was God who established our Church, and in the Church, there are many pious, holy, devoted, and knowledgeable people. We cannot compare ourselves to those in the Church, but God complemented us who are the children of the Church; this complement is by the soul, by a humble and willing heart. God, have mercy on us, on the Church, because many events happened for us to look directly and deeply to understand what is inside the problem, especially regarding our Vietnamese Church.

God, people adhere to the law very carefully, and in the life that You call, the law helps people not go wrong and do wrong, with a discipline to keep them steady in what is the truth and doctrine. However, today, we see people keep the law, but there is no love. God, there is no love! You came to give love, and You want Your law to be love because love helps and solves all problems. Only love can help us, as the Father said; He did not chastise sinners, but He said: “I do not want the wicked to die; I want him to repent and live.”

No one is perfect before God, we are sinners who always stumble and always follow our free will in life with ego and personality, so there is no unity, cooperation, and living in the days that have led to schism, separation, and disunity with each other. The laity has the personal right to freedom in our way, and today’s society, following the civilization and freedom trend, has corrupted justice, righteousness, and truth. These are facts in this world, but who dares say this and declares this without the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment?

Today, people go where the wind blows, but to follow truth and justice, let us remember today’s First Reading. We read that God sent the prophet Jonah to warn the people of Nineveh that within forty days, if they did not repent, Nineveh would be destroyed, just like the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which happened in the course of history. What does God tell us in a society with today’s trends? We see the facts, the pandemic that took many lives in the world, the issues with the economy; everything seems to be upside down.

And next was war. We see the lack of morals and ethics, the disordered trends, and the freedom of abortion and homosexuality. There are no longer days of respect and love but days of division, with a world in the rights to freedom of lust and ambition. That is our answer in today’s world in general; even though we keep the law and do many things, in the end, do we want it to be satisfactory or not? Just like a math problem, we need to find the solution, and we do not need to analyze it. Analysis has been enough through the ages, so we need to understand whether we have the right or wrong solution. Now is the time God wants us to be right or wrong.

May everyone in all classes, the Church, and society, be rational people to distinguish and see whether we are failing or succeeding. If we walk in God’s morality, we will repent like Nineveh. When God sent the prophet Jonah to warn Nineveh, he knew God was merciful and did not want God to forgive because Nineveh was a sinful city, so he ran away from God. Jonah could not hide from God, just like us, lowly, unlearned, and not knowledgeable, but God grants us the privilege to report.

Today, many people doubt, judge, and oppose what we do. For ten years, we still work in silence. We work in peace and happiness, and the continuation that God gives us that we report, not from books, but from the Spirit of the Lord who works things He wants over us. Today, even though people dislike what they hear, they must understand that we must practice and listen to God’s instruction, like the prophet Jonah. I am not saying we are prophets, but we have seen the truth. We cannot run away and refuse to do what God wants. Whether we are afraid of people or those who have positions in the Church, if we do not do our duty, then like Jonah, no matter how hard we try to avoid the mission, in the end, what God wants must be fulfilled.

Today, we rely on this reading to speak to people and realize the plan the Holy Spirit wants for our world. Regardless of age or status, class, role, or position, the Word of God wants us to know and see in today’s urgent circumstances. Our world is in more trouble than Nineveh in the past; no matter how skillful we are and how progressive our time is, we do not even recognize who God is. We do not know God, and this free world demands to change His ways; if we truly walk in His ways, we will not have days of war, pandemic, suffering, jealousy, and envy, with issues of war involving many nations.

O God, Lord of love, through generations are still days of conflict, country after country, age after age, but everything must end. God granted; He is the Alpha and the Omega. The first thing: God the Father created the earth, and we have passed down generations. Now is the time of salvation, as mentioned in the Gospel; in every age, God sends his prophets and His Word to the world. It is up to us whether we listen or act, God does not force us, but God’s word is the living word that will help us in this impasse with our deadlock. Let us not continue to follow human laws and be indifferent to all matters; let us not become the scribes and Pharisees of thousands of years. Jesus objected and condemned the duty and responsibility of those in the ranks of rulers. The law of the Church is more demanding than the law in our society because God’s law is from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Today, we do not automatically understand and know, but the Spirit of God has been poured over us when many in our world fall into situations with too many pitfalls. God is the Lord of Love and Divine Mercy who always saves His children; we heard His Father say: “I do not want the wicked to die; I want them to repent and live.” It is time; God invites us to return to Him and the eternal plan of the Lord Jesus Christ. He came to save humanity. Regardless of ethnicity, we are all children of God, and through the ages, God respected our freedom, but in the end, we follow the idols, divided. God remains silent to wait, for He is the Lord. He wants our willing hearts to come to Him with love.

He is the Author of love, He does not use power or violence to rule, but He uses love and sacrifices Himself to come to the world and allow us to understand that sin causes us great suffering and prevents us from enjoying happy and peaceful days. We need to do the Stations of Cross every Lent because of sin. In Lent, let us meditate because what we recall after 2,000 years is only a little depiction of what happened. After all, Jesus suffered a hundred times more; we know that time was rigid with the laws, killing people horribly. Today, O Lord, our God, this is an opportunity for us to meditate. It is not a coincidence; two thousand years ago and two thousand years later, to God, is just seconds in this world; we have lived through many generations but still have not awakened, still do not understand God’s law, peace, and happiness.

God gives us a victory in holiness for our lives to be renewed in a new faith, in a sky of new light, in love and solidarity, and in life to know Him and honor Him. Today, from the First and Second Readings, we know there are pagans of the past who said, “God, Lord, please help me.” Tomorrow, we will read about the Queen of the South, Esther, and all kings at that time. God chose us to be His children, so He grants especially to allow us to awaken to see what we are retaining. Is it the law? If the law helps us grow in God’s grace and helps many to know and recognize God, then that is a good law. But what good is a law restricting people who believe in God that after hundreds of years and centuries, the number of people who believe in God is decreasing? Even if the number increases, it is only to a negligible extent.

God is the King of the universe. He created us and gave us a Church through the ages, but why, and for what? We must figure that out but who can be humble enough to recognize that we still have not followed what came from God’s law? Let us not blame each other because the reason comes from hostility, jealousy, envy, resentment, and the arrogance of people in positions of authority. In their ministry, did they practice with their hearts or with the love God wanted from the shepherds He chose? In every age, God chose them to do what?

Indeed, what we say does not apply to all shepherds. Some holy ones have earned their places in heaven, and they have allowed us to receive their words. But in our world, the number of people going to heaven is few, and the number of people who follow in the footsteps of the saints is very few. They seem to live in a society that integrates with reality more than spiritual matters, so how do the laypeople have the opportunity to know more about God’s teaching and love? How do we know what God supports and intervenes for us?

In the Gospel, God said: “I entrusted the sheep to you, but you caused My flock to be scattered, and I am gathering it again.” Now is the time when God gathers all the lost sheep back. The sheep are the victims that lack learning, and those with positions do not set an example by love but by their control. For it is due to those points that the world is swarming with all things, with the devil that dominates every person, every family, and the whole world. We see the devil’s triumph through the decrease and collapse of morals and virtues. Today, we are the citizens, screaming victims, diseased, and controlled by everything in a world alluring us. In the recent pandemic, people with positions and those in high positions of power did not die, but the laity who were the victims died innocently.

Today, God, our Lord, the time has come for all people to shout and seek to ask You to save our Church. The Pope alone cannot fulfill his mission; he is the Pope, chosen to lead the Church, the shepherd, the sheep, and the flock, but he needs our cooperation. Without cooperation, he can never achieve the program as You planned. As You promised: “Peter, you are the Rock, and on this Rock, I will build My Church, and hell will not prevail against it.” Because of that, today, whether the Church is united or not, no matter how many people seek all kinds of self-interest and ways to pursue the ways of the world, as they are separating, creating division, following a program of a world of reality; but the seat of the Pope will never waver. Because of these points, God empowers all cardinals and bishops to stand for the truth today. The voice of truth is present, but it is only from a few. Though God grants many things, many cardinals and bishops, the voices defending the truth are few.

Because of these points, God uses people like us and pours abundant graces. We do not walk alone but walk with the Eucharistic Jesus. It is  God who has the power to allow us to approach and say what He wants us to say, and we do not know the Holy Spirit’s work, but all that needs to be said and done must be at the right time and place. God sent us and allowed us to replace those who are irresponsible, those who have positions but do not understand what they are doing, and who live according to the old laws of the world. The law of God is the law of love, for the shepherds to care for the sheep when they are sick and help them. What about now? Today is a clear situation with the Vietnamese Church regarding the “House of the Father.” I do not understand what happens but the lay people like us, if without God’s grace, there is nothing we can do to help others, let alone exorcism, for the devil is more powerful than man, more cunning and evil than man, but why did God give some people the right to control him?

That is something the Church needs to be concerned about and pay attention to because this is a world where we are defeated. We are children of the King, but we do not take orders from the King; we walk in the way of the world with its law, so there is no love, no solidarity, and we become insensitive to each other. Today, with human law, the life of Christians is restricted and seems to decrease more and more. Why do many people leave the Church? Do not blame the Church and the laws. If God always gives us everything, today, these events are not from God but from humanity. When we do not follow God’s law, tragic and painful events happen, then death follows, which is the present war.

Today, we do not speak nonsense, without thinking, but all these things are God’s reminders to us in a loving way. We see war has started. If we do not surrender and submit like the people in Nineveh in the past, if we do not repent to return to God with an improved, reformed, and repentant attitude, we may end up like Sodom and Gomorrah. Today, when we hear the voice of God, like the prophet Jonah, we are sent out to remind others. We know the people of Nineveh wore sackcloths and fasted. Today, we live in a free world, and God does not force us to do things like in the old days. We can make sacrifices by improving from within, removing jealousy and envy, eliminating lust and greed, and surrendering to the Lord God waiting for us. He is the Eucharistic Jesus.

Today, it is not automatically that we know this, but we did witness the living Eucharistic Jesus, who stays with us through the daily bread we receive in Mass. Jesus is waiting for us in the tabernacles around the world. From the beginning, we seem to have heard little about this because few people talked about the Eucharistic Jesus, but the time has come, and we cannot forget Him. Before His death, He instituted the Blessed Sacrament to be with us spiritually. Only with faith do we meet Him and see the miracles. We know God alone can perform miracles, but we are always confused. When we hear about a miraculous deed in the world, we doubt it and think it comes from the devil. It seems as if human negativity is inherently deep in us, which may be the devil’s scheme. We must clearly understand; there are things the devil does, but there are things God does that we must pay attention to and be aware of. Let us not follow the human habit of judging and doubting others before knowing the truth.

Let us seek to understand. God has power and does everything to allow us to recognize the Lord. Why does He not humble Himself in another way but through His Eucharist? Everything has a reason. He stays with us and penetrates deeply into our souls and hearts with the Eucharist, the lofty spirituality, and the spiritual voice in our souls. When we learn to pray, that will help us, but who teaches us to pray and how to pray to hear God’s voice, to change our lives, to be sanctified and transformed? Many clergies who studied theology often said: “Prayer is a conversation with God.” With prayer, we meet the spiritual and Heaven, and only with prayer do we have the opportunity. Let us not think we are talented and astute in theology because everything is according to the world. In the spiritual, the Holy Spirit teaches, and only with His teaching will the Father listen and give us the opportunity.

Today, we offer the Six Kowtows as we usually do on the Wednesday of each week, on behalf of “the Body and Blood of Christ” group. The sisters who are present today or those absent working from home join us via phone, and we lift to God as an offering since we began to pray through the days by the Eucharistic Jesus’ side. Mother taught us how to pray, which helped us, nourished us, and helped us avoid sin so that we may repent every day of our lives; when we say something hurtful, intentionally or unintentionally, we pause and ask for God’s grace to cleanse and purify us.

How pitiful for those brothers and sisters. This path is not easy because the way we come to God ought not to be ostentatious because Jesus said, “When you pray, go into your room and close the door.” That is correct! God wants those things, and each person’s thoughts and heart must have those moments of prayers, but there are times when it is necessary to profess God among people because God deserves our reverence and worship. It is time for people to repent with all their heart, soul, and body and know only the God to whom we come to pray. We do not show off after Mass, but when we can come to church, we go to the altar and kneel to worship God. He has been abandoned and forgotten through generations, so let us make up for the condition of sinful people because God still loves us and gives us the opportunity.

Do not think too far ahead. Do not infer too much. Do not judge others because we will be so as well. Do what is motivated by the soul, the heart; speak from the heart; with good deeds, God will give us harvest and fruit, but evil deeds come from our thinking and inference, and from that evil, there will never be peace. Those people will live in days with confusion and anxiety, trying to harm others, slandering, saying bad things, looking for all kinds of tricks, have nothing that belongs to God. Such is evil! As for us, from the goodness of God, no matter how much others seek to harm us, we are still happy and at peace with God. It is the fruit reaped each day when we do not respond with argument or justification because God gives us peace. Worry, fear, and anxiety are not from God, with the confused days of seeking repayment, seeking to accuse, slander, and trample on others.

God calls, and each person has the right to decide, but when the ego and personality are too big, and selfishness, greed, and jealousy are so dense in our hearts, everything we see with our eyes becomes a wrong guess. God alone is the Lord who has the power to grant those who walk in the truth. God also has the authority to give those who refuse the opportunity to repent. If they do not repent, they should remember that God’s justice will be over them. Today, let us not be afraid. We only fear losing the opportunity to serve God and are not worthy to be used by Him because this means so much to us. We are not afraid of people harming us because the devil always tries to destroy the most beautiful things in the world. We see the world dominated by evil.

Today, let us not be afraid because God has the power and will protect those who belong to Him. We have a duty and responsibility to fulfill; this is our chance to bear witness to the truth and to help more fellow brothers and sisters. God teaches us to love, so whoever they are, even enemies, He calls us to pray for them; let us pray, do our duty, have a heart as God teaches, love, and forgive. Let us be responsible in our lives; though we cannot do everything, at least our duty is done before God. God is giving us seeds from His kingdom and sending us out to sow those seeds. Our role is to sow the seeds; whether those seeds grow, germinate, or bear fruit depends on God because He has the authority to make it happen.

Before we do this, as God teaches, we must rectify our lives and live in the days as taught. Though mistaken, we must get up immediately and not nourish sin, foster sin, and remain with sin. Because we still live in the world, everyone is weak, but let us not take the risk because of that weakness. We must recognize weakness to return to God to ask for forgiveness and ask Him for more grace, strength, and wisdom to discern. We still have the chance to choose for ourselves while our hearts are still beating; let it not be too late and tardy. No matter who or what class, we pray for God to support those He sends. As for us, we accept when others slander, mock, reject, or call us crazy, labeling us as fanatics, show-offs, or anything that is the worst that public opinion is discussing and thinking about us. For eleven years, if it were not for God, we would not have each other, we would not have joy and peace, and happy to kneel before Him today.

We do not mind what people say about us as long as we can say the words God wants us to say, ask God to forgive us, and help us repent. We do not think our practice is a show-off, but we fulfill our duty even when people criticize us. God, we know things that belong to You and people who belong to You. I pray for the people who belong to the “House of the Father” in Bảo Lộc, Vietnam. This age is an era in which God grants those brothers and sisters the gift of exorcism because this world has too many demons encroaching on all matters, all classes, all roles, and all positions. God, please pour abundant graces on the “House of the Father,” on the woman named Thiên Thương, with the priests, and with all those who unite in the new program through the gift You granted: the gift of exorcism. Although the world and the Church do not accept them yet, may God be with them, the clergy, and those who dedicate themselves to serving God in love and solidarity.

We know we are the ones who see God’s gift over them. We know they endure bitterness with the Vietnamese Church but are still happy. I pray that God will pour out more blessings to strengthen those brothers and sisters. Whether they know me or not, it does not matter; I was sent silently with the Eucharistic Jesus to carry out the plans in the books of this time and the history of the future. No matter how people judge us or think we are arrogant, we are simply people who only do what God sends us to do. We cannot do things ahead of time nor understand the things of this world; we only discern what God allows, which is to know who belongs to God and who does not.

Today, we know we have one more mission: to pray for the Vietnamese Church. Our Vietnamese Church has existed for over 300 years, but the number who follow God is an insignificant ten percent, and within that ten percent, there is still some confusion. The growth of the Christian knowledge of God’s grace through the Gospel is too meager because those in positions of authority are too strict, too rigid, and tightly adhere to the world’s laws. However, God’s graces are still overflowing. We had Vietnamese martyrs, and because of that, God loves to grant to the Vietnamese, but today, most Vietnamese follow many idols and have many charms. That is why they live in days of disease controlled by the devil.

God gives bishops and priests the authority to do what? Not just daily preaching but going deep into what God has to offer to bring God’s love to reconcile people. But this did not work for most people, so God gave a special grace to the people who belong to a group named “House of the Father” for the laity to understand that need and bring God’s love to heal the victims and innocent people, for wrongdoers and sinners to receive salvation through the love of the Divine Mercy with the healing God grants. We only know our duty because each person has to fulfill it. God gives me the gift of reporting, coming to the Eucharistic Jesus to comfort Him and make up for the days we neglected, abandoned, and offended Him. We also pray on behalf of the clergy, all those in the ranks of the Church.

Today, the Church must take notice of these documents. Some people with positions refuse the Eucharistic Jesus’ revelations and do not proclaim these significant matters, but some do testify about the Eucharistic Jesus. Thus, God specially granted the laity to have these precious documents from Heaven, revealed through the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus. We heard the most important thing He said, “When the light comes, at the appointed time, the darkness will disappear.” Today, to summarize, before the appointed time appears, each day and at each period, God tells us what is happening through the pictures of the Eucharistic Jesus. At times, the images of the Eucharist are vague, at times blurry, at times radiant, at times glorious, at times dazzling, and many things that go on and on with us today. Thus, we know what God wants, and it is an urgent time before reporting the problem that will happen to the world. It was in 2020 when the red Eucharist appeared, and from that time, the pandemic started.

The event has not happened yet, but this year’s phenomenon was the red Eucharist, though not as bright red as the color red in 2020. Thus, this year, the Church and the world will see a tremendous change regarding war. Who can know all these things? Only God knows, so His revelation helps prepare us, especially when we do not have the time in the urgent moments to ask for the last sacraments from the priests or people in the ranks of the Church. Mother Mary has been preparing for eleven years because She knew what would happen in the allotted time; She taught us the Six Kowtows and gave that gift to all classes and roles. This gift has become the offering after Mass, especially on Sundays and Wednesdays, and we lift this gift daily at the Divine Mercy hour and continue to maintain our prayer. Each person, more or less, prays on behalf of the world and all classes to lift the problems when the Holy Spirit enlightens; He taught us to report.

God, have mercy, accept, and intervene according to Your holy will for our world. What we need most is to bring Mother’s gift to our brothers and sisters from far and near, for it to become the offering for all classes and roles, and also to be a special meditation during Lent because God revealed it in a close way and granted His words. The Church has beautiful words because the clergy is learned, knowledgeable, and studied theology. Since we do not know, God said the Church has done what is best through the Gospel, so we must do what He most desires which is for humanity to come to Him like that of father and son in a family.

God is the Author of love. Only love can solve all problems, and only with love can we return to God with a willing heart. He is our Lord. Let us not be too ceremonious and theoretical but ultimately fail. Today, as Mother taught, let us be humble to find the truth and live humbly to receive things guided by the Spirit: love, forgiveness, and unity. All that is the best in this world cannot compare to heaven; when the Holy Spirit wants, anything is possible; but when we rebel, we must be responsible for what we choose in the world.

It is time, people must believe; there is no longer the opportunity to choose. We live in a world where we have seen too many wrong choices over centuries, over thousands of years. Because we do not believe in God, we neglect His teaching and live by theory rather than practice. God wants us to practice by the heart, the mind, and with love, then we will meet Him, obtain more initiative, and wherever we go, we will succeed. Just like King David, a shepherd in the field, but with only a sling and five stones, he shot a man to death, and wherever he fought, he won. Let us remember to confess our Lord and believe in Him. Today, we are a small group of people; lowly, with some widowed, and some abandoned by their husbands, we are women whose lives endured many hardships and bitterness, but God allows us to know that in this world, whether a husband or a relative, all live according to the way of the world.

These people do not have affection or true love to allow us a spiritual life and a life of hope. Only God looks to sinners like us, the miserable like us, the lowly like us, and lifts the abandoned, the widowed women. These are the things that God granted, and He sent us silently into the world to speak the voice of truth and to prove that His love does not discriminate against anyone. He loves us equally, whether we are people with positions or not. When we stand before God, we must show what we do to belong to Him, with holiness and virtue, with our return rather than flaunting our talent, learning, or knowledge. What is essential is for us to practice inwardly.

Let us not despise because the Holy Spirit has seven gifts. He teaches us those seven gifts to help us look deeply, practice, try, and ask for God’s grace to attain them. The Ten Commandments are the proof. Next, what did Jesus teach? He taught us to love God above all things and to love others. He also taught us the “Our Father,” and through the Beatitudes, comforted those who endure rejection and trial. Everything comes from God, so let us rely on those key points, without making changes, without using our ways because we are failing, ending in days of disappointment and losing everything. God, please accept our prayers and all the people we represent. We thank the Holy Spirit for granting us His guidance in this urgency.

War is about to break out; we earnestly prayed for the past thirteen days, asking God to protect us because many people and countries have not had the opportunity to know about Mother’s gift of the Six Kowtows, which the Church has not approved yet. God, have mercy and give us more occasions because though the war broke out, I believe in Your power. God, may the archangels and angels help end this war. May God grant us more time. If people do not awaken today, we accept to endure everything for the sins of the world, for the conclusion to come as soon as possible. The world lives in days of iniquity and rebelling against God, so it does not deserve to go on. When people know how to repent as the city of Nineveh, we ask for God to show mercy and give more opportunity to our world, our Church, and each person.

We fervently ask because we experienced a terrible pandemic; innocent people have died, and victims made sacrifices. God, have mercy on the souls that died unjustly; they are wailing, asking for our prayers, for Your mercy. May the souls have the opportunity to enter into the light when we make sacrifices for them. They did not have the time to repent or the chance to believe in God because their countries disallowed and restricted their religious life. Today, God, I lift to You the words from the Holy Spirit that need to be said, asked, and expressed according to the  Holy Spirit’s will. God, please accept our prayers. May we continue in our roles. It is an opportunity for everyone to hear and awaken to return to the Lord of love and Divine Mercy. God waits for us in the moments of this end.

Let us not persist in everything wrong in our obstinacy and stubbornness. Let us not cover our eyes for us to live in iniquity, with iniquity. Let us return because there is still time now, but when it is too late, even if we regret it a thousand times, it will be too late. Today, may our prayers be accepted by God with our earnest plea to ask for the forgiveness of our weaknesses and shortcomings. Each day, may we deny ourselves to continue to serve in our roles, doing what God wants. God sends us to the places that still do not know Him, still do not believe in Him, for people to have the opportunity to recognize Him, believe in Him, and live Lent in the proper way He invites. We ask in the name of God, the Lord of love, now and forever. I praise, glorify, honor, and adore God. Totus Tuus.

Lucia and all the brothers and sisters, in the Holy Spirit’s guidance, complete the earnest words to reverently lift and present to God on Wednesday, especially in the days of the war, to pray for an end to war. May our Church at this time have solidarity and support the truth to recognize that we should not fear because the Eucharistic Jesus has appeared. He said: In all matters, when you walk in My way, repent and return, then be not afraid of any situation. When the light comes, the darkness will disappear. All the people who live in the dark, if they do not listen to return to God, must accept the consequences because they chose that path. God always brings light. His words give the world hope. The gift of the Six Kowtows and the books of the Six Kowtows will help people to pray to start now so that in case of events or wars, we will not be afraid because whether we leave or stay in this world, we rely on the love and Divine Mercy, with the power to protect each person.

Believe, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will open to you. Let us think carefully, Jesus has granted through the Holy Spirit, and the Eucharistic Jesus is the concrete proof as He appeared to our world. The last book, as God said, is to be completed by His Spirit, to do what God wants, and not by human hands with words from the brain and mind. God, we thank, praise, and glorify You in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We complete with the words from the Holy Spirit, at noon, on the Wednesday of each week. We ask with the Sign of the Cross to be safe from all evil in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mercedes, Lucia, Maria Nhung, and Hanna are here. I lift to God all the sisters present today at Holy Rosary Church with the words the Holy Spirit give me to report. Now, we reverently offer the Six Kowtows as we always do after attending Mass. Amen. Amen. Amen.

It Was Time for Heaven to Take Action

February 24, 2020

This message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when offering The Six Kowtows.


O God, it is 11:33 a.m. – we are kneeling in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Today is Monday, it has been nearly a month since we came back and we recalled all that God has done on the trip.

Before the trip, we had many reflections and ponderings, but we were called to go and we did – then we came back and rejoiced with the success that God made possible during our 10-day trip to the Philippines.

There were many events that happened along the way, but in the end God is the Supreme Being who always protects, guards, and brings us home safe and sound.

When we got home, we heard extremely frightening news that we were completely unaware of during the trip.

It was the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic.

Indeed, we thought that was simply an ordinary epidemic like many others.

On the trip back to the United States, we actually had close contact with many people during the plane changes.

There were many things we were unaware of at the beginning of the epidemic, but we came home safely.

The days on the trip were truly tiring.

Over the course of a month, we overcame everything that happened since we came back.

We remain steadfast in the word of God, and when we receive the messages, they are more important, more valuable, more in-depth, through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

Our mission is to bring The Six Kowtows to the world.

In the Philippines, we handed the books of The Six Kowtows to the priests, to the bishop, and to the Cardinal, which is something we never thought could happen.

There have been wonderful stories that happened on the coast of Cebu, where nearly three million people attended a major celebration this year in the Philippines, at a basilica that we visited for the first time.

It was the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu.

In the days of this major celebration we went to other churches and witnessed the strong and great faith of the Filipinos.

They have lived in faith.

Though life had hardships and ordeals in all classes, we saw their steadfast and faithful heart, their depth, their zeal.

We felt how God’s grace has been poured down to save the souls who perished at sea long ago, and how God delivered them with the light of the Divine Mercy through the sacraments He allowed.

Moreover, God also let us see what is happening, which was also a preparation for the Philippines, a country in which 80% of the population believes in God.

That is not a small number in the world today.

Certainly God has preserved and protected them, but in every age there are people who rebel with change and betrayal.

Unfortunately and regrettably, we know about the President of the Philippines.

We have heard how he mercilessly dealt with people who were related to drugs.

Indeed, many people see how his way of speaking and his life show a lack of respect to the Pope as well as to all the other leaders.

He has certain ways and lacks the true prowess of a wise and learned person to be in the presidential chair to represent a country.

Certainly God knows everything, but since the people willingly chose their president, they must pay a price with that choice.

Just like eight years ago, when the United States chose President Barack Obama, a president who ordered that religious symbols be either covered up or removed in the schools before his visited.

There were many inside stories but they were unclear.

On the contrary, these stories today are unraveled through the current President Donald Trump.

All these issues have a history that is unnatural.

Today, through the horrific epidemic, everyone can see the true face of the atheistic communist rulers.

That is China and even our birth country Vietnam with leaders who follow the path of atheistic communism.

They think they will manipulate according to their expectations, but ultimately they do not know what they have done and the price they must pay.

No matter how hardened people are, how obstinate, they still have a heart when they witness the painful death and grief of the deceased or their fellow citizens living in agonizing days with death.

All their unintentional acts have brought fear to the world with the epidemic of the coronavirus, called COVID-19, which originated from the Wuhan biological weapon lab.

Nonetheless nothing can be hidden, because their hearts will be tormented with the days when they realize that they have sold out their consciences to serve a regime under which they have witnessed behaviors.

They have heard the screams and the cries of the souls of the victims.

For this reason, a human being will not be able to conceal and keep a secret, even if it is a national secret.

Today the answer is clear – there is no cure for this epidemic at the moment.

Most people who are infected will die since this is related to a frightening and weapon that was plotted to dominate other countries.

People have the freedom in their wisdom to achieve things from what was granted from above, but justice is essential with what cannot be specified in mankind, in righteousness, truth, and integrity.

The world continues to act in wickedness, from the power that one gains, but ultimately the end and the conclusion depend on God who is the Sovereign.

If God does not allow then mankind cannot do anything.

When wickedness affects the law of justice, God will never look away.

God is the Sovereign.

God is also the Supreme Being who gives us the opportunity to recognize Him, especially in this century, a century in which mankind is free to choose, but righteousness and justice are still the sole and unique doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today people continue to fight for their rights, people continue to indulge with all that is in human wisdom, but today’s Readings say that human wisdom according to heaven is something we need to think for ourselves – God grants us the wisdom of heaven that is gentleness, peace, a humble life, with harmony, respect, and love.

We think we are wise to repel God, so the answer is still in the wild like today. Today is a civilized world, people are able to understand and to know what they are encountering – what is right and wrong, what is true and false, and what is from a communistic, atheistic policy that has caused trouble and injury to the entire world with the COVID-19 epidemic.

What mankind has created, mankind cannot recover and cannot control, because mankind only has one direction: conceit and arrogance.

Then Wuhan became a graveyard, with screams and cries, and Wuhan ended up with the epidemic, with infected people depressed and panicked.

There were crematoriums to cremate bodies 24/7 in Wuhan, with other mobile crematoriums to help with the cremation of dead bodies.

In every century there are specific characteristics.

In World War I, we saw the destruction from conventional weapons.

In World War II, there were Nazi poison gas and crematoriums in Germany, with horrific bombings and suicide pilots in Japan.

And the Third World War will be with biological weapons, chemicals, and insects.

God has given us so many opportunities to know what is to come, and God has also granted the Divine Mercy to help us on the path of amendment.

God uses all aspects to help the return of mankind, but we choose for ourselves.

We continue to hate each other, fight with each other, have battles of wits, compete for power, and want to dominate the entire world using deceitful and malicious ways, which are being uncovered.

The schemes are to control mankind, to usurp God’s rights, to create biological weapons to control the brain that God created and gave wisdom to.

The use of those weapons is to manipulate people’s brains for them to adhere to the atheistic communist policy.

Especially in a Asia country, the authorities have always used the cruelest ways, the poisons, the most toxic weapons over the citizens they ruled.

We have seen the inhumanity and cruelty of people who usurp God’s rights.

They did not stop at that point, but even threatened and sought to kill priests – they burned down churches, destroyed the crosses, modified the Ten Commandments of the Lord, forced the citizens to follow the atheistic policy of the Communist Party and worship the president of the Party.

In the churches when people attend Mass, the authorities leave the cross for everyone in the world to see, but they force the parishioners to sing the National Anthem before Mass.

Children up to the age of 18 are forbidden to attend catechism classes.

This is a horrifying policy with a plot and many grave offenses to God.

Indeed, this policy is not recent, but has been practiced for a long time through the ages.

God is still the merciful Supreme Being.

God sees and knows about those oppositions, betrayals, and rebellions, but God always gives people time and opportunity.

God always gives people the opportunity to continue, to receive things in truth and in justice, because the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus, His Son, has an infinite value.

Unfortunately, mankind has fully chosen the path of wisdom based on what is in real life, which is controlled by the devil, due to ambition, aspiration, and things we heard this morning in the First Reading.

Certain people have completely acted against the doctrine for the sake of their positions, to manipulate everything from their power.

We respectfully offer the First Kowtow to God the Father.

God our Father – We worship Father.

With everything the Holy Spirit has taught us to lift up to Father, our duty is to continue to pray for ourselves, for the areas where we are active, for our families, for the places we visit, for all places in the world, especially for those who are infected by the epidemic in Wuhan, China.

They are the people who knew too late, so this is the time when we pray for God to have mercy on them and to grant to them.

Whether they still have the opportunity or no longer have the opportunity, they are the victims, the innocents, the penitents on the path of repentance in the last hours of their life.

May God have mercy on them and grant them a place of light, with the love and the Divine Mercy that God has granted to mankind when they are in the last hours of their life.

Many events are happening to remind people when they still have the opportunity in their life to choose and return to God.

We thank God, praise God, glorify God, and honor God.

May the Holy Name of God be known and recognized in the entire world, in the prostration and the surrender.

May everyone listen to God and return to God.

May His love forever be upon His children as they repent, and may all those who are affected by the epidemic have hope.

For those who have gone over to the other side of the world, God is the benevolent and just Supreme Being.

May God destroy all the evil that the innocents and the victims are falling into, with the nations and the leaders who in the wicked ways of atheistic communism have oppressed and brought death and grievous injuries to innocent citizens all over the world.

The time has come for all evil to be annihilated.

Justice and righteousness will come to a world that God has arranged for all the children to receive.

These are the moments for us to see the battle between good and evil.

May everyone’s eyes be opened.

May we return to our positions, repent and return to the Supreme Lord who has been with us for so long.

We have become habit, we have totally failed to recognize the important value, but today the epidemic has come – we cannot refuse this gift.

God the Father, please hear us.

Even though it might be late, we still plead persistently.

Only the Supreme Lord can change the situation. Only the Supreme Lord can intervene.

The Supreme Being who forgives is God alone.

He is the Supreme Being whom we trust, whom we worship, praise, and honor.

We apologize to the Supreme Being full of Divine Mercy, the Creator of heaven and earth, the just and righteous Supreme Being.

Please save us in the days of gloom and tension, the days of tragedy and pain, with the plague of both soul and body.

May God’s holy will be done, for those who rely on Him, believe in Him, to live and to return in time.

Let it not be too late and too tardy.


We respectfully offer the Second Kowtow to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus our Savior died for our sins.

He came into this world with the purpose of saving us from sin and death, but mankind is still stubborn and hardened, still living in days of walking in sin, being with sin, nourishing sin.

Today, from our sins, we have borne the intense suffering of the plague of the body.

Moreover, the plague of the soul is everywhere – all over the world.

This is a wake-up call for mankind to realize that our Savior continues to shed Blood to cleanse mankind.

He does not want to return empty-handed so He seeks every means to save mankind.

May God’s holy will be done, with what belongs to God to save us in this world.

If there were no events, if there were no such days for us to recognize the consequences of our sins, we would still be stubborn, hardheaded, hardened, and ignorant.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, is the Supreme Being in whom we have absolute trust, the Supreme Being to whom we surrender and submit, the Supreme Being whom we praise and glorify, the Supreme Being whom we apologize to.

We surrender and submit to God, soul and body, to ask forgiveness for our sins.

Let us return to the doctrine that God has granted for us to become righteous.

All the teachings are like the light that illuminates the conscience of mankind.

Whoever walks in evil – then evil will rule over him and lead him into extreme death, suffering, and groaning.

As for those who walk in righteousness, they do not fear.

Even if death comes to them, they still live in hope through the Divine Mercy and the light that God has offered through the salvation to every sinner like us in this world.

May God have mercy on the people who do not know and those who still do not know, and the people who do not believe and those who still do not believe.

May they understand that this is the time for them to open their hearts.

May they accept in the last moments of their life, to call upon the Name of the Lord through each Person and receive the gift that Mother Mary offers.

We pray on their behalf as well as for the souls.

We pray for them so that they may return to the light of God and, in turn, they will also help those who are in their last moments.

May God have mercy and help them repent.

In that final hour, they will know who God is, they will know who Mr. Creator (3) is, and they will know the merciful Supreme Being.

May God have mercy on those who are infected and who live in those countries where they are suppressed, controlled, and have died unexpectedly.

They are the innocent victims.

God, please forgive their past, because they are people who did not know about God, so they lived in selfishness from the formation of their country.

May God have mercy on all those who are wicked people, who must repent. May God judge according to the law of justice.

As for the innocents, the victims, may God save them so that they may return with the boundless Divine Mercy that God grants to the victims, to the innocents, to the sinners who repent and return to God.

Regardless of anyone, all classes, all roles only need compassion, a repentant heart, a heart that still has a conscience – then that is hope and the light that God has given to those who recognize and return to Him through gentle Mother Mary.

Mother Mary has known and led us back to belong to God, to be with God.

God, please have mercy, intervene, and help them.

We thank God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Being whom we trust and honor.

We thank God on behalf of the people who still do not know and believe, for them to have the opportunity to return to God while not being too late and too tardy.


We respectfully offer the Third Kowtow to God the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the love, the light, the truth.

Perhaps the stories, the narrative, are not easy for people to believe and understand, but God, our Lord, gives us everything that is appropriate and suitable.

Mankind just needs to have a heart to truly meditate on what it has and what is happening – then the Holy Spirit will enlighten them.

God only wants to help them, save them.

God just wants to teach them the path to return.

God loves them despite their sins.

God is full of love and has given us the Holy Spirit, who is the love of God, the presence of Jesus, to help us on the path of reformation.

May God bring everyone together in unity.

May the fire of the Holy Spirit be once again kindled in each of our souls, especially in this century, for us to turn back to the only direction, in reformation.

In everything, may we become righteous people, return with faith for us to live in the way through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for us to not be selfish, to not be petty, to follow what we heard in today’s First Reading: let us not use the wisdom of the world, use all means to quarrel, argue, refuse, and many things in life.

Mankind has lived and is living in greed, in ambition, in lust, with so many other problems in life, in all classes, in all roles.

May the Holy Spirit help us remove everything that we rely on – in wisdom, in pride – and live in a righteous, gentle, humble manner, for us to have the presence of God, His blessing, and His guidance, in serenity, in peace, in happiness, with the meaning that God gives to every person, every class, every role, every nation, and every person in the rank of leaders.

May the ranks of leaders live in righteousness, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, for them to help their home country, their homeland, their native land not to fall into a situation that today they must face with conscience and heart.

That is a struggle in the truth, which is needed in life.

The examples of the leaders and the righteous people will help many of their own citizens to know God, to recognize God, to live in the peace, the protection, and the shield of justice that God grants to those who belong to Him.

We worship God, praise God, and glorify God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever. Amen.

We respectfully offer the

Fourth Kowtow to the most precious Body and Blood of Christ.

O Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, You were present this morning and You also came to us through the Blessed Sacrament when we prostrated.

In unity we received the Holy Spirit’s guidance for us to report in-depth about The Six Kowtows, the gift to save mankind in these most urgent times, and also to remind everyone to be prepared for the plagues all over the world.

These are the works that mankind cannot do by itself, because that vivid liveliness is the manifestation of the glory of God.

In unity, we represent all classes, all roles, to thank, praise, and glorify the benevolent Supreme Being who still silently supports us and helps our life of faith by our determination to return, and by the protection that God has given us in a special way.

Through the Blessed Sacrament, the Supreme Being has given us a great treasure and has granted to each person in the life of faith, in the life with belief, when we seek to come to Him.

Even in sick and ailing days, even in days of hardship and suffering in the midst of life, the Blessed Sacrament is like a place of rest, peace, and happiness, a place where God grants to those who always rely on Him.

His presence is very close, and in the days we come to Him, our life will be transformed.

Each day, we will see the meaning of peace and happiness, resting by His Heart.

God is the Supreme Being who loves us, the Supreme Being who stays with us, with a covenant to never leave us.

May we lift this up to tell the world today that, though many events happen, with the epidemic raging and threatening every class all over the world, we still have the Eucharistic Jesus, we have the Supreme Being who promises to stay with us until the end of the age.

Beside us is Mother Mary.

May everyone open their hearts to come to the Eucharistic Jesus to worship the Supreme Being who is still present, to call on the Name of God at this moment.

There is no other place for us to rely on apart from the Eucharistic Jesus, no other place for us to rely on apart from Mass.

God has granted us a covenant – to remain with us forever and ever.

May each one of us come to Him, lift up to Him, ask Him to help us and save us in this moment, and save our brethren who are victims and innocents.

May sinners be saved, for them to repent and help us in life to profess God, believe in God, return to God, and encounter God through the Blessed Sacrament.

We only know to lift up to God through the narrative that the Holy Spirit allows, for us to carry out what God wants.

We testify in this world, to strengthen the life of faith for all classes, all roles.

The lively Supreme Being, the benevolent Supreme Being, is still waiting to help us and give us hope with the days of the ending, as we begin the days of the purification.

We worship God, praise God, and glorify God. We thank the Eucharistic Jesus. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus.

The Five Holy Marks of our Lord Jesus Christ are clearly granted to each person, each sheep of God.

The presence of God is a testimony of love.

God has saved us from sin and death, and brought us from the darkness back to the light.

His glorious resurrection allowed us to live and exist till this day.

God gives us the right to choose the path in the days we are still alive so that we may choose the holy path, reject the evil path, follow the doctrine, become witnesses to the brothers and also to those who still do not know and still do not believe.

The Five Holy Signs are a testimony of the love with the Divine Mercy that God the Father, the First Holy Mark, has granted to humanity.

The Second Holy Mark, is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior in whom we believe for us to live and to have eternal life.

We believe for us to live with God’s doctrine, for us to continue to exist, to be protected, and to live in the truth.

The Third Holy Mark – we cannot comprehend the great mystery that God has given us through the love of God the Father and the Lord Jesus united to become the Holy Spirit.

Thanks to the Holy Spirit we understand everything we have in a life of knowing God and being a child of God.

Thanks to the Holy Spirit we understand that our Church still exists.

Thanks to the Holy Spirit we know every role, every function, to carry out what God has chosen and granted us in this world.

God chooses and teaches the clergy, the shepherds the doctrine for them to belong to God.

God also teaches the laypeople to unite to belong to one Church, to be protected and safeguarded, to have the presence and the blessing of God, to receive the great sacraments that only our religion, Catholicism, has; only the Lord Jesus Christ bestows and grants us His Sacraments.

That is the Blessed Sacrament to nourish our soul and body, to remind us of His death, through the institution of the Sacrament, which has become a seal and a covenant through the price of His Blood, to remind us of the forgiveness of sins that God has granted to mankind.

The Fourth Holy Mark is the divine spirituality through the presence to help us clearly discern.

What is in the Five Holy Signs is precisely a book that testifies to the life of faith with the truth.

The Lord Jesus has done for us to delve deeply into the daily teaching of the Gospel, with a distinct evidence that no one can take away and no one can analyze according to the way of mankind.

All classes, all roles, turn toward the Five Holy Signs that are a testimony of love, which God has sealed in our soul through His Five Holy Signs.

By our side, who is the person who can accept this and who is the person who teaches us to understand what we need and have? Mother Mary Herself.

Mother Mary has accompanied God in His Passion.

Mother Mary is the person chosen to become the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity, the Mother of sinners, of every saint, of every victim.

All of us are Her children.

Mother knows the weaknesses that mankind cannot overcome, Mother understands the will of God to grant to us, and the will of God is still the person who protects us through the price of His Blood.

A great treasure remains in the midst of the world, but mankind does not know or does not yet know about it.

We also do not understand the value of the seal that God has imprinted in our soul through the Five Holy Signs, for us to be forgiven and saved, even in our last dying moments.

So this is the most suitable way for the whole world in today’s epidemic.

There are many people about to die, with the last dying moments, with the separations, with the quarantines, with the cries, the screams, the wails.

They do not know that Mother has prepared a gift for them, to silently accept.

God will be Supreme Being who gives them peace when they must leave this world.

Moreover, Mother has given them hope when they are living in a standstill and are being quarantined.

In this world, even when we are not caught up in the epidemic, our soul has been plagued with the disease.

Mother Mary is the person who has known everything that God has granted to Her, so She teaches us and leads us in the ending, with the days of purification.

Everything has been granted to the world, but we remain indifferent and refuse.

Mother has appeared to Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco, what did Mother teach for us to learn to return? Over the last hundred years, what the angel showed and taught to the three shepherd children – have we practiced yet and have we done yet? Today this is reminded after more than a century, for us to practice, soul and body, mind and heart, to deserve to receive the seal in the forgiveness that God has granted to us.

Thus, Mother reminds us to help us on our way back by this method of prayer, for us to receive the last seal that God has granted us in forgiveness.

Let us pray. Let us speak words of repentance. Let us be determined with heart to come to God with faith.

In everything, let us not fear the eyes of the world, not be afraid or shy – let us profess God among people.

This is the time for us to save our souls through Mother Mary’s teaching.

The Holy Spirit wants us to offer the Fifth Holy Sign to Mother Mary.

Mother is The Fifth Holy Mark, to conclude the great plan that God has set forth and bestowed upon mankind.

That is a steadfastness with faith, for us to be determined in the last moments, in our repentance at the end of our life, each one of us, when we are about to die.

Moreover, the Cross teaches us on the path, when we lift up to Him, for us to meditate on the atrocious sufferings that God has endured on our behalf, and let us walk on the paths with illnesses and sufferings.

Everyone is walking on the path of challenge that each of us is facing.

Let us not despair, because God has chosen this path, which is the open path that leads us back to Him, and on that path we do not walk alone – we walk with Mother Mary.

Mother Mary teaches us what we need to do.

Let us understand and meditate on Mother’s sufferings – then there is nothing we cannot overcome in this world, even in the epidemic.

Hope is there and all things have become the seal through the Five Holy Signs that we receive through Mother Mary’s teaching with the Fifth Kowtow.

The Holy Spirit wants us to be reverent when we come to Jesus, with a contrite heart, because we were ignorant, we were disrespectful, and we did not show any reverence when we contemplated the Cross of the Lord.

Today, woe to the nations that dare to burn down the churches, to bring down the cross of the Lord, to modify the Lord’s Ten Commandments, and to offend God.

Today the epidemic comes to the rebels and to the leaders who have usurped God’s right.

All these things must have an answer that depends on us.

Today we represent those who did not know about the reverence, to lift up to God, to apologize for them.

The Holy Spirit wants us to do this to help the innocents and the victims who were infected and have passed away.

What we do today – we listen to Mother‘s teaching, for those souls to have a place of refuge that God grants to them through the Divine Mercy, with the light of love that He bestows on the innocents, on the victims, on the repentants, on those who call on the Name of God and hope in God in the last hours of their lives.

I thank Mother for teaching us what is like an open book that is guided and enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

No one can clearly, effortlessly, wholeheartedly comprehend, for us to know what belongs to us.

What is the situation of the world today? God is still the Supreme Lord, full of love for us, allowing Mother Mary, our beloved Mother, to lead us to God respectfully, to worship, to prepare ourselves for the future days, and for people everywhere, people who have not had the opportunity to know, to believe, to realize what has been granted to the world through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

How pitiful for the countries that are in a situation with the leaders who follow the wrong path, who are authoritarian, dictatorial, cruel, with an atheistic communist policy and with other policies that are against the doctrine that God has given to the world.

We rely on Mother to guide our brothers and sisters through this epidemic so that they may awaken, so that the leadership of each nation will allow its citizens the freedom to worship and return to God through the Divine Mercy.

Mother Mary offers this gift to the whole world, giving priority to Wuhan, China, in the coronavirus epidemic that is affecting the entire world.

I thank, praise, and glorify God through the Five Holy Signs. Amen.

We respectfully offer

the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.

God the Father, I thank You for Your beginning and Your ending, and everything that You plan and grant to us.

Father, we thank, praise, honor, and lift up our heartfelt thanks to You for having given us and chosen for us our Mother.

Today what we do and know is from Mother.

She taught us to honor You, to come to each Person, to lift up, to say, and to offer.

Although we are weak and wretched, we believe in the love and in the infinite Divine Mercy that You grant, for us to have the opportunity today for the Holy Spirit to teach sinners like us to speak and lift up to You, the First Person, and to each Person.

Mother Mary, the Mother of Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of love.

I thank God the Father for allowing me to lift up earnest prayers to Mother, because words are not enough to express our gratitude and thanksgiving to Mother.

Mother has prayed silently, has accepted everything, has lived a life belonging to God.

Mother is the example for us in today’s world.

With the miserable and tragic situation of the epidemic, with the days when we must enter the final purification, we are still indifferent and unconcerned.

Evil is spreading all over.

Daily, people live in rebellion and in opposition to the morality and the doctrine that God has commanded.

We are oblivious and apathetic regarding a much-needed life of faith.

We have lived in complete abandon, relying on the civilization, the ingenuity, and the sophistication of a radical age.

We live in the utter corruption of the age.

We only focus on the physical life of reality through our demands and we commit many offenses due to lust and greed with all issues.

With evil unfolding, today the epidemic is the proof and the answer to the evil that mankind chose.

Today Mother gives us the opportunity to prepare for the return, because apart from returning to God there is no other place for us to rely on.

We remain forever in a condition of iniquity, wretchedness, weakness.

How can we deserve to receive forgiveness and the Divine Mercy of God? At this moment, Mother teaches us and leads us in solidarity and unity to return with the greatest urgency to call on God’s Name.

Mother Mary is the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of love, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Word Incarnate, the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of the clergy, the Mother of the world, the Mother of every sinner, every saint, every victim, every patient, every witness, every penitent, every soul in purgatory, every apostle all over the world, and every layperson.

Whether we know Mother or not, Mother is still the Mother of the entire world.

Together in the prostration, we thank and respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow to Mother in a spirit of thanksgiving, gratitude, and appreciation.

The title, the appellation of Mother will never be refuted for all the works that Mother has done and granted to us through every situation, every class, every position, every role, and every function.

Mother Mary understands all our weaknesses and sins.

At this moment we lift up thanksgiving to Mother for the gift Mother has granted to lead the world close to God.

This gift helps us repent in a vivid way, in the urgent moments when many problems occur.

Today the coronavirus has spread everywhere.

This event helps us to return to a humble life, helps us to awaken in the days of the purification that each one of us must face, with justice, righteousness, and fairness.

Mother Mary knows and sees the evil that spreads all over the world today.

Mankind has entered a life of civilization, has forgotten the reverence that was due.

Mankind has disobeyed the doctrine of God, one way or another, relying on the subtlety and sophistication of a civilized and free life.

Mankind lives only in reality and forgets what is needed with duty as Christians.

The children of God disregard all aspects so there have been sad and unfortunate stories that happened.

Today we see all sorts of stories still happening, stories contrary to the morality, contrary to the doctrine, with every family, every nation in a state of deadlock, following a trend of civilization with neither love nor compassion, entering division, and many more problems in life that make us stumble.

Mother, the Mother of love, the Mother of the Divine Mercy – Mother knows that if mankind continues in this state, then mankind will face events that have happened, are happening, and will happen, created to harm one another.

Mother has foreseen everything that will happen when mankind disobeys, rebels, rejects God’s love and the Divine Mercy.

In freedom and civilization, mankind has allowed the control of machines and has let the life of nature, the life of the soul, the life of faith to be worn down and to no longer be lively.

We are indifferent and unconcerned.

Our hearts have become frozen and emotionless toward our fellow human beings.

We betray each other, use wicked ways to treat each other, use all kinds of ways to win, and end up living in opposition to the law of nature and religious principles.

All positions and all nations are treating one another – not with compassion, not with righteousness, not with justice, but with cunning plots and machinations.

Today it is men who have brought death to each other with the terrible and fearful epidemic that is a threat to human life all over the world, affecting the economy, commerce, the life of reality, and many things in the life of necessities.

This is a truly distinct and realistic story, not a vague one.

Mother has known about this and Mother has prepared for us.

Mother has prepared for China, even though the people reject God, do not know Mother, do not believe in what is in spirituality.

This is also to let the leaders see the power of God, and the love of God that still gives them the opportunity.

Mother is a gentle person who softly teaches us to surrender to God, to pray for the wicked and sinful opponents that we see.

Mother teaches us to pray, to prostrate on their behalf, to apologize, to pray for God to lessen His wrath with those who disobey, who rebel, who live in wickedness, who oppose God, usurp God’s right, and kill innocent citizens, victims, innocents, sinners who repent and return.

Everything is in a crisis in the present time.

Mankind is free to seek, but must eventually accept the punishment they have inflicted on themselves, which has also affected the other countries all around the world.

Everything lies in despair – we are in a state of anguish and suffering.

Mother is the person who grants to us and helps us.

Let us pray.

Let us pray for the light to begin to shine.

Let us pray for righteous leaders to appear.

Let us pray for God to give the world hope, when we call on His Name and belong to Him.

That is correct.

All these things happen in the period in which Mother plans.

Mother prepared this gift before the time of President Donald Trump, and through prayer the righteous person has appeared – the President who talks about God, the current President Donald Trump of the United States.

Mother knows everything that will happen to the world.

If we continue to ignore prayers and follow our own ways, then we must answer to justice.

The love and the Divine Mercy of God support the righteous people in this world, so God will let the righteous people appear.

Although they have a sinful past, when they repent to become righteous, then God gives them the opportunity to become a good person, to bring righteousness to the whole world.

Today we see a shining example.

Sinners are forgiven by God when they become righteous and reformed.

We pray for God to forgive us, for us to return, to reject all past iniquities, to become a new person.

We need prayers for this to happen.

Mother has given us the gift at the right time.

This is the right opportunity to ask.

Hope has come to the world, hope has come to a country.

God has granted to the people who believe in Him, and to a country that was founded by His law and by His grace.

Today, from the plea in this land and in this country, God has been merciful and chosen for us.

The righteous person has appeared, bringing God’s voice to the world, to remind that justice is needed, to restore and correct what is wrongful with the wickedness and deceit that the leaders are practicing in today’s world.

This event is also a warning to awaken the people who are wicked, scheming, cunning – who use human wisdom to deceive in all matters.

Today righteousness is coming to the world.

Though injustice and evil are also using all means to win, in the end it will be defeated in the attempt to harm the righteous.

The righteous person is always protected by God.

Mother always intercedes to God for the righteous person.

That is the law from the beginning.

Mother Mary is a person who has loved the victims and repentant sinners.

Mother also loves the innocents who have died and have been oppressed for generations.

Mother Mary loves mankind and leads us back to God.

Even if only a few of us, we must return with a contrite and repentant heart and be united.

Let us pray. Let us practice what God wants and brings to the human world at this time.

It is a surprise to humanity, a surprise to all those with functions, a strange thing to the world by the practice with those fervent words.

Because of this, people feel reluctant to accept the gift and feel very different from all that is taught in the Gospel.

But God does not just give us the Gospel, which is the living Word in our daily life.

God is very rich – what He further grants us is the practice.

Mother Mary teaches us to practice, with the reverence needed, with our earnest prayers, with soul and body, mind and heart, and the crucial repentance for us to lift up to God, in the witnessing and acceptance through the Eucharistic Jesus.

All this is not something that mankind can do, but is a lofty spirituality through the Spirit of God who has taught mankind and helped mankind during the event.

Mother Mary has planned and counseled us.

Those profound, fervent prayers – soul and body – in the determination to prostrate, with a heart belonging to God.

Through His glory we find the key, in the words God has given through the Holy Spirit, for us to learn and understand what is neither too difficult nor too complicated.

Let this not become a daily routine in life when we pray vividly every day.

Let us practice with the body, with the mind and heart, with all the blood circulating in our body, with spiritual and physical ardor, with a repentant heart intertwined in a spirit of prayer.

These points – who can know, who can do? Our Mother taught us to do that, our Mother taught us, for us to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Mother taught us to practice, to listen to the Holy Spirit when we are humble, for us to lift up and pray on behalf of others.

We pray with earnest words to God daily.

We thank God when we attend Mass.

We repeat the thanksgiving when people today have forgotten Him, have become a habit.

This gift reminds our human life of the righteousness that is needed when we lift up to each Person.

Everything is given to us.

God has granted, but we still do not know, still do not understand, still do not receive. But Mother is the intercessor who helps and prays for us.

Today the time has come.

We must practice to proclaim what is needed for us to unite and lift up to the Supreme Being.

When we pray with heart and soul, God will listen and intervene.

O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, I thank You.

All these things were foretold, but mankind simply follows the habit of an indifferent life without depth and with the habit of rules.

We do not pay attention to what will happen and is happening.

Mother knows and loves the people who still do not know, who still do not believe, who still do not have the opportunity to believe and to worship as they need to.

So, because of that, Mother has given us this wonderful gift, for us to represent our brothers.

Hopefully, at this time, there will be people who receive and listen when they face the epidemic, and if they are infected by the epidemic, their souls are still alive and they can speak to God and return to Him by heart and mind.

The body is broken yet still alive.

People who are quarantined – they rely on whom? In the days when they are locked in their houses, some play chess or watch the television, but with all the stress, some end up with headaches – their minds cannot remain calm, and they become depressed.

The crisis has caused tragic death stories.

Even before the epidemic happens to them, some people panic – they become depressed and died in that state.

If they know about this gift, if they accept this gift, they can use this gift to pray deeply, because neither the Church nor any priest is nearby with this quarantine.

This is the gift Mother has taught and granted to the world when urgent things happen and when unexpected events occur.

This is the method to be used first in today’s epidemic.

Today the epidemic from China is spreading all over the world.

It will come to us tomorrow and in the days ahead.

This is the gift we must keep practicing when we no longer have the opportunity, when we no longer are healthy to come to church, when we no longer have the opportunity to receive the last sacraments, and when we no longer have the opportunity to see the priests in the last hours of our life.

This is a truly important gift all over the world, for us to call on the Name of God.

With faith, certainly, miracles will occur.

With faith, God will surely intervene, according to His holy will.

If we believe, we will receive; if we seek we will find; if we knock it will be opened to us.

Mother Mary is a truly wise person in the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Mother very gently and softly teaches us what we need to practice in our roles, because that is the most important thing in our inner life, for God to have mercy and for God to accept.

God listens to every person.

God knows the feeling of every human being.

The hair falling from our head He also knows.

There is nothing that He does not know.

Let us be bold to speak up, to believe and practice.

This gift will help the world in this epidemic.

There will be more terrible crises in this purification at the end of history.

Let us unite to thank Mother Mary.

Mother Mary, until this moment – six long years –with what is happening we should not be indifferent.

This is like a wake-up call and an impulse for everyone.

It is a necessity for the spiritual life in the urgent moments.

Let us not think that we can have everything and be calm enough at the end when we face the unexpected through disasters.

Today the gift helps us and leads us along the steps that Mother has given us.

It is also our duty, so, Mother, please help us to continue to practice, continue to pray with the gift – to apologize on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are facing the epidemic, and to do what we can for those who are in their dying moments: the victims, the innocents, and the sinners who repent in their last hours.

Mother, please help everyone to prepare and welcome this gift that is most necessary at this time.

This is what we have done and lifted up on behalf of the world.

Until this moment, though there has not been a satisfactory outcome, we are confident.

The truths are not known by ourselves – it is Mother who prepared for us six years ago, since (4) the righteous man had not taken charge with the responsibility of the presidency.

Through every age, the righteous people will appear when we pray.

God will grant the righteous people to help us and guide us in their functions, in their positions, and their voices are for others to listen to and believe.

This is the most important thing – that we pray for our Church as well as for all the people at this time – to recognize the voice with the most ordinary teaching, to help us on the path

of return to God, in a spirit of repentance, in the most urgent need.

We represent those who have died and those who are infected, as we prepare for the days of purification in the end of history.

Whoever believes will receive, whoever seeks will find, whoever knocks it will be opened to him.

We thank Mother.

The love of Mother does not teach us to oppose everything we face today, even with days of injustice, even with days of being oppressed, by others and by all the leaders and their unjust rulings.

Mother teaches us to pray, to return to God, to prostrate to God, to profess God.

Let us pray – God will take action with justice.

God will be the Supreme Being who saves those who belong to Him – the penitents, those who are alive who repent and return.

God will intervene for righteousness to come to the world.

If we continue to practice the gift and continue a life of witness, God will have a way to save those who belong to Him, through the profound prayer that Mother Mary is teaching and helping us on our way back to God.

Let us not be too late and too tardy while we see the epidemic spreading in the entire world, which is a reminder for us particularly today.

O Mother Mary, I thank You on behalf of all the brothers and sisters who have practiced the gift.

There are people who still have not accepted, still have not known, still have not practiced, and remain indifferent.

There are also doubts from those around us, those who hold functions.

We only know what we need to do.

Mother, let it be Your holy will for us to bring them more documents so that they can continue to help our spiritual life in times of urgency.

We do not know when this epidemic will end.

It will remain a threat to our spiritual life, to our present life.

Today we need to prepare, to help us to have hope in God and to belong to God.

This is the moment to invite mankind to repent and return.

O Mother Mary, I thank You.

Mother, please help us come to St. Joseph.

We pray for him to intercede with God for our Church, for the priests to have integrity and righteousness, to live a life of chastity like St. Joseph, who lived a life of obedience with duty and responsibility for the Holy Family.

May St. Joseph intercede with God for all families in the world to recognize through his example.

With his intercession no one returns empty-handed.

And when we are in this situation, we ask the three archangels, together with all the archangels, the heavenly court, the guardian angels, to please help and intercede with God for us.

May the archangels dispel the snares and traps of the devil that we are falling into – the snares of indifference, with the ego, personality, suspicion, lust, greed, carnal desire.

Everything has led us to sin, to fall into a deep, stubborn, hardheaded, hardened state, to become unkind people, to not have compassion for each other, and to be indifferent with a life of faith.

May the three archangels together with the angels protect us.

May the guardian angels pray for us.

It is time for us to recognize our weak, sinful condition.

Our body cannot oppose and counteract the rational reality of the world, with the subtlety, ingenuity, and cleverness of a radical, civilized era.

We cannot understand the subtle lies so we have fallen into the snares.

All classes, all roles have fallen into this urgent situation.

Moreover, we are also living in a situation in which faith seems to have been lost and dimmed in life.

We only know to live in reality, to demand the rationales of reality, so there are many things we do not believe in and we also cannot understand that that is what makes us fall into the snare.

Today the truth has become clear.

Whether intellectual or knowledgeable or not, in all aspects, the leadership of those who choose the wrong way and go against the doctrine and the truth is ruthless and cruel, so innocent people like us will also fall into that situation.

Today I pray to the archangels for everything that those rulers have done wrong over the centuries to lead many souls into snares, to cause the innocent to die.

The righteous people are persecuted and slandered and are the innocents who have died because of those evil leaders.

I pray to the archangels.

It is time for us to ask for help from heaven, because in the Gospel Jesus said: Then there will be angels ascending and descending – many miracles will appear in the ending, in the days of purification.

So this is the time.

We do not speak without evidence – we have seen the angels and saints ascending and descending by the flames, by the rays of light, by things happening in the most serene moments, in the church as well as at home, and there are places where a multitude of angels and saints are present.

This is the evidence for us to pray with faith and belief through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

At this moment I ask the saints to help us.

May everyone believe and join us in praying with this gift.

It is through this gift that we meditate deeply and we understand that this is a key given by Mother Mary, for us to see the close spirituality and the help of the angels, the archangels, as well as the prayers that God accepts by granting us heaven’s help.

We also rejoice because we have the examples of the saints, with their intercession.

They understand the life of following God.

Those who want to belong to God must go through hardships, trials, and ordeals, but in the end, the saints have triumphed and they have given us shining examples to help us.

Despite difficulties, despite countless challenges, they were steadfast in faith, they lived in faith, and they proved to everyone through their witness that, even facing death, they would not back down.

This is a great example for the human world.

Since the saints have done so, today our human world should not be afraid – we will definitely be able to do it – thanks to the grace of God, thanks to the prayers of the saints, thanks to their examples.

Thanks to the protection and support of the archangels along with the angels, the saints, the guardian angels. We will become the witnesses of the final age.

It is Mother Mary who chose to give us and grant us the opportunity to testify with the gift of The Six Kowtows so that everyone can be united in the return to God.

The door to heaven has opened when the penitents repent in accordance with the method and the profound prayer that Mother Mary has taught through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

That is the last key of history to help all of God’s children around the world.

God, please have mercy and forgive us.

Through Your grace may we be sanctified, transformed, improved, and perfected, for us to prepare ourselves in this present life and in the days we face the epidemic, from soul to body.

Lucia, Maria Nhung, and Paul Hoa conclude at 1:38 p.m. on Monday, February, 24, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

In front of the sanctuary, together we proclaim and conclude The Six Kowtows.

I thank God, praise God, and glorify God.

There is no one left in the church.

We remained until this moment to respectfully lift up to God the most earnest words after attending Mass.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

  • (1) These messages – the messenger has the unique gift of being able to vocalize all the locutions instantaneously.
  • (2) He taught them to prostrate in a kowtow position; this they did, but no one else did.
  • (3) “Mr. Creator” is a term the Chinese use to refer to the one who created everything; many are atheists of course. The Six Kowtows, the primary revelation through Lucia Phan, are directly related to China; the word “kowtow” originates there, and the coronavirus was created by men there: China and the world must come back to God through The Six Kowtows. 
(Above) Approximately 2 a.m. on February 27, 2022;
on the sky of Galveston, Texas.

Message of June 15, 2014

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

“I Bestow upon the Hearts of Those Who Truly Repent”

Lucia: (Inspired by God the Holy Spirit)

O God, I just completed reporting the inspired words received from the Holy Spirit, the words we asked from God, on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. Today, I ask also to receive a message from God on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity; there are still so many things we are waiting to do, according to the Holy Will of God, through the arrangement of each message God gives to me and to the brothers and sisters who serve.

It is even more significant for the brothers and sisters all over the world to be able to hear the messages and teachings given by the Holy Spirit through Jesus, through the Holy Eucharist (1), revealed to the children around the world. At this moment, I ask to receive a message from God, addressed to me as well as to the brothers and sisters, on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

God the Father:

My beloved Lucia,

Today, there are many things I allow, for you to open wide the eyes of faith, with what you see, with what you practice, and even with the words reported in the last hours. That is what I want all the children in the world today to recognize: what God already gave and decided to give to the children, when they bear the duty and responsibility to recognize what they must receive, what they must seek to understand, what they must bear witness to, which is present, which I am doing and giving to this generation.

My beloved Lucia,

I know the longings in your heart; you want to meet to ask to receive the words today; you want to ask to understand the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Regarding the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, there is something I want to let the whole world know – that the works of God include certain things that are beyond the limitations of mankind; if there is no permission given then no one can understand and can explain.

Even if I explain it and give it to you, with your limitations remaining within the realm of the earthly world, within the scope of the human understanding, you still cannot fully and clearly comprehend all the deeds I have done, am doing, and will continue to give to you. You can put an end to everything you seek to learn, to receive, because you clearly know with time, with everything I already manifested to the human world.

My beloved children,

Everything you know is something the Church already reminded about; as is normal, the stories, the explanations of the mysteries (2). I am God; I created everything in the human world, I created everything at the very first moment, at the beginning. You heard and you learned from the pages of history; I just want mankind to know that with each Person, everything can be realized, which I just want to manifest to the children when they really understand and recognize the signs.

My beloved children,

You already know I am the Supreme Being of love; it is indeed because of that love that I created the human world and I gave it the vitality of life. In everything that I offered, though I did feel disappointed with mankind right from the first moment, that was not something for Me to destroy and punish mankind; I want mankind to truly have a heart, a heart I create, a heart that I desire knows how to love, how to be conscious, how to differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil, in the freedom that I want the heart of each person to have – to fully comprehend their works and their actions.

The plans I make are entirely within a program you cannot comprehend. You do know the roles that when I give to the earthly world, I want to save the souls of those who are in the world; I want to bring all of you, from the earthly place of sins, and give you the opportunity to return to the eternal, heavenly kingdom where I am ruling, where I am reigning, bestowing upon you, giving you time, appointing the upcoming events that you will encounter.

Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity; you just need to know that what you are hearing and are receiving come from a God who bestows upon the earthly world the things you currently have and understand, through the love with which I offered My Only Son to the human world. His deeds, His practices, are to teach mankind, to change an entire, sinful world that manages you from the decisions you made in your freedom.

You still have the right to boldly step out and to make the decision not to commit all the sins and deal with all the matters people are experiencing in the present. Every century that has gone by has its own history, each era has certain matters you need to know – through the kings, through the citizens, through the eras, they just live in the realities of the earthly world.

I bestow upon you, I support you and I want to let you be free because I always look for the heart and the free will of the heart coming to Me, recognizing Me, listening to what I give through My Only Son to realize in the world.

I continue to let you see the roles, to be close, to receive countless things from the doctrine given by God, the truth of heaven, for you to practice, to open up and to be aware of the ways in life when you recognize God. The works that still remain in the world today are from the Holy Spirit, who continues in His role to give you knowledge, understanding, wisdom, decisions, and the ways in life when people follow the doctrine, when they understand the doctrine and know the truth of God.

So today, regarding all things no one can understand yet, I still have not manifested everything that you want to know and need to know. I just want to let you know that I am God; in the matters that I decide, in the works that I do, I already gave in appropriate ways to the human world through the ages for you to receive an abundance of divine blessings, of things that you need to learn, that you need to look into, that you need to know, of the theology you learn to understand the boundless graces I bestowed, the creation I accomplished for mankind: I created earth, I created the universe.

You live in this time period, in a civilized age, but indeed, you have not yet sought to understand what I bestowed and gave to the earthly world right from the first moment; this ended because of sins, because of haughtiness, because of arrogance, because you live in pride, relying on your own strength, on your own understanding and all the human limitations; this was shut close because of your refusal to believe in God, to open up to see the daily miracles – the closeness I pour down daily, the providence I arrange for you.

I just want you to walk on the path of justice and embrace the truth, for you to understand more about everything I already gave in the world; otherwise, how can you understand the countless graces I already gave and poured down abundantly, not to mention the mystery and the miracle of God?

I already gave you the greatest treasures in the earthly world but you have not yet sought to understand, you have not yet clearly understood with what was already given, let alone requesting to understand and to know a mystery of God. So with everything in life, if you can look at what was reasonable and created for mankind – bringing love, unity, affection, good things for the life of the soul, of the body – then continue to practice and to learn. As for what remains limited, then let it be, because the works of God – at the right moment, at the right time – will spontaneously happen, supernaturally. If I give the permission, then everything will be realized.

I already gave, I already bestowed, but mankind still has not yet fully utilized, still has not yet fully understood, and still has not yet fully recognized in the simplest works the blessings I poured upon this generation. Extraordinary and incredible works were realized through the little and humble people, but you do not recognize, you still do not fully understand, you still cannot find, so how can you have other reasons to learn about the sublime mysteries that you seek?

Today, I just want to manifest for you to seek and know that I am God, the God of mankind, the God of the whole universe, of the entire world, and God in Heaven. In everything that I realize, in all the works that I do, if I really look at the sins of mankind, at their offenses, at their imperfections, then the human world would not exist to this day. I want to let people learn of a doctrine, an everlasting doctrine in which I agree to bring all of you back to the heavenly kingdom, which is an immense place I already prepared, for all the souls, for all the people who really deserve to enter into that place.

Before that happens, I allowed you to see what I realize in the human world through Jesus, My Only Son, who worked in the world for thirty three years. What was done and encountered in the world, with the children in the world, with all of you?

What was brought was love, the things to teach you; being close to you, teaching you about the truth, for you to see the sacrifice, the patience – bestowing upon you the extraordinary and marvelous things through the miracles that cannot be explained. Those are things that still cannot be explained; those are things that still cannot be figured out, let alone demanding and seeking the mysteries of God.

What you seek to understand and what you recognize remains under the guidance of the Holy Spirit; that love continues to be close to you when you are still mired in sin, when you still live a life not recognizing God, when you still remain in an unstable life, when you still live in the human world, belonging to things that come from the ego, from the personality, from the wickedness of sin, in a world where only the truth can bring reformation, can rescue the hearts that listen, with the words you agree to practice, with everything through which you can recognize the truth, in order to live for the truth, in order to persevere with everything that you can keep in a life bringing the truth to mankind.

All classes and all roles will be taught with what is given and left in the book of laws, in the Gospel, in everything you heard right from the first time period until the time period of the remaining days. I appeared and brought to the earthly world countless things that you heard, countless things that you saw; My Son, Jesus, continued to give in the days still on earth.

This goes on today with the Holy Spirit who is still active and working; the existence of divine things remains and is present in the world, with the extraordinary and marvelous things in this time period which you are able to receive. Finish with the points you recognize in your human limitations in order for you to know that I am a God of Love; I am a God of justice, of truth, and of righteousness, and I am a God who wants all the children to recognize the salvation of Jesus who once came into the earthly world.

I am also a Holy Spirit (3) who is active and working in every generation, in today’s generation, for you to continue to receive the guidance from the Holy Spirit Himself, with the things He is bestowing, and He continues to remain with you.

The things you receive, in holiness, on the path of righteousness, are the decrees I gave to the world so that in the ranks of the Church, all of My children continue to spread the Good News, continue to uphold everything you must know regarding the Supreme Being who is God, with the step by step process to know the meaning of the Persons whom you need to seek to understand, the meaning of a religion, the meaning of God whom you need to return to, whom you need to worship, whom you need to embrace with heart, with soul – and not a religion that you look for in the human world to set up to worship.

What you did grieved My Heart and caused My Son’s Heart to bleed every day because the human world did not recognize and did not know the things God bestowed upon the earth, the extremely sublime gifts that you still have not yet discovered, that you still have not yet sought to understand, let alone the extraordinary, marvelous works that are God’s mysteries.

Everything is still like a page not yet opened to, so live the life that I want to bring to you in the present. Return and repent. Children in all classes, in all social ranks: look into what is left in the Gospel – what are the laws, what are the commandments, what is the Good News to lead people into an eternal life after death; to live a meaningful life in the present, with joy and peace in the world, so that goodness continues to spread with the righteous people and for goodness to convert the people who are living in crimes, the people who are living in sins, the people who are denying God, the people who never knew and tasted what I bestowed and bestow.

So those are things that are the most needed through the people who have the duties and the responsibilities, and are most essential through the laity and the children who, as the children of God, must know everything that I desire in this generation in order to bring mankind back to be prepared for the remaining days of the end of the century.

I cannot heartlessly cause certain things to happen, but if you do not return, if you do not make it within the time period I allow, then all things must come to a resolution. If there was a beginning with the creation of the first days then there will also be a conclusion of the remaining days, in order to have a new world, a new world where I want to meet mankind, a new world where I want to interact with My sons and My daughters; a world that only brings love, a world in peace, a world in unity, a world that worships only one God – forever and ever – unlike today’s generation that already lasted many thousands of years.

That wait and that anguish continue in the Holy Eucharist; Jesus endures and continues to give countless things so that mankind may receive and recognize the God of Love. God gives them the opportunity, God looks for sinners to return, God gives mankind hope and continues to give, but mankind is still engrossed and absorbed in the darkness of sin, still gives the darkness the opportunity to work, and still leaves openings for evil to rage in today’s world.

There were and there are righteous people as well as sinners; the righteous will enjoy heaven; they are the ones whom I do not want to let fall into the same state as the sinners who are raging in the world today. Everything will come to a time when you definitely must return, must stand up, must recognize between good and evil, must recognize the light, must reject all the darkness that covers and surrounds you so that your lives end up with the place assigned.

Everything happens in fairness so what is realized in the earthly world is also a sign of the days in which you receive from an eternal heavenly world; in this way, all things are heard and received in today’s century – all the new revelations are given to the entire world. Each one of you, each individual, each soul, can spend moments to meditate, moments to learn to recognize what you need, what your souls mostly need for you to look into rectifying everything that must be known.

Allow your souls moments of rest, moments to look back, moments to stand up and rise up – to recognize the light, to recognize the Good News, to recognize the love in the remaining days, which I remind the entire world, on this Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, for – you to understand and recognize that what I bestow upon you in this generation continues with the invitation from Jesus through the Divine Mercy.

It is the invitation and the offer for you to rectify the life of faith, to rectify the mistakes in life, to rectify what you differentiate between good and evil in order for you to take the right path that I give to you in the remaining days, to prepare for everything that will come. What is happening is the start of the remaining days of the end of the century, which, if you do not believe in God, with your human strength, you will not be able to do anything and you will not be able to cope with all the things that will happen to you.

I want you to reinforce your faith right now – to recognize that God is truly alive, that God is reigning, that God is giving you the opportunity to meet Him and to rectify your life of faith. Live in justice and truth so that with anything that happens you are also ready to contend with all the challenges you must face, the ordeals you must face; to overcome the battles of the last days that every person must face. Remember the things I give you to receive on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity today. My peace be with all of you.

Continue with the messengers and the prophets I send to help you recognize the love, the salvation, and the invitation to return to justice, to the truth, and to righteousness. Remember, what causes ponderings and misunderstandings, and causes you to end up with the ways of human thinking, are things that cause so much confusion in this generation, especially in regard to worship, especially in regard to what I care to give through the Holy Eucharist today.

Remember, return to the holy blessings I already bestowed and continued to pour down upon you; I use the little, simple people to speak the truths which you must pay attention to, which you must seek to understand, which you must proclaim to the children in the world, especially to the Christians who are the children of God but have forgotten in their lives; either they know their duties and responsibilities or they have followed the ways of the world.

Return, repent; come to the Divine Mercy to recognize the conversion I bestow upon all the children in the world today, for you to be transformed and to be sanctified through the grace I bestow upon the hearts of those who truly repent, who are really looking to return, who really long for and who really want to change and become righteous people. I bring countless things to this generation through the miracles, through the healings, for you to retain so that at the moments of encounters, you will never again commit in your lives those sins controlled by the darkness that you must endure in these days. These are all the matters I want to bring and remind to this generation. My peace be with all of you.


O God – I thank God’s grace, the things that God gives to us, the words He continues to remind, the words received on the Feast of the Trinity, because in all things only God is the Supreme Being who knows; only God is the Supreme Being who decides; only God is the Supreme Being who gives, the Supreme Being who allows us to have a profound understanding and to know the meaning of the mysteries, of the miracles.

God allows us to recognize the greatest treasures on earth, but mankind – because of arrogance, because of complacency, because people are not walking in the right ways of God – is thus not able to recognize them yet. There still are countless things God gives to the world for us to avoid being controlled by the evil that rages, in sins, in crimes, which makes us blind, which makes us commit sins, which makes us offend God.

We live in a world without trust, without entrustment, and without recognizing a Supreme Being of love, without recognizing a Savior, without recognizing a Holy Spirit who always supports and helps us, for us to not live in a world of indulgence and without belief, because that will cause us to continue to live in indifference, in stubbornness, with the ego and matters that we do not seek in order to have a deeper and clearer understanding in a life of faith.

Today we hear and we receive the teachings from God for us to live more meaningfully, through the words that we understand, to learn how to spend time and how to make the decision to repent of our ego. God wants to teach us to love, to forgive, and countless things so that we may practice and learn in order to live as a child of God, as a Christian, as the people whom the Church always reminds and teaches, through the Good News, through the teachings – individually, collectively, as a child of God – to live with the knowledge of the truth, of righteousness; to know the truth that God wants for each one of us in the present.

At this moment, I would like to represent all the brothers and sisters around the world, everyone who listens, all the brothers and sisters who quietly serve in the last few days; let us continue with the role that God wants, for each one of us to continue to bring God’s words, to continue to bring what God reminds to all the children of God – in every class, in every role – for them to recognize the Presence of God through the Eucharist, with God’s permission for this generation to receive more abundantly from the gifts God bestows upon us in the present, to lead us back, for us to receive the consolation and especially for us to have peace and happiness in the days we are still on earth.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I thank the grace of God, I praise God, and I glorify God. L. completed at 8:19 on Sunday, June 15, 2014, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the holy statue of the Sacred Heart, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Theresa, the holy statue of St. Juan Diego, where L. just received a message from God.

God, please enlighten me and lead me, through the Holy Spirit, for me to know what to do with this message and how to spread this according to God’s Holy Will. God, please support me, support the brothers and sisters who together lend a hand to finish all the messages that God gives to the world in general and to each person in particular. I thank God’s grace; I praise God and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


(1) According to the heavenly plan, Jesus is referred to as a “Father” in these messages. Unless the expression “God the Father” is used, the word “Father” in these messages always refers to Jesus – a tender “Father”, a loving Shepherd, a Teacher, a High Priest.

(2) The Six Kowtows were previously revealed in a message to Lucia. The practice of The Six Kowtows are an extremely powerful way of returning to God and daily conversion. Prostration means: kneeling, lowering your head, forehead touching the ground …

(3) In this sentence, it seems that Jesus wants to say that it is not enough when a person says that his soul is prostrate; because his body also must “prostrate” by the Six Kowtows. This is beneficial to him and is a necessary example for others to see. The only exception is for those with seriously weakened conditions.

Approximately midnight of Lunar New Year,
January 31, 2022; in a private residence, Sugar Land, Texas.

Message of December 14, 201111:55 p.m.

The Great Program of Love for Mankind


Abba, today I ask for Your permission to write on the subject that You want me to write on this Christmas.

Your picture and the picture of the fetus on my cell phone is indeed a surprise, but this is an arrangement as You allow me to clearly know.

The proof of seeing You for the first time, and a fetus about to be born.

Moreover, with the celebration of Christmas coming soon, this is an indication that You want me to write about the Child, pictured like a fetus, coming to the human world.

God the Father:

My beloved children,

Today I want Lucia to write, to spend all the prayer time to write this message that carries a profound meaning regarding My work in the creation of mankind.

It was a splendid wonder and I felt joy and pride for a truly perfect masterpiece from the soul, the mind, the breath to every single cell of each organ in the body from the tendon, from the muscle to the blood circulating in the body.

The muscle fibers form according to the rhythm of the high and low contracting and relaxing functions, developing according to each gender – child, adult male and adult female – that is fixed in a cycle of birth in the universe and the human world.

There are many more details regarding the creation of mankind in a perfect world.

I formed mankind by breath, by soul, by heart, by mind, by thinking, by discernment, and by the choice of a Heart filled with the love of a Father who always grants to His children.

Your image is like My Infant, without any differences.

I grant to you, from the beginning of creation till now, like a little fetus – a simple, meek, and naive soul, always in need of My providence, plan, and arrangement, and making sucking sounds like a baby seeking breast milk.

I always favor and grant you consideration and care. I always cover and protect you in My loving and warm embrace. I cuddle and pamper you.

Like treasures I hold in My hands, I admire and am nearby each soul.

From the first-born male to the second-born female, all receive graces.

I bestow countless blessings on you, the universe, the globe, the world, mankind, and each one of you.

I hand over and fully offer the entire world to you the sky is yours.

The exquisite goodness of all creation, from the shining morning sunlight, from the light breeze blowing from the green forests or grasslands, from the endless deserts that stretch and connect the borders of one country to another, from the vast and clear oceans and lakes, the fine white sand beaches, the charming natural scenery.

The beautiful waterfalls flow endlessly under the vast sky of swirling stars – a multitude of stars in the night.

Moonlight shines in the night – sunset is the sign for mankind to rest.

Dawn begins to break – the sun comes out, signaling everyone to rise.

Rise to praise, rise to glorify, rise to give thanks for what you have as you enjoy the conveniences in this life.

There are many people who do not believe in Me.

They do not know who I am.

They also deliberately do not want to know, so they easily choose the path of atheism to follow the flesh, to be loose in passions, to err in demented and false religious beliefs, with an absolute stubbornness to have an in-depth belief in idols under the eyes of the world.

Idols that are without the power, the truth, the history, the love, and the offering as I have done and manifested to all of you.

For generations I still love and wait.

My love for you is boundless, unending, everlasting, and will never fade or dim over the years.

Even if mankind is ungrateful or treacherous, forgetting the Source, forgetting the Potter who formed you, forgetting the Creator of the entire universe, forgetting the sacrificial love of the only-begotten Son of God as an atonement for all mankind, which is also a history for the world to distinguish and recognize who God is, who the Supreme Being is, for you to know and recognize the Supreme Being worthy of worship.

My love is always wide open to embrace and welcome those who seek to return to justice and truth; magnanimous and forgiving to those who return with a contrite, repentant heart, who return with absolute faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of all creation, the Father of humanity, the Savior of the world.

Come and taste how sweet the love of God is.

His Divine Mercy always envelops and cherishes all souls and hearts.

The Heart of love is always wide open, welcoming, forgiving, saving, and bringing mankind into the eternal place, with harmony and peace even in this life.

Come to Me through the existing Heart, lively in the Blessed Sacrament. My miraculous power will bless and sanctify you daily.

You will experience that what I do is extraordinary and unconventional, when you come to visit and console and appease the lonely Heart of love that not many people know about, the Heart that is living in this world through the Blessed Sacrament, in the Host-shaped doorframe looking forward to see you and all to return to the love, the truth, the fullness and eternal truth that has existed for thousands of years.

I form every child, every soul.

From everything around the celestial universe, from the life of needs, to material, to spiritual: everything is within My reach.

(Continued at 12:30 p.m. on December 19, 2011, below)


Father, may I continue to write the message that You intended about the Child, through the picture of a baby wrapped like a newborn?

God the Father:

Lucia, I want you to read the two Readings this morning (1).

There are certain details you must clearly grasp.

Pay attention to the connotations and the profound thoughts in today’s two Readings.

There are certain characteristics you must write down, describing My intensity in wanting you to write this message, encapsulating and expressing the meaning in which I specifically talk about the intimacy of God for mankind, which is manifested through each stage of history in the great program of love for mankind, coming from many events.

Why do I call it an event? What is the meaning of an event when the mysteries I reveal are for mankind to be aware of the mystery of the Trinity? Each throne has a historical position, with the mighty, transcendent mystery of the august and almighty Supreme Being in the heavens and in all frontiers of every region of the earth.

I am the King, the Lord of the universe, the magnanimous Supreme Being, the Faithful One, with things I say, things I do, and the practices in each age and stage that are performed and realized according to each context of history.

From the very beginning to the present generation, My power works wondrous deeds over mankind and over each person in the ranks.

My divine grace descends on them and they follow in their calling according to the scheduled appointment of the Holy Spirit, to carry out the divine affairs entrusted in this life.

That is speaking only about a certain part of the trust and power.

History has gone into the past.

What is current is only a replay of what has passed, but the sentiment and the meaning forever remain eternal, immortal, in the heart, mind, and soul of each person.

My Heart and My love never become part of the past, even through thousands of generations – mankind forgets or is worn down by the circumstances caused by sin, to blur and fade over the years – I remain forever unchanged.

My faithfulness is still attached to the Heart of love that is always kind, generous, and tolerant regarding sins and all matters relating to mankind.

Mankind – who is mankind? Why, because of mankind, must I do so much for your human world? At times I also ask Myself, but the answer remains silent and mute in My Heart.

Perpetuity and eternity still lead Me into a world that is love, bringing mankind to the truth, peace, happiness, and the redemption of sins through the incarnation of the Second Person of God who took human nature.

He lived a human life and shared the ordeals, imbued with the trials and sufferings of mankind – from heart to body, mind to soul, well-versed and compassionate, journeying with mankind, living in harmony with mankind, with the same needs as human beings.

He sacrificed, was patient, was humble, was an example, and sanctified every person in the world.

Mankind will be reborn through the mystery of the Incarnation with the Child born into the world

The schedule of the incarnated God had a beginning and a rule ready to follow the sequence of time and space, which will be realized and concluded when everything is completed and the salvation through the Son of Man is permanently sealed in the program of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Supreme Being was born. The Supreme Being who renewed mankind in the forgiveness and redemption was embodied in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was chosen to be the Mother of the Lord Jesus while He was still in the world and the Mother of humanity.

The Infant Jesus came into the world of mankind through a little and frail body laying in the manger on a cold winter evening in Bethlehem.

History starts from the humble beginning of Mother Mary and St. Joseph.

Jesus came into the world in poverty, from each stalk of hay that lined the manger where the Infant was laid to the thin swaddle that covered His body.

In the solitude and silence of the night, Blessed Mother Mary felt sad when She placed the Child in the manger.

St. Joseph was pensive in his heart when he saw the mystery of God manifested as the angel’s announcement, and he felt the great responsibility to perform according to the holy will.

When Jesus was born, on the night of the birth of the Infant, the entire heavenly court sang, rejoiced, and celebrated.

The angel on earth sang praises and acclaimed the Second Person of God incarnated. The angel announced the news to the shepherds, for them to come visit and bring the foal to warm the Child.

That night the entire heavenly court in heaven and on earth reverberated with the echo:

Holy Infant Jesus

The Birth of the Child

Praise be to the Son of the Heavenly Father,

born as a human being in poverty.

Following the heavenly star to the cave,

the three Magi came to reverently pay homage.

They offered gifts to Him,

in worship of the newborn King.

Then all creation will see

the just King saving the world,

overcoming destitute situations,

the ups and downs of a cruel world.

Blessed Mother Mary, St. Joseph, the Child Jesus

overcame bitterness, grief, trials in life.

They fled to keep Him away from danger.

Unperturbed by years of living abroad,

the Holy Family remained wholeheartedly faithful.

They returned when they heard the announcement

to the homeland where He grew up.

There are countless stories in the world.

Let me write of the innermost feelings.

I just hope to report a little

of the many adversities in the midst of the world,

sadness and joy mixed in life’s ups and downs,

tears mixed with sacrifices leading the way

to be the example shining in the world:

The Holy Family is the example for all.

The day in the past is the same as today –

the love of God comes to all human beings.

Mankind is weak and frail,

like a fetus born into the world,

for God to blow a warm breath of love.

Bringing a new breeze to each person,

from body to soul,

the heavenly Father’s patience covers all,

hoping for us to understand all things,

God’s abundant love granted to all.

The Second Person of God came into the world

to save mankind in rampant state of suffering.

Time is nearing its end.

Return quickly to the Infant to beseech

peace and happiness for all.

To the Savior of the world offer praise –

acclaim the Lord in heaven.

The Child was born to bring peace to the world.

Tonight He comes to mankind

to bathe us in a new stream of light.

Let us forget all trials in life.

Come to the manger for peace in the soul

from the newborn, heavenly King –

abundant graces to everyone in the world!

On a cold winter night

the Second Person came into the world as the Child Jesus.

For whom did I come to this place?

For love of mankind, to share their life –

born in a stable and laid in a manger,

to be an example for the world

The Child Jesus was born

to sacrifice to that extent out of love for mankind,

becoming a fragile baby

in the loving arms of Mother, cuddling Him day and night.

With St. Joseph taking care of all things,

He grew up in wisdom, obedient to His parents.

Lucia Phan

Emmaus Chapel

Finished writing at 11:55 p.m.

December 22, 2011

  •  Judges 13:2-7, 24-25 and Luke 1:5-25

Faith in the Real Presence of Jesus

in the Eucharist


On June 3, 2018, this miraculous photo of the Eucharist was taken by the messenger Lucia at her residence. The Holy Spirit revealed that in this photo was Jesus’ Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, and heavenly court.
One of the first miraculous images
of the Eucharist taken by messenger Lucia
at 12:30 a.m. on October 10, 2014,
at Emmaus Chapel, St. Theresa Catholic Church,
Sugar Land, Texas, USA.