I Grant You an Extraordinary Christmas


Oh God, it is 11:32, on Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

Thank God for giving us this moment to listen to the Holy Spirit’s teaching and also to meditate on today’s very meaningful reading, especially on the first day of December. These are the days we are anxiously awaiting the days of Advent, as the Church reminds us, on the spiritual side.

It seems we are under stress with everything in reality, and spiritually, we also have a feeling that is somewhat more special than other years, but still are the days we are concerned about everything that is happening in our country. Oh Lord, please help us forget what is stressful and come to You. As the Lord once said, “Serve Me first, then I will take care of all matters later.

If we have trust and faith, especially through today’s first reading and Gospel, we saw God’s promise to us:  He will wipe away the tears, He will restore what we lost. He will fully grant to us, protect us and help us step out of the days that are tightly bound by the enemy, by mistakes, the days when we are immersed in sin and are also the days we are blind. But when we return, God never refuses, like the father waiting for the prodigal son to return to embrace, kiss, place a ring on him, and give him all things.

It is the Father who is rich in Divine Mercy. God grants in a special way to us though we fell into a situation because of our choices and we must pay the price for this. But God always grants to us. It is from these aspects we know who God is, what we need most, what it is that only God can do and that only God can triumph. These are many aspects for us to see the indifference to become days with more ardor.

As for the people who still do not know, they will know, and those who never prayed before will also turn toward God to pray for the election (1) to belong to us, in righteousness and in the truth. Now, everything that is taught by the Holy Spirit, we hear and we know what is coming to us. God’s words are truly an affirmation. We are longing and waiting.

This is a most stressful time. We feel lonely and afraid, with many doubts, and also with many things that cause us to not be calm enough, even with the words God gave us through the teachings that are also the words for us to be peaceful. Every month, we have the opportunity to meet and receive the words from God, so today I invite God to come, to give us His words. I thank God. In the past few days, God granted us special favors, for us to live in happiness. We never had the joy that God granted us in the last days of November, the month to pray for souls. In the spiritual world, we are happy because we believe in God’s Presence, in God’s permission. The graces that were poured over us cannot be obtained and bought in this world, even with money.

Certainly never. In joy we have God, belong to God, and in happiness when His grace is abundantly poured over us, for us to believe in the close presence of the Lord, God Almighty, who gave us the opportunity to meet Him, and the opportunity to hear the teachings of the saints. This is indeed something extremely great and tremendous. It is impossible to the world, but to God, it is possible, because the goodness of God is granted to us and to His children in a very close way.

As long as we believe, as long as we listen, and as long as we understand the Holy Spirit’s prompting in the truth, then we are living in a heavenly world in the midst of the world. Today there is no way to solve the tension of the world and the problems so we beseech God, we lift up to God, we present to God. There is nothing God cannot do. The only thing is that the time is decided by God. Now, how must we be?

What must we do to properly live in the way God grants through the teaching of Mother Mary, for us to have the opportunity to meet, to receive, to believe, to practice, and be determined with faith to receive these utterly immense favors and graces. At this moment, we invite God to come. God, please accept our prayer with the words we lift up as taught by the Holy Spirit. God, please save us, free us, and give us Your words, especially the meaning of the first days of Advent, the day preparing to celebrate Christmas as every year.  This year is a marked year, a historic year, an unprecedented year with the tension happening in this country, a free and civilized country.

It is a year unlike any other that leaves us with what we are choosing, encountering, and what is favor, grace, and through the immeasurable Divine Mercy that God granted in a special way to humanity, for us with a volunteering and willing heart, to pray for God to intervene and protect the country we live in and hope for God to intervene and help.


My beloved children,  My peace be with all of you.

I know you are stressed and waiting, and have many inferences causing you to feel scared, shaken, and stressed.

My beloved children,  Today the Holy Spirit’s explanation with everything you heard is like the words I want to say to you. What matters most, I want to return to you, especially in this year’s Christmas season which is unlike the Christmas season of every other year.

It is a Christmas season with the awakening from mankind, a Christmas season with the choice of mankind, a Christmas season with people who know inside their hearts what they need and yearn. This Christmas season I do not want to be alone. I do not want to be lonely and cold as every other year. I want to reign among you, give you peace, and bring you cheerful joy.

In every work that I plan and arrange, you must know that when I grant, I grant to you completely. When successful, then it is a clear success, full of meaning for people to recognize, and from there, to know what belongs to the light. What is righteous will succeed and what belongs to the darkness must disappear. I have My plan. I granted to you and advised you for many years. Today this happened.  I repeat one more time: “What needs to happen must happen“.

There are unrighteous deeds, wrongdoings, and things nurtured by cruel and wicked people, and you who are naive and weak in faith, who are greedy and selfish according to the ways of the world, who lack love and charityyou fell into the traps and snares of the evil spirits. You also knew that this is a world that the hidden underground power wanted to steal from the beginning. If without righteousness and not the right time, then the hidden underground power would have already invaded this country.

But this country is a country I offer to those who know Me, who recognize Me, and who belong to Me, though they were in the first days, but this world entered into politics according to the way of mankind, because of greed, taking advantage, and abusing of one’s authority to then step into the days of darkness, with no way out.

My beloved children, Today the time has come because you appeared, because the last apostles of history appeared. It is because of you, I want to let this world know that what belongs to My bestowing will not be taken from the children I send, from the apostles who still have not completed their missions, that cannot conclude in a simple way.

Today I want all people who choose a path they consider to be the path from mankind’s design and who reject My authority, who manipulate everything in politics and in a civilized life with money and fame, who change everything to reject Me, and determine people’s lives, to know that is the calculation of the world, but I have My program and My plan for My children, for the righteous people, for the believers, and for My Church, to go on.

My beloved children, Today life has become a habit. Those who have functions no longer uphold the law and carry out the doctrine properly. They let a world with needs and necessities control. Since then they fell into the snares and traps of the hidden underground power, of the evil spirits, of the unrighteous. Thus, insignificant and significant matters happen today. Everything they choose, they think will be hidden according to the private ways of each person, but matters that are unjust, unrighteous, can never be hidden forever and must be brought to the justice and the law, which is necessary with this world.

The world may exchange everything, there is no longer conscience and morality, but fairness, justice, righteousness, and truth can never be changed.

Today do not be afraid. The time has come for you to see what never before in the world happened. It is the people who are mainly the citizens, who are people without power and influence, but their voices are very strong. Their longing, their rising, and their courage to defend the truth will be the voice of victory. This is a challenging stage for you to know My love, My power. The normal eyes see the hidden underground power with limitations, with their functions; you see the dishonesty and immorality, and in matters where mankind used all kinds of ways according to one’s position.

But this is the time I want to expose everything from dishonesty, expose everything in evildoing, expose all matters in darkness from the hidden underground power that manipulates the world for many years.

Today I need valiant soldiers with absolute faith. I need faith from the person in charge, who is dutiful, responsible, and loyal. I need people who believe and practice, and then they will win in the end.

Children, do not be afraid! Cheer up! I want to see your faces. Cheer up, because you knew all matters in advance. These are the remaining and last moments, I will purify the whole. Those who belong to Me, those who believe in Me, those who are faithful and persevere with Me, and those who sacrifice for the doctrine and justice will be the winners. As for the wicked who use all kinds of tricks to overwhelm you, in the end, they will be severely defeated, and they will be destroyed on their own, self-destroying themselves.

So today do not be afraid, because there will be terrifying and frightening matters that will begin to show in this country, which is a country that affects the whole world, a country that I use to awaken all people, to live in peace, or live in war, live in wickedness, or live in life to recall conscience and morality, in the days of the end.

My beloved children, You know this is what you prepared for during the past ten years, things that are not in the world, but you understood and clearly knew the works I did. What you do, in ordinariness and simplicity, expresses the most realistic. So today what you are choosing is the path of prayer, a path with all your devotion, in the days you knew that I need a voice, a voice of ordinary and simple people, a voice with absolute trust, a voice through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a voice of justice and righteousness.

Although in today’s world people use words and meanings, knowledge, and learning, sincere and truthful matters are lost in the present world through the learned and knowledgeable. I want equality for everyone, even though they are people without education and knowledge, but in the spirit of truth, in the spirit that I desire with their sincere hearts, I want that voice, with that simplicity and humility, which I desire to represent the whole world. Today there are many classes, but the people still live in competition, with human reasoning. They do not live by heart, by conscience, by truth, or righteousness.

The time has come, you must know the works I plan and arrange to invite people to return. What is given to the world as I once said: “I do not reveal to the learned, but reveal to the little ones.” Because I use the little ones to awaken those who are learned and knowledgeable, awaken those in authority, awaken those who consider themselves knowledgeable but forget duty and responsibility, forget a doctrine that needs to be practiced by the heart, with responsibility and duty.

So today do not be afraid, because all matters are happening as I said. grant this time to awaken mankind, all classes, all roles.I wait for the return of mankind, then I will be ready to defend and give them a world that belongs to them. What I bestow, I do not take back, but what mankind did not treasure, take, or accept, then the enemy will steal it.

You saw what you do and how the majority is today; that is something you saw as victory within your reach. But before a complete victory, then wait to see, because I want all of these matters to not be just something simple that is superficial but as something significant and unique, that has influence over the people with functions.

So you will know what is true, what is false, what is right, what is wrong, what is good, and what is evil.

Believe that you are using the sharpest weapons. You do not see those weapons, but the divine presence, the angels, the saints, will never ignore those who kill you, those who seek to destroy and take away things of the righteous to whom I grant. Today with the eyes of faith, you saw, you see and will see the great and immense glories that I will give to this generation, to open their eyes to see Me, welcome Me, and return to Me.

Because the Divine Mercy is always granted to you, but the time has come to the end. These are the moments that never were before, but will happen in today’s generation. I repeat again: “Whoever believes will have; whoever seeks will find; whoever knocks then the door will be opened unto.”   I will not let My children who believe in Me, be disappointed and defeated.

I have My schedule. I have My plan. With patience, wait and see. In the last hour, you will see who the winner is, and whoever believes then they will recognize the defense, very clearly.  I want to prolong the time for Me to remove everything, and when I hand over the power to the righteous, then it must be totally complete, so that there are no more days of hatred, days that bring death and pain, or bring existing diseases.

The time has come. I cannot let the children who do not belong to Me, who do not believe in Me, to rage on this earth. You do understand that with the nurturing of evil, the devil will never sit still to be tied up.  Before he is tied up, before he is to be chained and tightly bound, he is struggling, using tricks to achieve goals, and still struggles everywhere. Whatever he can, he will do.

Remember though, today there are people who sacrifice, whose voices acknowledge the wickedness, for you to be more determined, to be stronger, and to make more decisions; for the majority of people to choose what belongs to themselves. Do not feel defeated, do not be discouraged, do not fear. If you fear then you will not win this battle. Only with confrontation, courage and strength will you triumph. Rest assured, I will not let My people fall into a situation with the days that you fear.

Because every deed must have sacrifice to recall good and evil very clearly. I desire for you to be prepared, because I will come back after 2,000 years. With this Christmas season, I desire each person’s heart, the heart of each child. I yearn, I want to come to warm your souls. I want to come to embrace you. With the past stressful days, I want you to believe in Me.

Unite; be together in love and support. Together, move forward and bear witness to the truth, because I wait relentlessly for all the souls to belong to Me and return to Me. Because only with Me can there be peace. Only I bring them hope and joy. Only I can embrace them for them not to hunger and suffer in the midst of this life, full of traps and snares, but they still are not awakened to stand up.

I grant to the righteous and I also grant to sinners in the last moments, for them to also know to choose what belongs to them and what they defend, so that they can join the righteous to continue with a country that I bless and bestow to you, for you to live in true peace. It is not the word of peace said on the lips, but peace from the soul, from the heart, so that you will have days to prepare for the future.

Since everything is recorded as in the law, so the time I grant and allow will still be given to you. But remember, before this battle ends, there will also be a tense, fierce and tough battle, but endure, persevere, and you will see, My Hand will wipe out everything in the darkness of sin, to bring hope and light. Truly, I will come into the world with the year 2020, which is a rare history and will never have a second time in the world.

Today what you hear and understand, do not be afraid. Continue in the program, continue to believe, continue to entrust, continue to pray, and continue to make sacrifices on behalf of all the people in this world. Fulfill your duties, because it is you who can closely receive the voice of heaven, giving mankind the steadfastness and the courage to go forward. Trust, then you will win this battle.

This is also an opportunity for people to choose to return and this is also a moment for those who are sinners who fall in the snares, to stand up and awaken. And if the world continues in ignorance, continues with days of rebellion, continues in days of defending wickedness, they must pay the price.

Rest assured. Everything I plan, I arrange. The more you know, the more you are afraid, because this is the end with the most stressful days to step into a world that no longer has fearful days or stressful days. This is a battle that must be fierce until the very end. Only those who are persistent and faithful, only those who have absolute trust, will see the perfect victory that is granted to those who believe and always hope, to live a life complete in duty and responsibility, with one’s sacrifice.

My loving children, Never before yet in this generation had I granted you the privileges for you to know that you are close to heaven. These extraordinary deeds will never happen for generations, but today I want to grant them to you. I want to manifest for you to know that the heavenly world is still among you when you have faith. You know the necessities of a world in need, but lack people who fully believe in this truth, lack people who absolutely believe, and lack simple, little, humble people.

Because there are too many doubtful hearts in this world, so even though crowded, but to find someone who can recognize and clearly understand the works that I do is truly so difficult. Laws help people, and keeping the laws is a good thing to protect them, but it is because of those laws that they do not go deep and they cannot see. They are limited in every era, and in the end still hold onto those things of old, and will not be able to see the rich newness I bestow.

Move forward with what needs to be done and what must be done. Remember, this is a time in which you encountered spirituality, and heaven helps you on the path you take. On the path as you face all means, all circumstances, and facing all the works that you are doing, remember, you are looking at and cherishing the best you have, let alone Me, who is the Lord.

I love all of you. I love sinners, because they will have no other place to entrust – there is no other place to rescue them, if they do not return to Me. So these are the final moments, endure on their behalf, through penitence, listen, with prayer, devotedly.  Continue to listen to the spirituality that is present and bestows to you in a special way through the graces, to save souls, to help souls, and to rekindle faith in today’s world.

There will be the brothers and sisters in this world, do not consider them strange, do not be suspicious of them, do not let your thoughts be doubtful and judgmental. Otherwise, you will not see that as you have your duty in the role that I bestow, then I also grant in a special way to the brothers and sisters everywhere in their role, so that each person has certain ways to work. They are also your brothers and sisters, so respect, unite, and pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten.

This is also a time between true and false. This is also a time I pour abundant graces for those blessings to save you and deliver you, because this is a time in which the devil acted, seeking all kinds of ways to attack mankind, to destroy mankind, by means of greed and selfishness. The majority of those whose faith was weak, who lived in blindness and nurtured sin, stumbled.

So this is a time when I grant in a special way for Me to save you. But be on the lookout for all circumstances, because all the evil spirits are always lurking to lead you into traps, to make you forget matters of righteousness and rely on all things of reality. So remember to always be together, defend each other, listen to each other, and remind each other. Recognize that everything in peace, in joy, and what you are facing, is indeed the truth.

Remember, do not walk out of the group, do not walk alone, do not let yourself be separated then you will easily stumble. Conquer yourselves, conquer all matters in a situation with your ego and personalities, and conquer all the snares. This is a time when you are most prone to stumble. This is a time when you are easily attacked the most.

This is also a time that when there are many stressful matters, and the devil also tries to stop you. Remember, I always grant you enough strength to dominate the devil, enough strength to deal with the devil, and enough strength on the path to bear witness.

My beloved children,  The hour is near. Rejoice. Prepare your souls for Me. Prepare for the brothers around you, and prepare by the voice through your lives of service. Prepare to represent their voice to pray on their behalf, prepare for the voice that the Holy Spirit guides, for you to help the brothers and sisters be on their way back and grasp the key that Mother Mary offers, because that is the moment to help, with the tensions, with the ongoing moments.

My beloved children, I heard too much and I also told you before: “When it is time, then I will act.”  Continue with your duties, do not let yourselves be too concerned, do not let yourselves be too absorbed with certain matters when you already know that will belong to you. There are other matters that are more important and even more watchful is that this year’s Christmas season will be different from the Christmas season of all other years.

There will still be incidents happening with the stories of this world, stories of a country in dispute. There will be events that will happen unexpectedly, but you will see, it is those events that help end the battle between good and evil.

Today, I end here. I hope you understand this. Do not be afraid. Do not be confused. Do not believe everything through the media. Today many people live in dishonesty, are bribed, and cause you to be frightened and confused. I want you to trust in what I say. Always listen and pray, then you will never be afraid. Be steadfast, be courageous, to help the people, when they meet you. Stand firm, because everything will conclude in a clear victory, in justice and fairness.

My peace be with all of you.


O God, I thank You. Your words, especially today, made us stronger, reassured our hearts. We are reassured because of the confusions from the media that cause us to be afraid, with everything ongoing.

This is a battle between good and evil, and the devil will not spare the good people, he will use all kinds of tricks, and we see the first sacrifice of a Vietnamese person. Certainly, there will be more tense matters that will happen next, because those who want to find and obtain the evidence of righteousness are very few.

This is a civilized age, people had their plans, but we still have Father. Father, please intervene, please help everyone stand up and return in time, to not allow the control of the devil over those that belong to him, controlled by him, who become his minions.

Today we still have God, the Lord of love, Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, and we will not be defeated.

May everyone stand up in this moment, especially in 2020, to prepare for the celebration of Christmas.

An intense year, a year in which we long for the glorious victory and  a gift to reverently offer to the Infant Jesus. Particularly in 2020, we ask for Father to have mercy, to hear us, and may His holy will be done over us, and over the entire world. We adore, praise, and glorify Father, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God.

Lucia, with all the brothers and sisters, conclude at 12:07 on Thursday, December 3, 2020, at home, the meeting of the beginning of the month. Amen. Amen. Amen.

New Revelations Through the Eucharist

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.

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